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  1. I'm so fucking scared of losing my job due to this outbreak ... I barely make enough to scrap by and can't afford to live on my own. How am I going to survive if all the airlines go bankrupt?

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    2. Gesu


      I feel ya. I'm not employed yet but I've been looking for a job for months and I was set to have a tour around a local shop on Friday morning which would lead to a work experience placement, then a paying job if I did well enough. Guess what's getting rescheduled due to coronavirus.

    3. nekkichi


      there's like a real new global recession predicted for 2020 anyway why r y'all so worried about like the flu

    4. leighla


      I work in aviation, too, but I'm almost five years seniority, which is one of the oldest in the department aside from my boss. I'm still worried regardless because of the airline just going under. I know president said he'd bailout the airlines, but the money has to come from somewhere.

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