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  1. @Mephistopheles - hey there! Yeah, all the deadman items are still available (minus the one crossed out already obviously)
  2. Whoah, I see more colors got added to the MH rainbow

  3. Bump! This post will be open for just one more week! Not sure when I'm coming back after. Check out some cool items!
  4. ghost

    @platy - That's so interesting. I'd really love to listen to that. There's gotta be a somewhat similar video floating online somewhere. This actually helps so much and I think it's maybe what might have happened with the last girl. She did have a huge life milestone she was trying to achieve. Yes, it is frustrating because I'm ready to get into something serious, but I think it's better that these prospects ended earlier rather than later so that my or their time wasn't wasted further. But it's already tough enough to find people that you think are compatible with you, so it's a bummer for sure when you find someone and they back out. *ugh* I dunno, dating apps are so....like I never have high hopes or expectations using them and just try to meet people, but you're right. Once in a while you match with someone and you get excited because they seem promising. And yeah, I can't tell you how many times I've uninstalled dating apps, deleted accounts, re-made accounts, and get excited by the possibility of meeting someone. I guess I just don't know any other way right now to meet people in real life. I've tried asking people out in public and that usually ends up working out less, and I've tried looking for people in group settings like church, but I often don't find people I'm interested in + are available/are also into me. So, here I am in this vicious cycle. But I appreciate the answer. It gave me a lot of new insight on dating and just dating app behavior in general.
  5. ghost

    I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on this. I've met 3 girls within the span of this last year, all on different levels of intimacy. First girl I met, we spent a lot of time together, mutually confessed that we liked each other, but ultimately decided to hold off on a relationship because she was going through school. But like a week later, she told me she did want to and I told her that we should still wait. We talked a lot and spent a lot of time together and we were physically intimate through things like holding hands or even running our hands through each other's hair. Then, one week she says she just wants to be friends and she's not ready to be in a relationship. In this case, it also turned out she was deciding between me and another guy and decided to go with him, but point is that she said she had feelings, proceeded to communicate that through quality time and physical touch, and then does a 180. Second girl I met on a dating app. First time we met up we had a good time. I wasn't super into her but I was down to meet her again. After our first date we exchanged numbers, texted here and there throughout the week and that led up to a second date. At this point we started to talk about past relationships etc. and it came up that she didn't want to go into a relationship right now, especially with her studying for optometry school. So I said that's fine but we still ended up meeting anyways for like another good 2 weeks and I think we both had a genuinely good time. We stopped seeing each eventually but we follow each other on instagram and it looks like she's dating someone now. No biggie, but I guess my initial thoughts were, "huh, she didn't feel like she could start a relationship with me but I guess this other person is fine?". Again, didn't really care but just something I noticed and, I mean, I didn't really go after her. Now, this third girl I also met through a dating app. It was very short lived and we only stayed in touch for 1 week. But it started with us messaging back and forth. Initially it was casual stuff we talked about, but just a few messages later it really ramped up and we were both spending like 45 minutes each just to reply to one string of messages. And the thing was that it was both ways, her asking me questions and reacting and me doing the same back. The conversations were a balanced mix of surface-y stuff like tv shows, our life goals, and even spiritual aspirations. So I eventually asked her to dinner to which she said yes. When we met in person, it felt incredibly good. Really felt like we were vibing and we were very comfortable with each other. At one point she mentions that she's studying for dental school and that she probably will be pretty busy. I said that's fine, but that I wanted to know what she was looking for out of this then. She said that she wants to be involved in a serious relationship and I told her that's awesome, me too. So then I asked, well is this something you want to try and see where it goes and, again, she said yes. So, we made plans for a second date. The next day we were texting through out the day all the way until the evening before she went to bed. So I felt like she was still interested in me. At some points I messaged her first and other times she messaged me first. But then the next day, there was considerably less contact from her and I felt like something was off. She was hardly initiating with me and we stopped talking maybe around the afternoon. I just figured, ok she's busy and we just met so maybe I'll just give her some space. I'm not the only person she talks to and she did say she has a lot of studying to do. The whole weekend though she didn't text me. Me wanting to give her space, I didn't reach out at all and I just figured I'll see her at our date. Well, Sunday evening she sends me a text saying she's sorry but she thought about things and she just isn't looking for a serious relationship because school takes priority for her right now. I was kind of confused because she told me she wanted try things out with me and then she makes a 180. So, on 3 separate occasions this year, I've met girls that I thought liked me, sent me signals that they did or straight up told me, but just a short while later decide they don't want to go into a relationship with me. Now, obviously you all don't know me, but I think I'm pretty down to earth. In these cases all 3 have actually told me they're very comfortable around me and that they usually don't warm up to people this quickly. But for whatever reason, something about me seems to have made these girls change their mind about me. I figure, like the first 2 examples, even if you're going through school, if you really like someone you'll probably want to still try to get to know them right? Even if it's just to keep them around so you can try again when you are ready. From my standpoint, a couple of these girls did show signs that they were very interested in me, whether it was through physical touch or frequent communication and interest about my day. But their change of heart is so sudden, not a gradual thing. So I guess my question to the girls then is, in general, are there reasons why girls might change their mind about someone even after showing signs of really liking them? Because I'm just not sure what to expect anymore and I'm just inclined to hate furthering one's education at this point.
  6. Universe: hey, 2019 is almost over. What's that? You haven't had your heart broken all year?

