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  2. colorful人生

  3. NOW THAT'S A LOOK Individual Looks (high-res): Koudai: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6xk6FDUEAIdjFi.jpg:large Fubuki: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6xj0E2UIAAxbWl.jpg:large Vivi: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6xxlzwU0AAn1xV.jpg:large Ei: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6xlg_RUcAEUBC7.jpg:large Miyavi: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6xjupBU8AAtdFn.jpg:large (He's cropped his to a square. Also not the full image) Promo Image (They went back and -shopped it quickly (vignette, faces, etc.) That's assuming the first isn't unedited.): Pre-tweak: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6xk6FCUEAIcW7W.jpg Post-tweak: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6xi34FV4AEIlP7.jpg
  4. colorful人生

    nobody: every other j-indie band: Like half of the bands I follow look like q-tips. Does that shit not get hot in the summer?
  5. colorful人生

    I used to dislike K-pop w/ golden-era bands (late-2000's - early-2010's) b/c I found the songs to be really "robotic" and anthemic. The motifs that pervaded western pop + kpop like heavy autotune, techno, metallic design, heavy eyeshadow, etc. weren't really my thing. This current generation of K-Pop I find is a lot more diversified in a musical sense w/ producers + composers playing with more experimental genres/sub-genres. Now, K-Pop bands will use wonky, moombahton, tropical house, 80's, r&b, etc. influences that I really vibe with. I do enjoy 1st generation and early-2nd generation (90's + early 2000's) as well, but that's because of the generally melodic pop sound at the time. Here were some of my gateway songs (I find groups w/ artsy or androgynous concepts to be good segues from vk. Now, musically, you won't be in the same territory, obv.): Korean phonetics used to be a huge barrier for me, but after listening to enough Korean, I got used to it. I find a lot of the newer K-Pop I'm interested in heavily tied to my interest in certain EDM genres (I use "EDM" in this case as a blanket-term for all electronic music.) --- Now, I certainly haven't gotten used to the rabid, but dedicated fanbase K-pop groups have, and I don't really participate in much of the online banter + fan activities either. Over-exploitation, while obviously inexcusable, is rampant in both K-pop and J-pop (and elsewhere.) I find the J-idol exploitation a lot more sinister than K-pop (namely the "black companies" and sexual exploitation), but then again, that's just what we know of in the public sphere. I like a lot of indie J-pop and solo-artists, but I find a lot of the mainstream Japanese idol groups to be really corny/insufferable. I also find the groups to be more focused on homogeneity than individuality. I'm generalizing a bit when I say that, though. I'd say, discover music on a band-to-band basis rather than focusing on just genres (the popular bands/groups of a genre) if you really want to open yourself to different things. A certain niche band might be the first domino that catalyzes your future discoveries and interest in the larger genre. *I've been referring to K-pop in the "group"-sense, so I forgot to mention K-indie and solo acts. I feel like J-indie is a bit more diverse, but both have a similar feel. There's such a huge rift between mainstream K-pop and indie to where I treat them like separate genres. I feel like Korean media always pushes to the extreme the groups from the big labels over indie acts. (Probably because the big five play huge economic roles in SK, wheras JP labels aren't as pronounced in the economic-sense idk Avex, Sony, and Johnny's numbers tho. SK has always been kinda corporatocratic, idk if that's an appropriate way to describe it.)
  6. colorful人生

    EXID going out with a BOP. I know they're not disbanding (rather, going on haitus), but w/ Hani and Junghwa not renewing their contracts in typical kpop-indefinite-hiatus-fashion... I'm a bit skeptical of a full comeback unless the rest leave Banana Culture in the future ;_;. Solji just got back, too ;__;. --- New Weki Meki is fun :D. stan yoojung
  7. colorful人生

  8. colorful人生

    This is actually really good. While it is far from a new concept, the ERRA/ prog metalcore vibes from the album tickle my fancy.
  9. colorful人生

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