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  1. Yay, Kyoma's back!! *-* Nice work, I like it! But also, is it me or in some parts it sounds exactly like Gazette's REMEMBER THE URGE??
  2. ^same. I'll keep an eye on them!
  3. Bump!!
  4. Well, they sound promising! I hope to hear more from them!
  5. Thank you everyone!! I love you a lot
  6. +1!!! I want them sooo bad! I'm in love with 'La Musique' *-*
  7. Hey there! I'd like to request the lyrics of this wonderful new band *-* As usual, only kanji is ok thanks in advance!
  8. They really look cool, curious about the music as well~ I hope they sound at least like Mediena/Synk;yet/MALISEND! Gu.ヨハン (Yohan) ---> Love Live reference (??) XD
  9. A bit expected, yes, after all that drama with Rockstar Records and all, but sad nonetheless...I really liked them!
  10. Nice! Always here for new material from SCAPEGOAT *-*
  11. This breaks my heart they had potential!
  12. Guys, is this REALLY real?? I still can't believe that they're back *-* looking forward to it!!
  13. Holy fuck, THAT was incredibly awesome!! *-*
  14. Yaaaay! All new songs, how sweet *-* can't wait for it!
  15. I've never given much credit to these guys, but this one is really good!! I think I'm gonna listen to their previous stuff