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  1. Now I'm curious. If you sign to a VK label, do they have a stock of their own costume/fashion pieces for their acts to use/rent? Or do you need your manager to find thrift or costume rental outlet? Or maybe your label would hook you up to the outside source that they have a deal with? Hmmm.

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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Sex Pot Revenge was a big clothing line that made a lot of clothes for Oshare bands in the early 2000's, like An Cafe. Alice and the Pirates is another one that does lolita stuff: they made the costumes for Versailles' Prince / Princess single (Jasmine's crown even says the brand's name in gold letters!). I also believe Versailles said in an interview that it's super difficult to clean their costumes because they're oddly shaped / elaborate, so they don't 💀


      Other than those two, I figured the scene in general hires amongst a group of designers since a lot of bands have a similar-ish look or aesthetic depending on the type of niche or locale they perform in.

    3. Elazmus


      @Peace Heavy mk II ah yeah I remember I used to look through Sex Pot Revenge's online catalogue!!

    4. helcchi


      DRESS en DORIS (http://d0ris.com/costume/works/) and Rion (http://rion-rose.com/works.html) have custom-made the costumes for almost every vk band in existence

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