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  1. decola hopping was a nagoya band thus they are technically neo oshare nagoya kei, check AND mate
  2. between the "undead souls" tour and the "XIII" album, i almost had to wonder if they were picking a fight with ex Sadie members after THE THIRTEEN stole "URGE" from hazuki (i'm kidding, all of these concepts are obvious anyway.) i'm going to buy the premium version but i have to say, lynch. instrumentals are something i just don't see a need for... very hype for interview booklet & "documentary" vid though
  3. I have an alternative translation if you're interested c: SORROW dusk comes, stained in twilight* quietly setting aside my sadness i believed we'd keep on walking, this permanence lighting a flame in our hearts but the sound of it all crumbling echoes nearby i'm alone and i've lost everything what i remember are those dream-like days, the irreplaceable meetings and joys glistening the moon on the surface of the too-beautiful amber sea i covered it up with my hands, unable as they were to protect a thing the stars on the surface of the too-beautiful vermilion** sky when i breathe and abandon my senses to this moment if all things come to an end then will even this sea dry up? i can't recall those important words i can't touch that closed-off dream all that's certain are the days we cried together and the wishes and promises i can't forget glistening dusk comes, stained in twilight quietly setting aside my sadness i made you sad, didn't it? i won't ever let go again so i want you to believe me: someday, our endless future will be here once again glistening the moon on the surface of the too-beautiful amber sea i covered it up with my hands, unable as they were to protect a thing the stars on the surface of the too-beautiful vermilion sky when i breathe and abandon my senses to this moment the moon on this sea i breathe in this moment the stars on this sea i'm walking towards that future i feel like we can keep on walking, this permanence lighting a flame in our hearts -- *this particular word for twilight also means melancholia/nostalgia **the actual color is something called "rose madder/madder" but the average English speaker will not recognize this so i chose vermilion
  4. @platyit's these multi-band events where one specific band is considered the host/organizer. the band whose event it is usually play last & gets the longest set so if your fav band isn't big enough for a oneman, these types of events are often a chance to turn up for them
  5. @emmnyyou're barking up the right tree, it's just a convenient cover. i didn't want to get too far into the allegations/stuff that can't actually be proven in the main post. but w/ the initial non-banning of #2 and #3 despite those two having photo proof of being up for resale and the band being given tanumail screenshots, the prevailing theory is that DAYDALA tsunagari/shikiri (who may have actually been holding 2 & 3) was trying to push out/frame S. S isn't even a DAYDALA gya so perhaps they were worried they were going to have negotiation probs with her, or just pissed they couldn't wrestle #1 for their own band's shusai event and wanted to punish whoever did lmfao.
  6. @anadentonetickets are all numbered in japan, so if you get between 1-10 for example, you are the first/second/tenth person allowed in the venue and almost guaranteed a front row spot (the actual fan politics behind where you get to stand are more complicated but that's the short explanation)
  7. The legality of ticket reselling in Japan is up for debate after Ticket Camp (formerly the biggest ticket resale marketplace) shut down. I assume they were pressured by Johnny's because they got in legal trouble for some non-ticket related issue, but in the articles I read it mentioned the Kobe district court ruled that buying tickets for the sole purpose of resale is considered an act of fraud. Ticket Camp caused a huge backlash so it reflects poorly on large-scale bands who don't deal with resellers... but for these minor bands I think reselling everything with a number <10 is pretty much the culture of vk, lmao.
