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  1. colorful人生

  2. Happy Birthday! 🎉

  3. colorful人生

    That's the conclusion I've come to as well. Johnny's Jr. was always for pre-debut, but NOAH only stuck around briefly. I don't think he was part of any of the groups/sub-groups, but he played a lot of instruments.
  4. colorful人生

    They were both in Johnny's Jr., but NOAH/川畑貴 was in Kansai Jr. from 2007~2008 v. YODDY/淀川由浩 in Kanto Jr. (two different collectives.) I didn't think I'd be going down the J-idol rabbit-hole to search for info, but here I am lol. Honestly, regardless of how well the bands do, those with idol or high-tier host status have definite advantages in the vk industry. They can coast on by in smaller indie acts and still retain a sizable following as long as they're active on SNS.
  5. colorful人生

  6. colorful人生

    CHOBI MAH BOIIIII --- Vocalist (Tokiha) is YODDY from The LADYBIRD (which is still active w/ him as vocalist.) Prior to that, he was a Johnny's Jr. idol (2001-2012) part of the group "Question?" (as Dr.) https://www.generasia.com/wiki/Yodogawa_Yoshihiro. YOSHIO is fluent (or capable) in English (Canadian or has lived in Canada) and accepts PMs in both languages (he was in BABOO, so there's probably a wealth of information on him already.) Likely manages the English side of social media. Tetsuya has done drum covers on niconico. All the members are from the same session group. Here they were last year covering ダメ人間 by アルルカン:
  7. colorful人生

  8. Happy Easter!



    1. Gesu


      Happy Easter~ :tw_face_rabbit:

    2. monkeybanana4


      Haha, I loved that scene from the movie XD


      Happy Easter!

  9. colorful人生

    Finally started Cave Story, which like Quake (and DOOM), has been ported to just about everything imaginable. Playing a bit of Katamari for Vita and some... flash games? Tower of Heaven is one of my all-time favorites, and it's been several years since I last played it. *Recently bought "Baba is You" and about to start "VA-11 HALL-A" for Vita. aw fRiCk, i LOVE puzzles, man
  10. colorful人生

    I had one of the tracks off that OST on my "Discovery Weekly" Spotify playlist. The whole OST is phenomenally good. I'm tempted to pick it up on Steam during the next sale along with Baba is You and pikuniku (all of which have really neat OSTs.)
  11. colorful人生

    YOOO- the beginning was so good (especially 0:39 - 0:46), then the chorus came along 😞... Not crazy about the anthemic stuff.
  12. Need more Rikuto as an utaite *_*. Original (the self-cover has more views):
  13. colorful人生

    Tangentially related, but if you want to see peak American media weirdness, EVERYTHINGISTERRIBLE has it all. A lot of it is a 90's Bible Belt VHS dumpster fire, but that makes it all the more entertaining.
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