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  1. it sounds awesome, I know a lot of people were waiting for something like this from them before they went on hiatus the lighting effects in parts of the video are reminiscent of Oboreru Sakana
  2. Elazmus

    Poor guys, must not have seen...
  3. played that boy a good couple times right away!
  4. Elazmus

    lot of good times with them I'm so glad to hear this!
  5. Elazmus

    1 prayer that Jey's personal reasons are to do with being signed to Starwave and not just with being in a band.
  6. Somehow I really love them, since the last single they've immediately become one of my fav newcomers this year. The video looks stunning. ^ Lol I really nearly forgot, vo.Hiro is from Varyl.. That's how...
  7. Great news :] I listened to 矛盾ピエロ off the last single so much...
  8. WOW this is what I was waiting for, like all through underfall's discography I was waiting for THIS SONG !! There it is good people.
  9. b-side sounds really nice I have to say, is that just a weird cut or does it actually have that pause lol?
  10. Elazmus

    I REALLY like the chorus it's like the best thing they've shown us so far!
  11. Elazmus

    RAZOR is doing the food one this time. Greatt news though and not that long from now!
  12. This is all much better than I thought, Celebrate Empty Howls and Downfall are most exciting to me! The whole second half of the album is going in a cool direction...
  13. Elazmus

    the news!! (also yeah that guy does look like Byou) but this is good I hope they'll all be featured in some of this video material soon
  14. Elazmus

    Exactly now we know it was most likely L's idea personally. *clues to why L can't make it to that next level* lmao. I'm just riding for the same good songs that would have been Balalaika's next release, + knowing he can again bounce to a new project when the flop comes XD
  15. Elazmus

    let's get the halloween digital single debut pleeease