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  1. Just when you thought bands having conditional disbandment's based on live numbers terakoya one-up's everyone else.
  2. This is the perfect type of music for Chisa and Shogo. After DIV went more electronic I felt they weren't going to be going long and this is the exact answer to my prayers!
  3. Sounds good... so far.
  4. Dear sweet lord that opening guitar part alone got me going!
  5. I've been so tired and sick of late it's driving me crazy....

  6. This past two weeks at work has been a shitstorm but it finally seems to be subsiding!

  7. So my job will love eliminated as of the 25th because of my company making bad choices to save money for themselves instead of caring about employees or how stores are performing....

  8. It's sad to see my favorite group become what they have. On the other hand though it explains why the band as a whole has been pouring their time elsewhere be it family time, other bands, producing, etc. I don't blame tetsuya for his statement though, if anyone that guy gives a shit about the fans.
  9. Remember kids, being a weeb makes you better at video games. Trufax.

  10. "World" as in countries that had fans who used all their money to house and pay for travel costs for them to come to their country.
  11. Dang. I loved the fucking mess that was this band. Wonder where they will go from here.
  12. Takeru from EVE?! I'm here!
  13. Actually watching my position at work be shit on is probably one of the worst experiences I've gone through.

  14. Despite the way I am and the things I do, I'm always really alone. I don't have any friends who are into anything I really am besides video games outside of the internet. I don't know if that makes me really unique or just a massive bag of shit because honestly there's a lot of mistakes I've made and people I've intentionally or unintentionally hurt. But really when it comes down to it, I just hope those people who used be "friends" are okay. I've changed and grown so much in the past 5 years it's hard to say if I am even the same person. We all grow over time, that's life and all. At the same time I'm content with where I am now. I just wish I hadn't done what I did to those people and maybe one day we'll at least get to say hello again but I doubt it. We've all climbed different mountains to get where we are now and it would be great to see some of those people from a while back at the top again but life is what it is. Maybe that's why I just ended up clinging so tightly to video games and music because it was the only constant thing keeping me going through all this shit to where I am now. Stable. Not being defeated by anxiety anymore. Having a good job. A home that's not going anywhere any time soon. I just wish I had the close friends I used to. I would love to see if they are happy. Do they like the same things anymore? Could we ever get along again? I don't know. I'd like to try to reach out I'm just unsure how.