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  1. I thrive on this wave of upset

  2. tetsu_sama69

    Is this what happens when salarymen in Japan lose their jobs?
  3. tetsu_sama69

    They never stated what kind of music they would be doing with this project nor that it would be vk. So watching all this here is just... I don't know why I'm getting a chuckle out of it. Granted, it's not what anyone wanted but I don't think it's terrible at all. Not expected but not terrible.

  5. tetsu_sama69

    This band is a fucking roller coaster that I have every intention of never getting off of.
  6. tetsu_sama69

    This is sad to hear.... They're one of the most underrated bands out there right now...
  7. VLC player update is absolute ass. Any suggestions for alternatives?

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    2. chemicalpictures


      I use the MPC with k-lite mega codec pack old as fuck and I've never ever had any problem running not even the most obscure badly encoded format in the whole world


      I also have VLC, but it's mostly for real bugged isos. I also use BS Player when I watch shit with srt subtitles, it has really easy tools to deal with srt delays, frame by frame plays, screen formats and etc

    3. tetsu_sama69


      I use it just for video. The recent update has caused serious issues all across the board and people have having the same issues as me with no answers. Mostly it just starts up and about 60 seconds later just stops functioning properly with no real reason. I've attempted every suggested fix and it still does it. So I'm irritated as hell since I like to kick back and watch stuff before work and now I cant.

    4. platy


      I use MPC too and never had a problem with it. 

  8. tetsu_sama69

    Good to see him coming up with stable members... and let's be honest his look here is so much better than the first one.
  9. tetsu_sama69

    Damn it these guys are amazing! Sad to see them go....
  10. Sounds pretty dang good too. Looking forward to this hopefully having a digital release as well!
  11. tetsu_sama69

    damn they were pretty good
  12. Aw shit, that's terrible. I'm glad he's taking time to make sure they are okay.
  13. tetsu_sama69

    This line-up has my body excited and confused all at once!
  14. This is the first time in 3 years I've had a proper holiday off. Not working retail anymore sure changes things....

  15. tetsu_sama69