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  1. Sounds pretty good so far. Can't wait to hear the full release!
  2. Happy Birthday!


  3. I am living entirely off the amount of salt in some of these threads.

  4. I'm digging this preview and I'm quite excited for it!
  5. tetsu_sama69

    ex ジバルト members? I'm already interested
  6. It's 2019 if you're still sleeping on Codomo Dragon, you're missing out.


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    2. tetsu_sama69


      They're a stronger band than most people realize and easily swept under the rug for reasons I'm entirely unsure of because they've always had a pretty solid releases.

    3. anadentone


      maybe its me but they've gotten better since getting rid of Kana.

    4. tetsu_sama69


      They've definitely not let his departure slow them down at all.

  7. What the hell? How do you go from some of the most fun shit in their first few releases to WELP PEOPLE LIKE US NOW LET'S MAKE SOME GENERIC VK SHIT
  8. Current jam:


    Also SINGularity ends with a hide cover AND I'M SHOOK

  9. I'm excited for it. R-Shitei's put out some wonderfully consistent stuff for a while now.
  10. tetsu_sama69

    I don't think it's right to compare them to BTS even if they are on the same label cause their style is obviously very different. But I agree with you the rest of the release is quite nice. I just kinda tune out the come hither stuff when I know they're quite young so I tend to ignore it.
  11. This chill emo-kei is fine with me. At least it's not badly done and it's just a few bits of the track so who knows where it'll go.
  12. tetsu_sama69

    What's strange is for some reason I cannot stand NCT or any of their sub groups which have a similar sound yet I dig the fuck outta this. Maybe it's because BigHit is putting some effort into what they produce versus SM who unless you're solo you're getting the cookie cutter recipe.
  13. So he's stops being a guitarist to sing for ayabie, stops being a vocalist because he wants to be a guitarist, gets to be a guitarist in a decent band and quits. At least he knew when to stop.
  14. Damn that was mess and I loved all of it.
  15. I want this flu to go away. I'm so tired of the body aches.

    1. Gesu


      Get well soon :(

    2. Mihenno


      I'm sick too!!! X_X

    3. yomii
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