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  1. I was trying to pinpoint the vocalist but then @Peace Heavy mk IIcoming through with the good news~
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. CAT5


      Ayye, many thanks, tetsu!

  3. Vermintide 2 best game to shout OH FUCK FUCK FUCK with your friends and watch each other die in hilarious situations!

  4. Wow! What a shock from such an iconic group
  5. How do you even pick a favorite track from This is "LIVE"?!

  6. Amazing work as always!
  7. I'm living for this~
  8. Quality song, quality breakdancing
  9. Perhaps this great conversation about Sadie and Mao's style can go to an artist discussion page instead of cluttering up the updates for the album?
  10. I've been in this scene for quite some time and in the past been a contributor to said acts. But it's also been a major life saver for me and without it I don't know where I would be now if I couldn't have gotten the few releases that sucked me into the void. I think it's an nessacry evil for sure. I know it effects artists but because of those artists I really like I purchase what I can when I can via digital or other means. I also believe it's important to have uploads available as an archive. What if someone wants to check out what else a band has to offer but they're not ready to buy? Or perhaps the band they like have releases that aren't accessible any other way. I mean I get the bad side of it but there's a good side as well. It's opened doors for people to have access to something that makes them happy. I get it effects the artists and I encourage those who do like these bands to throw money at them when they have the chance but also not everyone has that luxury either. I know I didn't always have money available and this day I don't because of bills or other shit that comes up. I think it helps promote the scene rather than kill it because it's exposure. It influences people to take trips to see their bands and purchase their merchandise some even as far as to help promote the bands.
  11. -watches as Pentagon officially walks the path to becoming a pop rock band-



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    2. platy


      @Peace Heavy mk IIfair enough and I agree. Hardly anyone in the scene can match Rame's godly bass from the vidoll era. 

    3. AimiGen7


      Yeah, this is less poppy than I was expecting from what the op said, but I can see what you mean. It feels more toned down.
      I'm gonna guess by next year, they'll have turned to pop rock, and possible even abandon VisualKei

    4. doombox


      @tetsu_sama69I'd still call this hard rock or alternative at the least. There's still distorted guitars and screaming. The drums also lean on the punk side. I know they had Tetsu Kizu a while back, I thought they were taking a pop turn then too. But it also sounded more like Vidoll to me too so I was okay with it lol. 

  12. I do like really messy songs but this feels terribly executed. As if they were shooting for going out of the regular territory but didn't put time into making sure it came together well. Especially that weird guitar sax sound what even was that.
  13. This is beautiful~ Embrace the shit-kei