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  1. WhirlingBlack

    Honestly, as someone who lived through their "try hard to be metal"-era, but also old enough to remember what came before, I'm thrilled with every new look they give us these days. So glad they decided to get visually relevant again.
  2. Did anyone manage to rip the live recordings? They appear to be gone now.
  3. WhirlingBlack

    The live was a mess at times and the mixing was way off, probably worse in the recording due to the positioning of the person with the camera, one guitar is barely audible. Still, I enjoy and encourage this, more VK bands should get a chance to play gigs with "normal" bands. A nice bonus is that video isn't banned at normal metal shows in Japan so it's a good opportunity to get this kind of gems.
  4. WhirlingBlack

    The rivalry only exists in the western fanbase as far as I know. In Japan, The Gazette are firmly viewed as a kouhai band to Dir en grey, and they treat each other as such, despite that Gazette is, as far as I understand it, a bigger commercial success at the moment. Dir en grey was at their peak of popularity in Japan when Gazette started and it only makes sense that they took inspiration, just like Dir did with the peak acts of its era. five years is a long time in the late 90s - early 2000s in Visual Kei. Dir en grey fans in Japan had short-lived rivalries with Pierrot fans, and also with La'Mule fans for a certain period of time, the second of which due to some kind of drama between the hardcore fans regarding attacking each other etc. I don't remember the exact details at the moment. I don't think the band members themselves had any animosity in either case though, although I did get some glances from Kon (La'Mule singer) when I saw him live last year and wore a Dir en grey shirt, heh. When it comes to Gazette I think it's simply the case that both bands became large roughly around the same time in the west with the big "boom" in 2006-2007, they competed for a similar demographic and had a similar style, and since teenagers love to pick sides and create ever smaller groups within already small groups, it was probably easy to force people to identify with either or. I know that as a Dir en grey fan first and foremost, for a long period it was among many of my acquaintances viewed as unacceptable to be anything more than a casual listener of Gazette. Being equally fans of both bands would never happen as you would be fostered into this group mentality from others based on whichever band happened to catch your fancy first. Thankfully, I haven't seen this in many years among people I associate with, but it could be because I no longer am in touch with the youngest generation of fans, and all of us oldies have matured past that stage.
  5. I just realized that the album is close enough that the leaked section could be from a press copy of the album (they tend to be distributed pre-mastering). In that case though, the person is in big trouble since you have to sign very heavy contracts to get access to those things, and leaking could result in having to pay large amounts of money, not to mention no one in the industry will provide you with copies again.
  6. WhirlingBlack

    He played only songs by La'Mule, here's the setlist from the gig. 溺れた奇形 モ・ノ・ク・ロ cry in past ナイフ ウサギの罪 I can understand that you were pleased, that's quite the amazing setlist, I'm jealous!
  7. WhirlingBlack

    I agree, the translations aren't very good.
  8. WhirlingBlack

    This single, unless the previews and title track are severely misleading, should cement their position as the most interesting new band in VK. I'm surprised by just how much I'm enjoying it. Visually excellent PV as well.
  9. Dab-e has disbanded. Ikebukuro chop will never recover from this loss. Trying to reach out to owner Kanon Matenrou for an official statement. But we all know in our hearts that visual kei is now dead.

    1. Biopanda


      I can't believe they fucking killed visual kei

    2. Takadanobabaalien


      life will never be the same without my honmei

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Will there be a best-of album? [Da-b]est

  10. WhirlingBlack

    Yes, I've gotten a knot tickets from people in the past, no one checks the names as long as you have a valid ticket. Perfectly alright.
  11. WhirlingBlack

    I never care for a VIP upgrade when the money could buy me a ticket to another of the gigs on the tour to be honest. You will wind up in a decent spot regardless and I don't need to take a photo where the band is just a prop standing around.
  12. WhirlingBlack

    Very cool! Did any MH members show up? I also like how symptomatic it is of this fandom that despite the hall being filled less than halfway, everyone is still spread out as much as they possibly could!
  13. WhirlingBlack

    We participated in a special anniversary night DJ marathon at the venue where we host the club, so I got a chance to play some J-Rock to uninitiated people for an hour. This was my selection, based mostly on personal preference as well as some tracks I deem essential. If anyone finds it interesting! X Japan - I'll Kill You | 1988 Mejibray - DECADANCE - Counting Goats … if I can't be yours - | 2013 Baiser - Dye | 1995 Plastic Tree - メランコリック (Melancholic) | 2004 Buck-Tick - ...IN HEAVEN... | 1988 Közi - Honey Vanity | 2003 sukekiyo - 黝いヒステリア (Aoiguroi Hysteria) | 2017 MUCC - ガーベラ (Gerbera) | 2006 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) - 絶望にサヨナラ (Zetsubou ni Sayonara) | 2005 La'Mule - ナイフ (Knife) | 2000 Aliene Ma'riage - 撲 『しもべ』 (Shimobe) | 1999 Luna Sea - ROSIER | 1994 X Japan - 紅 (Kurenai) | 1989 Dir en grey - THE FINAL | 2004
  14. WhirlingBlack

    Seems like they played 5 new songs today according to this setlist. http://livesetlist529.blog133.fc2.com/blog-entry-22449.html Not that I'm particularly interested in anything new they make, but still. Nice to see Kyousoukyoku and Suimin in the set.
  15. WhirlingBlack

    Doesn't sound awful, but they need to change that band name. It's impossible to take the band seriously and I just keep thinking about Yoshikis drunk antics.