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  1. patientZERO

    I like it and every instrument is given its chance to shine in this song, but I can't help but feel it's a bit cobbled together. There's times where the vocalist isn't quite in-beat, as well as the latter half of the guitar solo. I'm not sure whether or not to support them, though. It's a shame Issei is such a prick.
  2. patientZERO

    I honestly don't remember who opened for them, but yeah, it was Terminal 5. Such an interesting venue, with the queue outside wrapping underneath a building?
  3. patientZERO

    I was there too!
  4. patientZERO

    Well this is all a goddam shame. I can't imagine them sticking it through having their leader leave like this. They'd been together for so long that it's hard to see this coming. I was thinking about making a trip over to Japan for their live on the 16th due to the sick lineup, but now I might HAVE to with the departures. Regardless, I'll follow Cazqui to wherever he goes next. They're one of the best bands I've ever seen live.
  5. patientZERO

    I've got a decent amount of things signed. I have DIR EN GREY's [a knot of] DVD signed when I met them at their residency in NYC a long time ago. I also have DEVILOOF's Ruin signed when I me them at their first oneman, as well as a signed poster for Devil's Proof. Not to mention a slew of signed JILUKA stuff that came with purchase of singles, etc.
  6. patientZERO

    Yeah, I saw that too. The bassist also said a small "gomen ..." I wonder what he did ...
  7. patientZERO

    If I'm reading this right, one of the members of モルヒネ (Morphine) did something that caused everyone to get kicked out of the venue?
  8. Ryohei/Ren sounds and looks great. I am excite.
  9. patientZERO

    Because kissy-face-angry-pout doesn't look cool on screen, unless there's a mic in front. Haha! But hell yeah, this sounds dope.
  10. patientZERO

    Yes. Please.
  11. patientZERO

  12. Wait, didn't they already go on hiatus twice so she could get pregnant?
  13. patientZERO

    Of note: the vocalist needed is only a harsh vocalist. No clean singing.
  14. Let's all be honest here. Dir en grey has never had good-sounding samples since their inception. Most often, they chose the most mediocre part of their single and throw it online for fans to hate. Does it sound boring, yup. Will that reflect the rest of the album? hopefully not.