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  1. colorful人生

  2. colorful人生

  3. Happy Easter!



    1. Gesu


      Happy Easter~ :tw_face_rabbit:

    2. monkeybanana4


      Haha, I loved that scene from the movie XD


      Happy Easter!

  4. colorful人生

    Finally started Cave Story, which like Quake (and DOOM), has been ported to just about everything imaginable. Playing a bit of Katamari for Vita and some... flash games? Tower of Heaven is one of my all-time favorites, and it's been several years since I last played it.
  5. colorful人生

    I had one of the tracks off that OST on my "Discovery Weekly" Spotify playlist. The whole OST is phenomenally good. I'm tempted to pick it up on Steam during the next sale along with Baba is You and pikuniku (all of which have really neat OSTs.)
  6. colorful人生

    YOOO- the beginning was so good (especially 0:39 - 0:46), then the chorus came along 😞... Not crazy about the anthemic stuff.
  7. Need more Rikuto as an utaite *_*. Original (the self-cover has more views):
  8. colorful人生

    Tangentially related, but if you want to see peak American media weirdness, EVERYTHINGISTERRIBLE has it all. A lot of it is a 90's Bible Belt VHS dumpster fire, but that makes it all the more entertaining.
  9. colorful人生

    The melody is really japanesy compared to their recent material, tho that's probably just the math rock speaking. June 7th can't come soon enough *_*
  10. colorful人生

    Neko Hacker is an interesting existence, lol. How dafuq you get features with Sithu Aye, ichika, and most recently, nanahira all in a row. Can be a bit too bubbly, but I dig it for the most part. Long live uguu-electro-pop-rock. (Second only to uguu-bossanova a.k.a music to shitpost to at 3 A.M.) Yes, it's really just "kawaii" + whatever genre ("kawaii culture" if you will.) I tend to label things that are a bit more "forceful" or transformative w/ deliberate direction to be "uguu". I feel like natural "kawaii" just exists as a byproduct (this is a really opinionated way to look at it, I realize.) Kawaii future bass + experimental rock fusion would still be the best way to describe this. TL;DR weird rant
  11. colorful人生

    praise the sun
  12. colorful人生

    Did the same thing a month-or-so ago at a gas station (Sheetz). It shocked me as well, considering how nondistinct the orange-vanilla flavor was from regular Coke (I feel like cola already has that tinge of vanilla.) I guess it's a blessing that the one new soda I try after several months of just water (and occasional sprite) tastes like ass.
  13. Hmmmm....

  14. colorful人生

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