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  1. Ok so HERE is mine, I'm kinda surprised we haven't done this before!
  2. Picks for tonight? Lee and Edgar I'd say. Kevin Lee came in 157.. Needed a second try to make it  last time too, what's your take?


    a. Lee is unprofessional, didn't take cut seriously.

    b. Lee has a dietitian or trainer on his team who's failing him.

    c. Lee is just too big and cuts too much for LW, should move to 170.

    d. Lee has another staph infection..


    (circle all that apply)

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    2. Elazmus


      This is how I saw it going too personally,(sans doctor stoppage) again Lee saying now he's training his fight mentality a lot. What I remember is when Edson fought Khabib, Lee made comments about how he(Barboza) and michael johnson bitch out in fights.. like a bitch of course he's coming off a bitch out loss to Furgeson... but Lee is also not stupid and there's CERTAIN truth to it. Like Barboza is a specialist and really high performance but when you stop him being able to perform he gets demoralized, not that he bitches out and doesn't try but that he believes much less in himself after his skills have been neutralized once already. He's swayed by pressure but his team is also consistent with bringing him back between clocks.


      Physically I just saw Lee being too much either way, he wore him out enough to box as will. Nothing off Edson though he honestly still made him do the motown shuffle flew over the guard when he wasn't ready, like he HAS that shot at all times even with one eye o:

    3. Disposable


      Literally seconda before the kick I wrote ”I don’t like the way he is trailing him” and boom. Before that Lee was showing great footwork and use of range to give Edson 0 opportunities. Then in the third he comes out like Weidman when he gave Belfort zero respect and just ran after him, only to get rocked soon after. 

    4. Mamo
  3. Are they really on top-billing status with SW? that's awesome at least they know what they have! lol
  4. YEAHH MORE BABY SHIT!!!! i was a baby once idk if u knew. does Nemu have a lazy eye? or is he crossing them on purpose...? or is his makeup just obscuring the shape of his eyes....?
  5. the previews are amazing I think it will be overall better than Arbiter
  6. Sounds much like the songs on Arche, but I like it I'll have to see what it sounds like in context
  7. Yeah it's ok as long as they don't have to take much time off...
  8. There we go, crisis averted (: like I said who knows what kind of guy he is or how unexpected it is of him to go radio silent on people but it was still all within a week so I hope it didn't cause a boatload of trouble. Let's hope they don't have band problems now?
  9. Ooooooh the guitar in PINOCCHIO make me miss My Bacteria Heat Island again... the single sounds nice though we shall see!
  10. Personally I play it down because my friends used to go missing in this capacity all the time and it was maybe 5-10% of the time that they were actually in trouble or caught by something out of their control... , I knew how worried to be because I knew them and their family and kinda how likely it is that they were just fucking off or if we might learn like the next day they were in jail or dead. We only know KULOE under a stage name, and announcements like this are made because it's impacting their ability to fulfill obligations as a band. As a visual kei band their family and personal lives are separated from their professional lives on stage and relationship with us as fans to begin with. I'm not saying don't be worried, but there's twitter-missing and then there's police-report-missing. (from my experience we are still at the stage where he could just be being an asshole lol). know that I say all that as an optimistic stance on his probable safety, I appreciate him and those looking for him.
  11. until 2 minutes in i did not believe there was even anyone there... those couple cheers at the end could still be just piped in sound. lol Maybe we are all just being lame and he actually doesn't care if he ever makes a dime from music again... or maybe he hates us :[ ....
  12. Can we get an Akinori statement on the 20th lol
  13. I second this so much !! ;PP
  14. awwww this one is not shocking but sure is sad :[
  15. Holloway deemed unfit to get on the scale for ufc 223. Everyone is scrambling. What to do, let's just book a 4-hour award ceremony and present Khabib with the belt.


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    2. Elazmus


      I never heard it even being discussed apart from by Brian himself, it may seem to management like a waste to throw a young guy's undefeated streak under the bus on short notice even if he'd have a chance. Max would have still been champ even if he lost. Raging Al has literally said on camera he "wouldn't wanna fight that fuckin guy" after Khabib fought Barboza, but he is ranked, medically clear, on weight(at least enough to step in) and he is... expendable.. *evil dana mastermind*

    3. Mamo


      Yeah but I wanted some form of a super fight to make up for Ferguson pulling out. Laquinta won't even be a fight, he'll just get embarrassed Khabib could make the fight as long or as short as he wanted. He could toy with him if he wanted to. 


      Also yeah I only heard Ortega himself a few weeks ago talking about how he would be a good match up against Khabib, but other than that yeah I think you're right nothing from his management or anything since Hallaway had to pull out. Sucks man probably gonna just get some scrub getting fed to a lion rather than an awesome super fight.

    4. Elazmus


      Ohhh yeah Khabib will forward him the whole "give up - you know I must be champion" speech while on top of him smashing him into jelly. Imagine though if Al just.. gets him, and changes everything! Nah, but hey the buildup of more and more disappointments makes me wish for something unexpected!