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  1. This was the first thing that occurred to me! I thought GTMOA was a cool album that just suffered from following the greatest 5-single series ever <3 I'm so excited though I've found I like a lot of LACK.Co's songs, it's a mess but theres a lot of freedom to even "accidentally" strike some oilll
  2. Eh, drunk, crying, both could be mistaken observations of how he just... normally sounds... DX
  3. Great news!!
  4. Ok now that I've seen both teasers, the one for the horror show looks badass they have little psycho personas like when MBHI debuted. My favorite is "Mad Sister" Uruha <3 The album teaser itself... has me in a slight cringe. Like, welcome... back.. to the malformed box...
  5. haha It would be HARD to pretense harder than dogma
  6. Fuck yeah it's GazettE season again!! I have no concerns anymore tbh just excitement! Haha Sony music Japan doesn't want us watching the trailer in the states is it good?
  7. I left the wrong your/you're in there and no one told me, but then I also noticed Hiro just wrote "you're fucking retard" and forgot the "a". So my eng is still better than his right...?
  8. I missss dead Children I was really a fan of Minami but this sounds awesome too! I reaally need to hear more and I'm impatient. I need this MOB, A$AP
  9. The fact that all of my favorite songs by them were before 2010 makes this more sad to me... where is my life i miss the way hair was in 2007
  10. Wow Last Fight and Light My Fire are awesome Yuuki is either trying harder or is just learning a lot finally lol ok maybe Night and Day shouldn't have happened but hey it's the last track I can prob. forget about it loll
  11. "title track(1)" is never my favorite Arlequin song no matter how many remakes it gets everything else sounds very nice again though!
  12. Yeaa I really do like Lobelia though, idk why it had to go down like thiss