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  1. Thank fuck I can blast music while working from home otherwise I don't think I would be tolerating this leg pain. It's good to have a worthwhile distraction.

  2. Spraining my leg by just falling in my house has been extremely embarrassing and annoying.

  3. swapping to 4 10 hour days has been more taxing than i expected

    1. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      Damn I'm the opposite right now. Just switched from 4 tens to 5 eight hour days and I miss my 3 day weekends! (as much as weekends *mean* anything right now...)

    2. tetsu_sama69


      Man I wish I had a full weekend anyways. Being part of management now means I'm screwed if anything needs to be done over the weekend.

  4. This is the shit-kei tier level of song name that I can vibe with.
  5. tetsu_sama69

    Kero/10 Really actually enjoyed that. Looking forward to hearing more.
  6. tetsu_sama69

    Man that sucks. I do hope Yoshiatsu comes back soon though. I've stuck with this band through it all because I've been such a big fan of his vocal style. But I do agree working together isn't playing out well and when you have member changes you either survive or struggle to keep things going.
  7. Today was the day work officially swapped to work at home status. Gonna be weird not being able to watch over my team face to face.

  8. I don't mind this song at all. Something about it feels like their earlier work. Also I see you Shou rocking that 2015 hyde look.
  9. Happy Birthday!

    1. CAT5


      Thank you, beloved! :D

  10. tetsu_sama69

    well shit looks like i gotta go to this
  11. tetsu_sama69

    Hopefully Ikuma won't take long to pop up again. I feel bad for the dude. He puts a lot of love into what he does.
  12. tetsu_sama69

    Any of those choices would be great to have but I also wouldn't be surprised if Seth showed up in this.
  13. tetsu_sama69

    Thank you based xaa-xaa for blessing us with more of your music.
  14. Always stan your q u e e n s no matter what anyone thinks of them.

  15. tetsu_sama69

    This band gives me so much life. The song was a jam and I'm looking forward to the single as a whole.
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