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  1. cvltic

    extremely cursed post
  2. cvltic

    LMAO the megaman thing has me a little shook tbh, good find. there's been more than a few FF references throughout Hazuki's musical career and he was a big SNES nerd, so who knows...
  3. I think it's supposed to be ハード (Hard, like hardcore?) + コンパ (Konpa = mixer), similar to ヤリコン (fuck+mixer, basically a party for hookups). But no one seems to know the origin of the name for sure. I'm not really sure what to say about it. On one hand, it seems like the roadie system had its benefits and the relationship could be very important to both parties. I was watching the last lynch. blu-ray that came out with the commentary on, where the roadie system came up in conversation. They talked about Ai from DARRELL/DEATHGAZE's previous band, Otogi, and Hazuki mentioned that Otogi had literally a dozen roadies onstage at their disbandment live all crying hysterically because they genuinely cared about the band. Reo (who is older than the other members of lynch. and has a lot more connections in the '98-'04 era VK world) mentioned that he thought that the roadie system allowed for a lot of learning experiences, however it also made a lot of bitter memories when it was basically a glorified way of hazing and abusing people. He implied that he didn't want to cause any of his kouhai to have the bitter memories many people seemed to have from the roadie system. (I should relisten to the commentary later since this is just from memory.) I also think the near-elimination of the system means fewer talented people being railroaded or turned off of the genre just because a senpai doesn't like them, or because they can't "handle" being treated like a whipping boy, or because they may not otherwise fit in. These girls could be right that it means that even shittier people aren't being weeded out though, or that the barrier for entry is too low for bandmen with no ambitions aside from mitsu money and fuckbuddies... Especially if you do consider that there is more an emphasis on selling yourself as available directly to fans than there used to be. (Imagine any of the bands from this era doing "hug sessions".) I think the internet would have mostly killed the band vertical hierarchy anyway even if visual kei hadn't started adopting more and more "idol-ish" tactics (i.e. selling personal rapport or the illusion thereof to fans) -- it's happening everywhere now, people are able to just create and distribute music from their homes without much budget or equipment and enter a niche without outside help or an "in". It's still not totally gone though... just look at Tsuzuki/Genki and Koichi's blacklisting from venues.
  4. If I have permission from an admin, then I'll drop the highlights. Mostly I just don't want anyone to think I'm doing it to smear the bandmen in question or attempting to pass anything off as an absolute truth. The stories about Harcon in particular are generally considered to be a mix of truths, half-truths, exaggerations and total fabrications. The following is a selection of posts just from this archived Harcon thread: http://old.bbs.2ch2.net/admin/readkako.cgi?bbs=visualtanuki&key=1223287368 Byou is called by his real last name throughout the thread, I've replaced it in the translation. Also, some of the content below is disturbing. I also found some thread about bandmen and fighting but it's mostly about extremely early vk bandmen (RAPES, Charisma, Dynamite Tommy, X, LUNA SEA). I'll come back with those highlights when I have some time!
  5. big ol reminder that i'm not writing this as an insider or anything but as a nerd who reads a lot of tanuki rumors Kyo's drinking party was ハーコン/Harcon and the members are sometimes called ハーディー/Hardy, for anyone who wants to look it up themselves. I can't say I remember everyone who's been mentioned as a member but: Kyo Daisuke & other Kagerou members Gara & other Merry members Tatsurou & other MUCC members Satsuki Kisui Wataru (ex. 12012) Some combination of baroque/kannivalism members Byou (as Kagerou's roadie) Daisuke and Kyo are probably the ones you'll read the most about. A lot of the stories seem to indicate the old vertical hierarchy/roadie culture (e.g. Kyo bosses around Daisuke, who bosses around Byou) which seems to have died somewhat with the idolification of visual kei in the last 10 or so years. There are threads specifically about Harcon but I don't really know how I feel about translating them because they have some fairly serious allegations... The story about Ruka getting his ass beat by Yayoi/Yuuga is pretty famous too, but the details aren't really clear. Just everyone seems to know Yayoi and Yuuga wanted Ruka's ass beat and then it happened. One version I read is that Kazane from the Anarchist Records band Misery took the blame for it for a while, but that was because Yuuga pinned it on him after Yayoi ordered Yuuga to beat him up. Folding chairs were allegedly involved in the beating in the most often retold version of the story. Kisaki may or may not have intervened. The only reason I ever heard for this was that Yuuga and Yayoi got tired of him having a stank attitude and not greeting them properly.
  6. cvltic

