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  1. Hey there, All the GazettE items are up for sale except for the ones marked reserved. And I've added prices. Let me know if you're still interested. Thanks!
  2. Shipping to Germany I think will be between $14-$24 for 2 CDS. This is based on using my post office's online calculator though and I'm not sure how accurate it is. I can't give you an accurate quote until I can check at the post office, but please be aware that this may be the actual shipping cost.
  3. Shipping to Germany I think will be around $14. This is based on using my post office's online calculator though and I'm not sure how accurate it is. I can't give you an accurate quote until I can check it at the post office, but please be aware that this may be the actual shipping cost.
  4. I just got an offer on all the GazettE items. I'll let you know if it falls through or if they decide they don't want some of the items.
  5. @monkeybanana4 - Yes, just added that to the post! @MissConduct - Awesome. And that'd be no problem.
  6. As much as I hate to, I'm selling a large chunk of my jrock collection. This includes some fairly rare items like live-limited releases and things long out of print. Here's the thing though. These are all stored at my parents house. However, I'm visiting them for a couple weeks at the end of this month. So, that means I can only sell and ship things out between December 26th and January 9th. After that, this sale will be closed since I can't possibly bring back all these with me. I thought I would post this now though and gauge interest from people. Pricing I've put up prices based on what I paid for and market price. If you want really want something but feel that the price is unfair, let's talk. Payment Paypal Shipping US first class shipping Price will vary because some items weigh a ton. Standard CD will be around $4, heavier LE CD will be around $5. International shipping Please ask for a quote. I have to calculate it based on weight and country. *From what I've looked up and tried calculating though, shipping from the states can range between $14-24 depending on the weight. It's hard to say how much it'll be exactly until I actually weigh the package, but I think it's safe to imagine this is what to expect. It's expensive, I know : / If you have any questions about item specifics, please feel free to ask. Now, onto the items. ITEMS Black:List Melancholy (LE) - $20 *Interest born Vermin's Cry - $15 Dust pain - $10 tHiNk - $10 with hate - $10 sakura (live) - $30 felony (Type-A) - $15 Red Hot Cobra - $25 Black Born Market - $12 Black Theory Mania - $15 Black Dead Mania - $17 Dogma - $13 Psycho Diva - $10 Vigour (LE) - $15 Radical Hysteria $10 God Collapse (live) - $20 Awakening of Personality (live) - $20 DVD BORN unplugged (live) - $15 the GazettE Cockayne Soup (1st, LE) - $20 Akuyuukai (1st, LE) - $20 Super Margarita (1st, LE) - $20 Hankou Seimeibun (1st, LE) - $20 Madara (1st, LE) - $45 *Reserved Zakuro kata no yuutsu - $13 Zetsu - $15 *Reserved Miseinen - $17 Juyonsai no Naifu (live) - $80 Reila (Type G) - $12 Reila (Type O) - $12 Chigire (live) - $32 Gama (1st, LE) - $13 *Reserved Cassis (Type-B) - $7 Nil (LE) - $18 *Reserved Regret - $7 *Reserved Regret (LE) - $7 Filth in the Beauty - $7 *Reserved Hyena - $7 *Reserved Stacked Rubbish (LE) - $20 *Reserved Dim (LE) - $20 *Reserved Before I Decay - $7 *Reserved Shiver - $7 *Reserved Red - $7 *Reserved Remember the Urge (LE) - $7 *Reserved Toxic (LE) - $15 Division (LE) -$20 *Reserved Beautiful Deformity (LE) - $35 *Reserved Dogma (Deluxe) - $60 Video Sentimental Video *VHS - $40 M.R.D. live DVD (1st, with trading card) - $20 Girugamesh Kuukyou no Utsuwa (1st, signed by band) - $20 lynch Shadows (LE) - $35 I Believe in Me (LE) - $25 Inferiority Complex (LE) - $20 Exodus-EP (LE) - $18 Gallows (LE) - $25 *Interest Anemone -Piano Ver.- (fan club gift) - $33 Avantegarde (LE) - $18 Mucc Aishuu (+puzzle) - $23 Tsuuzetsu (3rd) - $15 Homura Uta (1st) - $15 Homura Uta (3rd, +Suiso) - $25 Kuchiki no Tou (LE) -$20 Houyoku (1st, +CD) -$20 Free with the purchase of any Mucc CD. Just tell me if you'd like one. 6 (Sample) Shion (US) Sadie Kokui no shita no yokubou to, kunou no hate ni mita hyakkei no yuritachi - $35 *Reserved Oboreru Sakana (Live) - $80 *Reserved Dekiai (Live limited edition) - $35 The Trend Killer (1st) - $12 grieving the dead soul (LE) - $6 Struggle Against Betrayal (Live) - $10 Ice Romancer (LE) - $6 Master of Romance (LE) - $15 Gain (LE) - $8 Satsuki Awake (+comment CD) - $10 Screw Nanairo no Reienka - $30 Fusion of the Core (LE) - $16 Venom - $12 Virus - $12 X-Rays (LE) - $10 Duality - $12
  7. ghost

    @Bear Yeah, their style shifts from album to album so it's really interesting to see how they shake things up. BTW, is the vinyl release for this 2xLP or 1? I was looking on Candlelight's webstore and the details on their site lead me to believe it's 1 LP. But $34.95 before shipping seems kind of ridiculous for 1 LP (not to mention, that's a lot of minutes crammed on each side).
  8. ghost

