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  1. Pregnancy for sure! (I just hope no one's health is involved 😮 )
  2. Wakarimashita

    I bought from them once in the past (years ago) and other than the price (expensive as hell) I don't recall having any issue... But yeah, not going to buy from them again, that's for sure.
  3. Wakarimashita

    You don't really know what was happening at that moment in time, anyone can say anything about any picture really. We will have to wait and see what will come out of all of this shitstorm. (again, never liked the dude and would not be sad if he was to disappear for good)
  4. Wakarimashita

    Never liked the dude, but you guys are rushing a bit too much. Innocent until proven guilty.....
  5. I'm so SO ready for JILUKA omg

    1. IGM_Oficial


      ikr??? They're more badass than ever

    2. Komorebi


      Ikr? I only hope they get more support than ever and no one uploads it 😕

    3. Wakarimashita


      I don't mind stuff being uploaded, as I stick to the good old "if you like it, buy it" so eventually I will buy all their discography (I know I did with the likes of DELUHI, GALEYD, NOKUBURA etc)

  6. Wakarimashita

    Petrichor is... ugh Still pumped for the rest, me likey likey likey!
  7. Wakarimashita

    ALL THE YES (although their songs' structure is getting a bit repetitive)
  8. Wakarimashita

    I would say yes if they're planning on a huge release campaign as a farewell to the fans... Like, a "best of" in 2 versions, live DVD from the last gig etc
  9. Wakarimashita

    Can someone translate the announcement to shed some more light on the matter? This sounds crazy, it's the very first time I hear something like this happening in more than 10 years following VK!
  10. Wakarimashita

    I can't read japanese but it's not hard to imagine it's going to be either disbandment or new drummer...
  11. Wakarimashita

    Finally! I really wanted to know if they end up fucking.
  12. Wakarimashita

    I really really like Malformation TBH, I was looking forward to the heavy bangers and this track fully satisfies me. Now back to the rest of the album... 😂
  13. Wakarimashita

    Not gonna lie, it's a pretty hard album to digest. Will have to listen to it a few more times...
  14. Wakarimashita

    What the actual fuck?! oO
  15. Wakarimashita