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  1. colorful人生

    If nothing changes after updating, try uninstalling and reinstalling DS4Windows and either use the Default profile or do what you did before where it worked. One thing to pay attention to is when you start DS4Windows. Maybe the PC version of FXVIII is arbitrarily mapping the buttons of your controller b/c it's not going through DS4Windows. So start DS4 long before you start the game. -- Or just get one of the subreddits involved. They'll probably sort out your issue.
  2. colorful人生

    Try running DS4Updater.exe just to check for any updates Then, try to change the order in which you start DS4Windows (if you are not starting it before the game.) Make sure you launch DS4 before the game itself. The game might be recognizing the controller straight away rather than emulating the Xbox 360 controller like DS4 intends. In what way are the controllers weird? Is it a mapping issue of the buttons or the directionality of the analog sticks? If it's just the analog sticks, it might be more of a hardware/drifting issue. However, you said other emulators work atm. Sometimes there's issues with Xinput vs. Dinput. It seems like you had it working before, though. I use DS4 with CEMU and a few pirated PC titles myself and DS4Windows works fine for me atm. Try following the above, and if it still doesn't work maybe consult w/ r/PiratedGames or r/Piracy. *Forgot to mention, if it worked and then you played w/ some settings/profiles afterwards and forgot what they were, try reinstalling DS4Windows.
  3. colorful人生

    Neoncity Records just added the 2nd Edition Sailorwave Vinyl and Picture Disc Vinyl. It's not limited to "x" amount of copies at the moment. https://neoncityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sailorwave
  4. colorful人生

    oof also, why does the industry get the notion that slapping korean (and occasionally chinese) in the title makes something more successful. *dj khaled yelling "WE GLOBAL!"*
  5. colorful人生

    I have something that coincides w/ the 17th, so I'll have it in by Tuesday or Wednesday.
  6. colorful人生

  7. colorful人生

    Oh, I don't think they're on the same level, of course. Those are just artists/bands I listen to that have had some sort of controversy (or supposed contv.) attached to them (that I thought up on the fly.) Things like this aren't cut-and-dry and are part of a spectrum, so I just separate the individual's actions from the "product". Tried to represent varying degrees of contv. Denis is/was a dick and a scammer. Ian Watkins is obviously a pedo and is serving jail time for it. MJ is meant to be a more convoluted example. I just separate from the get-go. *I spot a 🍈 in the thread
  8. colorful人生

    Lostprophets, bands w/ Denis Stoff, Michael Jackson... there's a bunch tbh. I do think it's a legitimate argument. A voice is an instrument, people are canvases, and a song is what you make of it. However, music and performance is interpreted from individual-to-individual differently. If someone is uncomfortable with a band, artist's, or community's actions because that's what "makes" the experience for them, then that dislike is reasonable. One person's actions shouldn't generalize a whole band and said person's success (or the band's success) shouldn't be blamed as the reason for "x". Individuals (or multiple individuals) are culpable for their own actions. Bands have many, many individuals behind them when it comes to production, post-production, advertising/marketing, stage preparation, etc. that attribute to their success. I'm certainly not going to hold all those individuals accountable for one person's misdeeds.
  9. colorful人生

    sucks that people loathed shin's voice back then, but now there's a ton of high-pitched vocalists making it big. hope he's doing well.
  10. colorful人生

    The only thing I can recall w/ AKB related to scandals of this nature was this. Take it w/ a heavy grain of salt, as the book being referenced in the article was written w/ an agenda in mind and not very "source-driven". This is besides the plethora of other issues w/ handshake events, hazing, etc. Those aren't of sexual nature though and really stem from the rabid fans. One of the more substantial confessions that was pretty recent was a round-table interview w/ some execs/producers and a woman who is in the AV industry. She claimed that w/o a doubt that one of the companies behind a major j-idol anime (V.A/seiyuu) was implicated in makura eigyo/"pillow sales" b/c she had a friend who is part of said group. She was immediately scolded by one of the other interviewees. I wish I could find the article, but I forgot the name of it :/. Here it is (in the middle of typing this up): https://kotaku.com/adult-video-star-talks-about-the-casting-couch-in-the-a-1835319789 Anyway, this kind of deviates from the main topic.
  11. colorful人生

  12. colorful人生

    Johnny's has nurtured great artists but he, the founder, participated and even founded parts of the J-idol industry's seedy underbelly. Rest in Oblivion
  13. Nice vistlip cover :D


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