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  1. The complete song is about 3min 40sec give or take some seconds.
  2. That has to be from a former bandmember, since it looks like the venue footage and those are never sold or given out, sadly. Its a shame, good history that gets lost this way all the time.
  3. Vulgar was released in 2003, haha, but I think he referred to how back in the day, OBSCURE was usually the first PV you showed people, not when it came out.
  4. Locking this shit.
  5. Ah, I was working on making this thread. To be honest, I think the option to internationalize the news section should be included as well. Either 1. a Visual (international) news subforum. 2. Just deciding that allowing select acts with clear ties to the visual scene in the news section as it is already. If this freedom gets abused by sharing news about things with no clear relation to the scene the rules could be changed again. 3. Keeping things as is. Honestly, I think the international scene is getting a few more professional acts out there, and regardless if it's something I like to listen to or not, I think they might have an audience here, and that's why I think it should be up to the users to decide on what to do with them.
  6. We're not grouping by race though, we are grouping based on where the bands are located/have their main activities. Which is why we agreed for example that DISREIGN (whatever happened to them) would be allowed in the J-Rock forum as their base of operations is in Japan. If we were grouping by race we'd have all kinds of trouble trying to determine racial composition of bands, and I know most of us staff would rather not become hobby eugenicists on the account of keeping the Japanese Rock scene racially pure. We said the same to the people who, as opposed of your opinion, demanded that we remove bands with one or more foreign members from the VK section entirely. The question was raised a while ago and it was this conclusion we came to as a team, but I on a personal level would be open to a Visual (International) sub-forum to differentiate from the other foreign acts. More and more proficient musicians overseas are starting to identify with the term so I could see there being an eventual demand for one.
  7. I'm interested to know where they got the notion of being a "visual" band from, they mostly look like any other western -core guys.
  8. Topic moved to international section since it's not a Japanese band, still, it's always nice to see the genre get more international bands who actually know how to play their instruments.
  9. Start from the beginning and work your way forward. It's a time investment but it's interesting to follow the bands evolution and as a new listener you have a chance to do it much faster than the rest of us could.
  10. Happy birthday!

    1. Shir0


      Thank yooou 😁

  11. Nice to see one of my old heroes back in the VK game, very unexpected. I don't know what to expect from the band itself though since I don't know his new band mates at all, but I'm cautiously optimistic, hoping for it to last a while this time around. Also, he's clearly using the name "狂太郎" on his twitter which reads out to Kyotaro. KYO is just a shortened version of it for the twitter handle I assume.
  12. Happy birthday! :D

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      Thanks! I'm glad you cared!

  13. happy basuday wb!!!

  14. I prefer nagoya kei I'm a big fan of Dir en grey.
  15. It was a band made up of Zi:Kill roadies if my memory serves me right. Also, Dir en grey got their name from Kamijo according to most sources, he made them believe that Dir en grey meant silver coin. If I remember correctly someone (Shinya?) revealed this a while back conclusively. They played gigs together back in the La:Sadie's days and were good friends at the time. Also, this is kind of off topic, so please get back on track with regards to unusual and unnecessary symbols in band names.