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  1. Elazmus

    not what I was expecting and I'm REALLY excited for it. also wow boys that warehouse is MUCH bigger than the previous video congrats!
  2. Elazmus

    Reaaally wonderful !!!
  3. I love SHIVA's synth sounds like lighter songs and refrains, this sounds nice!
  4. this spot was stuck in my head all last night at work I'm ready for this to come out lol
  5. Elazmus

    Pretty nice instrumental! Jam looks amazing - it's kind of a shame they let him out here sounding like that...
  6. Elazmus

    I also thought this was the other More lmao that would have been confusing They look nice though
  7. Elazmus

    sounds excellent looking forward to them!
  8. 10. (everything's a lie) and 12. (we are liar) were both released on singles last year, tracks 2 and 7 here I don't recognize though..
  9. Elazmus

    That was quick thanks! Makes a lot of sense when you listen to them, I do think they would benefit from some other input but we will see how it goes for now I guess lol
  10. Elazmus

    Best of luck to both!! I'm curious though to hear the difference in sound though continuing with 4 men, anyone who owns their material know what their composer credits have looked like so far?
  11. DIMLIM and NAZARE have set a new precedent for extreme head voice in VK "just because you can't sing that high... doesn't mean you can't sing that high." Cool though, I liked Roub and this sounds pretty good I just don't know about Jun also singing like this lol
  12. Elazmus

    Sounds like an improvement on their current style I can't wait for this one!
  13. Elazmus

    Sounds good I'm happy about it! MoNoLith feels so long ago now lol
  14. I'm down I liked a few songs off that album myself!
  15. Hey do we not have an Alice Nine discog on here? I'm somehow missing almost everything before Alpha (Minus Zekkeishoku). Anyone have 華想夢想紙, Kowloon or TSUBASA for instance?

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