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  1. Lovelyz - Heal comes out and now this... I know I'm going to love this concept. They also all look gorgeous too
  2. twitter was annoying and I deleted facebook years ago... time to post my repository of photos. https://www.instagram.com/colorfuljinsei
  3. Ran compiled and uploaded this earlier in March on Twitter to Gigafile, but the link is down now. Feels trip.
  4. Looking forward to listening to CONFLICT, 勿忘草, and Ophelia. This definitely fills the gap that Royz left (for me). Super hyped.
  5. Did people not learn from Valvrave or basically every other drama? (Throwback to the guy on 2ch who ripped up all his Kannagi novels because of the "used goods" chapter.) There always are people who take it way too far. I've hit a roadblock with newer series since both this season and the following consist mainly of adaptations from manga that I already follow. The Pop Team Epic was a blast though, so major kudos to everyone who worked on it.
  6. Looking forward to Lovelyz comeback on the 23rd. APRIL & OH MY GIRL (-sans the banana song) have been great this year, completing the (generally) soft k-pop trifecta.
  7. Can't really embed niconico vids, but here's one by Shougo's (アンフィル) ごまめろん project. Used to emulate Vocaloid vocalizations. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23105393 There are a handful of doujin and indie bands that are in a similar vein to the post above. Blood Stain Child is another example of a band that I think uses tasteful autotune/pitch correction.
  8. How did I miss this?! Glad Shougo still does these covers <3.  http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm32986655

    1. ricchubunny


      omg im super glad to see you active here again 

  9. Req. artist editing permissions. I need to organize/make scans of my own collection anyway so it's a good way to give back to the community. Also, the site is really clean :D. Also, it's probably old news, but this is a ftp server with some hq scans that may or may not be useful: http://djag.jp/flyer/
  10. I stopped being remotely surprised after seeing the 500+ comment Reddit thread created by one person w/ upvotes & gilding (The $200 top spot Reddit video is an eye -opener too). I wish I could link it, but I completely forgot the title (It might have been removed for spam/guidelines (?) ). I'm positive AI algorithms will get better at spotting stuff like this, but in the meantime it'll continue to be used as a tool for promotion whether malicious or relatively harmless. .. Speaking of fake accounts, can I get my boy Harambe back? I forgot the password...
  11. Pre-ordered/Bought: EVERSSIC - SAIL ON MUSIC SheepSLeep - Reborn ABOO - MELLOW-mp- Neverland - Nu:world I.rias - VawdyxTidy Type-A (I expected Planet Child to upload the MV but they never did.) I'll def. be snagging these for the channel: -真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ - あっぱれ珍道中 HAKLO - What's HAKLO?
  12. That's unfortunate. I hope he'll still continue his drum covers. As for POIDOL, they're on a roll right now. They'll pick back up pretty quickly.
  13. I'm always in awe of his performances. He usu. comes off as some music theory mad-scientist but composes really soulful/emotional material. Also, cheeky microtones at 2:16
  14. Shoutouts to TRUST shitposting from 2013. I always wish the best for bands but Yua/Rion is consistently horrendous : /.