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  1. Elazmus

    both, MEJIBRAY is both of everything
  2. Elazmus

    Sometime in 2006 I heard GazettE's 7gatsu 8ka and then saw the PV for Silly God Disco. So, naturally it was on to Dir en Grey, Alice Nine, SID, Kagrra, D'espa, Rentrer, Sadie, Oz, and whatever else happening at the time. I slowed down eventually after so many disbandments but in 2014 I just dove purposefully into new bands and had a little renaissance cuz I missed it lol...
  3. Elazmus

    ^ this is the REAL source of DIMLIM anxiety lolll although this sounds great I'm excited!
  4. Elazmus

    Good news :))
  5. LOL ok well it sounds alright, having them all together is still better than nothing!
  6. Elazmus

    Wow this is interesting :D
  7. Elazmus

    I can still tend the rabbits, George? I di'nt mean no harm, George...
  8. Elazmus

    This song is really nice throughout actually wasn't expecting it!
  9. I have a lot of love for this band too hope it's good !
  10. cuzzz they broke out THE P I N K P A N T H E R THEME and everything !! what in the fuck, at least that prop shit doesn't looks like it cost anyone any extra funds! anyone know - do they just not have enough material for the live set? Is this regs for them? I KIND of like these guys but I didn't think their band concept was doing shit like this lol!
  11. Elazmus

    NAZARE is sitting right with me lately, I gave that 無慈悲な蒼空 track from earlier a few more listens and got more into it. THIS sounds pretty great too, the rhythm gt. and ba. part (is the same as all of their music but) sounds kinda cooler in the context of this song. Uhhh and "breakdown", can't argue w it.
  12. Elazmus

    It sounds musically not bad but this section(s) of the song is less than exciting... the video is all such nicely composed images though all the camera angles are goooood.
  13. Had to look for a long time to realize Shou isn't wearing half-rimmed glasses lol
  14. The song is passable, more so without watching that terrible video lol. Honestly Lycaon had a Mortal Kombat song on each of their last 2 albums, and now there is a limit to how disappointed I can be by this lol. the MK 11 roster is the REAL dissapoint...
  15. ガラシャ sounds really cool !
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