    Universe: *inhales*

  7. I'm about to put nearly my entire jrock collection up for sale. A decade of items collected. Lots of rare stuff for early-mid 2000's vkei fans.

    1. xriko


      It's sad that you have to sell your collection. Except if it's because you don't want it anymore.

      But I'm in, if you have anything awoi related; or kansai-kei 2002/2005.

  8. ghost

    It's snowing here, so
  9. Korean music used to be about the music:


    1. Bear


      It sure did. Same with Japanese music:



      Shame how it's turned out for both countries.

    2. YuyoDrift


      Korea’s is definitely more noticeable.


      It only took less than 10 years and that’s what makes me sick.

    3. ghost


      @Bear - Sure, sure. But, like Yuyo said, I just think there's a starker contrast between eras in Korean music history. There's at least a wide range of artists in Japanese music even today, but in the Korean music industry you don't see any psychedelic rock or metal bands or experimental musicians in the mainstream. And anything in the "indie" scene is still saturated with pop and hip-hop focused musicians, which is fine, but there's no room for diversity.

  10. ghost

    The Necessities ~Surrounding myself with things I love.
  11. I'm offloading a rare little gem from Charisma.com. It's a 7" record that has the song "イイナヅケブルー" as an A-side and "Supergirl" as a B-side. This was available for purchase through HMV Japan's website back in in 2014. I've only played it once since I bought it and that's why I'm selling it. I just don't play this enough. Asking $30 plus shipping. Shipping within the US would be $4 and for international shipping I would have to check. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions. Apologies for the crude photo. I already had a photo with this in it so I just blurred out everything else. Good for size comparison though if you were curious.
  12. ghost

    fixed 😉 double fixed 🙃 tbh, Kumo is one of my favorites by them still. That guitar solo in "Kisei -Parasite" takes me straight back to the late 90's/early 2000's the moment it plays.
  13. ghost

    So I had a weird dream last night. Putting it in a spoiler for people who don't like nudity or assault situations:
  14. ghost

    Quick, someone tell Hizumi it's okay to make heavy music again. Get him a copy of Dogma and Ninth ASAP.
  15. But have ya'll heard of Yeule tho? Her new album bops:


  16. ghost

    I don't revisit Hotarubi on its own ever, but I've always liked it when I listen to Macabre from front to back. Toshiya's got some great bass lines. Side note, I really wish I could've seen them during their Macabre tour aesthetic back in the earl 2000's. It's gotta be my favorite look from the band.
  17. ghost

    Yeah, I believe so. *This comment is entirely based off credits for mixing that I saw on discogs, just fyi. It would've been interesting to see more people remaster the tracks originally done by Tue Madsen since he was such an influence on the band's sound from DSS - Arche. Specifically, I'd be really curious to see what a Japanese sound engineer would do as I feel like there's a stark contrast in the way the songs are mixed on this collection and it seems to be divided by regional preferences (and by regional I just mean that there seems to be a different sound profile preferred by engineers from different countries). For example, it sounds like the Japanese engineers like cutting out the lows more so that the songs sound cleaner, but perhaps a bit on the sterile side for some songs. Western engineers sound like they like keeping the lows more for a bit of a dirtier sound which in turn makes some tracks a bit muddled sounding. Try taking a listen between Filth and Sustain the Untruth and I think what I'm saying might make sense (the prior being re-mixed by a Japanese engineer and the latter by another Western engineer that's not Madsen). Now, you might say it's probably just because Filth was originally from 2001 and STU was from 2014, but if you take a listen to the Cage remaster (1999) I feel like the low ends on this mix are boosted way more than the original. And wouldn't you know, Western engineer. Just my observations, but I really wish Dir en grey would go back to using Japanese sound engineers because, overall, I prefer the way they mix the band's music. No hate against Western sound engineers at all as there are plenty that I love, but for whatever reason the ones that end up working with the band just seem to do a less than stellar job.
  18. ghost

    While this sounds great on paper, I'm very skeptical about how they might be executed as most of their remastering efforts have either been negligible or took something away from the original mix. I did, however, think Vestige of Scratches was an overall good remastering of older tracks and would be totally on board for a similar sound. Songs like "Child Prey" hit so much harder and having a Vulgar remaster with VOS execution would be amazing.
  19. New Alcest album kicked my ass.

  20. ghost

    Fall fal fall. Out with the ugh, in with the calm.
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