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  1. Gregg_Prince

    this crappy clip is still better than the piece of shit Fabulous was
  2. Gregg_Prince

    i like it cos is Kaya, but the song is a little bit off, id rather have Hora or Kalm ro produce a amazing darkwave song as presentation card to a moremainstream world as this pretends to do, the pv is quite good, but i imagined faboulous being more pop and glittery tbh
  3. Gregg_Prince

    Promise is a new song too, isn't?
  4. Gregg_Prince

    so when are the tzk hitting meto photos are gonna be leaked?
  5. Gregg_Prince

    I 've always thought Gackt sacrificed Kami to the lords below for a successful solo career, who knows
  6. Gregg_Prince

  7. Gregg_Prince

  8. Why everybody think is disbandment? I thought best of was to celebrate their 5th anniversary, now im scared
  9. Gregg_Prince

    hope its not as boring as castrato
  10. Gregg_Prince

    is a free distributed single from a live on may 18th, theres a preview like a month ago on youtube and it says that
  11. Gregg_Prince

    i just knew this band existed because of the vocalist of goatbed, cali=gari etc, can someone share the 2015 remaster song, please? i know it is much to ask for, but i want to hear it
  12. Gregg_Prince

    they will cum to your city masturbation tour............comming soon
  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Gregg_Prince

    what if kaya setp in, in the studio and there he was, kamijo bnging kaya's dancers