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  1. i like it cos is Kaya, but the song is a little bit off, id rather have Hora or Kalm ro produce a amazing darkwave song as presentation card to a moremainstream world as this pretends to do, the pv is quite good, but i imagined faboulous being more pop and glittery tbh
  2. Promise is a new song too, isn't?
  3. so when are the tzk hitting meto photos are gonna be leaked?
  4. I 've always thought Gackt sacrificed Kami to the lords below for a successful solo career, who knows
  6. Why everybody think is disbandment? I thought best of was to celebrate their 5th anniversary, now im scared
  7. hope its not as boring as castrato
  8. is a free distributed single from a live on may 18th, theres a preview like a month ago on youtube and it says that
  9. i just knew this band existed because of the vocalist of goatbed, cali=gari etc, can someone share the 2015 remaster song, please? i know it is much to ask for, but i want to hear it
  10. they will cum to your city masturbation tour............comming soon
  11. Happy Birthday

  12. what if kaya setp in, in the studio and there he was, kamijo bnging kaya's dancers
  13. maybe he caught kamijo wearing his heels