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  1. patientZERO

    ザアザア is actually an onomatopoeia for the sound of rushing water.
  2. I just got tickets for Crystal Lake's first US tour. I'm contemplating going to at least one other show, but I'm also moving around that time and not sure what my financial situation will be. But fuck it. I'm stoked for now!

  3. patientZERO

    L looking great and sounding great!
  4. patientZERO

    They look like Mamireta trying to be more serious.
  5. patientZERO

    I'm pretty sure Yui left BABYMETAL because of the rigorous touring schedule taking a toll on her health, but didn't state whether it was hearing or her throat. Given that she states she's pursuing a solo career, I don't think it would be the latter, but we never know for sure with these kinds of things.
  6. patientZERO

    They stole the font, the color scheme, and half of Krad's name ...
  7. It sounds like KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND reformed with Izumi, but somehow more boring. I liked sibilbashir a lot, but there's nothing here to draw me in. The drums are so monotonous ...
  8. patientZERO

    They're not VK, but you should check out Victim of Deception. Also Deadman Walking is kinda VK(ish). Dexcore is leading the charge as well. You can also prod @VkBrutaliaN for his expertise! haha
  9. patientZERO

    Video unavailable?
  10. patientZERO

    I know English isn't their native tongue, but honestly, what do they think this is supposed to mean?!
  11. patientZERO

    They gotta get that hype train going so they can sell it out before it's released!
  12. patientZERO

    And I was thinking early JILUKA.
  13. patientZERO

    I wonder if they organized who looked in which direction.
  14. Not bad, but it does just sound like a poor man's Nokubura.
  15. patientZERO

    Are they even a band anymore or just a concept?