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  1. hyura

    They are not obscure but pretty underrated outside of Japan: ROUAGE Try their first self titled album, it's really good and a very big influence on La'Mules sound. In fact, La'mule was discovered and produced by their bassist.
  2. hyura

    I am really really looking forward to the album now.
  3. hyura

    The new EP is actually very black metal
  4. hyura

    A lot has been already written about the SS uniform being an 'edgy fashion thing' that was copied over and over again by generations of vk bands from the 80s until today. Personally I think it's cringy and stupid but I can't really feel offended after seeing it done so many times. In fact it's also pretty exotic and in a way understandable that the Japanese wouldn't feel as sensitive to it as Europeans and would generally be less educated about it than them. What I find much more problematic is the way a lot of bands are using the imagery of Japanese imperialism. (WWII Uniforms, rising sun flags, propaganda) After all, Japan has its own fascist history of imperialism and war crimes, mainly in other Asian countries. And in contrast to Germany they don't really admit them and don't make mention of it in their history books. It's not really controversial to use these images, despite the crimes they stand for. Using symbols from foreign history as some exotic gimmick is one thing (albeit not great), but using the same propaganda your ancestors used a while back without any proper reflection and not expecting backlash either just shows that young Japanese people are very oblivious and ignorant due to their lack of a proper political education.
  5. hyura

    I will be so disappointed if it doesn't sound like 中絶 : (
  6. hyura

    Yeah, I understand it very well. I think the audience who would most likely appreciate this album are fans of darker, experimental and somewhat 'mature' sound in vk. People who like dir en grey, sukekiyo, kagerou and old mucc or maybe stuff like lament and emmurée would surely find it interesting. I also see people liking dimlim and kizu enjoying this. But those are the same people who are probably extremely turned off by the sound of any other non-japanese vk project I can think of right now. And most likely of anything they ever heard from Korea. PLS CHECK THIS OUT THO : < I guarantee you won't regret it. if you like the bands above and hate this album after listening to it I'll give you a dollar.
  7. hyura

    I already posted it in the news forum, but since the new album is now out and streamable on Spotify I am really curious what everyone thinks. In my opinion this is just stellar, both as a metal album and as a visual kei album. All bias aside, probably my favorite album of the year. So I will definitely write a detailed review later on. BTW the Japanese edition "無意識の意識化" will be released later this month through the same label that mamireta and KRAD are currently in. I already saw it for preorder in Like an Edison and CDJapan and curiously all the titles have been translated to Japanese...
  8. The album is out on spotify and it's probably the best thing you listened to all year. I am terribly biased but really, every single track is a masterpiece.
  9. Somehow insane tour schedules keep killing bands. Why do they keep doing that?
  10. Even though the titles are translated, the audio is the same: Other bands currently in PUNCH are まみれた, KRAD and モルヒネ, so it's surprisingly exotic.
  11. Yeah. It's not exactly a common occurrence to see Japanese vk labels release something from outside like that (in fact I don't remember it ever happened before?) , especially since they are yet to play their first Japanese show. I'm hyped. (all alone)
  12. Somehow the music video preview is confusing me. When you get hit by a car and suddenly turn white. But I respect the Buck Tick reference in that eye picture.
  13. PUNCH RECORDS / DOPE. will release the album japan-wide on October 15th. Madmans Esprit - 無意識の意識化
  14. hyura

    I somehow like the direction they are going. Definitely want to listen to the full EP.
  15. hyura

    This really has two sides. When you don't promote it, you are cool and underground but they think you are inactive. When you promote it, it helps your exposure, but people find it aggressive. When I first discovered ME, they didn't promote it at all and therefore almost nobody listened to it. The few nerds who somehow found it really enjoyed it, though, so it could be somehow highly praised cvlt in a small circle. But on the other hand this kind of status doesn't help an artist at all. Being an artist itself can only stay a hobby without an audience. There is a small number of people who will check out music outside their 'known' scope but the majority will only try things that others already judged as 'good' or that they repeatedly see presented to them. So basically without a label that takes care of distribution and promo and a surrounding where you can have regular shows, the only thing you can do to make people check out your work is to annoy them with it online and lose your 'cool artist' status.
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