  8. Slated to host a show on 4/18 at Ikebukuro EDGE (w/ 万鬼隊 / type:『seeD』/ MIDGARD / 爆烈ストーム!! & others), DAYDALA announced on March 27th that they would render ticket #1 invalid due to reselling for profit. This is not altogether unheard of -- tickets that have been resold have been banned from entry, but it's usually for bigger bands. However, it seems the holder of #1 -- we'll call her S -- was a little confused by this choice. She tweeted that she had definitely been the original purchaser of the ticket through legitimate means, and eventually posted the DMs exchanged between her and the official DAYDALA account. She was even able to provide a receipt of the purchase (these receipts do not contain the ticket number), but they opted to offer her only a refund. When S pressed them to provide proof that #1 was in fact resold, they posted screenshots from tanuki (this is historical -- it is an open secret that bands and management browse the board, but an official account posting screenshots of 1) a selling post and 2) a tanumail conversation is unheard of). The listing originally posted on tanuki claims to have tickets #1-3. The chances of this poster being S are already fairly low as her receipt shows the price of one ticket. The odds of picking up #1 and #2-3 are stacked very high against her unless she juggles multiple SMS-verified accounts and somehow obtained #1 and #2-3, or is selling on behalf of a friend who was coincidentally able to purchase #2-3. More importantly though, the proof photo doesn't show #1 at all. Additionally, the source of the tanumail screenshot is also up for debate -- unless the band was trying to purchase the resold tickets themselves (something that has been done before, but generally by larger bands b/c I don't think DAYDALA could have afforded even the original 15,000y asking price), it seems they received it as a "tip" from someone else. This really opened the floodgates -- why weren't #2 and #3 banned as well if this was the source? Why was #1 banned despite being the only one without solid evidence? Their next step was to ban all of #1-3 but provide refunds upon further discussion with S. By this point tanuki was in an absolute frothing rage. People posting "for sale" posts for numbers 4-100 in a joking attempt to get them invalidated descended as DAYDALA thread after DAYDALA thread was created. Member Haku attempted various forms of damage control on his individual twitter, but the horde was angry and wanted justice for S. Finally, they rescinded their invalidation for all three tickets and gave a heartfelt apology. Masato of meta-kei/tanuki-kei/meme-kei band kaitou sentai lined up to take a shot at DAYDALA for their slip-up: "I was tired and sleeping forever. Good morning. I had a dream that the #1 ticket I worked so hard to get was suddenly rendered invalid. Hope it doesn't come true..."
  9. this is the most appealing PV they've filmed to date. the song's lyrics are pretty obviously about AK's departure (and they strongly hinted at his return), so it's an interesting choice for his comeback PV.
  10. lmao i solemnly swear i'll write out the extended Satsuki drama in the rumors section or something for y'all after my exams next week, but the very very short story is that he was accused of extorting and threatening the 5 fans he had in Japan post-RES until they turned on him. he has by far the worst reputation of any bandman except maybe the dude from Egoist... legendary kusomen
  11. i'm like 8000 years late but this dude is the inventor of the "air instore" AKA the instore you keep on the store's calendar to save face even though no one is attending so you don't actually hold the event at all. it's not that he's just unpopular, it's that he's complete despised.
  12. this is the first time i've ever missed a first out so much, or even thought about a first out after their episode. during all the unbearable crying eureka screentime i just went to my happy place and thought about miss vanjie
  13. just close the thread i can't take any more of this, someone's gonna come and say they call them twelve thousand and twelve
  14. for their stupid name P∽L was a big fav of mine... apparently the symbol is a reverse tilde. haven't seen it anywhere else. being a 12012 stan was tough, definitely the people i talked to irl called them 'twelve' or 'twelve-oh-twelve' unless you were trying to stunt on people with your japanese by calling them ichini. my parents always just called them "the numbers band". edit: totally forgot, if you were an elitist or a shipper you'd call them 凶器所持/kyoki shoji (possession of a dangerous weapon, related to the penal code) because 1) it was cool 2) the band members wouldn't find your lewd fanfic. eventually they adopted the name for their side project/session band and ruined it for the shippers lmao there was also that Kra side project, 36481? (question mark included). this is apparently how you spell "KRA" in pager/beeper text input. the missing number replaced by ? is 6. and if it's OK to stray from band names, i was mystified by deathgaze's 294036224052 release until i learned it was the input required to spell "gokiburi" (cockroach) using page/beeper texting in reverse.
  15. lol this is a collector's edition for AK stans who stopped following while he was gone now they have an excuse to go to a signing session with him & that's the only reason it exists