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  1. tetsu_sama69

    I really like this as well. Not the kind of style I expected from them but I don't hate it.
  2. "Total Direction" Interesting. Have to see what comes of this.
  3. tetsu_sama69

    That was wonderful to listen to and definitely gives vibes to a sound vk hasn't touched for some time. I really hope they stick around.
  4. Been having a weird time adjusting to IBS since I found out I have it about a month ago. Today's really bad in particular. Anyone know any good foods or ways to manage it better?

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    2. platy


      Actually, I've just remembered. I went to a local herbalist recently and told her about my stomach issues and she prescribed a tincture (it's like alcohol with herbs) and a tea. It did help me so much with my digestion and alleviated a lot of my symptoms. It's pricey but worth trying if you can find one over in your country. 

    3. tetsu_sama69


      @Zeus No, my doctors already had me do a CT scan for ulcers and found nothing. They're sure it's just aggravated by an anxiety disorder I already have but since they're not psychologists they're not 100% on that.


      @platy Yeah, I mostly just sit and chill watching something online when my anxiety acts up but since I already have an anxiety disorder it's hard to just manage it sometimes. It's very irritating. I'll try to look it up and see what I can find. One of the meds they gave me has some kind of small anti-depressant in it which they said should help but it really hasn't.

    4. Doesn'tEvenGoHere


      Stress is definitely a trigger. Even people with healthy digestive systems react to stress and anxiety with stomach problems (I know I do. The moment I feel high stress or anxiety my stomach starts acting up), so it makes sense that it's particularly upsetting for people with digestive disorders. My sister's doctor has also backed this up and told her it might help her to exercise lightly when she feels particularly stressed out. Can't say if it works or not, she doesn't do it, says she's in too much discomfort to even try. It's understandable, but it's worth a shot. 

  5. tetsu_sama69

  6. tetsu_sama69

    Hype as hell for this new release. Definitely underappreciated.
  7. That line up is fueled by all the power of shit-kei, I'm already into it.
  8. I've fully accepted I'm probably going to playing the hell out of bloodstained until ff14: shadowbringers launches

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    2. chemicalpictures


      It's great! I kinda expected it to be more innovative, it's more a homage to Iga's history than anything, it certainly does not pushes metroidvania ahead like Hollow Knight did, but everything people love about castlevania is there. tight controls, interesting bosses and enemies, I'm having a blast!

    3. tetsu_sama69


      @patientZERO I'm an all around fan of pretty much all Castlevania games portable or otherwise so I was interested just cause I liked the series so much in general.


      @YuyoDrift I should be playing Nier as well since there's going to be a raid tied to in in Shadowbringers but I don't think I'll have much time once the expansion drops. Might tackle it once things slow down.


      @chemicalpictures It's not super innovative but at the same time it's nice to play something that brings back such nostalgia and Iga knows how to make an enjoyable game. I'm seriously enjoying it overall. It has all the aspects I enjoyed of all the previous Castlevania games and I can accept this being Iga's baby from now on.

    4. YuyoDrift


      Oh man that is soooo cool.

      Didn't know that tidbit about FFXIV, wow! Gonna look into it. Nier/Drakengard lore is my bane.


      Thanks @tetsu_sama69!

  9. tetsu_sama69

    But hey interesting concept so I hope they go somewhere batty with it. Interested in finding out if they're new to scene and what they sound like.
  10. I'm looking forward to this one! IKUO is extremely talented and and has played support for so many artists. It's great to see him shine on some solo work finally!
  11. tetsu_sama69

    Excited for more trash vk in my life! Also this look is amazing!
  12. tetsu_sama69

    I'm hyped to see him back and the rest of the band is awesome as well. I don't even if care if it's not despa, perhaps he is just doing something where if his voice goes out again it won't be a waste of the rest of his previous band mates time. Ya'll should think about that. Other than that I'm here for this.
  13. tetsu_sama69

    I just read this and
  14. tetsu_sama69

    I've been into about as long I've been into visual kei and strangely enough one lead to the other. For me certain songs, groups, and even individual idols have impacted me as person and it's the same with particular visual groups/artists as well. Sometimes I like more than the other, it all depends on how I feel or what I'm into at the moment. I get why people aren't into it, it's just certain types of noise interest certain people and not everyone is gonna dig it. Most of the fanbases are garbage so I stick with certain people who like the same things and sometimes I find other groups that way. Works the same with visual bands as well for me. I like groups varying from the early 2000's to current day and different groups appeal to me for different reasons be it visuals, song style, or certain members but it's always had a positive impact on my life. But it's not for everyone and I can get why. The scene itself is a mess though particularly right now with some very terrible scandals going on and really stupid drama but I feel like you get that with any scene in general. I don't always condone what certain labels do with their groups either but unfortunately like Kisaki and his erratic behaviors/issues there's not much to be done about it but that's another subject for another time.
  15. tetsu_sama69

    Not too bad so far. I kinda dig it. I'll keep my eye on this one.
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