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  1. featured list

    It's interesting to see all the responses but we specifically aimed to focus on lesser known vocalists to get their names out there.
  2. Mmmm my favorite batshit kei group returns!
  3. Dang, that's pretty interesting right there. Gonna keep my eye on this one! Something about their sound just takes me back...
  4. With Starku gone gotta find a new dank vk band to overly hype...

  5. Tracklist: 1. 中野行進曲 (Nakano Koushinkyoku) 2. GOKUMI 3. 路地裏に立つ女 (Rodjiura no Tatsu Onna) 4. 本能 (Honnou) 5. 残響 (Zankyou) 6. 都会迷路 (Tokai Meiro) 7. 人生はマンネリだ (Jinsei wa Maneri Da) 8. 月姫 (Tsukihime) 9. White regret 10. 羞恥遊戯 (Shuuchi Yuugi) 11. 二重人格 (Nijuujinkaku) 12. ユメ風船 (Yume Fuusen) | Everything you wanted from visual kei band including taking out the trash Now generally シビレバシル (Sibilebashir) is known for their off the wall strange antics and a vocalist that dresses with the style of top notch drag queens, but if anyone had forgotten they also every once in a while release some seriously bad-ass music. Something about シビレバシル (Sibilebashir) just hits the bulls-eye of my soul with its visual goodness with 中野合衆国 (Nakano Gasshuukoku). It's understandable that Izumi's voice isn't for everyone, but for me along with the cacophony of music put together by guitarist marya, bassist Yuuto, and drummer rei it is a mess of perfection. I was ready for this album from the first day they announced it and every single released before it's arrival left me wanting so much more. 中野合衆国 (Nakano Gasshuukoku) is something that stands out from the mess of visual music and isn't afraid of it's message even featuring a track about the regret of American voters after the recent election. The album is hard to figure regarding that it's a strange infusion of punk, pop rock, and pure visual insanity. Even it's opening track "中野行進曲 (Nakano Koushinkyoku)", is a groovy start for the album and it's dam difficult to fight off the urge to let it's catchy rhythm take hold of you. It's a perfect lead into super infectious "GOKUMI", which is one of the best songs they've ever put together. It's a track that anyone should have a hard time forgetting as it's so well infused with a simple beat and a chorus that you can't get out of your head. "路地裏に立つ女 (Rodjiura ni Tatsu Onna)" a much faster paced track comes up next, and the bass lines provided by Yuuto outshine the rest of the song and show off a lot of his talent. The album starts to become much more twisted with "本能 (Honnou)" which starts to take on the form of シビレバシル (Sibilebashir) that fans are more familiar with as it's more demented and messy, much like the rest of their work. "残響 (Zankyou)" transitions the album takes the album further down the rabbit hole. The twisted guitar, played by marya, is so wonderful and borderline trippy that it feels like something you shouldn't be listening to, yet you want more. And the album continues to impress with musical merit thanks to track "都会迷路 (Tokai Meiro)", which gives you a taste of シビレバシル (Sibilebashir) candy that you feel you need so much more of. "人生はマンネリだ (Jinsei wa Mandela)" definitely sparkles with rhythmical lusciousness with a dash of the great drumming provided by rei. The album carries you straight into "月姫 (Tsukihime)", a previously released song, that is placed so perfectly in the track list. "月姫 (Tsukihime)" is very memorable especially with it's extremely fetching instrumentals and clean vocals. "White regret" is a song filled dissatisfaction over recent world events with current presidential standings. Despite it's topical theme it's a harmonious delight of sorrowfully haunting guitars and anguished vocals that emit pure disappointment. 中野合衆国 (Nakano Gasshuukoku) shifts to a harder gear with "羞恥遊戯 (Shuuchi Yuugi)" with discordant melodies and chaotic vocals that add a bit more of a deranged spice to the album. The only issue with the album is "二重人格 (Ninjuujinkaku)" which admittedly is a beautiful song all on it's own, but it's placement in the track list feels very out of place as if it they weren't where exactly to put it. The release ends with "ユメ風船 (Yume Fuusen)" which would have felt better like a much better track if it's weren't for the previous song.. Nonetheless, it's a perfect ender to the album, and it's a super upbeat bass line party with guitars providing the drinks, drums throwing confetti everywhere, and vocals taking the night to it's close. 中野合衆国 (Nakano Gasshuukoku) is something that feels so very シビレバシル (Sibilebashir), which is a band that seems to have no definition or clear genre. And that's what's so lovely about the band and their work. If you feel the need for a release that's messy and so close to being well put together then look no further. Support the band! Amazon (JP)
  6. found footage kei = new tier of spoopy kei
  7. @JRD stay classy top tier vk ambassador

  8. featured review

    Bands like Xaa-Xaa prove to me that there are still groups out there trying to keep the scene alive by not staying in the lines and just making damn solid music.
  9. Got 3 hours of sleep last night and everyone keeps asking me how I am alive. I don't fucking know either.

  10. 10/25? around halloween time MY THIRST FOR SPOOPY TBS IS STRONG
  11. Always interested to hear bands that V STAR helps promote, they always end up being very interesting!
  12. Is V STAR holding Jaldan prisoner or are they simply providing the keys to their release?
  13. Tomorrow is the last day of a 50 hour work week....

  14. Glad to see them gaining a lot more momentum with their new drummer!
  15. 4 hours of sleep club GGGGOOOOOOO