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  1. Elazmus

    That was great! Still a ways off but I'm glad they have some range, interested to hear it!
  2. oooooooh... awkwardly enough I really liked it
  3. Elazmus

    Thank you!! Can't wait for the next
  4. Elazmus

    I've been trying to define their activity in words for so long THANK YOU this was it!
  5. oh my. The last single was awesome though I'm looking forward to this
  6. Elazmus

    Damn most songs in this set are better renditions than their CD releases, looks like a great show!
  7. I used up my only joke on the radio preview... but the music video is so expertly shot and LIT it looks like a movie, the factory walkways are so tight and they have a lot to fill the frame with
  8. Elazmus

    this is so worth it lmfao
  9. Loved it, they are maybe stronger than ever!
  10. This video is captivating! Not very often we get a continuous tracking shot around the set for a visual kei video but wow that place is crazy and beautiful - I don't blame them. Great PV and pretty nice song, although I could do without the lyrics* on screen, many of these lines are best left ambiguous or in the back of your mind.. anyone?* XD
  11. Elazmus

    Wow that was a lot more than I was expecting !! Loved it
  12. that's the lynch. song baby! that lynch. song is by the band lynch.!! It sounded like they straight up FEATURED him for a second lol!
  13. Elazmus

    it sounds like its all memorized or even just read phonetically off a cue card as opposed to "learned" english lol but hey that was some.. iiiiinsight(?)... into.. something(?)
  14. Elazmus

    the printing on those costumes looks great! but yeah can't wait for more music lol.
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