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  1. patientZERO

    I'm intrigued. I need to hear some samples before getting my hopes too high, though.
  2. patientZERO

    And then there was Mandrake Root.
  3. Time to glued to twitter to see if the bands I want to see will be in Tokyo while I'm there. I'm wondering if a trip to Nagoya will be worth it to see JILUKA, DEXCORE, and Develop One's Faculties play together. They're on my list for sure, but I don't know if it's worth the trip for the short set lists they'll put on.

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    2. patientZERO


      It's a long trip and expensive if I take the shinkansen, so maybe I'll make it an overnight trip. Hmmm. I don't really know what's in Nagoya, but it's time to look!

    3. Komorebi


      Nagoya is about halfway  between Osaka and Tokyo. And the nightbus is probably around $30-$40

    4. patientZERO


      I brought it up with my partner and she said there's nothing she has interest in seeing in Nagoya. So maybe not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some sweet lineups for New Years lives.

  4. patientZERO

    Yeah, judging by the nose alone, I don't think they're the same person ... Unless he had some work done.
  5. I need to figure out how to order a ticket for Ricko's birthday live ... My Japanese reading comprehension isn't that good.

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    2. Komorebi


      I don't think JILUKA sells out their onemans...  but I ca ask around just in case. It's so great that you get to go.

    3. patientZERO


      Based on the pictures of Youtsuya LOTUS, that place is tiny. And I thought Amemura DROP was small. Thanks for asking around, too!

    4. Komorebi


      Birthday onemas are apparently always in tiny venues 🤔 If it does sell out gya will be selling tickets on twitter anyway lol

  6. One Cut of the Dead was not quite what I thought it would be, but holy hell was it great!

    1. Jigsaw9


      Same here! I didn't know what to expect, but I was blown away, haha. :D 

    2. patientZERO


      My girlfriend saw it when it was in theaters and told me I needed to see it, but I didn't think I had to wait two years until it came to the States. After the first  third or so, I was thinking "why are people gushing about this?" And then it just got better and better. Haha!

  7. Is KEEL even a band anymore? They've been silent for close to a year now ...

    1. Tokage


      aie's been touring & recording with gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy over the first half of the year and there's the whole deadman revival thing going on too so maybe he's just too busy to juggle everything. 

    2. Paraph


      justice for KEEL

  8. patientZERO

    I'm a sucker for simplistic designs, so pretty much every KEEL album cover is perfect in my opinion. Plus I love consistent designs throughout a band's oeuvre and with a couple exceptions, they've kept the + pattern consistent.
  9. This is a shame, albeit not surprising. I hope they form a new band soon because these are some talented dudes.
  10. What a collaboration of talent! Cazqui's Brutal Orchestra features the aforementioned Cazqui (ex-NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST) on guitar, with Kagami (Dexcore) on vocals, Daiki (DEVILOOF) on bass, and Zyean (JILUKA) on drums. Their first live will be on 11/25.
  11. Their samples are generally chosen from the drabbest points of their songs. This isn't the whole thing. My guess is it gets pretty intense later on.
  12. BABYMETAL was a ton of fun last night. The fans are generally super chill and the opener was surprisingly entertaining. All in all, a great day.

  13. I got to see them play that live in NYC when they played their residency at Gramercy Theater. It was an absolute blast and Kaoru kept playing Die's guitar. You could tell they were all having fun together, which often they're pretty stoic on stage, especially now.
  14. I just realized JILUKA is playing a 2man with Breakin' Holiday in Shinjuku the day I arrive in Japan ... but my plane lands a half hour after the show starts ... FML.

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    2. patientZERO


      I kinda want to do some of the tourist-y stuff. I want to go to Akiba, but the person I'm visiting isn't into that sort of thing, so I think I'll probably go alone. I'm looking forward to eating all the foods I miss! Okonomiyaki, omurice, gyudon, that sort of thing. I didn't know about the metropolitan building, though. Maybe I'll do that instead of Skytree or Tokyo Tower. I also want to go to Gundam Base, but I just feel bad because she isn't interested in a lot of the things I want to do and I don't want to make her feel bad.


      Sorry ... I'm probably saying too much. Haha!

    3. Komorebi


      Nah, don't apologize. 

      I've traveled alone and accompanied and both have pros and cons. 

      I suggest you plan stuff together like certain trips and meals, but also give yourselves time to enjoy your own interests on your own. Splitting during a trip isn't bad at all and it can be even for best sometimes. It's easy to get into each other's nerves when traveling with someone.

      Get a couple of cheap prepaid simcards so you can stay in touch when splitting and don't be afraid to enjoy a few hours on your own ;)

    4. patientZERO


      She's got work during the days on the first week, so I'll have all that time to myself. I'm hoping to get all the nerdy stuff I want to do out of the way while she's working and then we'll have the evenings/nights together and then on the second week, we'll be together the whole time. She's okay with going to some lives (she just thinks the music I listen to is noisy) so that'll be fine.

      I'm going to try ask her to get a SIM card for myself for the two weeks (she lives in Tokyo) while I'm there, but don't know if I should go SIM or pocket wifi, since the last phone I had wouldn't take the SIM card and I was boned. I've got a while to go before I go over, so I'm planning as much as I can in advance.

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