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  1. Down three members in less than a year. This doesn't bode well ...
  2. Seiya (ex-DEVILOOF gu.) tweeted today that he's searching to recruit a vocalist for a new metalcore project involving Hiroto (ex-DEVILOOF dr.). Requirements include being able to sing and scream, as well as be interested in VK.
  3. It sounds like Crossfaith stole Yoshiatsu's vocals.
  4. Same here! I was on my way home thinking, it's been a while since we've heard anything from DADAROMA. I hope the wind didn't go out of their sails after Yusuke's departure.
  5. patientZERO

    My boys look dope as fuck. I am excite~!
  6. patientZERO

    I'm seeing them live on Monday! Their sets are short this tour, but I'm sure it'll be fun as hell.
  7. patientZERO

    Damn, what a shame! I hope he gets better and potentially comes back.
  8. patientZERO

    It sounded a lot like the part in Reverence by NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST where Hiro spits "crush into the burden for me. kill each other at the end of story" a couple times.
  9. patientZERO

    People keep saying "poor Hajime" but maybe he's the problem here. The dude should probably stick with solo activities, regardless. Still a shame, though.
  10. patientZERO

    I'm in. I do miss the more technical stuff that Seiya brought, but this is just one song, so we'll see what the rest of the album has in store. I really do hope that Ray continues to sing on a song or two.
  11. patientZERO

    They used to change their look constantly when they were Morphine. So this is just following suit, I guess. I just hope they can stick to one tone musically. Also, their drummer is definitely wearing a shirt for pants.
  12. patientZERO

    He needs to keep his voice in the lower registers. Right where his range begins to peak into falsetto, it gets really grating. His screams in this song are dope though.
  13. patientZERO

    ザアザア is actually an onomatopoeia for the sound of rushing water.
  14. I just got tickets for Crystal Lake's first US tour. I'm contemplating going to at least one other show, but I'm also moving around that time and not sure what my financial situation will be. But fuck it. I'm stoked for now!

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