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  1. cvltic

    just to prevent ppl from running with "last time", what he wrote was "I'm thinking there will be a lot of songs that we won't play anymore once this [tour] ends"
  2. Clash Against Commercialism (ANTI-FEMINISM, Rentrer en Soi, 12012, the studs) got cancelled after I bought tickets/arranged travel, it's not my fault but I resent this happening constantly lmao I missed seeing lynch. in 2009 because of a flight delay, also missed an instore live they did in 2013 when I had to fly back home on that day...
  3. this is the only good thread on this godforsaken website
  4. cvltic

    he's mathematically at the lowest a 1986/1987 baby; i've pegged him about 2-4 years younger than Hazuki from lynch. (1982) based on their discussions about the scene in their youth, so i think you have a good guess
  5. cvltic

    masa might be president but it kind of makes no sense to go out of your way to found a label and then have yourself and hiro in charge of finances?? masa is certainly to blame for letting it go so far as to require legal intervention tho
  6. cvltic

    rather greasy of the label to link an offsite document with a proper explanation at the end of a statement that completely neglects to mention their responsibility in this 👀
  7. http://www.nocturnalbloodlust.com/news/0/43463/ Cazqui and Daichi will leave Nocturnal Bloodlust as of their 12/16 performance at Shibuya STREAM HALL. The reason behind their departure is due to financial issues between Cazqui & Daichi and two employees of their label, as described here. "Two individuals involved in the financial management of Nocturnal Bloodlust's label (henceforth A & B), were previously negligent in the disclosure of income & expenditure pertaining to Cazqui & Daichi. With a growing sense of distrust, both parties requested disclosure of income & expenditure from A & B through a lawyer, where personal usage of money and large amounts of unaccounted-for expenditures by A came to light. In addition to the unacceptable behavior within the label mentioned above, Cazqui and Daichi have not yet been paid song production fees and merch design fees, and on the basis that they feel that can no longer continue NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST's activities in such an environment, nor provide high-quality music or performances to fans, they will be leaving the band as of the end of their scheduled activities within the year."
  8. cvltic

    heh , another SHALLOW fan with Nnothing to say abo ut the music. heres why yuou're wrong, Bitch:,
  9. cvltic

    saying this about a vk band seems a tad off base 😉
  10. cvltic

    this gossip revival is way more interesting whaaaat
  11. Matenrou has had pretty major venue size decline over the last few years, so for me i don't think it's totally as random as the others -- an Operer friend or two has expressed worries to me to that effect. if Matenrou disbanded i feel like it would be because of label issues stemming from profitability rather than lost passion since clearly the remaining members want to go on despite major member losses. lynch. and D are fine bar some kind of internal strife, lynch. sold Tokyo Dome City Hall for November and D are still playing huge venues like Toyosu Pit for their finals. i don't understand how Daizy operates at all so no comment there... by the way, tanuki has a similar thread. here's some of their predictions, for fun: Kiryu, Pentagon, Initial'L, Liphlich, DaizyStripper, 0.1g no gosan, R shitei Kra (possibly next year), DIAURA, A9, Kizu, Vexent, Grimoire, Doubt/D=OUT the Raid. (one prediction that a member will be leaving on their anniversary live next year) Blu-Billion (mentioned a LOT, one poster claiming it will be announced at their tour final) correct predictions: FIXER (this prediction was made 7/30, hmm...) Gossip (this prediction was made 9/24, HMMM) meme prediction: Starwave bands
  12. cvltic

    >be a bandman >play shitty american cons for years >no one cares about you in japan >finally start to come up, band does well >almost make it to your 20th anniversary >vocalist gets a bunch of absolutely heinous vocal conditions >forced to disband >over two years later, he's finally better and you can keep doing what you love >some guy on a forum calls you cringey for taking a cute photo with your bandmates
  13. cvltic

    @saishuu Not sure how their disbandment live sold but they played that at Zepp too so I think it's supposed to be symbolic (aw)
  14. cvltic

    http://dueljewel.jp/pc/zepp.html Duel Jewel announced their return live on March 1st, 2019, at Zepp Tokyo. Hayato has apparently made a full recovery from the variety of conditions (functional dysphonia, vocal dystonia, vocal yips) that caused them to disband.
  15. cvltic

    yeah, the mother has my sympathy in so far as she is purportedly an abuse victim, but i have very few good things to say about any of the adults involved in the situation. i kind of feel like no one has been putting the child first.