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  1. Looks like a ballad...?
  2. All's good from Italy, too... Hmm...
  3. Ooops...!
  4. They uploaded their latest PVs on their YouTube channel, if anyone's interested:
  5. Oh yesss!!! Finally something new! Calamity of Victims live, I'm sinking in my saliva pls send help
  6. I have a feeling this is going to be mediocre at best...
  7. If it's as good as Doku Mawaru I'm in!
  8. Fingers crossed... Did anyone join the band without notice?
  9. Nice! Still getting on par with their material and I'm pretty enthusiastic about it!
  10. This. This so much. Thank you for pointing it out.
  11. Any news from these guys? Any single coming out? Are they touring atm?
  12. Let's just stay positive (and quiet, so we don't jinx it LOL)
  13. Me neither, but I really want to watch a video with some sort of meaning (especially on serious topics) rather than 4 minutes of band members playing their instruments in 2358735 different camera angles
  14. Agreed, and I'd love to see even harsher things coming in the future.
  15. Thank you! Well, that was... Gross! LOL The "behind the scenes" is super adorable!