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  1. Holy hell, anybody remember Aural Vampire? "Cannibal Coast" holds up surprisingly well after all these years:


    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I miss the times I got them on repeat... their music is so awesome!

  2. ghost

    Here's a novel idea. What if they just released one version with no bonus anything? 9/10 times I prefer the original studio recording over a crappy remix or a crappy live recording. Their extra content always feels tacked on to justify charging a limited or deluxe edition price, and it never feels worth it. (The Uroboros/DSS deluxe editions are an exception because of how well they packaged a vinyl and CD/DVD set together. Macabre and Gauze also had some classy LE packaging.) The collector in me just wants the main album and the option to pay for nicer packging. MAYBE a bonus DVD if it doesn't cost too much extra and if the content is interesting/substantial. But honestly, I could do without that too. Different audio mediums would be a more interesting approach in my opinion. I know the vkei industry's consumer base are not typically also retro audio hobbyists, so releasing something on cassette or vinyl is most likely not of interest to most fans. P.S. I wish they'd stop re-recording old songs!
  3. ghost

    Wow, that's quite the compliment! Thank you!
  4. ghost

    Feels good to post some work again.
  5. ghost

    Yeah, I saw that. I was all over the drops. Sorry you weren't able to nab a clear : ( It sold out literally in 2-3 minutes. I actually went for both so woke up at 6 this morning for the black. Thankfully there were more copies (500) so it didn't sell out nearly as fast.
  6. ghost

    It's a future funk kinda afternoon
  7. ghost

    I definitely agree with you there. It's better here than on the singles, but it still bothers me on this song. The toms do sound so much better, but they're a bit too prominent in quieter parts and I wish I could hear the guitars more. Yeah, let's hope for a. But, just in case, I'm ready
  8. ghost

    The mix on the drums is making me want to thrust my fist into my speakers. It's the same obnoxiously wooden thacking from the previous two singles and I'm concerned that mixing will be the downfall of this album. Song wise, I'm actually really digging this. I think it hits a nice balance of commercially catchy and compositionally complex. That piano break with the string synths in the middle also gives me major Rentrer en Soi vibes.
  9. ghost

    There's kind of a thread like this already, but for video games. Are there any people here that are into film soundtracks and scores? I'm talking about original music, not music from other bands used in a film or show. Let's talk about them! Some of my favorites are: Akira Highlights Battle against clown / Dolls' polyphony / Exodus From the Underground Fortress / Requiem Mary and the Witch's Flower Highlights Mary's Theme / Help of Mary / Magic Science / Essence of the Spell Inuyasha Too many songs to go through Over the Garden Wall Highlights Into the Unknown / Patient is the Night / Ms Langtree's Lament / Send Me A Peach Turbo Kid Highlights Wasteland / Highway 64 / Tequila Sunrise / 58 Minutes Pour vivre
  10. ghost

    6 years of searching and I finally found a first press copy of D'espairsRay Kumo.
  11. ghost

  12. ghost

    Antichrist mother fuckin' Superstar!
  13. ghost

    Kyo's eyes look like his mouth.
  14. ghost

    Def agreed! That's another great ballad. "Higeki ha mabuta wo oroshita yasashiki utsu" is also a fine piece of work I think doesn't get talked about enough. It's one of my favorite moments on WTD and I love the visuals for this on the Despair in the Womb tour.
  15. ghost

    Mmm nahh. Rinkaku is great, but it ain't no "ain't afraid to die" It's probs my favorite vkei ballad.