    this is totally out my wheelhouse but everyone was bringing up the shouts from Kuroyume's 親愛なるDEATHMASK ?? some people have also suggested "sister" and from the lyrics: ・God only knows/信仰 → apparently a Kuroyume reference somehow idk ・shura no niwa → Lamiel song title ・hari no niwa → Laputa song title
  7. cvltic

    1. D.A.R.K. 2. greedy dead souls 3. AVANTGARDE 4. XIII (tentatively, i'm still kind of riding the high of this album atm while the rest have had 2+ years to age) 5. THE AVOIDED SUN 6. I BELIEVE IN ME 7. GALLOWS 8. SHADOWS 9. INFERIORITY COMPLEX the buried doesn't count imo bc it's just underneath the skin (their best non-album) + a selection off greedy dead souls my philosophy for picking these is "if they dedicated a show to each album, which ones would i most want to go to and which ones would i expect to be the least suited to me?" and it's based entirely on how fun i remember the songs from the various albums being live (or how fun i imagine them being, in the case of XIII). i had a similar experience with SHADOWS, though. it was great when it came out but it didn't hold my interest as more stuff was released.
  8. cvltic

    i feel like you can make a good case for IBIM with -273.15℃/tiamat/IBIM (the song)/(+this coma/lie/before you know it even though they're rare now) because they're enjoyable live, but if they never played anything but New Psycho from Inferiority live again i wouldn't be mad lmao. on the other hand, if they stopped playing outrage/killing cunt/invader!!!/F.A.K.E./unelma i would never forgive them. the one thing i can say about lynch. fans is i can never predict which albums they'll say are their favorites or even which songs they enjoy live the most. for their most recent fanclub tour where they played their entire discography, there was a bingo sheet going around where you put the 9 songs you wanted to hear the most at the shows you attended. most of the cards i saw all had very different picks...
  9. cvltic

    idk maybe i'm not articulating myself well -- i've been to a lot of lynch. lives and it's not so much that it's the latest material being featured but there are other songs on GALLOWS aside from GREED + GALLOWS, other songs on AVANTGARDE besides THE OUTRAGE SEXUALITY + UNELMA and yet we very rarely hear them after the album tour unless it's a special occasion. lynch. is the only major band i follow so if this is standard for bands with larger discographies (playing only the single(s) from the albums down the line to death) i have nfi and i'm not a huge fan of it
  10. cvltic

    it's not lynch.'s fault that Ryo had better things to do
  11. cvltic

    y'all are weird AVANTGARDE was better than SINNERS overall i like this album, although FIVE seems like the most obvious choice for "should have been cut" even though the idea of giving everyone a feature because they're all back together is cute cause it's forgettable as hell. i really like OBVIOUS (shame about the DIES IRAE self-cover portion) but it's mostly because it gives me 07-09 lynch. flavor and i can 100% picture how it goes down at lives. ultimately tho my favorites are AMBLE, SENSE OF EMPTINESS, FAITH & GROTESQUE. but mostly i wish they would take a break from the album/album tour format for a few years. every album separates into what songs are going to be regulars and what songs we're never going to hear again after the album tour except at fanclub shows. if you're going to treat most of the album like a b-side soon, i don't really know what the point is. or maybe this is normal for major bands with large album outputs? also tetsu from d'erlanger for some reason has his own special thanks line in the booklet... did i miss if the members mentioned why? did he lend asanao something?
  12. cvltic

    (if you would like more than just the kanji i.e. romaji/translation lmk)
  13. cvltic

    i feel like they maybe did it so it could be searched easier? hazuki is a big fan of the twitter ego search at least.
  14. cvltic

    i nabbed it off of jp itunes and i gotta say i'm a little surprised. this album is heavy on atmosphere and clean vocals.
  15. cvltic

    literally would not piss on midorigawa if he was on fire, mathilda did that