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  1. peffy

    I've been playing Judgment (Judge Eyes), which is the Yakuza spin-off. It's just as great as the main Yakuza games, except.. the "girlfriends" side quests are, so far, kinda off-putting. Keep in mind, your character is a 35-year-old lawyer-turned-detective (but looks older because he is played by Kimura Takuya, who is 46..). He also has a will-they-won't-they relationship with a prosecutor lady, who is beautiful and smart and, as far as I'm concerned, the canon love interest. I'm only halfway through the main story so I don't know how that's gonna play out. Despite that lady's existence, there are 4 other girls you can date. - The first girl you get to seduce is NINETEEN, a totally innocent-looking guitar-playing singer/songwriter who came to Tokyo to further her career. Sure, it's a totally legal "relationship" but it's still icky. - The second is 29 years old, a very career-focused woman who is afraid of dating because her previous boyfriend cheated on her. Her storyline basically consists of convincing her that you will not cheat on her. Except you totally have a sorta-thing going on with the prosecutor, and 3 other optional girlfriends. I felt VERY BAD while promising her that I love her and will be faithful to her. I'm sorry, Nanami, but I need this trophy for dating everyone. - The third is an approximately college-age girl. So far, her storyline has been about her getting harassed by perverts, while her twin brother teases her about being a virgin?? It's weird. I haven't actually gone on dates with her yet. I'm not looking forward to it. - The fourth appears to be some kind of fortune teller lady. I did a couple of quests for her, but no hints of romance yet.
  2. peffy

    time to order all 3 types anything for yui-chan
  3. peffy

    Fuck China. It is a beautiful country (geographically) and I would kinda like to see those mountains and rivers and historical buildings in person, but I am not setting foot there while it's a communist dictatorship. Besides that, since Canada arrested the Huawei lady, I run the risk of being arrested/tortured/executed for being a spy. Also, I don't really understand how this happened, but my mother, who grew up in China and had her family's property and assets confiscated during the Great Leap Forward and had to escape illegally to Hong Kong, is still extremely patriotic to China and Mao Zedong. Every time the news mentions the Huawei situation, she starts ranting about how Canada is stupid for arresting her, and China is justified in arresting those Canadians. I've explained "extradition treaty" to her 3 times but she doesn't understand. (She's also very happy Xi Jinping has become supreme leader or whatever, and thinks it's totally fine that Chinese citizens who criticize the government get jailed and worse) By the way, go look up what's happening in Xinjiang province with the Uyghurs (and other minorities). Disgusting and abhorrent. Fuck China.
  4. peffy

    7'scarlet The overall story was pretty interesting, but yeah the romance stuff made very little sense for any character other than the childhood friend. Because basically she falls in love with the other guys after knowing them for like 2 days. And also, there's a secret 6th dude who turns out to be Assassin's Creed Odyssey Still trucking along, i'm at like 90 hours or something insane like that, I blew past level 50 and still haven't completed any of the main story threads. (For context, the story is probably completable at level 35-40.) @Ito's post reminds me of the big complaint I had with Origins - the story is so disjointed because of the huge time skips that exist so they can force your character into various historical events. That has been a problem with, I think, every AssCreed, but Odyssey has so far had ZERO time skips. It makes for a much more coherent story and helps with getting me attached to my character. So far. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Another otome VN. Unusual in the sense that there is no happy ending for 2 of the guys. Anyway, my best guy (Yamato) got the best happy ending, so I'm satisfied. The other 2 guys with happy endings both sucked because Anyway, aside from that, it was nice that this game had a flowchart with all the scenes, so it was easy to jump back and make different choices. Looking forward to playing the sequel, after I get through... Hakuoki Kyoto Winds I played one of the original Hakuoki games on PS3 way back when. It was one of the first games I played in Japanese, and boy that was a CHOICE. Lots of historical terminology made it a heck of a challenge. Anyway, Kyoto Winds is the Vita version which is apparently the original game (edit: the first half of the original game) with a lot of added stuff including new hot guys. And now it's in English! Except I'm already skeptical of the translation because they wrote the Genji era as "Ganji era". Also stuff like leaving out doubled n's, such as the character Sannan being written as Sanan. Yes, those are very different. How do you fuck that up??? By the way, I noticed translation errors in 7'scarlet and Psychedelica as well. Not just name-spelling errors, but like identifying the incorrect subject in sentences, such that it doesn't even make sense in the story. Come on.
  5. peffy

