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  1. WhirlingBlack

    As far as I remember, black rain is a reference to the atomic bombings of Japan, apparently it rained black rain for several days afterwards. I saw remnants of black rain on a wall at the memorial museum in Hiroshima. Not saying it couldn't be a reference to something else though, but that's at least one interpretation.
  2. WhirlingBlack

    It's becoming harder and harder to love this band for every new page of this thread. Leaving VK, whining, programming instruments instead of finding replacement members... I proclaimed them saviours of VK some time ago, now I'm wondering if they will last the year. How things can change.
  3. WhirlingBlack

    You're from Poland? If so, I'm in the planning stages for a second event in November, I can keep you posted!
  4. WhirlingBlack

    From when I hosted my VK club in Warsaw, Poland in July.
  5. WhirlingBlack

    I absolutely love their enthusiasm for overseas fans and the fact they seem to know, acknowledge and be thrilled about MH users in general. The music was good too, too early to judge them as a band before any proper releases are out but I enjoy the style they're doing.
  6. WhirlingBlack

    Excellent, looking forward to seeing how they perform in this format.
  7. WhirlingBlack

    Lots of good selections here. I'd like to add Phantasmagoria - Kami Uta, I think it was even frequently done as an end session in under code events and similar things.
  8. WhirlingBlack

    Hey, I live in Sweden, that would be pretty inconvenient if he's playing in France.
  9. WhirlingBlack

    Girugamesh played Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe twice during their last live. Two and a half times even since they had to restart the second time. It might not be commonplace in the scene as a whole, but it happens. Especially with newer bands before they have enough material to fill the setlist, repeating their most popular track(s) in the encore is not rare. Look through various setlists for bands first oneman shows if you want.
  10. WhirlingBlack

    Jodå, vi är några som är här! Men vi känner varandra IRL nu så vi använder inte tråden så mycket, haha. Var i Sverige är du ifrån?
  11. WhirlingBlack

    From my experience both IRL and online, here are some quick observations based from my own perspective. Male fans tend to be more deeply into the music and as many bands as possible. Most walking Wikipedias of VK (myself included) are male, I find. Female fans are the absolute majority and the span of kinds is much wider there, but I generally don't tend to find as many die-hards when it comes to general scene knowledge as when it comes to the male fans, but rather often specialized highly on one particular band, or just a casual fan. Most major collectors of physical media tend to be male as well. Except for cheki, most male fans I know don't care for those.
  12. WhirlingBlack

    I saw them in Munich, it was a decent gig. Very professional, setlist was terrible, All because it was missing Cockroach, the only track I was truly excited for, haha.
  13. WhirlingBlack

    Can someone post the London setlist?
  14. WhirlingBlack

    I knew it, it was worth the hype. It's amazing. Saviours of VK.
  15. WhirlingBlack

    Kisaki has a very easily identifiable style of playing, you can instantly hear it's him, but I think it might be because he hasn't really developed all that much as a bassist since the 90s.
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