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  1. It's crazy how nowadays you can have a conversation with random people on social media solely using google translate, and you can understand each other nearly perfectly. This part of technology I'm actually pumped about.

    1. colorful人生


      Google lens is pretty wild when it comes to that. Additionally, emoji are brilliant ways to convey information very quickly (as pictograms generally are.) Yes, even the memes... 

  2. ghost

    Fuck, I don't know what's wrong with me but being single is really getting me down lately. It seems like no matter what I try literally no one is interested in me. Doesn't matter if it's meeting strangers in public, dating apps, or trying to get closer to friends who are potential interests. Keeping myself busy with personal projects and events has helped but it's not enough of a distraction. Is there a pill I can drink that just drains my emotions out within 24 hours and allows me to go about my life normally? Cuz fuuuck.
  3. ghost

    I think I know who you're talkin about 🍒
  4. ghost

    I've not usually a fan of eating sound videos, but you've piqued my curiosity. The Harry Potter ambiance ones sound unique, can't wait to check them out
  5. ghost

    I'm sometimes into ear eating. I think like 90% of those videos are a bit extra, but there's like 1 or 2 I actually like and find relaxing. I'm indifferent about camgirl asmr, but a majority of them are boring and I don't think they make good ASMR, so I ignore those videos. Yooo I love Hatomugi. I love that she's more sound focused rather than role plays. Ppomo is great too. It's crazy how so many ASMRtists are producing such high quality videos. Like, Latte's last video: daaaaaamn. She apparently filmed it with some studio or something.
  6. ghost

    This is weirdly relaxing. Shrek is love, Shrek is life. I love joke ASMR videos
  7. ghost

    So I noticed there wasn't a thread for this yet and I thought, "I can't be the only person that listens to ASMR". I doubt there's anyone that doesn't know what this is anymore, but in case there's someone out there that has never heard of ASMR, it stands for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response", or basically a tingly sensation you get in response to audio or visual stimulation. I started watching ASMR videos around 2015 when they were still relatively new and there weren't a ton of youtubers doing it. But now there's a huge influx of ASMR artists and all kinds of categories. It seems like a lot of early ASMR-tists focused a lot on role plays like "a day at the spa" or "visiting a doctor", but nowadays I've seen a lot more channels of people just experimenting with sounds. Here's a list of some of my favorites: 【希乃】のんちゃんねる Latte Puffin I've seen a lot of people dismiss ASMR as some weird fetish or creepy interest, but a lot of the appeal for me IS in the fact that it's relaxing, good for falling asleep to, and seeing people do some pretty creative things. What are some of your favorite ASMR-tists and triggers?
  8. ghost

    I'm not always into albums full of 13+ minute post rock/black metal songs, but 10:30 is such a good moment:
  9. ghost

    "It's not summer if your tongue isn't blue"
  10. Someone just fell on me in the bus and we both shared this moment of, "uhhh did that just happen?" "It's all good bro"

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ghost


      It was a guy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    3. SubThatSong


      Then it's the perfect BL story of "I'm not gay but this guy...." and the struggle to accept the feelings 😂

    4. ghost


      Lolol I hope I run into him again 😂 or rather...him into me

  11. ghost

    I'd actually like to see more vkei bands do something with shoegaze, postrock, or melancholy rock. There's been a gaping hole where 9goats black out used to be and I don't think anyone else has done it quite like them. Or something that's a mix between genres like death metal/black metal and traditional Japanese folk music I think would be very interesting. I'm really into the sound aesthetics of Japanese folk horror (not sure what to call the use of instruments like flutes, traditional drums, and shamisen, so I just made up a name) so mixing that with some catchy metal riffs and some death metal screams sounds like a match made in heaven.
  12. ghost

    FLCL fans be excited for this one (@YuyoDrift). I know I am! Pre-orders are open tomorrow for UK and North America: https://blog.alltheanime.com/flcl-vinyl/
  13. This girl is a national treasure:


  14. ghost

    Had another half asleep, half awake dream last night. I was lying on my bed with my face turned towards my bedroom door. I sleep with the door open in the summer time because it gets really stuffy in my room. I thought I sensed something moving around outside so I opened my eyes. I saw this tall, thin, silhouette walking past the door, left to right, right to left. It resembled the creature in Insidious when it's standing in the shadow. I was scared, but I couldn't move. It's then I realized I was half asleep, half awake and my body was in sleep paralysis. Anytime I looked away and looked back at the doorway, it got closer still pacing left to right, right to left. I was sweating profusely, trying desperately to get up, but my body refused to move from its rigid catatonic state. I couldn't take seeing what it was so I just closed my eyes hoping it would either go away or do what it came to do quickly. But I soon fell back asleep and everything was fine.
  15. Cat people talk is always a hoot:


    1. Gesu


      *nuzzles your bubo*

    2. IGM_Oficial


      SUCH A BIG BUBO !!!

    3. ahnchc



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