    There are only 2 Christmas songs I really like. One is real sad and the other is real happy. Cover of Luther Vandross's song, by Korean singer K. Excuse the Engrish. My Queen Namie Amuro. Of course, no full version of this song exists on Youtube. Excuse the Engrish ...and of course, the embedded videos don't work..
  6. peffy

    Black Panther I haven't watched most Marvel movies, but I heard this one is really good, plus I am always down for some "minority" representation. Came away from it kinda like "eh, it was fine". I saw some people saying Michael B Jordan (Killmonger) should get acting awards for this movie, but I thought his performance (and his character) was pretty flat. I liked Danai Gurira (Okoye) and Letitia Wright (Shuri) a lot more. Also I thought Chadwick Boseman's accent was weird and distracting. What I did find impressive was the costume design, music, and set design. The waterfall battle arena was pretty nuts.
  7. peffy

    Lol, pretty funny to be doing this test after playing some Socrates quests in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, wherein Socrates asks me stuff like whether or not this poor guy should be arrested for stealing a horse (that he needs for farm work to support his family) from a rich guy who has tons of horses. For the record, I chose to let the poor guy go free. I don't know a lot about philosophy in general, so I'm not sure how to interpret this.. I am reminded of that time I did a political spectrum test, and I probably misunderstood some questions because it identified me as an authoritarian communist.. How are people getting the icons at the bottom? I got nothing. Maybe I don't lean strongly enough in any direction.
  8. peffy

    Burly Men At Sea This is a really small, short game that can be 100%-ed in a couple of hours. It is super charming and has great music. The controls were designed for touch screen, and my only complaint is that the controls are never explained. It took me like 3 minutes to figure out how to get past the title screen. T_T;;; There's also a "battle" that I would've never figured out how to beat without googling it. (turns out I had to touch and HOLD on a specific spot) 7'scarlet Otome visual novel I just started last night. I'm pretty interested in the story - the heroine's brother went missing a year ago in a small town that has rumours of supernatural scary stuff going on. Now she's in that town to investigate, sort of. (Why didn't she or her family go there to look for him earlier?) My problem so far is the potential love interests. - Childhood friend who likes sports - This guy seems OK, but is showing signs of having an unhealthy obsession with the heroine. He's incredibly obvious about having a crush on her, but she's too dumb to notice. (I'm pretty tired of this anime trope) - Upbeat chef guy - I don't like his VA - Shy and clumsy weirdo with a cat obsession - Medical student who only cares about studying. Megane. - Slightly older guy who maybe sorta becomes the heroine's boss (!), rude no-nonsense type. So, so far, all of these guys kinda suck. They'll probably get a bunch of sympathetic character development later, we'll see. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Already clocked in 40 hours or so. This game is so massive. That can be good or bad depending on what you want out of it. People were complaining about leveling too slowly? I think I'm leveling too fast. (And I'm playing on easy, which apparently awards less XP than higher difficulties). My gear is underleveled because I level up so fast. Anyway, it is so so so so so so fun. Already wrote too much about this game in previous post. By the way, it was just announced that Ubisoft Quebec (developers of Odyssey) has hired Mike Laidlaw, the former creative director for Dragon Age. I really hope he's working on a new Assassin's Creed, that would be DOPE.
  9. peffy

