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  1. greeeeen

    Um. The book this season is based on is my least favorite so far, but I'm looking forward to how Dorne is going to be depicted nonetheless (the bastards, particularly, mwehehe).
  2. I did. I still do, to an extent, though I've been having a hard time catching up (less than a hundred scrobbles in the past 5-6 months.. I reckon?) and in a few instances I actually spent some time listening to music I just did it regardless of the fact it may have skewed my charts and displayed artists whose songs I have listened to too much already / previously non-existent (due to a certain taste I used to try to insinuate) in my library. Because whatever.
  3. Back to white again. :o

  4. greeeeen

    After having watched the latest episode, I just can't contain all the feels. :'D Here's one interesting post on tumblr that pertains to the most memorable scene in which the original Beifong told Kuvira (to quote a point I absolutely agree with) her existence was a disgrace to something she worked so hard to achieve. http://kuvirsass.tumblr.com/post/104403807820/you-give-metalbenders-a-bad-name-all-joking
  5. Finally life with good music again. :'}

  6. greeeeen

    The previous hair length was the longest I've had but I impulsively decided to go for a really short bob cut when thesis submission deadline was coming near and I couldn't handle all the stress. After two months I've finally grown fond of my hair... kind of.
  7. Dora, I hope you read this. Does dyed hair turn brighter after shampooing???

    1. 237Q


      hahaha dora here :D it does if you dyed it darker than your natural hair color, but it only fades very slowly (depending on the quality of both the dye and your hair)

  8. greeeeen

    Done! Here's mine. (Nell’s Counting Pulses. Probably not all that memorable, but Kim Jong Wan sang it in such a way that makes me feel the helplessness projected in the lyrics). 66. What was the last single you downloaded? Shakira’s La La La Brazil (2014 FIFA Song). 67. What was the last album you downloaded? Lewis Watson’s The Morning. 68. What was the first album you ever bought? Evanescence’s Fallen. 69. What was the last album you bought? 乍東十四雄’s S/T. Idek why. 70. What would life be like for you without music? A barren wasteland. 71. What do you think about mainstream music today? I mostly don’t care. 72. What do you think about KPOP? Some is outright annoying, some I can tolerate, some I can enjoy. 73. Do you think the people around you have weird/bad taste? I do. 74. Do people (in general) think you have a weird/bad taste in music? They do. Some think K-Pop is all I ever listen to (because seriously, K-Pop music is the only thing I can talk about with the people I know in real life), some think my taste is unfathomable (when they learn about my real inclinations). 75. Is music very important to you? It's one of the things I'm passionate about. 76. Do you wish you could sing? If so, what style? I wish I could. My voice is pretty low I can sing some ONE OK ROCK’s songs without using falsettos. I’d love to have 4ho’s voice combined with songwriting and guitar-playing talents just so I could play gigs. Haha. 77. What was your favorite genre a long time ago? Has it changed since? I used to like Mariah Carey, Chinese and Indian music, then whatever played on MTV (Greenday, Good Charlotte, etc). Of course it’s changed. Music taste evolves. 78. Is there a song you find very special to you? amazarashi’s 光、再考. 79. What artists/musicians inspire you? Efek Rumah Kaca. 80. What do you usually listen to music on (computer, phone, ipod, etc)? Phone, then on laptop. 81. Do you listen to entire albums or specific songs? Like CAT5’s answer, I listen to entire albums when they're new to me, at other times I just shuffle the songs I already enjoy. 82. One song that makes you happy? The Trees & The Wild's Malino. There are others as well. 83. What song do you never get tired of? Too many, I suppose. 84. A song you like that was made before you were born? I don’t know. 85. What song makes you want to fall in love? amazarashi’s ワンルーム叙事詩. Listening to this song makes me think of myself waking up in the morning next to the person I love most, regardless the actual meaning of the lyrics. 86. What song would you make love to? - 87. What song makes you want to dance? Too many! Like SHINee's Ring Ding Dong or EXO's History. 88. What song reminds you of summertime? ...I don’t know. 89. What song reminds you of someone you would rather forget about? Nope. I have nobody I’d rather forget about. 90. Do you sing in the shower? I do not. 91. Do you ever make music mixes/mixtapes for other people? Just twice. I’m still learning. 92. How do you find new music? Last.fm, Xiami, friends. 93. What artist/band do you enjoy that most people think sucks? I don’t know. I just don’t think Gazette’s that bad. They’re ostentatious, yes, but some of their materials are alright. 94. Best active VK band? I don’t really pay any attention to VK bands anymore. 95. What do you think of Yoshiki? Attention-seeking bitch. 96. Do you Cosplay? I don’t. 97. Do you prefer visual or non-Visual Bands? The latter. 98. Do you read music-related fanfiction? I used to. Now I just think it’s impolite. 99. Who in J-rock do you think is actually a vampire? Unanimous answer would be Hyde, I suppose. 100. Last J-rock song you fell in love with? Day and Buffalo’s Bye Bye Daddy. 101. Favorite Japanese guitarist? TK of Rin Toshite Shigure. 102. Favorite Japanese bassist? The only names that come to mind is Shinya Fujiki of Akutagawa and Tamaki Kunishi of Mono. 103. Favorite Japanese drummer? Sujk =)), Kashikura Takashi of toe. 104. Best Dressed Japanese band? - 105. What are you listening to now? Nothing.
  9. greeeeen

    I'm not really sure if this counts, but I've had a handful of opportunities being.. well, friendzoned. I suppose being friendzoned doesn't only mean not having your affection reciprocated (lol tumblr) as it also applies to the instances when you're seen as 'undateable' by the person who harbors the feelings for you (in my case because apparently my fiery, tomboyish disposition brushes the guys off somehow without them ever making any obvious advances); thus putting you in the friend zone.
  10. greeeeen

    Oh My God. OH MY GOD YES.
  11. Champ, feel free to PM your songs to me anytime! Unfortunately, you're gonna have to wait for mine as I'm having a final assessment on Monday. Sorry.

    1. Champ213


      Fair enough. I'll try to get mine done over the weekend. :D

  12. greeeeen

    I agree with Miasma. Sad to see one of my favorite characters die, but everyone's gonna be dead anyway. I personally think the fighting scene between Oberyn and Gregor was a bit too short, but nonetheless it was as brutal and beautiful as I pictured it to be. I just wish Oberyn had more interactions with Tyrion..............
  13. I missed this place very much.

    1. Zeus


      we missed you too

    2. Tetora


      Welcome back!

    3. whitegrey


      this place missed you too! Welcome back :3


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    2. greeeeen
    3. CAT5


      style I will kill u, dwi is mine forever. even if I have a million other waifuz

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