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  1. Loll, come on Satsuki... I mean I can hear how bad SOME of the engrish is in his recent work... but it couldn't possibly be the WORST out there !
  2. Song is at least partially in english but I can't make it out anyway XD romanized and translated for what else there is if possible !
  3. All true, they are reasonably experienced as a band by now, from XIBALBA to present so I hope they aren't incapable of pulling it together Same this is actually a very cool and fitting situation!
  4. Well they did the Filth In The Beauty look that will look good on their resume!
  5. Verxina is a X2 Victoria Mile winner bred by Northern Racing Japan, now owned by former pro baseball player Kazuhiro Sasaki. Yay Varyl vocals!!
  6. Lmfaoo ok finally, literally forgot this
  7. aw good! I liked him in Raindia
  8. Wow yeah Mercy Rain went from like a 4 to a 10 on the Gaze-hash likeness scale lmao. These are all pretty listenable tho!
  9. ahh yeah I've never found his insta that explains itt
  10. *learned something*
  11. So busy! keep rolling lol!
  12. ohhhh the misery :[
  13. I swear, whenever SATSUKI releases anything I end up listening to every RES ever all over again...