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  1. Wow what a shock! Rest in peace! I hope the band and his family will take the time they need to remorse.
  2. #9 Album of the Week 10/15 to 10/21 「TETSU69- Suite November」 Hey, so check this little gem out if you've got the interest in it. So probably unpredictably I bring you something not visual-kei (or is it? I DON'T KNOW) and give you an album that's a little different. TETSU69 is the solo name L'Arc~en~Ciel bassist went by before taking on the name tetsuya (yes, it's typeset that way). His first album 「Suite November」 is one of my personal favorites of all time and definitely is not what you would except it to be. The compositions are so damn clean and despite tetsuya's pretty bubbly personality the album has a particularly somber songs to it that you wouldn't expect from him. Be sure to give it a try and let me know what you think. My favorites are 蜃氣樓 (Shinkirou), Pretender, and Scarecrow. 2002.11.20 1. White Out 2. wonderful world 3. Pretender 4. Tightrope 5. 蜃気楼 (Shinkirou) 6. Scarecrow 7. Empty Tears 8. 15 1/2 フィフティーンハーフ (15 1/2 Fifteen Half) 69. TEZMANのテーマ (TEZMAN no Theme) Let's Discuss!
  3. So I didn't get moved over to the department I wanted because of recent sick issues that are no longer a problem because of getting my health sorted aka pulled out 6 bad teeth and getting the rest treated. But instead of letting it get to me I've decided to embrace it and be the stronger person in this situation. I've just got to remain motivated and focused!
  4. Hopefully they'll put this on us itunes again! It was helpful being able to throw money at them! I can't wait!
  5. Ever been surrounded by people and still feel alone? That's how this whole year feels.

    1. madygrain


      I gess it sometimes does suck to be an extrovert hugh?  Stay strong!

  6. Happy birthday :spin: 

  7. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥ :magic:

  8. Goddamn, I had my wisdom teeth removed finally but the pain is still so damn bad two days later... I really hope I don't have dry socket...

    1. freesia


      I had two of mine removed last week. It hurt so much but I barely felt anything after taking the pain killers!

  9. Hello favorite new band~
  10. Aw man, I was concerned since their releases were much more staggered than their previous band but now it all makes sense... I really hope they move onto a more active project especially Yukari.
  11. I don't know. The full screaming was good because Keisuke is really fucking good at it but it's nice to see a vocalist grown out of that as well. Yes, it's the current trend with vk to have full metalcore screams with clean vocals and yes, bands are just going to do that these days because it's the thing to do. The thing is that it's not bad. I actually quite like this song even though they're adapting a slightly different way you also have to think that this may be one of the "softer" songs on the album as well.
  13. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow....

    1. doombox


      You got this! Little bit of pain but it'll be worth it all after. (I feel you, I've had all of mine removed.)

    2. tetsu_sama69


      These will be #5 and #6 I'm losing the time. But they assure me that they will be the last to get pulled.

  14. Yes, oh god yes. More goffik vampire kei~