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  1. ghost

    Yeah, I feel the same. It certainly far from his worst, but very average. Although, I will say I dig the production this time around. Say10 felt like it lacked some punch and didn't hit quite as hard as it could have. He'll probably have a few heavy hitters in there. At the very least, I feel like there's always 1-2 tracks that are really good. Agreed on the album cover. It's up there with the triptych artwork for me. Glad he moved away from using a simple studio photo of himself (although Pale Emperors cover was pretty good) Haha isn't it just the most terrible things you've seen? His earlier work is definitely something special. Sadly, It's unlikely that we'll get anything like that now though considering he no longer works with those past members and just his stage of life. Say10 felt like it was trying to capture that same energy in some ways, but imo it just sounded tired and out of steam.
  2. ghost

    Anyone else listen to the new single? It's.....well, it's out. Pro tip: Save yourself a blinding and just listen to the audio.
  3. ghost

    I'm IB positive. In all seriousness, I don't know. Wish I knew tho!
  4. 9goats black out. I wouldn't say the bands that the 2 active members went into are bad, but they're just not the same. I don't enjoy them nearly on the same level that I did with 9goats.
  5. Loving the Jacob's Ladder vibe. This is the best album art they've ever done.
  6. Anyone take a listen to the new Boris album? It's not half bad.

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    2. Joel


      They've been a band for 28 years and constantly pump out material yet nearly all of it is top notch. I don't know how they do it but they're one of the few bands that still amaze me.

    3. ghost


      @The Reverend - Yeah, certainly not their best work but I thought it was a fairly solid effort. Definitely a few fun tracks in there that channel some "Akuma no Uta" energy.

    4. ghost


      @Joel - Yeah, it's amazing to see a band nearing 30 years of being active still putting out material that's worth listening to. There are so many bands that fizzle out within a few years.

  7. ghost

    holy heck @beni you're baaack To stay on topic, interesting concept for a reverse-horror game where you play as the monster terrorizing people. Definitely picking this up for switch:
  8. Added tons of photos and some new items: Dir en grey: Missa (First Press, East West Japan version) - $12 KR [Cube] (First Press, +sticker) - $7 Glass Skin (LE) - $7 The Unraveling (Deluxe Edition) - $30 DVD Gauze-62045- (First Press w/ special box *no obi) - $50 Osaka Jo Hall (First Press w/ special box) - $60 Average Psycho 2 [Blu ray] - $20
  9. I'm going back to my old address for the next 2 weeks and I'm putting my collection back up for sale. Feel free to ask for any photos and ask any questions. International shipping outside the US will vary but expect around $15 for 1 CD and $25 for 2-3.
  10. ghost

    He's truly the poster child of dad-kei
  11. ghost

    Came in from Qrates finally! One of my favorite soundtracks from the last decade (the anime is REALLY good too). Made In Abyss soundtrack
  12. ghost

    Their best work! The Pillows Little Busters Runner's High Happy Bivouac
  13. Amazing visuals but I was in the camp that felt lukewarm about it. Was hoping for a little more story and character-wise. Carpenter Brut can do no wrong though. His music is always good.
  14. ghost

    my roomate: When's the last time you took a shower? You look filthy. me, an intellectual: I'm an evening washer. I usually end up showering right before I hit the sheets but try to wash up a few hours before going to bed so my hair has time to dry and not form into weird shapes.
  15. ghost

    @Bear - Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm really digging that flatbush zombies track, I'm excited to go through everything you listed.
  16. ghost

    Photobucket is being stupid and harassing users to buy their premium account or else lose their account or something so I went and downloaded any photos I cared about. I came across some fun little memories like this janky jrock pumpkin I carved of some the GazettE cover art: More blurry photos:
  17. Vibe Check: panicky DnB rhythms and too much caffeine


    1. reminiscing2004


      contributing to panicky dnb thread


    2. ghost


      @reminiscing2004- nice! Thanks for the rec, this goes hard.

  18. ghost

    Fung Shui & Chill
  19. ghost

    I loooove Lulileela! I really wish she'd release something longer though. An EP at least would be a nice.
  20. ghost

    @CAT5 - Se Seo Neon are a staple in the indie-rock scene! This is my favorite track from them so far: They also released a new EP back in February and it's pretty good:
  21. ghost

    Just wanted to echo what others have said. Great cover! It's good to see that you're still singing!
  22. ghost

    Awhh, thanks guys! 🥰
  23. ghost

    System of a Down will release a new album before X Japan does.
  24. On a The Pillows kick. I think I've listened to "Little Busters" through "Happy Bivouac" 3 times just today already.

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    2. ghost


      @YuyoDrift - No, I haven't yet. I kinda fell out of them around My Foot. What tracks would you recommend? 


      What'd you think about the reboot? I heard mixed reviews and haven't watched it yet.

    3. YuyoDrift


      The next 2 albums were along the same lines as My Foot but from Ooparts onward there was the feeling they ran out of that “oomph”. Their recent album (not Fool on Cool Generation) has some gems so it sounds like they have some more material (but it could have been for promoting the FLCL Sequels).


      The reboot(s) were actually a sequel series (progressive) and an alternative timeline (alternative) of the show (although fans theorize that they are within the same universe, idk).


      Imo, alternative was more the type of FLCL sequel than progressive, vibe-wise, but still, the 2 series just don’t hold a candle to the original. 

      Let me know what you think.

    4. ghost


      Ok, I might have to check that out then. I mean, they've been around since, like what, 1990? After 30 years of being active, it might be tough to keep things fresh 😅


      Ah, I kinda figured. Not many sequels do. It's interesting they decided to split it up into different timelines. I didn't know that was a part of the reboot. Maybe I'll give it a shot soon!

  25. ghost

    Nice. Haven't played Digimon World but FF7 needs no introduction. Parasite Eve set me back a little over $42 USD and RE 2 dualshock I got a pretty good deal on because I did a bit of a scavenger hunt. Someone was selling an incomplete copy for like $20. I found another listing on ebay that was selling just the missing disc so I got that separately. Ended up costing around $35 for the complete set.
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