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  1. colorfuljinsei

    She actually sounds quite nice in this! I guess I'm not too crazy about the voice modulation effects YG does then. While SALU's voice is a bit nasal (but pretty nice), the production on all of his tracks & collabs are top notch!
  2. colorfuljinsei

    My favorite album this year (though the 🍈 didn't approve *angery face*.) I've started listening to Denzel's TA13OO, and it's pretty gooood. --- As for "unique", my gateway to a lot of hip-hop has been jazz. Listening to more melodic tracks kinda ate away at the distance I had with traditional rap, and helped me embrace more "mainstream" artists.
  3. colorfuljinsei

    ONE☆DRAFT (Def. a bit more on the pop side, but I really liked the rap sections) I used to listen to these guys religiously back in the day. Squash Squad KID FRESINO (Pretty gud) LOLLL I got suggested Yurufuwa Gang on Spotify the other day. They were featured on 88 too. Not exactly my cup of tea... I think, generally, the Koreans do rap better, but there's def. some gems here and there in the Japanese scene.
  4. colorfuljinsei

    Found this band in my sugg. the other day, and I actually found them to be pretty catchy. I like how they experiment w/ drastically different concepts, as each MV/song is a unique experience, haha. Def. getting some System of a Down & SiM ~ish vibes.
  5. Well... Got the Android 9 (Pie) update...I already hate how it looks/functions. 😞

    1. マジゲイ誤算


      Really? I actually love the UI on it.

    2. AimiGen7


      I haven't got the update yet. I doubt my phone even has the space for one, and every time I update it, the data and album art for my music gets fucked

    3. colorfuljinsei


      Everything felt too rounded compared to my current setup, but when I switched back from my 3rd party launcher (Nova) to the Pixel Launcher I realized they implemented a ton of features that Android 9 needs to function "normally". I still think everything is still a bit too round, but I found it meshed well w/ the rest of the elements, compared to using Nova Launcher. The whole experience still feels very iPhone-ish which I still have to get used to. 


      I have some trivial gripes, like how when you pull the notification bar, another clock and different battery indicator pull down over it (It looks better w/ the dark theme (dark -> light elements from status bar -> setting bubbles), but I have light turned on.) The gesture ver. of the navigation bar is asymmetrical with a really small back button to the left but nothing on the right... etc. 


      I do like how they moved the volume popup and the swipe gestures. I've been using swipe gestures for years via different launchers, so implementing it to all of the Android experience is convenient.  



      1. Still getting used to the bubble design, since I never really liked it.
      2. At the moment you really have to stick with the stock launcher for everything to "work". Everything is very ergonomic, but I feel like I'm using a knockoff iPhone. I prefer having control over how my phone feels, hence why I used custom launchers.
      3. I'll have to design another KLWP theme to match the experience.
      4. There's def. some buuugs but they'll be fixed in time (og Pixel XL has lost the ability to fast charge.)


  6. colorfuljinsei

    Package just got here in great condition :D. 10/10 [2]
  7. colorfuljinsei

    It's Jin bby! This is really nice. Also related... A pretty decent metalcore cover of "FAKE LOVE". I have my gripes, but it's pretty damn gud.
  8. colorfuljinsei

    "You think Cheburashka is playin' around, huh. Screw this shit up you gonna get the stabbo."
  9. colorfuljinsei

    Still not super thrilled with the album, but I do like 懐色花火, another world, and esp. Adventure Time. (I'm trying to convince myself that 懐色花火 does a slight nod to xTRiPx - Fall to U (my favorite song, btw) , the chorus melodies are similar)
  10. colorfuljinsei

    br̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃r̃a pretty damn good for their first (pre-debut) song as one unit *_*
  11. colorfuljinsei

    Current Collection: Need some advice. I'm using my planar magnetics (Mad Dogs) with a Schiit Stack (Magni2/Modi2), but they weren't cutting it for some reason. I ended up using my Magni as a pre-amp for an 80's Optonica SM-3300 amplifier (which my speakers are hooked up to as well), and I immediately heard a difference. Everything sounds much fuller & dynamic, but the SM-3300 is huuuge. TL;DR does anybody have any suggestions for (or experience with) more "modern", regular-sized amps that would give me the same vintage sound that can replace my Magni2 -> Optonica solution? (Perhaps some sort of tube amp?)
  12. colorfuljinsei

    What's funny is I thought this song sounded familiar,but turns out the chorus sounds kinda similar to Malice Mizer's "Au Revoir" which also includes "眠りたい" in the lyrics.
  13. colorfuljinsei

    Covers are deceiving, and I'm familiar with a couple of these: Goblin Slayer might be pretty good *comment above* If done right, Toaru Majutsu no Index III is going to be the anime of the season. (Yes, with both SnK and Tokyo Ghoul in there... Please, J.C Staff don't screw this up) They're apparently covering everything to the end of the "Old Testament" LNs in two cours (24 eps), and all of it is pretty action-packed. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken has really excellent world-building for an isekai series. That art style threw me for a loop b/c it looks moe-fied from the original, but hopefully it stays true to the series. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet is just Nisekoi w/ a different art style, if you like that sort of series. Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai is not bad. It has supernatural and psychological elements to it, and there is no harem in this series (that I know of.) The yuri series (Yagate Kimi ni Naru) is nice and has well-rounded characters. I can vouch for it.
  14. colorfuljinsei

    Yesss, much hype.