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  1. patientZERO

    5000Y for a CD. Goddam.
  2. Yucky. I legit laughed out loud when I heard the sound of the snare. And then the vocals kicked in ...
  3. patientZERO

    Unlike THE ONE, I prefer the Japanese version better. But that's fine!
  4. Hmmm ... from what I can hear, it sounds like a song by someone else, but I can't place my finger on it.
  5. patientZERO

    Start with Mamireta.
  6. patientZERO

    They sound like an early DEZERT clone or Mamireta before they went off the deep end. And that's good.
  7. patientZERO

    As everyone else has said ... meh. It sounds pretty much like ABS, just with hizumi's vocals. Hopefully the songs past the demo aren't as ... bland.
  8. patientZERO

    I was in until the clean vocals. Gross.
  9. patientZERO

    This 100%. The whole thing feels cashed in and tired.
  10. patientZERO

    Palm mute. Headbang. Rinse. Repeat. Joking aside, I fucks with this. Good shit!
  11. patientZERO

    Damn, that must have cost a fortune!
  12. They will probably starting erasing all traces of him until things blow over or they disband. Judging by their comments on their OHP, even they're undecided if they will continue ...
  13. My exact thoughts. I almost welcome their disbandment after the pettiness of their last release. Wipe the slate clean and start a new band.
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