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  1. kodama-kun

    I searched them but there were no results. .___. Could you send me the links, please?
  2. kodama-kun

    I met them about 2 years ago when Guillotine came out. I really LOVED that song. Since then they've become better and better. But it seems to me that almost no one interested in them nowadays. Even their last 2 singles still not uploaded anywhere... So guys, what do you think of them now?
  3. Wow, your voice is really good. The music's great as well. I'm diggin' it. Good job!
  4. kodama-kun

    Oh my gosh... I'm not the "let's write a review-type" guy, but this CD is so bad.. Back then I kinda liked Born's music. Until Vigour. That album had some really great tracks but it also had its downhills. After Vigour.. I don't know what happened to them. I liked Blasted Animals but I felt it's just decent. (And I won't say a single word about that outfit.) The other singles weren't my cup of tea. Now here's this mini-album... THE STALIN: I kinda liked the preview. I had hopes but they ruined it. The refrain's catchy, I liked it. That's all. SKIN: What the hell were they thinking? The autotune is really bad. The song itself is like Mejibray's worms to me. (I really don't like that song at all.) The solo had some melody... DIARY: The best song on this crappy release but this doesn't make it a good song. I liked the riffs and Ryouga's singing. It sounds like it could've been on Vigour. Just an okay song but I like it. ↑HUMAN HOLE↓: It reminded me a lot of THE END (NIL intro) by the Gazette. Altough I really like the Gazette's one. The "BORN-version" is just a pointless track. 排梳ノ蝶: Nice vibes at the start. After then just noise. The melodic parts weren't bad but the whole song is just a mess. 磔: I don't wanna talk about it. Just don't... BREAKTHROUGH: It's like two different songs. Dunno what to say. It's just bad. I have no idea why I had hopes for this. Really... what the heck is this? Score: (For THE STALIN's refrain and for the DIARY itself.)
  5. kodama-kun

    No way! He was so good. I'm gonna miss him so much! Hope that his illness isn't too serious.
  6. kodama-kun

    Finally. Really looking foward to it.
  7. kodama-kun

    Wow, great! I really like it. Altough I think they're quite underrated...
  8. kodama-kun

  9. kodama-kun

    I love the 1st song.
  10. kodama-kun

    I'm definitely going to the Hungary gig! See you there! ^^
  11. kodama-kun

    I really want to order Butterfly Dreamer Limited but my wallet is empty.
  12. Didn't expect this but hey, great news!
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