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  1. ndareba

    I was really hoping they were just using An till they found a better drummer. Alas.... Roji was impossible to replace given how talented he was, but I was hoping for someone better. :/
  2. ndareba

    In no particular order really -BORN -D'espairsRay -Nightmare -DIV -Belmosaic -A (エース) -Xepher -the GazettE -girugamesh -Purple Stone
  3. ndareba

    Hizumi (D'espairsRay) I can't really put it into words, but I love his voice. He made me appreciate screaming. The power and emotion behind his vocals have always been amazing to me. Ryoga (BORN) I honestly do not understand why I love his voice so much. I'll be the first to admit it's weird and I really shouldn't like it, but for whatever reason I do. Particularly in their ballads. He's really good at creating specific atmospheres. Kazuki (Belmosaic) It's not the most impressive voice, but it's unique. It's got an interesting tone that fits really well with the band's sound. I've been in love with his voice from the second I heard it. I'm really hoping he'll join another band after Belmosaic split. Satoshi (Girugamesh) I'm not a big girugamesh fan anymore, but I'll always love Satoshi's voice. It's full of emotion. (The screams in Kowarete Iku Sekai always get to me) He has the power for their harder stuff, but can switch to a much softer tone for the ballads. Keiya (Purple Stone) He has one of the smoothest voices, especially for a young band (though he was in a non-VK band, Hazze, before). It's really clear and he makes it all seem so easy. Also, I've never seen a vocalist able to work a crowd like Keiya can. (When most of those people are not there for PS) Honorable mentions: Chisa (DIV) and Show (VAASTU) (Show's range is ridiculous)
  4. ndareba

    It's far overdo. orz But thank you!
  5. ndareba

    Uh, Hey. You can call me ndareba or chibatta I'm from America. Been into VK for about 7ish years. I made an account here a long time ago and then promptly forgot all about it, so this introduction is very late. XD Favorite bands: BORN, Nightmare, the GazettE, Purple Stone, Belmosaic, DIV, VAASTU, Xepher, girugamesh, D'espairsRay, A(エース) I honestly have a wide range of music likes though (classic rock, pop, kpop, and occasionally metal and rap) Besides that sleeping and eating are my life Think that about does it. Looking forward to chatting with people~