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  1. I survived the purge at work ... the first time they've had to lay off employees in 60 years. 20% gone. I'm still employed for now, though ...

    1. YuyoDrift


      Just hope that at least when it does come time for you to be up to bat, that it's a simple furlough and not a layoff. I'm fucked cuz I'm pretty sure they are going to sever my contract with the company I work for, but it also means I can apply for unemployment since it will be a layoff.


      Good luck dude. 

    2. lichtlune


      World is getting rough out there man... 

    3. patientZERO


      @YuyoDriftGood luck to you too, man. I honestly hope this all blows over before it comes to a second round of layoffs for myself and before they terminate your contract. Yesterday was a hard day at work for everyone in the company and afterward there was a conference call where they expected everyone else to step up for those who were let go. A bit of a mixed bag of messages.

      I will give them a bit of credit, though, since they laid off those who were close to retirement age (and probably gave them early retirement) and also some of the chaff who weren't that great to begin with, but they couldn't afford to let go when we were super busy. It still sucks, though.

      Hang in there everybody. I'm trying to stay positive.

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