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  1. I have a very simple quest this year on MH. Get that real daddy Senior ORz title. tumblr_mc5w2lTdFC1r9nrs0.gif

  2. Versailles comeback isn't as strong as they hoped to get more people to need a bargain version so they're disbanding.
  3. They still do shows?
  4. wow nintendo that's really rough for a launch

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    2. Tokage


      Mario Odyssey legit looks beautiful as hell

    3. chemicalpictures


      I'm really hoping for a kick ass virtual console for switch. Imagine all the possibilities they have at their hands! Then it will be my first Nintendo console since N64

    4. tetsu_sama69


      Yeah I can understand the hype for Zelda but is that really enough to drop $300+ on it because it doesn't come with the system along with the paid services. But like... 2 games on launch. That's pretty rough. I'm not saying their future releases are bullshit. Just what you're getting at launch seems really really bad especially with the price points for controllers. They seem to be really depending on 3rd party to sell them on this one so far and that's really not good. 

  5. @itsukoiishit-kei 4 lyfe yo

    1. itsukoii


      shit kei over all kei


      shit kei will take over one day

    2. tetsu_sama69


      It already has... in your heart.

  6. Really nervous about how my plan for my end year list will go...

    1. ghost


      I'm crankin' on my EOY list as well XD I'm wondering if I can finish by the end of this week...

  7. where in the butts are you tetsu sama friende

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    2. Atreides


      Come back to us! I haven't really seen you since I've returned. Hope to catch you in the discord server at some point. :)

    3. tetsu_sama69


      I do float on the discord server as well. Just didn't hang there yesterday because I needed some private time.

    4. shiroihana


      I'm Pikachu there hope to see you there!

  8. every time i listen to Don't be Afraid it's RIGHT IN THE GOTDAMN FEELS

  9. This dank band is so amazing.
  10. I can chill on it while I game since I usually use it anyways to chat with random gaming buddies. I have no issues with voice chat and I'm quite talkative if there are other with similar interests there with me. I'll add the server later tonight when I get home from work. @Original SakuI'd help out with modding if you need a hand.
  11. Why do I like this image so much?


  12. Sounds pretty good. Hopefully the new members will break the chain of putting "remastered" versions of their Rail Tracer songs on their releases.