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  1. cvltic

    @platy I thought I explicitly acknowledged this when I brought it up. Let me reiterate that I understand that, and that my point is not that you have to believe in all rumors or believe in no rumors. My point is if you're going to smugtweet about how correct and smart Dir en grey is to have ditched Kisaki you should at least demonstrate a semblance of awareness that the Dir house isn't exactly clean when it comes to allegations even if you don't weigh them the same. (This should probably extend to trying to hold up "vk celeb you like" as moral over "vk celeb you don't like that has been implicated" in general because you don't fucking know them or what they've done anyway.)
  2. cvltic

    You can check the details of & discuss the Kyo (Dir)/Daisuke (Kagerou) & co. incident in this thread: The title isn't as straightforward as this one so I understand why it got less traction despite being about bigger names, and that people may have missed it. But it covers some fairly famous stories from the anonymous rumor landscape of the scene so if you're interested in these things you should check it out... preferably while remembering to think critically about everything you read in the Rumors subforum and your reaction to what you've read... edit: Forgot to mention that Kisaki dropped out of an event. It's unclear at the moment if it's because of the impact of these accusations or some other circumstance.
  3. cvltic

    All the photos prove (granted by my own interpretation) is 1. the woman definitely knew and had some sort of relationship with Kisaki thatw ent wrong, 2. that the woman was definitely injured, 3. that Kisaki at the very least doesn't know how to handle a child/respect a child's physical boundaries, 4. that Riku doesn't trust Kisaki, and 5. that Kisaki ran some kind of Y!JA price-boosting scam. Many of these reflect really poorly on him anyway: 4 and 5 completely match his known behaviors, and the 3rd one is a big ass red flag that would seriously worry me even if the other allegations were somehow proven 100% false tomorrow. But there is still room for being critical of the claims as they've been presented without assuming that anyone doing so is caping for Kisaki/bandmen everywhere so try to keep your heads screwed on when it comes to throwing around words like 'innocence'. I know there's a difference in the quality and detail of evidence provided. I also know that Kisaki is a proven dickhead with a literal rap sheet and that people will understandably weigh that into their judgments. But there are translated assault/rape allegations ostensibly from multiple people against Kyo & Daisuke in this same subforum that have been treated with kid gloves comparatively. I have my own assumptions about Kisaki's guilt like anyone else but it's been annoying me to see not strictly MH members, but off-site people who have jumped on this story as undeniable fact but also decrying tanuki/anonymous sources when it comes to bandmen they actually like because ???. Unless this manifests as an arrest or court case, I'm leaning towards thinking the woman deleted the account because of tanuki scrutiny or regret for posting the pictures of the child. A lot of the posts I read were quite harsh on the mother for taking pictures of her kid looking distressed, and for posting them on social media. I'd also seen some throwaway accounts reply to to her last tweet about deleting the pictures of the kid and criticizing her for originally only deleting a portion. ^^ @Chi I was just searching and a user posted a DM convo they had with the account OP who said that multiple people supposedly helped report him and also said she believes it will lead to an arrest. I hope she's right and that it does go to a court...
  4. cvltic

    Timing is everything... Thank you for sharing the link. Images #2 and #4 contain new information/tweets that were deleted at the time of the original translation. Image #2 new info: KISAKI暴露‏ @KISAKI54175241 He'd throw the child under elementary school age on the bed and she got a blue bruise on her face. [Cut off picture of what appears to be a circle highlighting an area of the child's skin.] Image #4 new info: KISAKI暴露‏ @KISAKI54175241 He would try to forcibly kiss the sleeping child and persisted even when she'd scream and cry. [Four pictures of Kisaki and a seemingly upset child -- some of which can be seen in the imgur link from the above post: https://imgur.com/a/Xroy0eN ] +The picture & tweet about the child in the costume bin as mentioned above.
  5. cvltic

    https://imgur.com/a/Xroy0eN Here's an album with some pictures that were deleted before I ever saw the account but collected from tanuki. One of them is a capture of a quote tweet where the 🐔🐔鶏肉てゃん🐔🐔‏ @_Lv114514_ 20h asks "Isn't she laughing?" in response to a pic of the child inside of a large storage container. The KISAKI暴露‏ @KISAKI54175241 tweet quoted says "The crying child was also forcibly trapped in his costume case". I also included screencaps from the original twitter feed as it was when I did the original translation, minus a few of the beginning tweets because I fucked up my screencaps (oops).
  6. cvltic