    Late to the party but finally listened to it. Really good stuff. I gotta admit, I gave Gallows Gallery a listen a while back and couldn't quite get into them. I just listened to Graveward yesterday though and was blown away. And that cover art is A++++
  9. So sorry @platy for a late review! My last month was just crazy. Thanks for being patient! Platy and I've been partners before so I know she can make some solid mixes. But this was a guilty pleasures mix so I expected to hear some unexpected surprises. Transformer - Exo If you want to get on my bad side, all you need to do is play Kpop. There's just a certain cadence and style that most kpop groups share and it all just sounds the same to me. That said, this track isn't the worst and there's some interesting things going on musically. The subbass is punchy and adds some oomph to the rhthym. #thatPOWER - will.i.am ft. Justin Biber This type of pop music drives me nuts. The lyrics, the sounds, the musical progression sound like they belong in a loud club in a cramped drunk crowd. It's the type of poppy dance track that has just enough rhythm so people move around, but I don't think I would listen to this on my own time. Bills, Bills, Bills (Glee Cast Version) - Glee Cast I see Platy is really cranking up the dial on the cringe-o-meter (for me anyways). This song was an instant KO for me as soon as it started. I'm absolutely not at all fond of A capella songs. And, this song has weird AMSR stuff going on the background with people making popping noises with their mouths and it just makes me feel strange. From a musical and technical standpoint, this is a very impressive song. But, just not for me. インベーダーインベーダー - きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Well would you look at that! Kyary hater put a Kyary track on their own mix! I've never heard this song before but it's actually quite fun and catchy. Her vocals are always hit and miss for me depending on the song as they have this children's-fun-house-TV-show-cute quality to it. They start out kind of annoying, but they start sounding much better when the chorus hits. Not a bad track! びっくりこっくり - メルヴェル So, this song actually rocks really hard but what is up with the vocalist! They sound very nasaly and silly. I like the song but I can't take the vocals seriously. It's a wierd love hate thing with this song. undermine - 浮気者 I actually have nothing against dubstep and think it can be used effectively. And I think it's used fine here. It's just that I don't find the song too memorable from a melodic and song writing perspective. A perfectly fine track with some decent dubstep incorporation. I will say, there's a pretty decent scream dropped on the breakdown-ish section. Aulos Reloaded - Vladimir Cauchemar x 6ix9ine Oh man...it's another silly vocalist. This song is actually really great. There's a whimsical wind instrument playing throughout behind the rap rhthyms and tribal drum sounds. It's a lot of fun to listen to and the only real thing that takes the song down a notch is the gross lyrics. Onedari Daisakusen - BABYMETAL Babymetallll. Funny thing is I actually considered putting this song on my mix before deciding it didn't really fit. This song rocks and I like hearing Yui-Metal and Moa-metal sing, but the breakdown triggers me so bad. Their voices start to become grating as they continuously chant "chodai chodai chodai..". They definitely sound better in Metal Resistance as their voices mature and they become better. But this right here, just....no. -XV- (Live) - MEJIBRAY Platy, just....why? Live tracks are always something I skip, but what's going on here? The vocalist gives the most sporadic performance I've heard and it just goes on and on. I haven't heard the studio version so don't know how it compares, but this live performance sounds empty and aimless. It's actually kind of an entertaining enigma. Meltdown - Kagamine Rin ft. SasakiP This is actually right up my alley. I hate to admit it, but I'm somewhat of a appreciator of vocaloid. I like how the song flows between fast and poppy sections and softer somber passages. I really like the way autotune and reverb is used in the softer section; it almost gives off a vibe of walking through a frozen lake. 盈虧 - MEJIBRAY Another Mejibray track...you're KILLING me Platy. I've just never been a fan of the vocalist and this song has everything I dislike about his style from his shrill high notes to his weird growly whispers. The song itself is pretty slow and uneventful but it ends the mix perfectly with the vocalist shrieking one last final shrill scream. *edit: I just realized I made a Mejibray pun loool Overall, I gotta say I enjoyed your mix Platy. There were a lot tracks I really did find fun. But there were also a few tracks I know I will never revisit in this lifetime. If this is really the "scariest" your tastes get though, I gotta say, not too scary at all 😊 Hahaha what can I say, I've got a wide range of tastes, and cringe just happens to be a part of that 😄 Side note, it looks like the song order got messed up. It doesn't look at all like the way I had originally numbered them. What I was going for was a gradual transition from cute and poppy to brutal and hard hitting. Not that the tracklist would've made any difference in how you "enjoyed" the songs.
  10. ghost

    Falling for girls much younger than me. In the last 2 years, I've had really strong connections with girls that are years younger than I am. We have a similar sense of humor, we can talk about serious things, we have similar perspectives on life, and we just like being with each other. But then after a few weeks they realize that they're still finding out who they are and they just can't handle a serious relationship. And I'm at a stage in my life where I'm ready to settle down with someone. I get it. They're going through things like school, making friends, and discovering themselves, and having to think about a love relationship is just too much to handle. I just always wish I would've moved slower because when they tell me they just want to be friends, my heart gets pretty bruised up and it takes me a while to get back to my normal self. I've made some pretty decent falling-out-of-love playlists though to get me through, so I guess it's not all bad. Thank God for music. Seriously, the thought of being alone with my thoughts in silence terrifies me the most in these moments of heartache. You just feel so alone.
    1. colorfuljinsei


      Maitro keeps plugging this series of tapes on the vaporwave subreddits. I'm not crazy about "themed" releases, so I've been passing on them. The tracks are pretty neat, tho.

  11. @platy Hey, sorry but my review is going to be like a week late. Just been busy with work, group activities, and family.