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  1. Xeno'jiiva down! Lots of fun with my roommates on Monster Hunter World :D


  2. I believe Monster Hunter World is my life now

    1. rekzer


      I got bored of it after 100 hours as there is barely any end game content. But i will play the hell out of Generations Ultimate once it's released 

  3. tetsu_sama69

    This doesn't sound too bad but the mixing is so tragic is hard to enjoy it : / Will have to wait out for a full sample or release to get some better ideas.
  4. tetsu_sama69

    announces show at tokyo dome for the holidays throws around record label issues and how they dislike songs, solo projects, members, etc I mean really, if you don't like something just move on. You can just look at news topics and I get people are allowed be upset because artist choices and whatnot but really. Don't like it, just walk by. I've been a long time fan of the group and they're not perfect, no band is honestly. They've done a lot of things I don't like but it doesn't derail me from enjoying aspects of the group. It's just a show at tokyo dome. That's all. If it's a come back then it's a come back. Like it, stay for info. Dislike it, move on. That's all I'll say about it.
  5. tetsu_sama69

    wow this went wayyyy off topic. y'all got some serious issues you need to sort out...
  6. This preview is great! So messy but so wonderful! Can't wait to hear the full version!
  7. tetsu_sama69

    I'm excited! I do hope this is a full comeback! Haters gonna hate ❤️
  8. Fuck yes! I'm excited for this! Just throw more releases in my face please!
  9. tetsu_sama69

    Dang this song is packed with energy, I love it!
  10. tetsu_sama69

    Imma ride the hype train to the moon
  11. tetsu_sama69

    Man I'm digging this!
  12. Emotions: Fucked up
    Cause: レクイエム by MUCC

  13. tetsu_sama69

    That's a damn shame and I'd glad he was able to be with the band as long as he could. It'll be hard to replace such a talented drummer. I hope the rest of the band can carry on in time.