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  1. all their singles so far are great
  2. Raburr7

    awesome news, just saw it *_*
  3. damn the DOWNER vibes *_*
  4. ナイトメア - 君といた季節 / 絵空事 shock jam cd versions are soooooooo good *_*

    1. chrisXlr8r


      Where do you find them

    2. Raburr7


      In Jps, i can send you invite or the songs if you want

  5. listenin to shounenki's 離さない on repeat after a while, the feels 😭

    1. colorful人生


      As someone who's been half-half w/ Shounenki, that song is fantastic. THE INTRO IS GODLY.

  6. Raburr7

    i have noticed planet child doesnt put best albums on itunes they didnt put called plan's back in the day and infi2ty as well <.<
  7. Raburr7

    also Megaromania had some great songs, this is my favorite from them that got me into listenin to them many years ago 👀
  8. Raburr7

    searched a bit to find a nice Yomi's song with use of falsetto's but prolly check this video i came across, nightmare got some awesome songs
  9. Raburr7

    Definitely check his solo stuff, both albums have been shared in MH :D same tbh his vibrato stands out a lot more for me but if u focus u can see him usin falsetto's quite a lot ;p
  10. Raburr7

    you can check these http://encaged-canary.blogspot.com/2013/04/v-behaviorurldefaultvmlo.html , most have been mentioned personally i would recommend Shin coz i love his voice, more than his falsetto i love his vibrato. early ViViD stuff cant get no better if u into pop rock and his solo stuff after ViViD disbanded ( 😭 ) are 🔥 oh here is one song i love from his previous band check and this 👀
  11. Raburr7

    live limited ><><><><><><
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