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  1. Well, as I said before, I didn't mean to offend by writing my "bullshit." And I'm not a white girl.
  2. We could talk ourselves in circles about this, but I've said my part. There's a difference between keyboard crusaders and those who act in real life. I was just trying to instill in people that the difference is in how you react to those who slur shit online and not in person. I didn't mean to get anybody's knickers in a twist for taking a positive-seeking spin on things. Il'll see my way out now.
  3. There's a difference between being a keyboard crusader and doing this stuff in real life. As I said in my earlier post. Had this been something that was done to anybody personally, then it's a different story. And not to dive into my personal story too much, I was once a bible-thumping (it's thumping by the way) "Christfag" and went around the country "spreading the ministry" and found out the leader was against gays, etc. His daughter came out and they disowned her and tried to scare her straight. It didn't work, obviously, and I vehemently stood up against him and his family and organization. I'm obviously not a religious person anymore, nor was I ever a bigot, but like I said before, hate thrives on attention. And seriously, in a conversation about bigots, you're liberally throwing around the word fag ... so yeah.
  4. Well, to speak truthfully, you do have to accept his opinion. You may not believe it (nor do I), but it is his opinion and we have to be okay with the fact that people will have differing viewpoints on things. When it becomes an issue is when it starts interfering with your everyday life. He's using YouTube as his platform to spread his hate, and honestly, YT is a cesspool of hate anyway. I'm glad you won't let it get to you, but wasting time watching, reading comments, and spending time thinking about it won't change his opinion or help better your life. It is sad that people can be this low-key, but right now, you're in a place (MH) that's accepting of you for who you are. Hate thrives on attention like fire thrives on oxygen. Fail to give it that and we can snuff out the flames.
  5. It's easy to be hateful on the Internet because they can sit behind their keyboards and monitors and say whatever they want. Try not to let it get to you because what they say is all is 0's and 1's in the long run and like good old Mama always says "sticks and stones." I know how hard it is, but sometimes you just need to sit back and think how hard their life must be living everyday hateful and bigoted in a world that is slowly progressing towards equality. Life must suck when you're close-minded.
  6. I'm so sick of my suitemates. They're polite on the outside, but they slam doors, leave water all over the floor in the bathroom (like a goddam lake) and refuse to clean up their messes. I feel like their parent ...
  7. The first two tracks on each disc are new, though the first track is most likely an instrumental. DISC 1 01. Determination 02. BREAK THIS FAKE DISC 2 12. Eveil 13. Calamity of Victims
  8. I think the raspy thing is potentially a symptom of the way he sings/screams and how consistent their releases and lives have been. It's got to take a toll on your voice, especially if you're not using it correctly. And it's not like they can dedicate a solid amount of time to recording a few songs at a time, so they just have to deal with it. Of course this is entirely conjecture, but I guess we'll see if it translates over into their future releases or not.
  9. True dat.
  10. Unfortunately, I can't separate the personalities of the band members with the music. I was a fan in their early days, when they had only released Royal Ocean and saw them live at a floor show with Alesana. To keep this story short, I was friends with Shawn (guitarist for Alesana) and he told me and my friend to make sure nobody bumped the mic into his teeth (he sings and plays guitar and the floor show was rowdy). So the whole set was fine, they came out for an encore, some douche jumped on my friend's back and started grabbing for Shawn's mic and my friend pushed him off. I didn't see what went down afterwards as I had fallen over, but Shawn whips of his guitar and swings it at someone and grabs the mic off the floor and yells "No one fucks with my friends. Show's over!" I get up, ask Shawn where Tom (my friend) went and he said he got clocked in the face and he's "backstage" (it was just the door behind the venue since it was a VHF hall). I go back there to see Tom's face annihilated and the dudes from DGD laughing at him, pointing and telling him he got knocked the fuck out for being a pussy. Jonny was seriously pointing at him and just laughing. Cool dudes. Fortunately, Will Swan came over and told Tom that it was messed up what happened, but still. Flash forward some time and DGD is playing at a big festival for hardcore/punk music in Asbury Park NJ. There's tons of bands playing and the stage is set up so half of it can get torn down while a band plays on the other half. DGD takes the stage and starts to play, all minus Jonny. They get through an entire song and start another as Jonny finally stumbles on stage and none of the band members pay him any attention. They play an extremely truncated set as Jonny is CLEARLY on some shit. Finally they leave the stage as the audience all questions what the hell just happened. This was the catalyst for the flood of information behind his douchebagerry. The band left him in NJ, rightfully so, and went on their way (which is when the dudes from Emarosa decided to help him out). So yeah, these are the reasons I can't stand the band anymore. Any time I hear their name or their music, I just think about what unkind people they were (except for Will). I wish I could separate the personal interactions I've had with the band with their music, but unfortunately, I just cannot. HOWEVER, Will Swan runs his own label with some supreme talent on it called Blue Swan Records, so if you like DGD, definitely check out Adventurer, Stolas, and Secret Band (whom Will is personally in, as well as Jon and Matt).
  11. Try 5 extra strings. Two 8-string guitars and a 5-string bass.
  12. A quick google search gave me this which might be of interest.