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  1. The song is pretty nice but wow it's amazing how nice a shot you can get just lying in a puddle !! lol haha lighting a cig backwards at the end
  2. I'd love a translation of it haha. that midway breakdown is unexpected but holy shit it took over the rest of the song... I forget to check back w these guys but I'm so glad I just did lol
  3. It's a lot better than the previous, I did watch this one to the end lol, I kind of like the intro (to the video) ....interesting how they wait till the last minute of the video to show the real visuals XD Chizuru is honestly a great singer, I noticed at the beginning of this year how different he looks with and without makeup lol.. I think he has a strange appeal in both cases ..
  4. New Silver is +++ New And Then There Were None is castrated (like in a way that produces LESS falsetto lol)
  5. I like the song a lot I think more interesting than SKELET, video quality of course fairly low but the location and shots themselves are cool powerful Sou-saw-.
  6. so... this was kind of my favorite song of theirs when it came out... and... ...I really wished it had a PV at the time. this is much better than what I imagined it would be if it existed XD <3 boy taira is good with that monkey I hope they stay in touch
  7. I can't say anything less than I'm in love with this song and it's what I always hoped they were gonna be capable of. Kairi is possibly never looked better I love his more expressive demeanor and the vocals from him here are +++ I certainly appreciate dr. Wataru's early Ruki inspired getup here lol (more so than before)
  8. awesome setlist but what a strange end piece..
  9. They look so fresh, like If I didn't know them they could be new youngsters
  10. Hmmmmm really similar to the Ruin cover... but hey it's not just sticks this time XD
  11. That's incredible I wonder what the PV will be like... will the budget be like Plantman or like M.A.D loll ? I'll keep my eye out on shopping services I was lucky enough to find Beginning Of Darkness when I thought it was too late anyone feel free to point it out if they see it!
  12. If we're still speculating on the success of TBB I really think it's due to being the first new single after SM. The single collection was really well done and especially featured one of their best PVs to date for Killing Me which got the remake it deserved as their original claim to fame (<this kind of subjectively from me lol) but it seemed SM attracted a wider audience than they had thus far which makes sense for what it is.. I know I was thankful for it when I'd missed basically the second half of the singles it contained lol. TBB was probably the first hyped release for a large number of "new mejibray" fans at the time Some agreeing that The 420 was a peak for them I'm inclined to agree even though I liked a good handful of things from later on, hits and misses but they swung every fuckin time lol
  13. Fucking greatt look, the best they've ever had can't wait for this, I guess there won't be a PV for the look yet <//3 I like the cover too!
  14. just that I'm seeing people sound legit offended over "VK" "credibility" which to me looks like marking out - marks jumping sharks. The business is what's fun to explore or expose though I wish it came up more outside of disbands for Theatrical Blue Black I imagine just because it was the first new single after SM had come out - IDK another reason for it to sell well either lol
  15. When the discussion gets strung out too far and everyone sounds like a bunch of