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  1. cvltic

    they made an official twitter which is making me get ahead of myself and hoping this is going to be more than one show
  2. cvltic

    press F for yukino tbh
  3. the official statement is harsh, but the member comments speak about Qs quite fondly. i get the feeling that whatever happened is strictly a management vs. Qs thing.
  4. cvltic

  5. cvltic

    the closest thing i've ever heard to a full X JAPAN song is a cover by an idolm@ster girl i saw one of my favorite bandmen on a date in public and hid behind a clothing rack so he wouldn't notice me
  6. cvltic

    you did the right thing
  7. @Furik 縄, R指定 were Gara (Merry) and Ryou (Baroque) アイドル狂いの心裏学 was Haru (Dog in the PWO) and Lime (Kizu) リストカッター was Show (A9), Gara, Ryou 夕暮れの謝罪 was Gara, Ryou, Show, Haru, Lime & Tatsurou (MUCC)
  8. どんぶらこ / donburako = something heavy-ish bobbing and floating in the water (e.g. a peach) (it was also the name of an old song from an operetta about Momotaro, and a few more modern songs (some of which are also about Momotaro), and one of Doraemon's magical tools... but if it's referencing any of those there's no way to tell right now)
  9. cvltic

    rhythm section and hazuki look good bc hazuki looks good in everything but guitars... have looked infinitely better anyway they also announced a photo exhibition and two concept tours: UNDEAD SOULS #2 (to complement and expand on last year's UNDEAD SOULS, a very interesting tour where they played every song in their discography) and a hall tour with a title that suggests future blu-ray for sure, HALL TOUR’19 <Xlll-THE LEAVE SCARS ON FILM->
  10. cvltic

    so uh yeah pretty sure the canada date is actually in toronto since eventbrite just let me buy VIP tickets for queen elizabeth theatre.... toronto............🤔
  11. cvltic

    i was wondering this too, i think there might have been an oopsie and maybe they meant the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto...
  12. cvltic

    this is some deep shade on tzk
  13. cvltic

    he said in so many words that he wanted to do music only until age 22, and that he feels a behind-the-scenes job suits him more than one on stage. so he's not considering doing any more music activities. why would you let this dude in your band if he was already developing an exit plan, idgi
  14. cvltic

    you should go see a show, even if it's just a random indies taiban. guaranteed there will be something you can catch. you can search by date and region here: http://visual.eplus.jp/
  15. cvltic

    i hate shit like this: ??? (read "hatena") Uma ("yuuma"... how is anyone gonna think anything but horse) 麺’s卵 ("men's egg") 彡 ("keno") DragonWAPPPPPPER, Berallwarp Rheim, P*Route, ギャックメン (gyackmen, sounds like a hairball), Guy's Family, PIECElang were all p bad キナルラ/kinarura as "kenllre" is awful Develop One’s Faculties and breakin' holiday sound dumb as hell too. i think you can't beat a punchy one-word name that doesn't have some ridiculous reading.
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