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  1. tetsu_sama69

    Instrumentally it's not bad and the vocalists voice is a mess but it's giving me good nostalgia vibes so I'm on board to see where this goes.
  2. tetsu_sama69

    Welp might have to piece together the funds to make to the LA show. Wish he'd come back to Phoenix again though.
  3. After having zero piercings for most of my life, I saved up and got four. Two in each earlobe and it was a lot of fun.

    1. yomii


      my fav part is to accidentally pull fresh piercings every now and then and writhe in pain, hope you enjoy!!!

    2. Gesu


      Congrats~ ^_^ btw, word of warning if you get a lip ring like I did about three years back; do not bite it when it still has the ball in. It might come out and you probably won't be able to put it back. Also, lip rings are really painful, so you most likely won't even want to get it redone. Either that, or I'm just a big wuss. >.<

  4. tetsu_sama69

    I'm happy to see they have a new look. The vocalist has a very interesting voice and I'm glad to see they're sticking it out despite losing a member
  5. tetsu_sama69

    I really dug this song but now that I've listened to the whole release, I gotta say I now need to be rescued because I'm drowning in the confidence and maturity from Map of Soul: Persona and I'm pretty sure any further releases in this style will actually kill me completely.
  6. tetsu_sama69

    hype train goooo
  7. tetsu_sama69

    They're overall pretty interesting. The instrumentals sound pretty good but my only complaint was that sometimes I couldn't tell if they vocalist was growling or if it was just the guitar occasionally. Other than that I dug this pretty hard.
  8. tetsu_sama69

    Best underrated band to stan right here.
  9. Hot damn that was a nice listen. Just soak up that sweet shit-kei. also drink every time someone mentions that this song isn't as good as ojamashimasu and/or butt hurt about this band. Just let people enjoy things. It's okay.
  10. tetsu_sama69

    That Stray Kids song is pretty awesome imo but my current bop right now is...
  11. Watching Starwave become a larger dumpster fire


  12. Sounds pretty good so far. Can't wait to hear the full release!
  13. Happy Birthday!


  14. I am living entirely off the amount of salt in some of these threads.

  15. I'm digging this preview and I'm quite excited for it!
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