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  1. If her room was locked, does that mean she choked herself? Didn't Keisuke already confess? What's the relevance of the charcoal briquettes? So many questions.
  2. Don't let the actions of one member from a disbanded RR band influence your feelings on an entire scene. Bad apples exist in every batch.
  3. Jesus! That dude's super shitty. I was wondering why he allegedly killed his girlfriend and/or why there was a suicide pact if they were still happy, but now this adds to the pile of shit. He's a classy gentleman for sure.
  4. That is one weird and creepy twitter feed. There's some tweet about a gift she bought with the money she got from sex(?) and a video of him tossing her salad ... There's some weird stuff going on, but I find it weirder that it was posted online for all to see.
  5. It is their first (true) single. They've had maxi-singles and mini-albums before.
  6. Someone should probably tell them that Mitsune's not their third guitarist ...
  7. For real? I guess I was unaware. I mostly meant members who use their family AND given names.
  8. I'm not a fan of the new logo at all (if that's really what it is). It's just some grunge brushes thrown on top of an upside-down peace sign with some nearly illegible text trying to sound Important. I'm glad that they seem to be rebooting, though.
  9. Summoning @Suuu!
  10. Deviloof posted their merch for their upcoming oneman. There's a shirt that's Keisuke's back tattoo ... which is dope! I wish it wasn't white, though. I have their old logo tee, but I want their new one as well.
  11. Not bad. I'm usually not a big fan of (the) GazettE clones, but this sounds like recent The GazettE, so I'm more inclined to care.
  12. And the fact that they're using their real names and not stage names. Very few VK bands do that. (the only band I can think of off the top of my head is 12012, and I just assumed that was their actual names)
  13. KILLANETH + oxygen masks = lovers forever
  14. X Japan