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  1. colorfuljinsei

    YOOOOO- My boy Yuuji will be back in action, albeit briefly.
  2. colorfuljinsei

    * deep inhale * Which one of you chucklefucks suggested Insanity Injection to the Fine Bros., cuz I don't think I'd be able to listen to them unless I pre-game with a cringe compilation. In all seriousness, hate is a strong word. I don't think I particularly hate any band, I just don't listen to said band. You from 0.1 no Gosan is a piece of shit, but the band sounds ok. Also, Kuina from Royz has a bunch of controversy surrounding him ...so does the rest of the band sans-Koudai, according to rumors...
  3. Anon who tried to brute-force my patreon account can eat a dick. Shoutout to sites that have multi-factor & email authentication 👍.

    1. xriko


      And patreon doesn't have any protection about brute forcing ?

      No limit of login tryin' ?

    2. colorfuljinsei


      15 login attempts in 2 minutes (likely less b/c the email notifs. were delayed and were in a barrage) by unique IPs only locked the account for an hour. Indiv. made 15 more attempts in the same timeframe, but one of them was a successful login by me. I went in and disabled the account b/c I hadn't used it in a year. Luckily I've made unique passwords for all my active accs. 

  4. colorfuljinsei

    This just popped up for me. Share playlists plox
  5. Jesus fuck, lol. What did they do to Sonic?!


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. colorfuljinsei


      Pretty much my reaction to all this. Since SEGA THEMSELVES brought up concerns about the face, I'm terrified about what Sonic (+ the rest of the gang) in the actual trailer is going to look like. 

    3. Aferni



    4. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      It's a bad franchise hope it kills it x

  6. colorfuljinsei

    So 2000's oshare-kei is out on parole. Nice. Def. the French "parole", tho.
  7. gigabit is finally installed ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  8. colorfuljinsei

    Top Artists (Favorite Songs) : Mac DeMarco LOOΠΔ Yuki Saitou (already included below) FM-84 BTS Top Songs: PRISTIN V - Get It LOOΠΔ (Vivi) - Everyday I Love You (ft. HaSeul) Mew - Snow Brigade Yuki Saitou - Yours GFRIEND - Windy Windy I'd say that 50% was Spotify this year. It's a 25 - 25 split with my mp3 collection and YT. Total music hours probably amount to 300~ish. It's been a helluva year in music, tho. A looooooot of K-pop. I haven't really bought any physical K-pop CDs (except for 2), so Spotify is my main platform for that genre. Some artists that were more infrequent for me, listening-wise, were YT listens.
  9. colorfuljinsei

    ( ☯ ͜ʖ ☯)
  10. colorfuljinsei

    Just going to mention two in here for now. NEXX - VELVET RAY(Re-recording ver.) Apparently, they were given out to those who attended both of their last lives (w/ both tickets). I have yet to see it on auction, and I'm unsure if it even exists at this point. faice - Act[L]ess Another one I have yet to see on auction. It "came out" before they disbanded, but there's no record of it being sold on Like an Edison's site (It was only in-store and mail-order, though.) With all of the tracks mastered, it has to exist somewhere (?). *UPDATE So after some sleuthing I can confirm it was released, but in extremely limited quantities. At this point, it's understandable why it's never shown up on auction.
  11. colorfuljinsei

    Yea, just pulled mine up and my logo refers to "Epicureanism". Neat.
  12. colorfuljinsei

    The bottom logo is "Epicureanism"
  13. colorfuljinsei

    Not gonna lie. This is kind of a mess. Softsynth gore.