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  1. I'm offloading a rare little gem from Charisma.com. It's a 7" record that has the song "イイナヅケブルー" as an A-side and "Supergirl" as a B-side. This was available for purchase through HMV Japan's website back in in 2014. I've only played it once since I bought it and that's why I'm selling it. I just don't play this enough. Asking $30 plus shipping. Shipping within the US would be $4 and for international shipping I would have to check. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions. Apologies for the crude photo. I already had a photo with this in it so I just blurred out everything else. Good for size comparison though if you were curious.
  2. ghost

    fixed 😉 double fixed 🙃 tbh, Kumo is one of my favorites by them still. That guitar solo in "Kisei -Parasite" takes me straight back to the late 90's/early 2000's the moment it plays.
  3. ghost

    So I had a weird dream last night. Putting it in a spoiler for people who don't like nudity or assault situations:
  4. ghost

    Quick, someone tell Hizumi it's okay to make heavy music again. Get him a copy of Dogma and Ninth ASAP.
  5. But have ya'll heard of Yeule tho? Her new album bops:


  6. ghost

    I don't revisit Hotarubi on its own ever, but I've always liked it when I listen to Macabre from front to back. Toshiya's got some great bass lines. Side note, I really wish I could've seen them during their Macabre tour aesthetic back in the earl 2000's. It's gotta be my favorite look from the band.
  7. ghost

    Yeah, I believe so. *This comment is entirely based off credits for mixing that I saw on discogs, just fyi. It would've been interesting to see more people remaster the tracks originally done by Tue Madsen since he was such an influence on the band's sound from DSS - Arche. Specifically, I'd be really curious to see what a Japanese sound engineer would do as I feel like there's a stark contrast in the way the songs are mixed on this collection and it seems to be divided by regional preferences (and by regional I just mean that there seems to be a different sound profile preferred by engineers from different countries). For example, it sounds like the Japanese engineers like cutting out the lows more so that the songs sound cleaner, but perhaps a bit on the sterile side for some songs. Western engineers sound like they like keeping the lows more for a bit of a dirtier sound which in turn makes some tracks a bit muddled sounding. Try taking a listen between Filth and Sustain the Untruth and I think what I'm saying might make sense (the prior being re-mixed by a Japanese engineer and the latter by another Western engineer that's not Madsen). Now, you might say it's probably just because Filth was originally from 2001 and STU was from 2014, but if you take a listen to the Cage remaster (1999) I feel like the low ends on this mix are boosted way more than the original. And wouldn't you know, Western engineer. Just my observations, but I really wish Dir en grey would go back to using Japanese sound engineers because, overall, I prefer the way they mix the band's music. No hate against Western sound engineers at all as there are plenty that I love, but for whatever reason the ones that end up working with the band just seem to do a less than stellar job.
  8. ghost

    While this sounds great on paper, I'm very skeptical about how they might be executed as most of their remastering efforts have either been negligible or took something away from the original mix. I did, however, think Vestige of Scratches was an overall good remastering of older tracks and would be totally on board for a similar sound. Songs like "Child Prey" hit so much harder and having a Vulgar remaster with VOS execution would be amazing.
  9. New Alcest album kicked my ass.

  10. ghost

    Fall fal fall. Out with the ugh, in with the calm.
  11. ghost

    Store employee shot the shoot! lolol Thanks man! Just got them last week 😎
  12. ghost

    Met Charli XCX. She's nice.
  13. This song gives me life:


  14. New GosT albums out today. He's considered black metal now, right? lolol:
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