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  1. Rika

    i'm hoping CDJapan will have it soon~
  2. Rika

    not so soon my guess? since they just released Lineage?
  3. Rika

    more like they haven't "revive" their Versailles fan club yet (There's one before the last live 2012). think they are focusing on their individual fan club members
  4. Rika

    Still thinking which date or live to attend
  5. Just attended Versailles live at Budokan & Hizaki Birthday Live at Shibuya REX
  6. Rika

    Ah the memories of finding the live house and attending
  7. Rika

    hahaha I was attending Versailles last live then
  8. Rika

    the fans will know - somehow
  9. Just wondering for those people who have travelled to Japan to attend their first Visual Kei/Jpop etc live, which live house is it? for me, it is Ebisu LiquidRoom for Versailles with other bands in June 2007
  10. does anyone know what is Mitsu doing recently? I miss his singing
  11. Rika

    my first thought when i heard of this news is "Eh? Kaya "divorced" Kamijo?" ^^;;
  12. Rika

    i miss Kaya~ and almost femme fatale....
  13. Am I the only one who think Sui is being "Kamijo-lised"? ^^;; the new looks is so KAMIJO that at first glance i thought it was Kamijo ^^;; Maybe i think too much ^^;;
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