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  1. Wakarimashita

    I see! Alright then, guess we'll have to wait some more for the "main" PV! (thanks!!!)
  2. Wakarimashita

    What is that wall of text that's in the first videoclip about? Also, why a B-side? I'm very confused lol
  3. Wakarimashita

    Patiently waiting for tomorrow to come... 🙄
  4. Fingers crossed they will pull a toxururira with this release!
  5. Wakarimashita

    GORGEOUS! Now let's only hope they don't pull a Metamorphose 2...
  6. Wakarimashita

    10 years to record, 10 more years to publish it
  7. Wakarimashita

    What the actual fuck
  8. Wakarimashita

    Excuse me?
  9. Wakarimashita

    See ya all in Munich! ❤️
  10. Wakarimashita

    * DELUHI coming back full time after the insane success of their revival & best of album #2 * NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST will find one (or two) new guitarists & will release a new single mid year * the GazettE will release a couple of singles * KIZU will finally release a full length album * CHOKE will go on hiatus * Akane will come back with a solo project * R-SHITEI will release a single called 静脈内毒
  11. Wakarimashita

    If they don't come back full time I'll be SO disappointed!!!
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