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  1. As expected a mediocre tracklist, but it has some tracks with potential and you never know how much the bands end up editing the originals into something new. Kyo isn't famous for doing straight up covers exactly. It's nice to see Aka in there but I'd have liked for a track like that to have gone to gibkiy given how aie-esque the guitar is already. Overall, I'm mildly disappointed at face value but I'll reserve judgement until I've actually heard it. Surprised Kyo is missing the chance to do strange sounds to kuchiki no tou, but perhaps it was too long to fit on a tribute album.
  2. Thank you! I voted the same before seeing your post. It's one of my favorite songs and one of the few mucc songs not avaliable in good quality, because the official recording is terrible. Everyone please help out and vote for Kranke!
  3. MUSIC FARM would be the most kvlt place to have an old school gig at though, since a lot of the bands started out there... but I guess they want to let people actually have a chance of attending this one. I'm hoping for something like Silver-Rose, ROUAGE... Kuroyume with original lineup, perhaps Laputa. Something along those lines. That would make the most sense based on the japanese definition of the term Nagoya Kei at least.
  4. Thanks for the thread and the recommendation! I'd be glad to take my club wherever there is an audience big enough to sustain it. I have plans for international appearances in the future. Just hook me up with a venue of appropriate size and I'll see what can be done. Dropping a like on the official Facebook page would help too since it's good leverage when dealing with venues. On the topic of events, there's an irregular event in Finland too for Visual Kei, and a club in Budapest that regularly does VK music. I've attended both and they were excellent in their own right, although I personally believe (of course) that my own is the best one due to the meticulous preparations and quality. The first date of Lunacy in Stockholm had @Takadanobabaalien, @paradoxal, @orange~, @Disposable, @Shizumi, @K8A, and probably some other lurkers. Hoping for more the next time!
  5. It will be every band on Enter Brain feat. Kiyoharu.
  6. Nope, it looks like Batsu is finally gone. Strange how it disappeared as soon as someone started speaking about it again.
  7. Edited the setlist, in the future please refrain from rewriting the song names as it might cause confusion.
  8. I don't think it's a clear cut division as much as it's a generalization to make the point easier. There's plenty of bangya who are into many bands and have a wide knowledge of the scene, and there are plenty of guys who go to the lives and enjoy them despite not always feeling like circumstances are ideal (I've attended upwards of 100 VK shows, for example.) It's just that the majority fall into the stereotypes, whether it's self-imposed or formed by the strong consensus culture of Japan I don't know, but once something gets viewed in the public eye as being geared towards a specific audience, the threshold to dare to break that mold gets much higher, especially in a country like Japan where this is strongly discouraged in general. In an ideal world people wouldn't care, like you say, but we all know that's not how group psychology works. Also, I think it's pretty normal that people who invest a lot of time and money into something, whether accidentally or not, look down on those who settle for less, but fandom elitism is another topic and far from exclusive to the guys either - it goes both ways, it's just that both groups measure dedication by different scales. I know bangya who look down on girls who attend lives of other bands, for example, because it's seen as "treason" towards their main act. Or look down on the fanboys for not supporting the bands at shows more. Just like I know guys who look down on those who don't know and love that one band that was around for three weeks in '93. It's problematic for sure but I think delving deeper into it is taking the thread off topic? If people want to make another thread to discuss the toxic elements of bangya culture or fandom elitism, I'd be all for it, and I think it'd be interesting topics to discuss in a wider sense, but let's try to keep it relevant to the topic of male fans in the VK scene here. @KomorebiI think it's pretty easy to spot when someone actually cares about the music and when someone is only there to drool at the band. All it takes is a short conversation on the topic of the bands music. And it's not mutually exclusive at all. I have plenty of female friends who can do both, and as long as I can participate in the discussions about the music and they keep the discussions about the bandmens physique with ones that are interested, I'm all good.
  9. Of course there are two sides to everything, but the topic in question was about guys and how they feel about VK so I answered from that perspective, which happened to be my own as well.
  10. It's an essential part of what VK turned out to be eventually, at least. If that's good or not I suppose is in the eye of the beholder.
  11. I think that this situation sort of showcases the discrepancy between the western and Japanese fandom, in some ways. We in the west have sort of built up our own subculture surrounding VK that isn't the same as it is in Japan. In Japan, attending VK lives can have connotations that a lot of guys would want to avoid, the informal rules surrounding the lives can also make the shows less enjoyable to men too, as in the whole staying put in your spot, allowing time and space for the girls to fix their hair between each headbang and stuff like that. The western VK fandom treats it more like any other alternative subculture whereas I feel like in Japan it has unhealthy connections with the host ideals. I went to a VK bar in Tokyo and talked to the bartender and he said that the regular girls scared away other customers on the weekends by refusing to let him serve others, since they "paid for his company" by buying drinks, and they would demand from him to play only the one band they listen to the entire night. I think for a lot of guys who are into VK, most Japanese men who are into VK are CD-only by the way, as in they don't attend the shows but just buy the music from stores and might occasionally show up to onemans and stand in the back, this doesn't create a fun atmosphere since they would prefer to just hang about and talk shit about music and listen to a dozen different bands. I realize that the bangya culture is what keeps the bands afloat, but I think it's also this culture that sort of kills the fun for a lot of guys who enjoy the music and enjoy the scene aesthetically but isn't just invested in one band and wants to enjoy some host fantasy with them. And this is why guys have a larger part in the western fandom because ours really isn't connected much to the Japanese one beyond listening to the same bands. To be fair though, quite a few bands try to remedy this by doing those male only shows, and I think that's an awesome thing, although I wish it weren't necessary.
  12. No. Besides most features don't work and people haven't been online for years so you won't have any luck there. Discussing Dir on batsu was always quite the thrill. Wasn't uncommon with hundreds of pages in a thread... I think communities work differently these days what with the advent of instagram and twitter and stuff having divided the scene.
  13. That's a good idea, it's just that the shape feels off to me to use as a face towel at home, I like them more... square. Personal preference perhaps.
  14. Some of that info is incorrect: SKY HIGH is actually a cover of a 1970s band called Jigsaw.
  15. I respect your opinion, even though it's wrong. On another merch note, I don't know why I keep buying towels, I never ever use them for anything! I have a collection of Dir towels still in their plastic wrap in my wardrobe and it's filling it up. I really need to stop. In fact, any merch other than shirts and sometimes bags (like the EXTREMELY COOL MACABRE BAG) just collects dust in my wardrobe so I'm probably going to cut costs and just focus on those in the future.