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  1. Casual bag work and resistance bands are fun enough for me that for years I do it most days without having to make a "routine" over it! Anything with real planning I really lose steam on after a month or two lol.. For anyone who simply spends most of their work day on their feet, you may be more fit than you give yourself credit for!
  2. Elazmus

    Loll well as awkward as it was, the solo sounds nice ! Is it just me or has UGLY been getting a lot of attention in the past few weeks? Sounds great though !!
  3. Elazmus

    That would be wild - I was just listening to ClearVeil while closing at work last night!
  4. I don't understand, did I just hit replay again? Why am I still here..?
  5. iTunes really wont accept the only two Rides in ReVellion songs I ever cared for lol. The album appears empty on the device (like it knows they're there) or else just tracks 3 and 4 are missing. Theres nothing wrong with the files.


    The software claims they're on the device (not greyed out like iTunes just shitting the bed like normal).


    It's an iPod touch, I still want to find a solution somehow before it decides to do this to something I REALLY wanna have on me.

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    2. diryangrey


      i don't think any conversion software is gonna make a meaningful differnce - but somtimes if you go back & forth w/o syncing in between, your ipod will recognize the new cleaned up file as the same as the original, & not bother syncing. you could try renaming the album artist w/ the fixed songs to something like "Rides in ReVellionA" to trigger an update, sync, and then put the name back to normal

    3. Elazmus


      Thank you I'll continue to try this!

    4. diryangrey


      DM me if you want! i've spent way too many hours wrestling w/ itunes & the weird shit it pulls sometimes so i'm down to try to help if i can

  6. Elazmus

    Ahh see I've just understood these by a different definition sorry no music education from me either lol!
  7. Elazmus

    For example, vibrato is a common vocal technique in VK at this point because everyone who is able to use it consistently does so as much as they can without developing much skill with it (think of how much forced vibrato we've been exposed to over the years) lol I disagree that technique = skill, based on the definitions of these terms used in that example and I don't really see style as a good descriptive term in this case but you're right it's certainly a semantic argument! Most of my appreciation of singers doesn't come from this anyway, it's all personal on some level at least lol!
  8. Elazmus

    "Technique" is what most VK singers are leaning too heavily on - it's SKILL that very few of them put time into developing. The scene is very derivative, so most of them get the idea of said technique from someone(or everyone) popularizing it's overuse. It's more important to just DO it than to do it right lol.
  9. Wanted a PV for 忘却の彼方 so much, thank you boys!! also more importantly...
  10. A bunch of my mp3 from like 10 years ago still have the problem where they skip back and repeat the first 3 seconds of the song 2 or 3 times before playing as normal. Anyone have experience with this and know if I can repair these files somehow? Or might I have to start lurking around requesting certain re-ups lmao?

    1. Ikna


      I had that problem with a few files too, never found a way to fix it though. It annoyed me with some releases so I grabbed the CDs and ripped them 😕

    2. Elazmus


      ahh thanks anyway, glad it's not just me! I know I gave up on fixing it once already as a teenager so I suppose I'll get by lol

  11. Remember a while ago when the OTHER more changed their name and we all had to check that it wasn't THIS more? well who's more more NOW huh? no one. no MORE.
  12. Elazmus

    I really like sujk and I felt like BH needed something anyway this might be better for everyone!
  13. Elazmus

    wait so they're ALL on the lineup now? interesting.. anyway bring on the revival I was in for even the latest 12012
  14. the mouth animations crack me upp but yeah pretty good song!!
  15. Elazmus

    holy shit.. did he think the camera was in picture mode the whole time? what are any of these movements.
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