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  1. Dab-e has disbanded. Ikebukuro chop will never recover from this loss. Trying to reach out to owner Kanon Matenrou for an official statement. But we all know in our hearts that visual kei is now dead.

    1. Biopanda


      I can't believe they fucking killed visual kei

    2. Takadanobabaalien


      life will never be the same without my honmei

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Will there be a best-of album? [Da-b]est

  2. WhirlingBlack

    Yes, I've gotten a knot tickets from people in the past, no one checks the names as long as you have a valid ticket. Perfectly alright.
  3. WhirlingBlack

    I never care for a VIP upgrade when the money could buy me a ticket to another of the gigs on the tour to be honest. You will wind up in a decent spot regardless and I don't need to take a photo where the band is just a prop standing around.
  4. WhirlingBlack

    Very cool! Did any MH members show up? I also like how symptomatic it is of this fandom that despite the hall being filled less than halfway, everyone is still spread out as much as they possibly could!
  5. WhirlingBlack

    We participated in a special anniversary night DJ marathon at the venue where we host the club, so I got a chance to play some J-Rock to uninitiated people for an hour. This was my selection, based mostly on personal preference as well as some tracks I deem essential. If anyone finds it interesting! X Japan - I'll Kill You | 1988 Mejibray - DECADANCE - Counting Goats … if I can't be yours - | 2013 Baiser - Dye | 1995 Plastic Tree - メランコリック (Melancholic) | 2004 Buck-Tick - ...IN HEAVEN... | 1988 Közi - Honey Vanity | 2003 sukekiyo - 黝いヒステリア (Aoiguroi Hysteria) | 2017 MUCC - ガーベラ (Gerbera) | 2006 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) - 絶望にサヨナラ (Zetsubou ni Sayonara) | 2005 La'Mule - ナイフ (Knife) | 2000 Aliene Ma'riage - 撲 『しもべ』 (Shimobe) | 1999 Luna Sea - ROSIER | 1994 X Japan - 紅 (Kurenai) | 1989 Dir en grey - THE FINAL | 2004
  6. WhirlingBlack

    Seems like they played 5 new songs today according to this setlist. http://livesetlist529.blog133.fc2.com/blog-entry-22449.html Not that I'm particularly interested in anything new they make, but still. Nice to see Kyousoukyoku and Suimin in the set.
  7. WhirlingBlack

    Doesn't sound awful, but they need to change that band name. It's impossible to take the band seriously and I just keep thinking about Yoshikis drunk antics.
  8. WhirlingBlack

    I don't know why but it feels like every single interview, review or article written about X Japan or Yoshiki in particular in the west are a bought shill piece ghost-written by Yoshiki himself. The amount of critical questions regarding the delay are always nil. I guess a guitarist falling sick is now legit reason to scrap the whole album, even though it was supposedly finished and the member returned to the band after recovering? So either the album has 100 songs, which it better have after this long wait, or Yoshiki doesn't understand how percentage works. It's nice he's acknowledging that he doesn't care what fans want, he NEEDS to make his English CD because this is really all about him getting to mingle some more with C-list celebrities at baseball events. See also that the magazine claims it's an interview with the band, yet only Yoshiki seems to be interviewed. Just disband already, this has been a train wreck for ten years by now.
  9. WhirlingBlack

    Will try to attend the entire tour if possible. Looking forward to meeting fellow MH members on the road!
  10. WhirlingBlack

    When did the band perform at chop?
  11. WhirlingBlack

    I really liked their latest single, so I'm on board the hype train at least until there's a preview.
  12. WhirlingBlack

    I think it's hilarious how every time they release something there's a line of doomsayers prepared to prophesize the end the of the band and how it's inevitably only going to go downhill from here. Disbandment imminent. People have been saying this for the past fifteen years that I have personal experience with, and I'm sure before that people in Japan complained how Gauze and their major debut was inevitably going to lead to them blowing up and crashing. And before that people most likely complained that MISSA didn't sound like La:Sadie's. It's almost as if people confuse their subjective opinion of a single song/release with how the band is doing at large.
  13. WhirlingBlack

    I think this is the first time Kaoru is back to purple hair since the macabre era? Very pleased with this development. Overall the band has had a sharp increase in quality looks in the past couple of years, it's nice to see them visually interesting again.
  14. WhirlingBlack

    Pretty funny how there's one camera guy on stage and he's busy filming Yoshikis ass up close very intently. Safe to say this was their last attempt at playing a US festival. Two people halfheartedly joining in the X jumps. Absolute embarrassment.
  15. WhirlingBlack

    Personally I feel like the band and the audience is always WAY too excited about that track. It's the only Dir en grey track I can't even bear myself to interact during concerts for, they tack it on every single live it feels like, and yet the audience roars whenever it starts and acts like it's a godsend.