    Development: The account was deleted. Not really surprising considering the seriousness of the allegations, the amount of tanuki attention it attracted and the fact that the police are reportedly involved. I might screencap the archive I saved of the account for posterity?
  7. cvltic

    I finally got around to tanuki and it seems she had already deleted many more tweets with pictures of the child (sometimes with Kisaki) and other claims. I haven't found any archives of the accompanying text, though. And considering there's probably about 10,000+ posts about the subject I'm not sure if I will...
  8. cvltic

    If you were here early, the translations are complete now. While I was working on them, the OP deleted the pictures of her children. They happen to be in the archive I saved, so if necessary I could crop out everything except Kisaki and his tattoos, but I'm wary about doing so at the moment. @colorfuljinsei, thank you for posting the tattoo pic -- I might quote you in the top post so people can find it easily if/when this thread blows up.
  9. cvltic

    (Thank you to @ricchubunny for posting about this in a status, which led to @Chi linking it to me!) An account on Twitter, @KISAKI54175241, has begun to make some fairly serious claims against Kisaki, so here we are in the rumors section yet again. At the time of this posting the account has 66 tweets and multiple images. I saved an archive of the page at it is at this moment in case anything happens to it, so please let me know and I will post that somewhere. Disclaimer: What follows is a translation of allegations made by twitter user KISAKI54175241. I neither endorse nor deny any of the claims made below, and I made a conscious effort to avoid sensationalizing anything in my translations... If you have any questions or feedback in that regard please let me know. More importantly some of the content below is disturbing. There are mentions of domestic violence and child sexual abuse. Please read at your own discretion or skip to the summary below if you would like to know what happened without getting into explicit detail. KISAKI54175241's posts (oldest to newest, although sometimes self-retweets that reordered her twitter timeline will cause discrepancies) The translation as the account stands at 2:28 PM -6:00 GMT is complete. This picture provided by @colorfuljinsei (originally from Kisaki's official twitter?) can serve as a tattoo placement/design reference if you would like to do any comparisons. In summary, Kisaki has been accused of: -Inappropriate sexual contact with a young child -Domestic violence -Being a habitual benzo seeker/user -Being suicidal and using this as a manipulation tactic -Astroturfing tanuki, working to have critical articles and twitters suspended Allegedly, these matters have been brought to police.
  10. cvltic

    Ry:dia - アナタノセナカ words/Rio music/soh 最後の言葉を思い出す 今更淚の訳を探す 時の流れに追いつけない 確かに愛がぞばにあったから あなたのいない部屋 一人耽り影見つめ続ける日々 終らない空想と追憶が時を止めて離さない あなたの涙を思い出す 時を戾せるならと俯くけれど 覗き込む影が笑っているよう もっと包み込めたはずなのに... 無数の刃が血液の流れに逆流するよう 素敵なあの日の出会いさえ否定する涙 離さない 最後の背中を思い出す いつもより小さく見えたあなた 震える鼓動を抱き諦めれず ただ見送るしかなかった 数々の追憶 欠片へとなり ガラスのように透けてゆき そして氷のように溶けて 消えてゆくのか? 何もなかったかのように... 最後の言葉を思い出す 今更淚の訳を探す 時の流れに追いつけない 確かに愛が... あなたの涙を思い出す 時を戾せるならと俯くけれど 時の流れに追いつけない 確かに愛が... 最後の背中を思い出す いつもより小さく見えたあなた 時の流れに追いつけない 確かに愛が... これもひとつの運命だとしたら いつか受け入れるしかないけれど 時を逆に流れ 狂うように想いに耽る あなたがすべてだったから どれだけ愛しあって 手を縛りあっても 壊されることもあると知った 気がつけば季節が廻っているまでゆっくり 暖かい追憶へ浸ろう just like last time if you need romaji/eng let me know
  11. cvltic

