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  2. All these surgeries in line for the next couple months and lately feeling completely useless here and at work is just piling pretty fucking quick...
  3. Had some issues where last.fm wasn't working for me for a while so it really messed up my lists. But here it mostly is in in type super base tetsu fashion.
  4. Went from red hair to black hair because i'm such an edgelord

  5. I was getting worried but now I'm excited!
  6. I got two teeth pulled today... everything hurts...

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    2. Bear


      Did you get any anesthesia? I once pulled a tooth without any anesthesia because my idiot dentist couldn't work shit out. Stupidest cunt I've ever met.


      Started to pull it out but as soon as I made a sound due to the pain she stopped pulling and the tooth kinda went back down in its "socket". Then she pulled again, stopped pulling when I made a sound. She kept doing this for another two times until I told the stupid cunt to just pull it the fuck out no matter what kind of sound I made. Went surprisingly well after that, and I got her to just use brute force to get the fucker out of my mouth.


      Other than that tho, never experience any pain after the tooth was gone. Have pulled three.


      You'll be fine any moment tho. :)

    3. itsukoii


      ^ lol wow


      but yeah i've actually had four of mine pulled, and all went well. i didn't need stitches, that's probably why. my mom on the other hand needed them, and so it's been a bit more uncomfortable for her

    4. tetsu_sama69


      yeah i got stitches.... 

  7. just gotta be strong until thursday, then I will be getting better finally.

  8. Wow... just wow... CindyKate was an important band for really getting me into visual music over all. This is very heartbreaking...
  9. Welcome to Visual Kei, where the names are made up and the visuals don't matter!
  10. That's very true. Still it's pretty dang good. They have a way of making messy music so well but without the synth would have been 100x better.
  11. Their recent release was so good, thus the life of visual bands continues it's trend.
  12. That's pretty damn good!