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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed my mix! Thanks for really taking the time to dissect it. It's funny, but if I had graded my own mixtape I would have marked it down for practically the same reasons. I too felt that the Girugamesh track broke the flow of the mix, but i couldn't find a better place to fit it without breaking the flow somewhere else. To be honest, it wasn't my first choice and it felt like I was really stretching for Japanese artists in my library for this mix. With Vinushka, I worried that the listener might have gotten bored with a 10 minute track, but I think you put it well. (Btw, I had made a cover art for my mix as well.) I think in a lot of ways, this mix was a personal reflection. As I stated in Komorebi's mix, last year I had forgotten my love for Japanese music and found myself listening to more and more synth music. I listened to a lot of synth albums last year that told a narrative through its music and have ever since been interested in having my hand at it. So, I guess in short, this mix is my attempt at narrating the transition of my musical tastes through a post-apocalyptic theme. The title "From Dust To Distortion" not only describes the music and the theme, but also who I am now. Just a heads up, I'll probably be posting a review for your mix at the end of this week. (I can't remember if I said that somewhere, but there, I said it here.)
  2. @Komorebi served up a very classic vkei mix featuring a roster of well-known beloved artists. He/she went in a more literal direction with the post apocalyptic theme by using songs with end-of-the-world-like titles. In typical vkei fashion, this mix's apocalyptic vibe was theatrical, musical, and full of high velocity energy. ------------------------------------- 1. DIAURA - a genesis of the end The mix opens up with a short intro track. I typically really like these as they serve as a transition into an album, even though it seems like most people like to skip these. However, I found this particular song to be repetitive and uneventful. It does serve as a good opener track though and sets the tone of the mix. :2.5/5: 2. Acid Black Cherry - doomsday clock Wow, talk about perfect transition. The last song flows incredibly well into this next banger track (I would've thought it was from the same album). Acid Black Cherry is an artist whose name I've seen around a lot, but have never listened to until now. I regret not giving him a try sooner! This song features catchy melodies and crunchy guitar riffs tinged with a touch of Gothic elements. It's a really great start to the mix full of energy and dynamic melodies. 3. Hyde - DOLLY Hyde is another artist of fame that I've yet to listen to, but DOLLY has piqued my interest in him. The track emits a wonderful industrial vibe mixed with hard rock. I like the main chorus melody and Hyde's vocal performance is powerful and memorable. The only part that drags the song down for me is the post-chorus melody that I feel isn't quite as strong as the other melodies in the track. 4. JILUKA - Parasite The chaos of this post apocalyptic vkei world continues to build with the destructive track Parasite. This is the heaviest track yet featuring a heavy dose of distorted riffing and driving drum work. The vocalist's growls sound nefarious but his singing is clean and melodic. It's a great vkei/progressive black metal concoction that stands out from your average jrock track. 5. XIBALBA - withered world The mix lightens up a bit with withered world. It's a more somber track with its sadness accentuated by the inclusion of pianos and synth. But, it's still an upbeat rock track with plenty of riffs and headbanging rhythm. The combination of the melodies, instrumentation, and vocalist's performance generates a very endearing mood to the song that sweetens up the mix. 6. D - What is Going on with The Human I gotta say I'm really loving the diversity of this mix. So far there's been hints of goth, industrial, black metal, and now enka. D blends traditional Japanese vocals with heavy metal giving the age old style a good freshening up. I love the lush and dramatic vocals and the goth inspired guitar melodies. The chorus is a little weak compared to everything else, but it's still good. 7. Satsuki - Apocalypse I didn't recognize this as Satsuki when I first heard the vocals. Also, whatever happened to the whole "I want to sing more beautifully" and "singing purifies the soul" concept? I actually enjoyed this track quite a bit though. It's so great to hear Satsuki doing something more aggressive. The chugging guitars juxtaposed with his soft falsetto create a soothing atmosphere clothed in ruin and dread and capture the duality of light and dark. His growling could use a lot of work though . 8. Deathgaze - The End Heck yes! Deathgaze! I'm more familiar with their earlier days with Sou, but this song more or less sounds like their music from that era, if not better. The main guitar cadence is simple yet effective and the chorus is so catchy. The drums pack a punch and the guitar work sounds focused and precise. Overall, the song is structured well from start to end and I never find a boring moment in the song. No passage seems overworked or underdeveloped and everything just feels in place. 9. The Sound Bee HD - Nemuri The very first ballad of the mix is sadly only a short interlude. Yet, the length feels just right. The vocalist is backed up mainly by a simple piano which creates a very lonely and desolate feeling like experiencing the aftermath of an apocalypse. It serves as a great prelude to the last third of the mix. 10. Janne da Arc - Gaia Holy crap the memories are flowing back. This is the first Janne da Arc song I ever listened too. It was also around this time (2005) that I first began to get into Japanese music as a whole so it's a very cherished and, shall I say biased, period of time in my life. The track opens with the radiant strums of an acoustic guitar setting down a more natural and free tone than previous tracks. Immediately, the bass line stands out with its dynamic melody and the driving tom drums create a smooth fast paced rhythm that feels good to bob your head too. The chorus is powerful and catchy and the general tone of the song is uplifting. 11. 9goats black out - in the rain This post apocalyptic journey ends with yet another group close to my heart. It's a melancholy finish to a mostly heavy and chaotic mix of songs and seems fitting as the closer. Soaked in dreamy guitar lines, dynamic bass melodies, and silky delicate vocals, in the rain whisks me away into it's theatrically somber and sonically rich atmosphere. I find myself getting lost in the song and focusing on everything that's going on. ------------------------------------- This mix was like a jrock resuscitation for me. I had lost my interest in Japanese music this past year instead getting more into synth music. But, your mix reminded me how much I just love Japanese music. There's so much diversity even within just the vkei/jrock genre, and it was like experiencing my adolescent J-music days but in an alternate time-line growing up listening to different bands. Your mix was also so much fun as I discovered quite a lot of new music I would like to hear more of. It was also really interesting to hear your interpretation of a post-apocalyptic world. I really liked the flow of the mix and it seemed like you knew exactly where to put the tracks to keep the listener interested. Since I didn't know your tastes, I was afraid you might really dislike the second half of my mix, but I'm glad to see that you really enjoyed at least GUNSHIP and didn't mind the rest haha. And good on you for recognizing Ryo's voice! Thanks for a great mix! I had fun being partners!
