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  1. 00:11 - 00:27 actually sounded pretty nice. I feel like Chanrika benefits so much from his mid-lower vocal register (kinda flipped from ex-RonoCro Minami) imo. I found Toon Factory up my alley, so idk why I have a hard time w/ Alphalia. Maybe I'll change my mind w/ this album.
  2. colorfuljinsei

  3. Yooooo, brotha jinsei. Are you familiar with beehype? I've been slowly making my way through their 2018 EOTY list and I always discover some cool stuff through them! I figured a fellow music-adventurer like yourself might find it resourceful (if you're not already familiar with it)! :D



    1. colorfuljinsei


      Hoooooly shit, this is a fantastic resource... Especially compared to sites like "Every Noise at Once", which in many cases I find inaccurate or out-of date, they have a whole team of writers w/ actually relevant selection. Goes back to 2014, too!


      Def. going to use this in conjunction w/ last.fm & Spotify. Thanks a bunch, Cat!

    2. CAT5


      All praises! Glad that it's useful!

  4. colorfuljinsei

    "We're fat because we eat too many sweets, and we're intellectually lazy because we like too much sweet talk." QOTY
  5. Nintendo, you're really forcing my hand to buy a Switch. 




      This looks so wholesome 😍

  6. colorfuljinsei

    Are 3/5 members ex-LIEVRE CLAY? That doesn't look like Shion's face...I think? I'm bad w/ vk faces unless they're really distinct. That nasally voice in the chorus especially the "advance" sounds a lot like Shion. TIL I forgot LAVANS existed, so I'm back to having no clue who they are (aside from Gu.) Anyway, I really like how they sound, so I'll be keeping an eye on them :D.
  7. art-kei needs to get on this 



    1. Gesu


      It'd be interesting to see an art exhibit of an art kei legend like Hitomi (ex-Moran), for example, hoovering up breadcrumbs... hell, I'd pay to see that. I don't know why, but I would.

  8. Getting a bit of Ray C°-ballad vibes from this, which is always welcome. While the single might not please everyone, it's absolutely up my alley. They all look stunning too... Mikoto might be a bit too much, lol.
  9. colorfuljinsei


    Yooooo- Welcome Back!!!
  10. colorfuljinsei

  11. colorfuljinsei

    Ended up finally buying a SNES controller for the PC which means emulation galore. Currently rotating between Umihara Kawase and Kirby's Dreamland 3. Both are uber relaxing w/ cute visuals and not huge time investments. I'm really tempted to start Super Mario RPG since I personally haven't played it, but watched people play it as a small child.
  12. colorfuljinsei

    Hikarito is no doubt a great composer, arranger, musician, etc., but I feel w/ him constantly pulling the strings to everything has lead to the sameishness some of us are noticing. I wouldn't mind AIOLIN experimenting w/ new concepts (like forgoing the violin for a few tracks, working w/ other composers, etc.), even if it meant a slight decrease in quality. Though AIOLIN is really centered on that "classical" element, so it's hard for me to think of any alternatives other than just experimentation. (Out of all the bands w/ "sameishness problems" this one is the most forgivable b/c they're top notch. My rambling leans more towards personal preference.)
  13. colorfuljinsei

    Oh, this one is particularly hilarious. The only reason why the series is getting animated is b/c the author also did Koe de Oshigoto!, which is another similarly (if not more) raunchy series that somehow got animated. The manga has been around since 2017, and NO GROUP has bothered to scanlate it. With all the shitty manga that gets translated on a regular basis, that says something, lmao. There are some series in that territory that are redeemable, depending on the comedy, but I'll only approach any of them in print. It helps me weed out the bs.
  14. colorfuljinsei

    LOL. This season will probably be trash to most people (aside from the continued series), but I've read a couple of these, so I can give some insight. Kenja no Mago Isekai fodder. Mildly interesting since it has trash-Harry Potter vibes, but it's pretty meh like most isekai series. Main hero is so OP that the story just drolls on. I've read most of it, but have it stalled b/c it's gotten pretty boring imo. Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Yep, Bokuben and Moeyuki are getting animated :D. If you liked Nisekoi or any other school-life/slice-of-life/rom-com series, you're going to like this one. I actually prefer this over Nisekoi b/c the characters are better. Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai I dropped this one. Too ecchi centric. Senryuu Shoujo This is one of the series I really like as it's pretty cute, and the comedy w/ the 5-7-5 is refreshing. Would recommend. Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san Another one of those series w/ a several hundred-year-old loli. It's cute, but it really plays to a certain audience >_>. I've stalled the manga simply because it feels very episodic and the content is not that interesting. Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu This one is cute and funny. Its comedy is centered around the main character's social anxiety, and leads to some interesting situations. It's also been memed to hell. Joshi Kausei I read some chapters of this a couple years ago. The series has no dialogue, but it's not particularly bad (?). I'm curious as to how this is going to work, since It'll probably come off really lazy without any dialogue.