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  1. thanks for the summon! the word kikei itself is considered a slur by some people because it's thought to be connected with discrimination against atomic bomb victims, the disabled, even now those affected by Fukushima, etc., so @Zeuswas on the right track. especially in light of Fukushima i could see publisher pushback against the word being stronger than ever. i remember horror manga artist Junji Ito writing that his editor told him to be careful if drawing anything related to deformity or mental illness because of discrimination reasons. but yeah, continuing on, while you might see a disabled person on television once in a blue moon, the deformity taboo is so intense that people with deformities themselves are basically taboo or persona non-grata, something you'll see with other groups that cause discomfort or might be considered burdensome in Japan -- like burakumin , how you only find most homeless if you know where to look for them, etc. perfect material for something trying to be transgressive.
  2. lmao they roasted her ass, brb with a translation edit: tbh i have no idea why they don't just fire her, except maybe that they're afraid she really will cut and run unless they keep the offer out there [Information] Thank you for your continued support of @LGOS. We made a notice about support bassist Tamaki on January 6th, but we heard voices of concern from fans. We will make a report on the current situation. Members have given her advances on fees due to frequent financial mismanagement by Tamaki. She has often appeared at live shows without attending practices, and we have been unable to get in contact with her many times. After discussions, in order to regain trust, we will carry out activities with Tamaki going from official member to support bassist. We had contact with her up until the early morning of January 5th, but on the day of our show on January 6th, we waited as long as possible until the performance but we still haven't been able to get in touch with her. However we have found information that Tamaki is working in high spirits, drinking and enjoying herself, so it is believed that she is healthy and has at least the bare minimum amount of money needed to get by. As she has all of the money lent to her by the members as well as the sales from goods, and she is in possession of instruments lent to her, we'd like for her to draw the line here. As we cannot contact her, if any of you know her we would like to hear from you. We are very sorry to make a report that may cause shame to those close to her. Please understand that until now, we had taken her privacy into consideration and reported only the bare minimum, but since so many of you showed concerned, we have decided to make the report you see here. @LGOS.
  3. there's non-insignificant chance you have to pay contract cancellation/breach fees or "inconvenience fees" if you try to leave without running away, especially if it does have something to do with shacking up with a girlfriend/knocking somebody up
  4. (full statement is threaded on twitter) they were able to confirm Kana is safe as they received a handwritten letter from him wherein he stated his current situation makes it hard for him to continue music, and that he wants to distance himself from the band. the band will still try to speak with him directly. another year another tobu out of curiosity has there ever been a case of a bandman disappearing where he didn't just run away? because afaik the rate is 100%
  5. @AlroyHazuki can play bass, guitar, is the only other competent drummer and can play piano to some degree Yusuke is the only other competent singer. if he plays another instrument we'll never know cause he always takes vocals in Hazuki's place AK can play guitar at least enough to take the lead parts when they do their part swaps Reo can play bass Asanao can play guitar just barely well enough to do non-complex stuff on stage as their alter egos AK and Asanao will sing but it's exactly what you'd expect
  6. wrote them and played them on the recordings! he did the same for all of berry's guitar, too. literal second coming of christ fun fact: reo suprised hzk and gifted him that J model bass entirely for the ONE J song they covered at their new year show, #1 dad
  7. AK wasn't an original member but he joined when lynch. went major so maybe as far as the label is concerned that's good enough? they're on King Records (more specifically a subdivision called Bellwood) if this was Danger Crue or something AK would be fully blacklisted probably, idk why King flipped on this except maybe that lynch. had an impressive sales year i'm a little shocked to see Umebo is having such a hard time, idk why but i assumed there would be less stigma in the metalcore/hardcore field that HNIB worked in? i'm sure their arrests are linked too, but i don't know why their treatment is so different since they both seemed to have the same arrested > suspended sentence OR nonprosecution thing happen (Umebo was active on FB within a month of his arrest).
