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  1. +0.5 for mantis-TV-tarantula man praying to the sphynx
  2. MEJIBRAY fight club, tickets soldd
  3. yeaaaah my first thought was also Kodak lol
  4. That's terrible, I thought they were doing well...
  5. It sounds awesome!! Idk if the preview for -Deliver- is supposed to flow into 歪 like that but I love it <3
  6. Such tragedy for a young group, RIP Fumiya and best of luck to the others as musicians and men - keep him with you whatever you do from this point!
  7. that's awesome they are very compatible!!
  8. AYYYYH I knew they were gonna get there, I didn't think they'd be running with these heavy sections throughout but I get why they're doing it. mfr's guttural sounds pretty consistent now! Maybe work out where and what to do with these synth melodies as they are lol...
  9. The Ass In The Lion's Skin is one of Aesop's Fables btw... did no one else have it read to them growing up? bless my papa he was about that lol, I was always interested because the characters were usually animals EDIT: Tbh recommend them for adults too they are all little lessons of virtue and moral fibre ; yknow, still holds true!
  10. Tsumi-ban has some strange B-sides, RED CHERRY MURDER CASE just kind of unusual for them but 誰かさんの実験室 is in general, it sounds so strung together but then the chorus is really nice.. Batsu-ban on the other hand is very typical for them, sounds much more like their album and other recent singles, both of those are really great and just what you'd expect. so a mixed bag kind of, as sure as I am right now that Batsu-ban is better I can't help but wonder how those others sound. SAVAGE rarely does me wrong
  11. AND THEY'RE ALL 13 DOLLAR BILLS.... :D. Is the thing next to the apple on the Beautiful LIE edition a shell casing or a lipstick cap...? MonstlloW is very cool though I'm excited for this! I listened to BMM much more than I thought I would!
  12. I like the title a lot, I'm sure the single will be pretty solid at least!
  13. So. That was fucking noise... scarcely sounds like Ajna outside the refrain. I like the varied time signatures of the djentcore sound but at a certain point... The guitar solo was good and would have been appreciated if it didn't sound like they were trying to play similar solos OVER all the breakdowns which make up the entirety of the song lmao... This band is very talented, but they need to find an identity. They've basically already done everything this sub-genre has to offer VK... covers and themes are some typical-core try hard warped religious iconography - music is just ADHD af...
  14. oooooooooooo its sonice :||||||fgxfch
  15. The second one is reminiscent of the visuals in Diru's AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS.. always a classic lol I'm more fan of the white song in it's entirety but both are impressive Oh yeah it's cool to see Yoshi playing a guitar again too, that's what I was gonna say