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  1. colorfuljinsei

  2. colorfuljinsei

    Who summoned me? (Went from trance -> opera/pop ->c-pop/j-pop -> prog metal/metalcore/post -> v-kei -> k-pop) TBH, he could have genuine interest and has "Jimmy Fallon" syndrome (compensating for a generally "dry" personality), but it's also likely the ad revenue/views. Even the most mundane of videos with K-pop content (or even the mere mentioning of groups/idols) will summon the stans. With everyone trying to "make it" on YouTube, the amount of attention K-pop has gotten has been a godsend to small channels/creators. That being said, genuinely liking the music and wanting to grow an audience are not mutually exclusive. Now, I personally don't watch MacRyanMac regularly, but he piqued my interest b/c he comes from a somewhat similar music background as myself. My observations on the music side of things lead me to believe that he shows interest, but purposefully plays his reactions REALLY safe to grow his audience. However, what's more telling is the way he constantly squeezes in videos that involve popular topics & trends and constantly retweets larger creators. Which means he's just using this common method: Make videos about/utilizing general YT trends to build an initial, albeit small, following. Hone in on some large bands/trending topics to develop an audience. Alternatively, spill your guts on camera and turn yourself into a drama channel. Mold every single one of your videos to user comments/suggestions. Keep a steady stream of content based on said comments/suggestions for eternity w/o offending your audience. Additionally, keep up with other SNS platforms and show up on larger creators feeds/comment sections. Also, release a ~10 min vid at least every other day to stay afloat. Rev up those buzzwords and hashtags. He might listen to some of these bands every now and then in his spare time, but the large coverage indicates that he's mainly accommodating to his audience. Those who find genuine interest in a genre will typically carve out their niche of artists w/ similar characteristics and then bounce around, his broad-brush artist selection doesn't indicate that (This might come off a little gatekeep-y). BUT, you can't build a large channel based on only your interests though... Which leads us back to the start. The only way to have decent growth on a YouTube channel in this day and age is to pander to as many people as possible. People typically watch reaction videos to validate their own opinions b/c it makes them happy. Small sketch comedy, animation, and blog channels of the past are simply not viable on YouTube anymore b/c of how content dense YT is now. Some might make it, but why do that instead of the method above? It's not like it's "wrong". We still haven't gotten to the making a living on YT part either, lol. (This turned into a YT schpiel, lol) TL;DR: He's interested b/c he has the patience to do what he's doing, but he's mainly doing it for the views. He capitalized off of his spike in viewership after his first react video to Babymetal which was trending at the time.
  3. colorfuljinsei

    These guys have blown up like crazy since 2016. Excited for what's in store.
  4. colorfuljinsei

    (This was upped a week ago, missed it in my sub feed)
  5. colorfuljinsei

    Most of my stuff is Calvin Klein, Nautica, Levi's, or Gap. I only wear two types of sneakers, Nike Air Force 1s or Ebernons in black or white b/c I'm a size 13 US Mens/30.5 cm and it's a pain in the ass to look for shoes. I'm either business casual or Asian lumberjack on any given day, lol. Not crazy about jewelry, but I was gifted a Tonino Lamborghini watch several years ago that I wear to this day.
  6. colorfuljinsei

    Fun Fact: Did my English II presentation on them in high school a few months after their debut album. So proud of my bois.
  7. mah zigzag bois on TV ❤️



  8. colorfuljinsei

    Yea, I initially thought it was a select few, but when I saw a thread on it at the top of Reddit I was taken aback. There's a firestorm on Twitter over the whole thing about avoiding/dropping the series, etc. I guess I've forgotten about the current climate, as I usually delve into series w/o going through public forums/SNS. It is implemented to set the tone, but I get why it's offended victims of sexual violence/offence/rape etc. That being said, this concept is faaaar from unheard of *cough* orcs&elves *cough*. I guess it's somewhat of a good thing that the first episode has a lot of shock value b/c it's not like the theme/premise of the series gets any "lighter" (new watchers should heed this warning.)
  9. colorfuljinsei

    As someone who's followed the Gob Slayer series since late-2016, the response to the anime reminds me how you can't rely on internet denizen's opinions when it comes to how "good" a series is. Especially so when the whole internet is hypersensitive atm. Enjoying everything that I've planned to watch, so far. They're all quality shows. I'm typically 2 steps ahead when it comes to the actual content b/c I'm more of a manga/LN person, but it's a different, enjoyable experience when everything gets animated (brings everything to life.)
  10. When did words like "default", "NPC", and "normal (normie)" become insults? lmao

    You know society is ass-backwards when we can't even let people be lame in their own free time w/o insulting them. 

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    2. platy


      Never saw anyone use NPC as an insult lol. Unless you spend your free time learning the didgeridoo or going obscure kink parties, I guess you're a normie. 

    3. colorfuljinsei
    4. platy


      That's a pretty useful term for people actually. 

  11. colorfuljinsei

    This is fantastic!!! Really looking forward to getting my copies soon :D. On a side-note, I don't think I've seen any other visual kei MVs available in 4K before 😲. *Huh, ログアウト is available in 4K too, TIL.
  12. Yikes. Anyone in the path of Hurricane Michael, stay safe!

  13. colorfuljinsei

  14. colorfuljinsei

    In all seriousness, I'm pretty much like the above comments. Be nice, honest, thoughtful, etc. A good thing to remember is that people don't think of you as much as you think of yourself. So don't be afraid to make mistakes along the way. I'm still learning this.
  15. colorfuljinsei

    Making some adjustments: xTRiPx Janne Da Arc/Acid Black Cherry (latter is technically not vk, but who cares) ダウナー tied w/ Clavier~クラビア~ ネオン/the LEM/RIKUTO.inck ロストワールド/ドレミ・ファ キャンセル/ユナイト NEXX tied w/ パノラマ虚構ゼノン Neverland tied w/ Anli Pollicino vistlip tied w/ SINCREA/FEST VAINQUEUR MoNoLith tied w/ ViViD Anfinit/i.Rias Ray°C / オトイロハ /−真天地開闢集団−ジグザグ Rising Favorites: HAKLO POIDOL LEZARD AIOLIN Falling Favorites: アンフィル Blu-Billion Airish Smileberry Royz the Raid. These lists are really hard ;_;.