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  1. Ayyyyy, thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Elazmus


      np and to you too :D !

  2. Elazmus

    Seeing this thread revived gives me so much hope already but who knows!!
  3. Elazmus

    Wow cool! Their synth usage reminds me of VRZEL I like all the previews honestly!
  4. Elazmus

    Damn I think i like this more than the last single
  5. Elazmus

    Yeaaah that's pretty good, does sound like DEZERT's early songs a bit - that SE at the end is excellent lol
  6. Elazmus

    sounds really nice, love the cover art lol
  7. Elazmus

    So sad that it's causing him to withdraw completely, I hope he can have a comfortable recovery... poor Kebyou
  8. Elazmus

    in with the layup!
  9. Elazmus

    The Sea of Metaphysical >> Solaris I like that suit thooo
  10. Elazmus

    it DOES sound better, nice preview
  11. Elazmus

    Wow that was nice, the vocals could do with getting stronger but he's not bad. they look fucking perfectt
  12. Hey they basically do know how to Malice Mizer. Dante needs to draw the line somewhere here, he chose that name, the coat, and choreographed a sword fight with a dude in a halloween mask. I love that game too but this is a band you're selling yourself short kinda looking like an american cosplayer fucking around on the convention center lawn. Just saying because his hair, makeup, the band and even the video overall looks fine loll
  13. Hiro in a suit looks like an upstart young villain from the Yakuza series. I really liked the melodic parts of this song btw I'm into it.
  14. Elazmus

    This seems more like a "refresh" for them than the last single, I like it!
  15. Oh ok thank you I hadn't played it! XD but damn I was just starting to appreciate the idea of having it out there just for lolz
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