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  1. Having one last all night karaoke tonight before leaving Japan tomorrow evening. Everyone who happens to be in Tokyo is invited!

  2. They didn't play Akuro no Oka at any macabre shows. I went to them all.
  3. Why would it be? When they can earn money selling two dvds why would they include the best selling points of one of them in another set?
  4. I'm pretty sure that foreign fanbase is an afterthought at best. That said though, I attended the entire tour and didn't see one single of the many Chinese people present break out in tears, rip their Dir shirts to shreds or try to suicide bomb the venue. I didn't see a single overtly supremacist statement or controversial point beyond a very mainstream "free tibet" deal which makes sense based on their Buddhist backgrounds. It's about as dangerous and edgy as wanting to free Syria from ISIS. I think it's safe to say these "problems" mostly exist in your head, and to be frank you present them in such a convoluted way that I think most people aren't even sure of what you're trying to say. Let that be an end to this for now, we don't need any "Dir en grey are supremacists" discussions based on hearsay.
  5. Are you referring to the tibetan independence stuff during ain't afraid to die?
  6. Hello, my old friend. Good to see you found your way here. Come and hang out and hopefully you'll find some cool music along the way!
  7. Back in Osaka, tomorrow is the tour final. Attending the entire MACABRE tour has been quite the trip. 

    1. anakuro


      welcome back to Osaka😊

    2. CAT5


      How are you not a diru roadie by now? :lol:

  8. It's a terrible shame. One of their best songs.
  9. I still have that gazette nazi reich rock pic you made somewhere, lol.
  10. 4. Please especially don't insult the infallible leader of the group.
  11. Hi, I remember you. There are a couple of batsu people still around here, most have been lost to time though.
  12. Whenever they play a gig without Sustain the Untruth I feel like I've won the lottery.
  13. They play the entire album at every date so you should leave satisfied if those are the songs you really want to hear!
  14. I attended two of the shows on this old school tour in osaka and posted them on Facebook. Decides I might just as well repost them here: Day 1: " I just attended the best show of my life, and it was a MUCC live. The best way I can describe it is as if I went back in a time machine to 2001 and attended one of their oneman lives. They performed only old songs, including tracks so old several fans noticably did not recognize then, like Kranke (my favorite song!) and Koibito. The entire live felt dangerous and rough, just like one of those 90s lives where the audience are headbanging their necks off and the band is taunting them further into a frenzy. Before VK became a polished business. It was super intense, during some songs the entire audience was moshing and thanks to the intense mosh I ended up in the second row in front of tatsurou during the second half of the live, where I ended up catching him as he stage dived during Orugooru. At the end, when they played Kurutta Kajitsu, we were even ordered to perform a wall of death and delivered it splendidly. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/mucc/2017/esaka-muse-osaka-japan-2be5b0e2.html Tomorrow is Homura Uta day... can't wait. Dir en grey, take note. This is how you do nostalgia shows." Day 2: " So... MUCC day 2 was every bit as good as day 1. Homura Uta day, so practically the whole album was performed, along with some songs from Antique and Tsuuzetsu. Especially the performance of Kimi ni Sachi Are and Kurayami ni Saku Hana stood out as soulcrushingly beautiful, and tracks like Kokuen made the whole audience mosh yet again while Tatsurou kept jumping into the front rows to make us work harder. Before OYOGE! TAIYAKI-KUN Tatsurou addressed me directly, asking if I knew the lyrics (since I was seemingly the only foreigner at least in the front of the venue). I made an OK sign and he looked surprised and happy and made some comment about it, and then we all sang it together, the entire venue. During the wall of death during Kurutta Kajitsu today, he jumped into the audience and participated for a bit before being rescued back onto the stage. To be honest, unless MUCC makes further nostalgia tours, I might not attend any more of their lives in the future. Nothing can top this tour no matter how hard they try. Sure, I'd like to see a Zekuu and Kuchiki no Tou tour as well, but until that happens I might just lay off their lives in the future. Todays Setlist: HOMURA UTA (intro) ZETSUBOU SHIAWASE NO SHUUCHAKU KOKUEN YAKEATO KARE GA SHINDA HI KIMI NI SACHI ARE MAMA SHIGATSU NO RENGESOU BOKU GA HONTOU NO BOKU NI TAEKIREZU TSUKUTTA HONTOU NO BOKU KURAYAMI NI SAKU HANA USO DE YUGAMU SHINZOU KAERANU HITO KOKONOKA OYOGE! TAIYAKI-KUN SUISOU MAE E SUIMIN Encore: YUME NO MACHI SHOUFU DAIKIRAI KURUTTA KAJITSU (WARAI)" Hope someone here finds it interesting to read!
  15. Getting drunk due to good weather is almost as good of an excuse as concerts! Here in Japan I have sun and concerts almost every day so... life is quite the party.