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  1. SleepWalkIntoTraffic

    Daaaaaayum! I might be able to see them in Paris! Can't wait to meet French fanboys.
  2. SleepWalkIntoTraffic

    I MISS THIS BAND. They had a unique style that will never get old to me. RIP DEADMAN.
  3. SleepWalkIntoTraffic

    I agree with Daisuke and Hellion. This band's releases are too frequent......i'm starting to get bored with them.
  4. SleepWalkIntoTraffic

    Dir en grey - ALL Plastic Tree - ALL Luna Sea - ALL Kagerou - ALL OLD Girugamesh - (everything from MUSIC and before) 9GOATS BLACK OUT - Devils in Bedside The GazettE - ALL except TOXIC Deluhi D Aikaryu THE DEAD POP STARS Lynch Kuroyume X Japan
  5. SleepWalkIntoTraffic

    Are you guys serious? I don't think you can compare bands that sound completely different. I definitely listen to more Dir en grey than GazettE though.
  6. SleepWalkIntoTraffic

    Janne Da Arc. Some of their songs are really good, and You is a sick guitarist.....but most of their songs sound the same and just get boring. Plus the lead singer's voice is annoying at times.