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  1. AMADEUS vhs and 3 by AFTER IMAGE., is wonderful news
  2. AFTER IMAGE Memories VHS *ultra rare* / sold I want that vhs / u_u
  3. Hi, the collection is very good, you will have videos of "AMADEUS", it's a shame to get rid of them u_u . A question? if two people want a video, you might be able to get a copy of it. apologize for my English is not good, I hope I can understand
  4. DKghynger

    CM is see very good, awesome!!
  5. New single! that emotion and as say, hopefully an improvement in this maxi single <___
  6. DKghynger

    An Cafe is very special, i stopped listening a good time - not everyone can like us -
  7. DKghynger

    very very good !!
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