  3. I'll be posting my review of @Komorebi's mix tomorrow. Weekend is a bit busier than I anticipated. I'm also pulling double duty and reviewing @Zeus's mix too so I'll probably have that done next week.
  4. How about I just make the deadline the 2nd of April? I think that's better too as it falls over the weekend giving people more time to work on their reviews.
  5. Oh man, I really hope you get a chance to listen to them live someday. That show was fantastic, the music, the performance, the lights, videos in the background, everything. They even did a cover of "She's a Maniac" and everyone went wild. Really hope they tour near you sometime!
  6. Alright, I'm going to call it! Participants are now paired up.
  7. Not too late! Glad you guys decided to join!
  8. Defiinitely not too late! You're in!
  9. Saw Magic Sword and Carpenter Brut last night. Amazing synth show!
  10. @qotkaTomorrow's the last day to sign up so you are fine. Which, btw other MH people, you should!
  11. Monochrome Heaven's Post Apocalyptic Trade-Off Welcome to the month of Monochrome March! The year is 30xx and you have been tasked with building a Post-Apocalyptic themed mix. Let the wastelands and ruins ring loud with desolation and desperation! Partners: @Ro plz - @emmny @togz - @Platy @indigo - @Hakoniwa @reminiscing2004 - @CAT5 @qotka -@plastic_rainbow @ghost - @Komorebi @Original Saku - @rekzer @Zeus - @yuugure Mixes must be sent to your partner by 3/25. *Please PM your mix to your partner. Don't post them in this thread. The *NEW* deadline for final reviews is 4/2!
  12. Yes, Everlasting is so good! I'll definitely be listening to "The Voice" in the upcoming days. i is definitely up my alley musically! I'm curious to see if I feel this way (lyrically) only about this track or their other songs too. Also, I can't the melody to Chiisana Hoshi out of my head. I think I like that song more than I initially thought. Beni what have you done! My own tolerance for cute is overwhelming me! I love the theme! I kind of wish I knew the theme before hand so that I could really feel it while listening to it, but with the nature of this trade-off I guess nah. I enjoyed the mystery though. Yes! Seriously, 04 isn't Halcali goes on the list of artists to check out. RE: your review ----------------------------------------- Here's the track list: 1. LAMA - Cupid 2. eskimeaux - drunk 3. Kiki Hitomi - Pink no Kimono 4. Bonnie Pink - Pendulum 5. Andy Stott - Faith In Strangers 6. Braids - Victoria 7. In Love With A Ghost - flowers (feat. nori) 8. - OHLERO 9. kidkanevil - Inakunaru (feat. Phasma) 10. Do As Infinity - Under The Moon
  13. Sorry for the late review! My days were off and I thought I had more time. Beni's mix was very positive and upbeat. It was a sweet collection of feel-good tracks. I don't think I recognized any artists (except 1 maybe), which I thought was good as it made the mix a completely new experience for me.
  14. Huh, I don't remember that melody being there. Guess it's been a while since I've heard the song. *EDIT: No wait, I mean at 10:53. That extra bit isn't in the original versions.
  15. It being radio quality it's hard to make any solid conclusions, but I think the re-recordings will end up being enjoyable at the very least. I like the cleaner production, although I mostly prefer the instrumental & vocal executions from the original versions. Also, I think whoever mixed this had a bit too much fun with the reverb *cough, cough Cassis-drum-fill-after-acoustic-section*. It would have been nice to hear them change up the songs a little, but maybe not actually. That extra melody Ruki added near the end of Guren did not fit in well.