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  1. Yes, it also didn't receive a specific mastering or mixing for analog, so I think one should view it more as a collectors item than something that would bring anything new to the table sound-wise.
  2. Moved to Global Music section.
  3. The X Japan circus just goes on and on.
  4. I have a couple of vinyls. Dir en grey's UROBOROS and DUM SPIRO SPERO which came in the japanese deluxe boxes. Dir en grey's Myaku on 12 inch which I believe was a promo LP for radio stations. I have two Nookicky LPs as well, Water Sinker and PINHOLE. And finally phobias ~Re-mix~ single, also on 12 inch, I'm not sure what the story is around that release though. Visual Kei vinyls aren't that common so my collection isn't huge, it also hasn't really been a priority for me to buy them unless the price has been reasonable.
  5. I don't know the other bands, but HATED were an amazing nagoya band from the mid-2000s, the vocalist went on to meth. which was decently popular for a short while. I'm sure there's still some downloads around here on the forum or the net for their maxi-single.
  6. Waiting for the drummer to reform HATED any day now.
  7. Wasn't there supposed to be a self-cover too on here? Or did I mix up which release it was going to be featured on?
  8. The weird part is that there was several unreleased Black:List songs that probably were recorded in some form or another... why not release those instead of pumping out the same three tracks over and over?
  9. Seeing as the two songs were performed at the same shows in 1997, that's not true, I'm sorry to say. It was simply just scrapped along with the rest because they culled a lot of their indies sound when they went major.
  10. also @ZeusComing here to set the facts about Dir en grey straight: This is incorrect, Setsuna was a WIP project song by Dir en grey that developed over the course of 1997 (starting out as 5 minutes and evolving into a nearly 7 minute track) until finally being scrapped in the first half of 1998 for reasons unknown. Whether Setsuna was an official title or one given to it by fans is still subject to speculation. "Ai Murasaki Iro" Is in fact pronounced "Ranshishoku" based on a newspaper interview which I scanned and upped some year ago from a indie magazine made in early 1998. I know this due to the fact that the name was written out in katakana. It's the onyomi pronunciation of the same kanji. They played this song at every oneman live starting from August 1997 until their last indies live at the Budokan, after which it was scrapped due to poor audience response, supposedly. They had another unreleased longer track that they played throughout the second half of 1997 and on and off into early 1998 which then subsequently disappeared as well. No known title for this track. There was an early version of Mazohyst of Decadence played from 1997 which differed slightly. raison detre had a early quite different version which premiered at their oneman tour in late 1997 and evolved into it's current form during 1998. ZAN is also one of the earliest songs they wrote, and it was played from their first tour in april 1997 and onwards in various stages of evolution until it arrived at the GAUZE form in late 1998. Tsumi to Batsu was also performed during their last indies tour in a slightly different format. They also premiered two new songs at the DUM SPIRO SPERO and Kisou part of the recent tour respectively which haven't been mentioned or played since. I could go on but I think that'll do for now.
  11. I'm pretty sure I have the best playlists of any nightclubs anywhere in the world. Because strange as it might sound, there aren't any in Japan that plays VK, lol. So if you want to rock out to that Aliene Ma'riage or old school D'espairsRay there's really no options except Sweden!
  12. We arranged our second night last weekend in honor of the screenings of the We Are X documentary and Yoshikis visit to Sweden. Here's the setlist: 2017.10.21 Pub Lunacy vol.1 - 『We are X -The Afterparty-』 Luna Sea - Mechanical Dance | 1992 X Japan - I'll Kill You | 1988 Dir en grey - 【KR】cube | 2000 GLAY - TWO BELL SILENCE | 1994 X Japan - Blue Blood | 1989 hide - EYES LOVE YOU | 1993 Aliene Ma'riage - 撲 『しもべ』 (Boku [Shimobe]) | 1999 D'espairsRay - 「モノクロ」になった最期の日 (Monokuro ni Natta Saigo no Hi) | 2001 sukekiyo - ANIMA | 2016 BUCK-TICK - ドレス (Dress) | 1993 Guniw Tools - Fancy Pink | 1998 Plastic Tree - ナミダドロップ (Namida Drop) | 2006 Pierrot - Adolf | 1997 X Japan - Rusty Nail | 1996 Luna Sea - PRECIOUS... | 1991 Sleep My Dear - Ask for Eyes | 1995 D'erlanger - XXX for YOU | 2007 KEEL - Water Lilies | 2015 DENTAKU - チョコロッテ (chocorotte) | 2009 the GazettE - Cassis | 2005 MUCC - 極彩 (Gokusai) | 2006 D'espairsRay - ファシズム (Fascism) | 2001 X Japan - Stab me in the back | 1991 Dir en grey - GARDEN | 1997 Luna Sea - Dejavu | 1992 hide - D.O.D. (Drink Or Die) | 1994 Versailles - The Revenant Choir | 2007 Moi dix Mois - Monophobia | 2004 X Japan - Orgasm | 1989 Deluhi - S[K]ape:goat 和楽器バンド (wagakki band) - 戦 -ikusa- | 2015 L'Arc~en~ciel - Caress of Venus | 1996 X Japan - Art of Life (Shortened Lunacy ver.) | 1993 Dir en grey - Cage | 1999 La'Mule - ナイフ | 2000 黒夢 (Kuroyume) - 十字架との戯れ (Juujika to no Tawamure) | 1993 D'espairsRay - Gothic | 2002 ムック (MUCC) - 遺書 (Isho) | 2004 ねが (Nega) - quadrangle | 2007 lynch. - ADORE | 2015 the GazettE - Filth in the Beauty | 2006 Malice Mizer - 月下の夜想曲 (Gekka no Yasoukyoku) | 1998 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) - 絶望にサヨナラ (Zetsubou ni Sayonara) | 2005 deadman - Lunch Box | 2003 Buck-Tick - 蜉蝣-かげろう- (Kagerou) | 2006 X Japan - Week end | 1989 D'espairsRay - Garnet | 2003 Dir en grey - OBSCURE | 2003 ムック (MUCC) - 路地裏 僕と君へ (Rojiura boku to kimi he) | 2004 Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood | 2000 hide - DOUBT | 1993 メトロノーム (Metronome) - 絶望さん (Zetsubou-San) | 2006 FLOPPY - ヘルタースケルター | 2006 Schwarz Stein - New vogue children | 2003 Malice Mizer - Illuminati | 1998 Közi - Honey Vanity | 2003 D'espairsRay - Dears | 2005 X Japan - 紅 (Kurenai) 1988 Dir en grey - raison detre | 1999 hide - PINK SPIDER | 1998 Dir en grey - The Final | 2004 X Japan - X | 1986
  13. It's one of my favorite songs, I wish they had left it alone, since it's always a gamble how much of the original track they keep around when making these "re-recordings". THE IIID EMPIRE and Beautiful Dirt updates sounds like a good idea though, there's room for improvement there!
  14. No, they're real demotapes they gave out at those concerts. They are just comments of the band talking for a couple of minutes though, not live recordings or anything interesting.