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  1. But who will be my fabulous gay vk idol now 😧 Hopefully HAL doesn't disappear into the ether
  2. tetsu_sama69

    members of the black swan and screw involved? Welp, I'm already on board for this ride!
  3. tetsu_sama69

    But who shall continue to carry art kei away from it's grave 😧
  4. tetsu_sama69

    I'm pretty all right with this idea though. I'd rather have a band experiment with a new concept instead of randomly disbanding from difference of musical direction.
  5. tetsu_sama69

    When do we start placing bets on how long it takes for Naru to drive everyone out of the band? At this rate the dude should just go solo and make what he wants and swap out support members.
  6. Right when I was leaving the dentists office after my last root canal my permanent crowns came in... and I still have to wait until Friday for them anyways.

  7. This is the kind of bat shit kei that soothes my soul
  8. tetsu_sama69

    Sad to hear that. They weren't too bad except for that poor drum machine they used for a while.
  9. Nice smooth melodic song. It's not anything terrible at all. Same problem people have with DADAROMA will only look at one song and then disregard the rest. Just because a group doesn't make the same kind of song doesn't make it terrible. The mv production is bad though.
  10. tetsu_sama69

    actually shit kei
  11. Doesn't sound too bad. Will have to wait to hear the whole song to really know what it's like. But hey, at least they aren't stuck in the loop of making the same song over and over.
  12. tetsu_sama69

    That ain't bad but why do his clean vocals sound like garbage in thanatos but not in lost?