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  1. Seeing Isuke do something is really cool though, he wrote most of their music and didn't do anything of note after the band.
  2. WhirlingBlack

    Best Overall Artist/Band: Dir en grey Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP: Dir en grey - The world of mercy Best Veteran: メトロノーム (Metronome) Band that you spent most of your money on in 2019: The Gazette (only band I saw live in 2019) What the hell were they thinking!? Award: DIMLIM Best Revival/Returns: deadman
  3. WhirlingBlack

    "NO BRASIL" - DIMLIM, 2020.
  4. WhirlingBlack

    It feels like it lifts some elements from Dir's Zan and the okashii part from autism as well. Looking forward to this album, sounds great so far.
  5. Merry Christmas, everyone! Hoping you're having a good one!

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Merry Christmas, mate... hic!

  6. WhirlingBlack

    Awful look and new song promised to sound like one ok rock or new Dezert? Didn't think I'd say this about the band who made the best single of the year, but, my expectations are close to zero for the album. Not sure what happened but maybe the momentum died with the two guys who left/was forced out.
  7. WhirlingBlack

    April 2009
  8. WhirlingBlack

    It's not the actual band, it's a session. The vocalist is Juri from Deluhi.
  9. WhirlingBlack

    The total tax increase over the past 5 years is only a few percent from 5 to 8 and then to 10 last month I believe, so that cant explain a hike from 1200 to 1600. I'm guessing other additional charges and falling sales explain the higher prices.
  10. WhirlingBlack

    Just reform WERKMARE already, none of his subsequent bands were anything to write home about. Good work on the self-cover.
  11. WhirlingBlack

    As far as I remember, black rain is a reference to the atomic bombings of Japan, apparently it rained black rain for several days afterwards. I saw remnants of black rain on a wall at the memorial museum in Hiroshima. Not saying it couldn't be a reference to something else though, but that's at least one interpretation.
  12. WhirlingBlack

    It's becoming harder and harder to love this band for every new page of this thread. Leaving VK, whining, programming instruments instead of finding replacement members... I proclaimed them saviours of VK some time ago, now I'm wondering if they will last the year. How things can change.
  13. WhirlingBlack

    You're from Poland? If so, I'm in the planning stages for a second event in November, I can keep you posted!
  14. WhirlingBlack

    From when I hosted my VK club in Warsaw, Poland in July.
  15. WhirlingBlack

    I absolutely love their enthusiasm for overseas fans and the fact they seem to know, acknowledge and be thrilled about MH users in general. The music was good too, too early to judge them as a band before any proper releases are out but I enjoy the style they're doing.
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