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  1. When actual quality acts that still have some relevance comes, it does gather a decent amount of audience. The problem is when you bring flops like Adams and glorified karaoke in the form of satsuki and then wonder why no one shows up. They dilute the interest in the scene and when casuals see and wonder if this is the best vk can bring they'll move on to something else. The tour organisers have a large responsibility in that things are the way they are right now.
  2. This is not the first time this has happened. I can't help but wonder if the guy who runs B7Klan is out of his depth trying to do this business. Quite frankly I'm surprised bands want to deal with him after all these things, cancelling a tour this close to when it's about to start feels very unprofessional. Then again, he might be the last one left so they don't have much choice if they want to play gigs in Europe. Even though I wasn't going to attend, it's sad for the fandom at large that this keeps happening.
  3. Mucc played both of these songs in 2016. Should probably research for five minutes before presenting your theories as facts!
  4. Hoping for kranke cover by sukekiyo.
  5. Same months, yes. The marrow tour was held roughly around the same time as the original marrow tour in Japan as well.
  6. Closely, but not exactly.
  7. Unless I'm mistaken it closely matches the tour dates of the original withers and withers tour in 2005, could be that.
  8. Sukekiyo has covered Orgasm by X Japan as well last December. I just hope that the interesting artists choose material from the first half of the MUCC discography, what the rest do I couldn't care less about.
  9. I'll believe it when I actually hold the album in my hands at the gig in July.
  10. Hej, om det finns någon här som inte är med än i vår Facebook grupp så tänkte jag passa på att göra reklam för vår klubb. Vi har dragit igång Klubb Lunacy igen som var en nattklubb som spelade Visual Kei och J-rock musik mellan 2004 och 2010 i Stockholm. Datumet för denna revival blir 1 September! Alla som kan, kom dit och hjälp gärna till att sprida eventet till vänner! https://www.facebook.com/KlubbLunacy/
  11. Heresy! Encores are an integral part of setlist planning. I say this as someone who have spent way too much time writing setlists for bands I like. They can provide a necessary break to not cause an abrupt break in the flow between styles (see Dir en grey doing their Marrow of a bone tour busting out MISSA material during the encore), as a way to build tension and expectation and to just allow the band a chance to breathe so they can have energy to squeeze out a few more tracks instead of perform a measly 15 songs.
  12. This is problematic because the same argument are used by delusional fans to claim that a band is completely original when they're clearly not. I take Grieva as an obvious example. I don't mind them, and I think they can be fun and a nice listen on occasion, but when people say that they haven't ripped Dir en grey off in several tracks, they're deluded. You can literally sing the lyrics to DIARY on top of a karaoke version of JEALOUS and it would mostly fit. As for "hatred", I think that people just try to assert their opinions about a band and assume that everyone understands that the "in my opinion" is implied. I like several things other people deem terrible, and vice versa people enjoy a lot of things I think is absolutely horrendous. And since the VK fandom is so heavily invested in their bands, when opinions clash it tend to lead to argument and people taking it as a personal insult. I don't think this is going to change any time soon so we just have to do our best to argue WHY we do/don't like something and then let everyone have a constructive debate.
  13. I have the autographs of: Dir en grey, deadman, D'espairsRay, Girugamesh (x2), Lamiel, aie (solo), The Gazette, MUCC, and probably a whole bunch more that I can't remember.
  14. featured list

    If I remember correctly I heard stories about how Satsuki used to send his roadies out into the audience after gigs overseas in order to ask girls he had selected if they wanted to have sex. Suddenly all those strange gigs in eastern Europe makes sense.
  15. Do we have any graphic designers here? I'm in need of someone who knows how to design a logo.

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      I would say yes, but I am struggling to stay above water with work as it is.

    3. orange~


      I'm a graphic designer. I might have some time on my hands too, depending on if I get certain job or not

    4. Hakoniwa


      I am. But I'm not sure if I could take any job now  :<