    sometimes i used what Jojo sings and sometimes i used what the lyrics say. it doesn't really change the meaning, just the sound/flow. The Gallo - KERBEROS the gourmets of the underground gather on the other side of the great capital tonight's luxurious menu is a full-course meal fragrant with nightmares cut a cross into the constellations, i offer a prayer before this meal i invited your selfish self to the forbidden Tartarus and began the meal i suck the full-bodied apertif dripping from between your legs on the gallows i dripped it onto a black rose a sauce of menstrual blood paints the hors d'oeuvre whetting the appetite agonizing over your sobbing, i devour you with despicable manners showered in your juices tinged with the heat of your body i gouged out your womb i drive my fork into your heart and curse the fate of the gourmet i invited your selfish self to the forbidden Tartarus and began the meal i rip out your entrails on the gallows and suck the rich meat juices i dripped them onto a black rose a sauce of semen paints the main dish whetting the appetite agonizing over your corpse, i devour you with despicable manners in order to discipline you, so greedy for love, i cut off your head in the name of Death showered in your juices tinged with the heat of your body i gouged out your womb i drive my fork into your heart and ridicule the fate of the gourmet in your final moments i garnish my dessert with your life and sing of hell
  12. the title isn't fashion misery but fashion maisurii (myslee, a brand name for ambien in japan) Fashion Ambien - Shellmy at four in the morning, you're over-medicated and bawling in your delusions: "no one but me" "no one but me" "no one but me" so much that it's annoying can't find it, asking the meaning of life even if you turn on a light it's not there logic oozed, reason ignored silent with a troubled face "you won't love me" "i'm unloved" tell it like it's a pet saying you tell me you've had enough of your repetitive routine without any intention to change it call yourself mentally ill, with a habit of faking illness begging for attention with psychotropics, hilarious! pretending to put yourself down by saying we're just pretending to be friends cringe! cringe! cringe! cringe! call yourself manic, able to handle gore you follow the handbook perfectly, hilarious! "looking at blood calms me down" cringe! cringe! cringe! cringe! dressed up in sick girl make up day in and day out you refuse to cooperate wishing you were alone stories about your family stories about being bullied human relations who gives a fuck you love sweets, you love handsome boys you love money, but you're mentally ill you give up on everything the moment it's not going well less intellect than a two year old "i have no friends" "no one believes me" tell it like it's a pet saying society loves cheerful, beautiful people eyes surrounded by dark circles aren't worth a thing call yourself mentally ill, with a habit of faking illness a night owl whore, hilarious! "my ideal type of man is an anime character" cringe! cringe! cringe! cringe! you get what you deserve, you're the scum of the earth you only wear the latest fads, hilarious! persuading them by saying you're just lonely and sleeping with men you don't know you're fashionably mentally ill, you want people to worry about you you're so lonely, how sad! you're alone again today, praying for tomorrow relying on Ambien hope hope hope laughing at your over-effective medication consoling your cringeworthy self getting off with toys is so hollow cringe! cringe! cringe! cringe! you're lonely today too it's almost time
  13. tepid shibuya ga taihen drama report: sick2 gya is banned from sick2 shows, but shows up to shibutai. fills the front row with colluding dadaroma gya who all stand stock still, and won't let any sick2 gya into the front row. talks during live/MC until Gene gets angry.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. cvltic


      @BrenGun tanuki gya are the girls who go to the shows, and i don't really see what about this story sounds exaggerated or fake... and when 76 people are on the thread talking about something it probably happened lol

    3. Duwang


      I wouldn't be surprised if she and her friends collaborated on getting a lot of hayaban or if she bought them herself and bribed the shikiris/colluded with them.

      Makes me wonder if they invaded any other bands saizen. There were a bunch of girls in Amai Bouryoku's saizen who I'd never seen before. They were standing there doing nothing and looked confused as to what was going on so I wonder if they were in on it.

    4. BrenGun


      But why would you give a shit?

      If you got a problem with someone deal with that person only.

      And not write crazy complaining....


      And bands should just check every time if a banned person is around. 

      But usually they don't care much since often they also ban to avoid the fan trouble with other fans, because if fans are annoyed about someone they will kill you.  


      But even if it happened it's nasty to write it down on Tanuki.  

      Also to say "Shw Should have bought her in etc" it's not your business dammit.

  14. @nekkichi is correct, and it is also important to consider the culture of the boards as well. Even in the English-speaking world, a report of rape or murder or suicide will be presented in a much different way on Twitter or Tumblr than on say, 4chan or Encyclopedia Dramatica. Tanuki/2ch are extremely blase and candid about sordid topics and sounding "self-pitying" (for lack of better words) would be extremely frowned upon given the board's culture. It is not a nice place. People mock suicide victims and eagerly discuss their desire to commit child abuse. While I understand the reports are just as unverifiable as anything else on Tanuki, it seems irresponsible to make judgments on what a woman's report on this type of thing "should sound like", especially for those who are not familiar with the posting culture & for those who haven't experienced or witnessed the societal and scene-specific issues mentioned in the post above.
  15. cvltic

    @helcchi, QUINA is also from Nihilizm by the sound of the article good call @anadentone