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  1. They were out of budget and realized they had to use the very same car for Falling's PV AND the photoshoot... In this very order.
  2. Knowing I won't get to listen to the rest of the album, I'm unsure if I want to click or not... don't want to get supersalty :/
  3. That's gonna be a yummy release! (I'm leaving......)
  5. I really enjoyed RUIN, I just wish they could mix their stuff better, it all sounds so flat...
  6. TBH I would've loved a double crowning, I don't care if that makes no sense but both Shangela and Trixie kinda deserved it for different reasons... I don't know, just a gut feeling.
  7. Goddamnit, now that the band was coming back in full power... Get well super soon!!
  8. I'm up for more Aoi songs... Yoin was amazing!
  9. Well, I guess in the end it's up to them. I'd love them both ways, I think they are absolutely talented and deserve bigger venues!
  10. Is the "visual" part too strong to break through the western metal scene, you think?
  11. That was better than I was expecting... still flat and uninspired to me though. the GazettE "outmetal-ing" Leda, what a time to be alive!
  12. I'm absolutely sure we'll be getting so much more heavy stuff from the album, just wait and see!
  13. This sounded amazing: it feels like they found the right balance between their previous albums. It's polished, flows great and I'm a sucker for Ruki's purple velvet suit.
  14. Sooooo... Tomorrow's the day! But we have literally zero info about the song/single... Or do we?
  15. I see it's that moment of the year where (e)X-Japan meme themselves again...