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  1. Alright, I'll be first to go! My partner was @qotkaand the theme of their mix was "Weird Kid". They chose to focus on the emotional state of the main character. This kid was a prankster in school playing innocent tricks on his fellow students. You know, stuff like leaving animal carcasses on other people's desks. People flagged him as the strange kid and outcast him from social circles and driving him to embrace his dark side. He would eventually commit a dark deed that would tear his soul and cost him his humanity.
  2. I've got another Mono release in my possession. Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind
  3. Johnny Depp looks kind of hilarious in this, his crack head expressioned face freaking out every scene. X) @Jigsaw9 Oh I saw what you did thar @SeimeisenDefinitely give it more time. I think Pale Emperor is, no question, a stronger album, but there are some interesting things happening in some of the details of Heaven Upside Down. Definitely a step back in direction from the matured bluesy Pale Emperor, but at times this album hits this threshold of Manson at his most refined AND most hammiest that keeps me entertained and coming back.
  4. For what it's worth, that ebay listing is a bootleg.
  5. Carpenter Brut / GosT / Volkor X fans might dig this. It's all good but I think my favorites are: -Enter the Yakuza Club -Burn Hard (feat. Volkor X & Florent Gerbault) https://hollywoodburns.bandcamp.com/album/first-contact-ep
  6. With that luscious ramen-textured hair, yes @qotkaMix sent!
  7. My criminal is gonna kill...
  8. ininininininininin
  9. Been looking for a decently priced copy of this set. Mono - Requiem for Hell
  10. Literally there are like 200 people waiting in line at Mcdonalds to try some of that Rick and Mortys Szechaun sauce! I hope I dont die in line.

  11. HUD is gud. REALYLLY GOOD. I didn't think Manson would ever be able to go back to an industrial/punk rock style and make it good. I hope Tyler sticks around for many more albums to come. My biggest issue with the album though is flow. I've listened to it maybe around 6 times now but it just doesn't flow as well as The Pale Emperor. Favorite tracks right now are: Revelation 12 Tatooes in Reverse Say10 Saturnalia Jesus Crisis Blood Honey
  12. Personally, I also really liked Deep Six, The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles, Slave only Dreams to be King, and Birds of Hell Awaiting. I think my favorite thing about the album though is Manson's vocal performance. It's definitely not what it used to be but I feel that his current singing style fit perfectly with the sound of TPE. I agree with that. I think he lost a lot of his ferocity and fire in recent years and, especially with all the falling outs with past members and Interscope Records, I'm sure his musical influence has changed since times of the triptych. I think his lyrics have definitely changed. He talks less about politics or current events and more about himself. A common criticism I've heard is that with his change in lyrical focus, people feel Manson's lost his edge or shock value. But yeah, I think his lyrics don't quite have the same impact as they used to and they can be kind of cringey at times.
  13. I could never finish Born Villain as I get bored a few songs in, but I absolutely loved The Pale Emperor. It was a more matured album and I think him experimenting with a more bluesy laid back style was a breath of fresh air. Can't say that I'm quite on the hype train for HUD either, but I am looking forward to seeing what Manson's still got. Revelation 12 and Say10 sound pretty promising. What are the qualities from Born Villain and The Pale Emperor that you don't like?
  14. Hey Marilyn, Hitman called. They want their nun assassins back. And Sinister called. They want their super-8 film back! Joking aside, I think the music video could've been edited better. Nothing really happens in the middle and the footage doesn't really flow in line with the intense moments of the song. But the songs really grown on me.
  15. Mono "Death in Reverse" vs "Death in Rebirth". Which do you prefer? I'm finding that I like one of the mixes better, but curious what others think. I know, this song ooooold.