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  1. colorfuljinsei

    Black Matrix... Morpheus? jk, looking forward to previews!
  2. colorfuljinsei

    Disappointed w/ vocals [3]
  3. colorfuljinsei

    So much hypeeeee, my boyssss. This actually sounds really promising. (I'm still looking forward to their first release w/ Minhyun back tho) Also, apparently JYP is planning an all Japanese K-pop group. I'm not really that optimistic, but here's hoping :
  4. Anybody find any interesting Steam Summer Sale titles? Not planning on getting anything, but I do recommend "A Hat in Time", "FFXV", and the "Clannad Bundle". 

    1. platy


      Firewatch has a really good discount, so I finally got it. There's also great discounts on lots of visual novels if you're into that. 

    2. Abelcain


      Vanquish and Bayonetta maybe 

    3. chemicalpictures


      I'm a bit disappointed to be honest. Nothing really catching my eyes this time.

  5. colorfuljinsei

    Y'all don't mess w/ my squeak-kei. I got chipmunks around every corner that'll mess ya up. 🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️
  6. colorfuljinsei

    I was with it until he started singing. 😔
  7. colorfuljinsei

    Nice, def. gonna grab this one. (sounds like Shizuku (AKQUA/SolariS.)
  8. My order arrived today in great condition! Super punctual and provided rips before shipment
  9. colorfuljinsei

    This is an argument that has lasted for centuries. This is how I see it: XXXTentacion was a shit person, but he said some nice things. He had (subjectively) interesting music. Celebrating death is dumb as fuck, no matter who it is, but people will still do it b/c internet anonymity and hurr durr 2edgy4u. Just because someone was bad, it doesn't mean that celebrating their death is "right". Hitler was a pos, but I don't celebrate his death; I celebrate the end of genocide (You can be glad that one led to the other, but death as the central topic shouldn't be celebrated) Sure, celebrate the end of his violent acts, music, or whatever, but don't celebrate someone dying. Death sucks bad, super bad. ...but that's just me. There are better things in my life to worry about, lol.
  10. colorfuljinsei

    😒 It's either Kameleo-esque club or easy listening tracks on this album (for the new material). *Edit : I'm kinda warming up to it, but I was hoping they'd mix in more heavy tracks. Hopefully their next release is more balanced, as all things should be.
  11. when u accidentally type youtube.co and you're suddenly watching daddy yankee & miyavi vids in spanish. how did i get here

  12. colorfuljinsei

    ...could you imagine POIDOL w/ early-ViViD-era Shin's vocals... (Nana sounds like he's forcing out notes all the time.) They would be an unstoppable "generic kei" force. Alright, time to listen to 睡蓮人 for the millionth time ;_; ... (When did "generic kei" become a term anyway, lol...b/c it kinda works)
  13. colorfuljinsei

    Haha, vk oyaji is like the Stan Lee of visual kei, I love this. Though he is depicted pretty creepily in this MV o_o.
  14. super star is not bad on 1.5 and 2x speed. nightcore ver. pls