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    Mikoto did the whole video himself (art, animation, production) which he's partly documented on IG.
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    I was watching some DELUHI and breakin' holiday videos, when I stumbled across this newly pinned comment on the "LILITH" MV from a day ago:
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    Swore I saw Padme in there for a good second. Haven't liked much of their stuff so far, but there's so much going on in these tracks that keeps Lime's earwormy vibrato in check for it to sound quite decent to me. "15.2" sounds pretty gud.
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    NEXX/DIV - SEASONS Clavier~クラビア~ - 思ひ出 キャンゼル (Canzel) - 未来ノート ダウナー - S.e.L.a the LEM - Love Distanceに花束を Had to figure out what songs I've never got burnt out on.
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    waddup Discovered them not too long ago on Spotify and my jaw physically dropped. I don't think I've ever heard indigenous Australian music, even a didgeridoo ever incorporated in J-music, let alone this masterfully. I implore people to watch their DRIP TOKYO performance because the amount of collective talent presented in that one video is astounding. Taking my sweet time discovering their earlier stuff.
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    yo, why is the FFVII REMAKE so fucking horny lmao *this is coming from someone who hasn't played the original, but now really tempted to do just that instead of watching it on stream. also...
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    720p: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1249267888499773442/pu/vid/1280x720/y5Vu24fw6fxy7qWM.mp4 This is precious ❤️
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    For twitcasting videos, all you have to use is this notation (don't have to use VLC anymore): http://dl01.twitcasting.tv/(id)/download/(number)?dl=1 Video: https://twitcasting.tv/xanvala/movie/605228812 Download: https://dl01.twitcasting.tv/xanvala/download/605228812?dl=1 (in this case it just redirected to "dl02") I'll wait for Serox to upload it, but in the future that's how one would accomplish that.
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    As covid-ninteen looms over us all, quarantined, stuck with laptop at hand. I manically search for vk content to enthrall, spend time to search for lives, band after band. As I comb through YouTube and Twitter accounts, to amass my download catalog; I come across this cute thumbnail, I pounce- ...only to see a guy jacking off his dog.
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    Ah, here is some more info: http://www.revertive.so-bad-boy.net/jollyp.php https://vk.gy/artists/sugizo/ EVAKAN the vocalist for JOLLY PICKLES was the guitarist for SUGIZO's project who is the guitarist + violinist for LUNA SEA. JOLLY PICKLES also performed alongside LUNA SEA during their 2nd anniversary concert. That's how the band got more attention.
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    カバー is actually "kaba-" or "cover". It's just this dude Ittoman who was part of a "light music" circle/club in college and ended up doing a bunch of vk covers on YouTube https://twitter.com/it_man_robQ. That date definitely refers to the date of the cover, since the band itself was defunct as of '07. @robkun was the contributor to the vk.gy page on them https://vk.gy/artists/jolly-pickles/ . He miiiight know, but that's just a guess. Hopefully I'm not putting you on the spot, Rob.
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    I think these has to do with the previews: http://www.kiryu-web.net/media_detail/70025 https://lineblog.me/kiryu_takemasa/archives/6073873.html The full videos might also have been distributed through the old i-mode/keitai web-standard in shite quality, but that's just an assumption. Other Q&A sites seem to say that they simply never came out. *Tried looking around here (around the time of the release date): https://web.archive.org/web/20080513213919/http://www.visunavi.com:80/index_pc.html Even if it was distributed that way, they always did it via .asx files which were just pointers for online content. They were to be played via WMP (Windows Media Player) or Real Player anyway.
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    Yeah, that seems to be reflected by most of the comments (they think it's cute). I mean, something like kancho would be egregious to the West. That being said, who gets so bored they end up diddling a dog 😐?
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    Way ahead of you. All of my files are backed locally and I have secondary accounts for all folders. If a folder gets taken down I can just paste another link. I'm thinking of making a YouTube account (obv. not a franchise channel so different gmail, etc.) to host all the content. That will take quite long, so I'll hold off that idea until it starts getting dicey.
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    Two at the moment, working on the third. I'm getting close to 150 GB of footage total. Once I get the third link up, I'll start adding the individual links in the dropdown lists. - I've grabbed a few off these channels: Victor Entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/user/VictorMusicChannel Lantis: https://www.youtube.com/user/lantis Avex has uploaded a metric ton of lives that'll be available until the end of the month: https://www.youtube.com/user/avexnetwork/videos I'll be working on downloading those when I'm done w/ the other stuff. - Also, putting search terms like "audience delivery", "no-audience delivery", "studio live", etc. (obv. in Japanese) will reveal a ton of livestream content on YouTube. I've had to pick & choose quite a bit, so I might miss on some people's favorites. If anyone has like a single video, feel free to shoot me a PM, but it would also be helpful if we could get a few more people to join in on the downloading. For YouTube, I'm using youtube-dl (https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl). If anyone is uncomfortable with cli for some reason, there is youtube-dlg (https://mrs0m30n3.github.io/youtube-dl-gui/) it's severely outdated, though. You could also use online downloaders, one of which is just prepending the url's "youtube.com" with "ss" to make "ssyoutube.com". Minyami for Nico Lives (https://github.com/Last-Order/Minyami). You need to install Git for Windows and Node.js (LTS is fine) before attempting the instructions. Certain Nico Lives that are under channel paywall, but not premium paywall usu. won't have added DRM/HLS encryption which segments the video. You can use something like HLS Downloader: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hls-downloader/apomkbibleomoihlhhdbeghnfioffbej?hl=en. Keep in mind you should set the video to the highest quality stream (usu 3MB) and then select the lowest (like scroll down to the bottom, lowest) option in the sniffer section. I use Line Live Downloader (https://github.com/zyzsdy/linelive-downloader/releases) which is ultra straightforward. Download the latest release and launch the program. It's pretty straightforward/easy. VK downloading can be accomplished through https://addoncrop.com/vk-video-and-music-downloader/. You need a vk account, but it's pretty painless. I don't plan on using my acc. for anything. Finally, Twitcasting videos can be acquired via VLC using the "Network Stream" feature.
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