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  1. colorful人生

    obsessed over this in high school, lul
  2. b857eb4265b53af7-the-gallery-for-kermit-

    1. Akrus


      Same here, funny as hell 😗

  3. colorful人生

  4. colorful人生

    deadass took HAKLO two days until their oneman live to acknowledge the coronavirus and cancel the fucking thing, lmao. they were like the only band on my twitter feed to not cancel whatever they were doing the past week and it confused tf outta me.
  5. colorful人生

    As the person who belatedly brought this to the foreign limelight and who as also spent a ridiculous amount of time listening to Ray C, Otoiroha, and ジグザグ, I'll see if I can clarify some of your points. That being said, I'll prepend my further statements w/ additional fan-research done here: https://www.kokusai-singlemama.com/columns/wands-uehara1/ https://sebunoda-goodjob.com/2020/01/04/wandsの上原大史は命様なの!?ていうか、ジグザグ/ I find them pretty much identical if you put them side by side with Otoiroha pics. The distance from the chin to the lower-lip, jawline, etc. He's put on a little more weight (healthy btw) since Otoiroha (which is why he might appear differently.) I had a good comparison image in my initial status write-up, but it appears to be broken right now. If you want something more definitive, his left lateral incisor tooth is identical (and the rest of his teeth.): *Also jawline tape is also a possibility. Japanese makeup is a hell of a thing. He uses a different vocal inflection with WANDS, which is a bit "safer" and more appropriate since it requires him to be more technically accurate. His highs, however, are a dead giveaway. He's not actually "frustrated" but more aloof (in typical Japanese fashion) of the subject. I draw parallels with mafumafu (まふまふ) in my status update because they have similar scenarios. They're both guitarists, constantly conceal part of their face, in extremely popular bands/groups, and for mafumafu's case, he's the vocalist of "神様、僕は気づいてしまった" where all the members of the group are in full costume/masks. They want that separation, and in Mikoto's case, between his indie and WANDS presence, the latter of which is pretty much being a j-idol. - Trying to piece together what I wrote before, it is rumored in the time between Otoiroha and Zigzag that he was scouted by Daikō Nagato (former Being Group CEO and musician) for his indies-era voice. He's credited on a ZARD tribute album and participated in some music festival in 2018 prior to being inducted into WANDS (also from Being Group.) Also attesting to this, since I've posted a large chunk of Zig Zag's earlier live-limited discography on YT, I'm able to view analytics and comments... There was an absolute flurry of viewership + comments in February indirectly mentioning WANDS which confused tf outta me. Comments ranging from older women who were 90's gya having rekindled interest in vk to how good his vocals are in Zig Zag. Other videos have comments stating how handsome he is and how he should stick with WANDS, etc. In summation, they're absolutely the same person and he's just creating separation between his two careers.
  6. colorful人生

  7. colorful人生

    R.I.P Comedian Ken Shimura https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-japan-comedian/japanese-comedian-ken-shimura-dies-from-coronavirus-nhk-idUSKBN21H020 Probably better known outside Japan for this skit (A lot of his other material was pretty racy):
  8. colorful人生

    I still miss FoLLoW, but at least Masashi/Masaya is still singing.
  9. About to hit y'all with the big ones ベル [FREE | NO ACCOUNT NEEDED] https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv324991456 1st Oneman Tour "Emergency Airing" sans-audience 3/28 - ナイトメア (Nightmare) [PREMIUM REQUIRED] https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv324393588 Nightmare held a premium special studio live 3/29 since "NIGHTMARE FC LIMITED LIVE 2020" in Sendai and "Hitsugi BIRTHDAY LIVE" Sapporo were postponed. - 彩冷える (Ayabie) [PREMIUM REQUIRED] https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv324365782 They held a spectator live for "memories of ecumenical image" b/c they had to postpone a bunch of stuff. The first half is the entire Virgin Snow Color-Final Season- 2019.01.12 Zepp Tokyo(限定盤BOX) and the latter is live. They're also going to stream the 色纏う人展 Exhibition (latest release) which is also on Aoi's birthday w/o an audience on April 1st [PREMIUM REQUIRED]. - I've grabbed everything other than the April 1st one (obv.) and will upload in the appropriate areas. I shared this on technicality since the first livestream in this list is free (some bands are having free lives.) The latter three aren't free (I think I misread a google translation about premium being free. It's probably programming that might've been premium made free.) but they are a product of the coronavirus and alternatives to otherwise more expensive tickets, so they partly fit... However, I can remove the latter entries if they don't meet the criteria.
  10. ayy, found a way to download nico lives. time to go bananas.




    For simplicity-sake, install Node.js for Windows (which comes w/ npm) then Git. After that just follow the instructions w/ Git Bash (now available in programs list.) I tried doing it in Command Prompt and got a dependency error, so that seems to be the way to go.

    1. mechayolo


      Wow, I was trying so hard to download beru's live with only ffmpeg haha, I'll try this one. Thanks.

  11. https://live.line.me/channels/48883/broadcast/13256286 With the cancellation (and announcement of future events to compensate (?) ) of their actual anniversary live, they did a Line Live Broadcast. They perform at ~50 minutes in for about 30 min, and the rest is just a live Q&A.
  12. colorful人生

    720p Never one for the ouji shtick, but this is pretty cute.
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