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  1. Gotcha! Thanks for getting deeper into the topic
  2. How comes? They seem to be doing pretty good, aren't they...? Hopefully! I'd be disappointed to see them disband for the lack of support :/
  3. What's that supposed to mean? What's going on?
  4. Indeed, their best song for sure, that's why I'm truly, truly surprised.
  5. Has anyone attended one of their lives yet? I read one of their latest setlists and they didn't play INHALE... That surprises me! Has anyone seen them play it live?
  6. Good luck to you then!!! You will need plenty of it XD I remember when I tried to buy the fool's mate edition of DELUHI's "Two Hurt"... Man...
  7. Ugh.................... Madness
  8. M.A.D is pretty dope so I don't mind a PV. Bring it on! Also, any chance to watch that instructional DVD in any form or fashion?
  9. Well, that was quick. I'm so sorry for Juri.
  10. Not gonna lie, Transmigration was pretty good!
  11. I liked DOGMA so I'm up for some more
  12. I won't complain, LOL
  13. What a setlist! And wow, naraku! :OOO these lives are not recorded, right? I'd love to watch on DVD...
  14. Meh... Hello ZENITH ;;