    Over the years I have had recurring dreams themed around being hopelessly lost at a school. I walk down hallways, up and down stairs, and between different buildings but I just cannot find the exit. Fucking nightmares. At least I don't dream about being in class and writing tests and shit. (as far as I remember) If you couldn't tell, I hate school and am thankful every day that I got my damn degree.
  10. peffy

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Bought from PSN on Friday night, and was pretty much glued to my PS4 playing this game for the whole weekend. Somehow clocked in 16 hours already (though I left it running while AFK, maybe actually played 14-15 hours). THE GOOD: - Main character - I chose Kassandra, of course. She's sassy and charming and tough. Has impressive arms. Love the addition of dialogue choices, even if they may not amount to much. I already did one "romance" and it was hilariously awkward. It started with a couple of lines of flirting, and ended up like "I'll help you get medicine for your father. Can we fuck first? No?" then "I got the medicine. Can we fuck now? No?" then "I found out what you're really up to. But that's ok. Can we fuck now? Yes? YAY!"and then it was "Hey you can join my ship crew. BTW I'm never gonna have any more meaningful interactions with you." - Combat - I'm playing on easy mode and having a blast. I'm basically doing what I did in Origins, which is play full stealth, until I inevitably fuck up and have to fight head-on. It's always so satisfying to hide in the bushes and stab people in the back. - Mercenary "nemesis" system - While obviously not as fleshed out as the Mordor games, I find it interesting to have all these named mercenaries wandering around the world, ignoring you until you get a bounty on your head. Which actually seems pretty hard to do, at least the way I'm playing. I wanted to go up a rank yesterday, so I had to purposely kill some innocent people to get someone to hunt me. I was worried about this before, reading impressions from people complaining that they always have max bounty and mercenaries relentlessly chasing them everywhere, but they must have been stealing & killing like crazy (or maybe difficulty affects this?) - Traversal - Seems identical to Origins, but with the huge addition of no deaths from fall damage. A big annoyance in all previous AC games is accidentally jumping the wrong way and watching your character do a suicide jump, and then having to sit through a loading screen. Odyssey doesn't care. I've jumped off of very high cliffs and only had to deal with 5 seconds of "ouch my ankle" run animation. (They still have those famed piles of hay/leaves, but only under sync points, and strangely I can't even hide in them anymore) THE BAD: - Loading times - Somehow runs worse than Origins. Hitting a black loading screen every time you start a dialogue scene kinda sucks. Also, there's a black loading screen when using the eagle a little bit away from Kassandra then going back to her. The entire game will occasionally freeze for 1-2 seconds when it's loading in a new area (usually only happens when I'm speeding around on my horse). Overall, not a huge deal for me, just a bit annoying. - UI choices - Wasn't a fan of using a cursor for menu screens in Origins, and it's here again. I'm not playing with a mouse! Also, to do a lot of things, I have to hold down a button for like 3 seconds. Dismantle equipment, sell stuff, unlock a skill, even save the game. Why. NEUTRAL: - Story/World-building - I'm not very far into it, but I feel it just isn't as "grabbing" as Origins was. (Then again, in the early stages of Origins I was really motivated to go find the wife.) Also kinda feel like Origins was better at world-building, like with NPCs going about their business, or maybe that's just because the customs of Egypt are more foreign to me. - Ship combat - Loved this, for the most part, in Black Flag, but here I've only done it a couple of times and I already feel a bit tired of it. That may change after I upgrade the ship. Which brings me to... - Upgrade costs - The ship is expensive to upgrade! Though I guess I'm not supposed to upgrade so much this early in the game.
  11. Kiryu is making me look up synonyms of "labia" and I can't find the right one and I'm upset.

    1. IGM_Oficial



      You're stuck with "陰唇" on "Hansuu", I guess?

    2. peffy


      Yep that's the one!

