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  1. Wakarimashita

    My body is ready, and so is my wallet
  2. Wakarimashita

    We also have a youtube preview - or whatever you want to call this
  3. Wakarimashita

  4. Wakarimashita

    I agree with all you said in both parts of your reply! I don't mind them going into a "lighter" direction, as long as it's JILUKA. I'd hate them to pull a DADAROMA if you know what I mean...
  5. Wakarimashita

    I wish we could get something more than just band members playing instruments and dramatically overacting in empty, abandoned places lol. That makes it two in a row after Elice in slow motion... I really miss that little bit of storytelling from, say, Omelas or Mephisto
  6. Wakarimashita

    ... I don't know, I am not liking it very much. Their latest productions have been pretty empty, like I sit there listening to their new songs and it's like an endless repetition of sounds or riffs I can't even remember seconds after listening to them. Their sound shifted a lot from CHOKE1 and, to me, for the worst.
  7. Wakarimashita

    Why is there a date written in italian?
  8. Wakarimashita

    Translation plsssssssss
  9. Wakarimashita

    Some spare time to grow some nails to sell fans to, I guess?
  10. Wakarimashita

    Even too long, given the quality of their last lives? Unless someone has attended and can confirm quite the opposite.
  11. Wakarimashita

    IDGAF about the title, gimme some good shit and I'll buy it
  12. Someone put Leda in jail... the guitar shredding in MoG is criminal

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Totally agree, and Ryo is a fitting choice with the songs proposed in the EP. Guessing how Cygnus Lake will be like... 🙂

    2. Wakarimashita


      Very true, Ryo's voice fits perfectly!

    3. reminiscing2004


      I think Cygnus Lake is instrumental? Unless I'm mistaken..


      The teaser track was instrumental and more modern proggy sounding

  13. Wakarimashita

    I knew I'd love it, ugh
  14. Wakarimashita

    I don't mind an instrumental track here and there, but it's gonna be very hard to digest an entire album of Leda's masturbations.
  15. Wakarimashita

    The mixing doesn't meet my tastes but what can I say, it's Leda
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