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  1. ddrm is a primo troll band for those types of fans who think not playing breakdowns makes you pop-rock
  2. everything sounds good damn! I almost wish BMM wasn't such a gimmicky video because they have a lot going on in reality..
  3. Trying to play Tekken 7 online has ruined this game for me lol should I turn it into more weed money?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Elazmus


      Smoking what I got while I decide un-angrily loll, I have plenty of time to do it while I watch all these sessions disconnect by themselves or when homeboy sees my unranked virgin scorecard and dips right away, can't rank up if I can't fight tho...


      It's my day off but in the past 2-3 hours I've won 1, lost 3 and disconnected 30+

      I was gonna win a second time when I rematched a guy who beat me. Went to the final round and it was close so he ragequit. What a cuck I am for seeing it to the end when HE won.


      he was actually still WINNING. just not by enough to feel safe I guess.

    3. Zeus


      just to clarify, is the discon intentional or is that just bad servers or smth?

    4. Elazmus


      Good question, def not intentional on my end, but I dont think it's always the other party quitting because I'll sometimes get rage messages asking why I'M pussing out lmao. I'm gonna try it again todayy

  4. Shangri-la sounds really cool!! Noah I don't find too interesting ://
  5. Yeah Ichiro starting to resemble Taka-OOR. Good news tho the more material the better rn imo
  6. This looks like the cheapest PV they've made, but I still love the way Yoshi's face looks in this makeup, 1:01. I like the latter half of this preview but I'm afraid that section is actually at the end of the song after the last refrain(?)
  7. Damnit thought it was gonna be a new song lol
  8. This is the best of the tracks they've shared seen in this thread, really good beginning to end but... Sou, look both ways before you start the refrain... really just swung wide with the falsetto at the beginning this is more like the songs that made me sure I'd love them, plantman and all
  9. I was gonna say, it's a little brighter than the LIM we have...
  10. So a one-year limited project? That's cool though very active Haha, looking forward to hearing it
  11. I thought that was the point? His little speaking-tone unconditional baby voice is part of the whatever gimmick this is supposed to convey lol.. It's like... one of those counting sheep picture books for babies, if the babies are all addicted to pain killers.
  12. wasn't expecting to hear the gutturals on the first song lol, sounds awesome i love them
  13. we are all living for nothing
  14. ^gorgeous. but does the killer clown mask remind anyone else of earlier Dispina?
  15. There we have it folks, now watch GLAMSCURE do ok and InInjection be done before 2018 lol...