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  1. cvltic

    @Gesu yes absolutely, that's the plan, it's not for mh anyway 💀
  2. cvltic

    @Komorebi was there a platform you didn't post this story? also i'm sorry i mistakenly thought you were older, and i'm not white, i'm white-passing metis. and in this retelling of the story you forgot to mention it was a poc mexican who called you out for saying "w*tback", not me, i just had the audacity to bring up the fact you never apologized to her for it. i want to move past this drama but considering you wallpapered this on every social media site while telling me not to harass you and crying because i didn't contact you directly when my private messages are wiiiide open....
  3. cvltic

    did you make the five star rating text just for me!!! anyway to drop the stan mask for a second my favorites are EROS, ALLERGIE, IN THIS ERA, ULTIMA, IDOL & ZINNIA. IN THIS ERA has been on repeat for a few hours, it's very melancholy but pleasant to me. tbh one problem i have was that ALLERGIE completely mopped the floor with any other heavy songs on the album. like i'm sure MACHINE is very fun live, but when listening to this as an album experience, there's not really any coming back after ALLERGIE. also i understand the vibe they were trying to achieve with EUREKA but i feel like PHOENIX already did it better... also shameless plug but i translated the lyrics.
  4. the album is good (better than XIII for me) but i think the comment about their diversity shining more in mid tempo and ballad songs remains true. ALLERGIE however is a p*ssy melter
  5. i feel like it'd be very hard for Akinori to get a visa to perform in some countries even tho i don't know the full details of his record lol
  6. cvltic

    @Tokage It's run by Reiko Arakawa who has close ties and does a lot of different work with aie, maco, ryo (DALLE/HOLLOWGRAM), emmuree, etc.
  7. cvltic

    last one looks like Kairi from Pisarro, although possibly from when he was in Siva?
  8. cvltic

    u get horny for muscles one time and then ppl come running to do a smear campaign on u SMH i probably have more involvement on stan vk twitter than the average poster here. overall i don't really mind intense fandom stuff, it's nice to see people care so much about what they love. but the described phenomenon of fans falling in love with their favs ("gachikoi" fans) is kind of the crux of bad fan behavior in vk in general, to me. people are simultaneously super judgmental (towards themselves and others) and super defensive about the potential that they might have actual feelings for their favorites. i feel like the advent of fanfiction, roleplay, etc. in the western fandom is probably sometimes related to young girls needing some outlet for these feelings (and sexuality in general but that's a whole nother can of worms). it's also i think what motivates some women to pull the "i'm a better fan" or "___ is a bad fan" thing -- they want to believe that they're worthy and others are not. stan culture is only fun when it's not competitive like that tbh.
  9. cvltic

    not to be late but since when did lynch./dgz have member drama lmao or is it just because people assumed Hazuki left on bad terms? lynch.'s XIII is weirdly "homage heavy", some declared (OBVIOUS and Heretic Anthem, JOKER and The Beautiful People/LUNA SEA's MY LOVER), some undeclared (the above, JOKER & that Mega Man song)... they did do a similar thing with SCARLET and quarter life as well but they really leaned into that self-reference, even the lyrics are complementary.
  10. cvltic

    they made an official twitter which is making me get ahead of myself and hoping this is going to be more than one show
  11. cvltic

    press F for yukino tbh
  12. the official statement is harsh, but the member comments speak about Qs quite fondly. i get the feeling that whatever happened is strictly a management vs. Qs thing.
  13. cvltic

  14. cvltic

    the closest thing i've ever heard to a full X JAPAN song is a cover by an idolm@ster girl i saw one of my favorite bandmen on a date in public and hid behind a clothing rack so he wouldn't notice me
  15. cvltic

    you did the right thing
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