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  1. The band has announced that pre-orders through Tower Records will include a signed poster.
  2. I don't know. I take stuff like that livejournal rant with a grain of salt. Some of it could be true, but I honestly don't really care all that much. D'espa is dead. If his health wasn't the issue, he'd be in a different band by now. That's all. People want to throw blame around, especially those who feel close to things like this (and I'm guessing that LJ user held D'espa very close to their heart), but in the end, conjecture won't get anyone anywhere.
  3. I did not expect this. Now I'm pissed that I missed out on seeing them live. EDIT - What the heck does "I'm 6" mean?
  4. You're right. I totally forgot!
  5. While I don't know a lot regarding the rumors of lack of pay, I think the fact that every other member has gone on to continue in music is proof enough that Hizumi's health is a driving point of their disbandment. He did perform on (incredibly short) reunion set as D'espairsRay, but has put more time and effort into his art/clothing/jewelry company. I'm sure he would like to continue to sing, but his voice won't let him. Of course Zero is in THE MICRO HEAD 4N's, Karyu with Angelo, and Tsubasa has gone solo in his enka career, but Hizumi's health most definitely is the catalyst for their disbandment. They did go on a hiatus beforehand for half a year, hoping his health would improve, but ultimately ended up disbanding. If there were ulterior motives for their disbandment, I don't think the hiatus would have happened. They would have just called it quits.
  6. Damn, I totally forgot about this. I was super curious to hear まみれた and sick. live.
  7. Teketeke is the name of an urban legend in Japan of a girl who got cut in half by a train. She goes around walking on her hands (her name is the onomatopoeia for the sound of her hands slapping on the ground as she runs) and stealing the bottom half of the people who walk over the bridge to the train. Two mediocre horror films were made based on the urban legend as well and sometimes is meshed into the urban legend of Kashimo Reika. I'm sure their undead schoolgirl look is a direct reference to their band name.
  8. For those interested: GIVALDE. It's hard for me to really tell what they'll sound like, but as of right now, I'm not writing them off.
  9. And now I see why they released this version after the mini-album one. I dig it, but it certainly would throw off the flow of the mini.
  10. You're the best! I couldn't remember what song it was. Just that it was one word (as is like 80% of their songs) and it started with an E (which doesn't narrow it down any further).
  11. So I'm reviving an old thread to ask a question: When the 10th Anniversary album came out, didn't they release a song (for free?) on their website that wasn't on the album. I remember it being in .wav format or something weird too. I used to have it, but I have since misplaced the file ... or I'm completely making this thing up in my head.
  12. Shower thoughts: people may complain that they're turning MORE VK, but can we just stop and appreciate that this album isn't in three versions, with shop exclusive bonuses as well as a live-limited release version? It is entirely possible to own all of Deviloof's discography as of right now without having to resort to auction haggling. So while they may be leaning more towards the VK side of things, it isn't going to break the (international) fan's banks to support them.
  13. It sure looked like Keisuke to be singing in the video though ... Ray may sing on other songs.
  14. Also, they have a new OHP. Their old link is dead. http://web.mag-system.jp/deviloofpj/ With all this talk of a "restart" or whatever they're calling it and with the new OHP not having any information regarding their first releases, I wonder if they're legitimately trying to start anew (and wash away any traces of Ryuya?).
  15. I think you mean Keisuke. Ray's the (new) guitarist.