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  1. Wakarimashita

    I'd buy that XD
  2. Wakarimashita

    And Attack on Titan!
  3. Wakarimashita

    Kathy, silly question: where's the .gif in your signature from? A making of? (Is there a link? XD)
  4. Wakarimashita

    Still a tad bit disappointed there's no Lucid Dream, but can't wait anyway!
  5. Wakarimashita

    Those looks are dope!
  6. Wakarimashita

    I might be stating the obvious, but I can't see shit. Is Sho holding a cup of ramen??
  7. Wakarimashita

    Everytime I see Meku playing the guitar for Kamijo a little part inside of me dies...
  8. I don't know... I feel like after JUBILEE any Hizaki/Teru's composition has sounded the same to me, like it's the same track rehashed over and over, in either Versailles or Jupiter. And this track's the same.
  9. Wakarimashita

    ... Damn, I can't wait for CHEDOARA to come out
  10. Wakarimashita

    Can't wait to see where this brings them on a creative standpoint.
  11. Wakarimashita

    On heresiarchy there's a couple of them already if you're interested, they're quite accurate!
  12. Wakarimashita

    Every song has a list of who worked on it, yes.
  13. That's just not true. They started with a core track, they continued with more core tracks and the jazzy/lighter tracks were just a "once in a while" thing. We all got to know them and appreciate them for their superheavy sound. Then IDK what happened but they decided to go for a sound that's very different from the one they started with, and they adopted it as a regular thing. You can't really blame us for "being mad" over DADAROMA, we learned to love them for their heavy bangers and we're constantly waiting for them to release a superheavy killer tune like in the beginning of their career, but our expectations get turned down constantly...
  14. Wakarimashita

    About time! I'm grabbing this faster than you can say "boku wa andoroido"!