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  1. Scarlet Obsidian

    Love this! It reminds me of their older stuff~ Great job Royz!
  2. Scarlet Obsidian

    Thanks for this! I was planning to do the same thing, but you beat me to it haha
  3. Scarlet Obsidian

    Yeah, they sure do!
  4. I liked their album, so I have high hopes for this! Cover art looks fantastic imo 😍✨
  5. Bummer...really didn't expect this! I'm sad to see them go, they were one of my favorites
  6. Scarlet Obsidian

    Saw this on Twitter a few moments ago...best news of the year for me!! I love them a lot and was very sad when they announced the disbandment 2 years ago
  7. Scarlet Obsidian

    Very excited for this! Looking forward to it, I loved Akaku chirabaru hana❤❤
  8. Scarlet Obsidian

    Loving this! Can't wait to hear the full EP❤
  9. Scarlet Obsidian

    They look awesome as usual! Can't wait to hear their new symphony~
  10. Scarlet Obsidian

    I didn't really like their latest single, but I have high hopes for this album! And I love their new look
  11. Scarlet Obsidian

    These 2 bands are my favorite at the moment! Looking forward to it~
  12. Scarlet Obsidian

    Fuck noooo Not them too! ;w; I hope they come back soon after!
  13. Scarlet Obsidian

    Nice! I liked their latest releases a lot so looking forward to it~
  14. Scarlet Obsidian

    It reminds me of early SCREW as well, I'm glad Byo and Jin are back! The one I liked most was REDRUM
  15. Scarlet Obsidian

    My boys are looking great, can't wait for the new single! I loved their latest releases so I have high hopes for this~
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