  12. peffy

    Since my last visit here on Oct 5, I basically ignored everything VK and just spent all my (limited) spare time gaming. I beat these games: God of War 3 - Kratos is an asshole. I was somewhat disturbed by the gross treatment of women. Still want to play the new one tho. Batman (the Telltale game) - Actually had some tough choices to make. Was very interested in Cat/Bat's relationship Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - LOVED this. Lots of fun. Except the part where I had to collect brains. Best weapon: Sheepinator fully upgraded. Oxenfree - Dialogue stuff was the best part of this game. I don't really get what the story is trying to say, tho (alternate universe stuff? time travel stuff?). And I DID NOT appreciate the jump scares & creepy stuff. I don't like horror very much. Currently playing these on&off: Dragon Quest Heroes - I don't think I like musou gameplay that much. Every mission being like "protect this thing" is tiring. I haven't gotten very far yet, tho. Cities Skylines - I can't believe how intricate and complex this gets. I just started bus service in my city, and they want me to plot the bus routes. I'd rather not... Code Realize Future Blessings - The original game had bittersweet endings (if I remember right) where, in most of them, the heroine still has poison skin and can't touch the dude she's in love with. This game concludes those stories with her getting cured, which makes it seem like these are the real endings that got cut from the first game.
  13. peffy

    My hype for Assassin's Creed Odyssey is off the charts at this point, but I refuse to buy it for full price. And I think I'll get the Gold edition too ($130 Canadian ?!!?!?!). Sony please e-mail me another 20% off coupon. Although that'd mean I still have to pay $104. =_= .. maybe I'll just get the regular, and buy the DLC separately if it's "good". While I'm waiting for that, I'm going to try to force myself to play God of War 3. I'm not exactly a fan of Kratos after playing God of War 2 a few months ago, but I feel like I need to do this before I can play God of War (the PS4 one).... eventually.
  14. peffy

    So I totally made up that quote. But, here is a thing that just happened: The FBI investigation happened too, but by god that is the most suspicious-looking "SHAM" investigation I have seen. I'll be very surprised if Kavanaugh does not get confirmed tomorrow. Even if the sexual assault allegations are false, the lengths Kavanaugh went to to defend himself should absolutely disqualify him. Obvious lying under oath, dodging the simple question "Have you ever been drunk?" while disrespecting the female Democrat senator asking it, and shouting conspiracy theories about Democrats "wanting revenge for the Clintons" in his OPENING FUCKING STATEMENT?!?!?
  15. peffy

    The American Republican Party should fuck off all the way to Pluto. (re: Kavanaugh hearing, mostly) I have been a victim of "minor" sexual assaults. I have never told anybody about these incidents. I fully understand why women who were victims of far worse choose not to speak up. Looking at the results of that shit hearing, I fully understand why women will refuse to speak up in the future about any political appointee. It doesn't fucking matter to the Republicans/conservatives. "How dare you ruin this good man's reputation?" "I knew Brett in high school, he didn't rape me, so he couldn't possibly have raped somebody else!" "Are you SURE it was him? Maybe it was somebody who looked like him." "We can't ruin his life because of one accusation with no evidence. Oh, there are three accusations? We can't ruin his life because of three accusations with no evidence." "THIS IS A SHAM, THE DEMOCRATS ARE DESPERATE, THEY ARE PAYING THESE WOMEN TO MAKE UP STORIES #SOROS!!!!" Fuck right off. Need I remind you that this is essentially a job interview, not a criminal trial? If a dude was applying to flip burgers at McDonald's, he'd be disqualified in a heartbeat. Somehow, a dude applying for Supreme Court Justice (or, hell, dude applying for President) is held to lower standards. i.e. NO STANDARDS EXCEPT HE'S GONNA TOE THE REPUBLICAN LINE. The very least you could do is delay the confirmation vote and allow the FBI to investigate. But no, we can't have that either. It's a good thing I'm Canadian and will probably not have to worry about abortion suddenly becoming illegal. Or watching the country descend into fascism. Never say never, though. I see that cancer spreading.
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