  8. bloodthirsty was fine but i much prefer avantgarde/d.a.r.k. over anything on sinners; trigger is maybe the worst title track they've put out ever for me (it's that or ballad) but there's no accounting for taste, it sold pretty well despite what i think also for bonus hints-we-all-missed points, the original, 4 member edition of the trailer that now shows all five of them was aired at their aug 11th show and was filmed early aug/late july. hazuki posted the storyboard he drew for the trailer (legendary artiste) on IG and it clearly shows the crawling scene drawn for AK. just something for the timeline. i'm genuinely surprised king rec reneged on their earlier zero tolerance-esque statement that quickly lmfao
  9. i will say if anything ever fucks this bands up eventually it will absolutely be a division between hazuki and the guys who drink his kool-aid (reo and AK) and yusuke. reo might be the leader but love hzk as i do, he's a high functioning megalomaniac and reo toes his line. also i can see why individuals would be pissed/think this is kind of a shitshow because it undermines the statement their label put out to a hilarious degree... but on a macro level it makes sense, imo. emmny said it best about the (highly successful) PR it gave them even thru a mediocre release in SINNERS, and AK is beloved in the industry including by other bandmen because he is an extremely affable dipshit, an effect amplified by him being the protege of reo/hzk/a well-connected band with a good reputation. being the only one with charisma other than hzk, AK was responsible for a lot of their charm/public face and he's very good at what he does on that level as well. yusuke and AK were inseparable prior to this anyway so it doesn't surprise me at all he caved with or without pressure from hzk & co.
  10. 4d chess here's some info about Akinori's time away from the band for anyone curious about the circumstances leading up to this, as reported by a fan from the show last night and some rumor mill stuff that ended up being true or partially true:
  11. At lynch.'s countdown show last night, Akinori appeared during the encore, and after an apology, announced he will be returning to the band.
  12. 1) tvtropes is not a source, just a bunch of poorly informed meme-y opinions 2) "The reason I posted this was cause this was before fanservice became a cool thing to do and all. Back when fangirls didn’t actually like it." <- what evidence/train of thought is this based on 3) "They mentioned also how it was in a lot of cartoons or whatever. They were talking about one of those TeenTop guys when they mentioned mannerisms, and this reminded me of that." who is they?! 4) what the fuck
  13. big ups to jpopasia for conveniently farming a bunch of information from here for their article: http://www.jpopasia.com/feed/22632/ex-the-egoists-setsuna-admits-to-strangling-20-year-old-woman/ you listed your sources as NHK and sankei, didn't even include all the info from the sankei article, and none of them mention his identity as a bandman or the relationship between the two, his marriage. the only tweets you mention from the now locked twitter are the ones mentioned here. >Details on the relationship between him and Uran were revealed by her friend who called the police. She posted photos of LINE conversations and more between Setsuna and Uran via Uran's twitter account for which she has the login data. this isn't even correct, Uran herself posted all this stuff before she died, but because you were too slow to pick up the story before the acc was locked you don't even know that! eat me tbh. now let me add the new info from sankei: An autopsy was ordered. She was found on her futon, her room was locked, there were no signs anyone had been through her belongings, there was a handwritten suicide note and some unused charcoal briquettes. www.sankei.com/region/news/171212/rgn1712120019-n1.html
  14. i know her twitter was recently locked but there was plenty of evidence they were in a relationship and he was clearly fixated on her (despite his marriage). he'd even tweeted that while he'd been with other women, Uran was the only one he cared for. i honestly don't know how you could conjure up a situation where she manipulated him in this case... anyway, the person who'd updated her twitter after her death said she was certain they were serious about the double suicide, because the message she received at 3 pm on the day of from Uran explicitly stated the plan (the police showed up at 9 because of this poster's tip and Uran was already dead). there's no reason not to trust the person who posted on Uran's account after her death, the details are consistent and another friend of hers posted a convo where Uran apologized after an earlier suicide scare on Dec 3rd. the tipster also said "the only way to know why Uran is the only one who is dead is to ask [Setsuna] himself", so him being unable to carry out his part of their plan seems the most likely.
  15. mostly the same as the article in the OP, with some additional info: he admits to choking her and thus he's being investigated under suspicion of murder