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  1. yeah I bought the digital copy of Kylyn's photobook lol
  2. leafwork

    Didn't he join the band like 10 minutes ago
  3. leafwork

    This song sounds like Galneryus
  4. this is like a terrifying Lareine pv
  5. yumebie was the best era, step off
  6. leafwork

    throwback to when someone tried to tell me kaya is straight lmao
  7. Takeshi is such a cutie wtf
  8. leafwork

    nice 'vintage' pocket watch from etsy
  9. I'm still waiting for the look where namamushi suddenly isn't wearing a mask
  10. p sure he said 'fuck it up' in a track a few years back
  11. leafwork

    I've been using foobar2000 for over ten years now.
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