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  1. ghost

    One 52 minute song masterpiece
  2. My review for @colorful人生 is hot off the press. So, I didn't know what to expect from this mix since Colorful人生 and I haven't crossed musical paths much. We've talked a little here and there about vaporwave, but that's about it. Much to my surprise, his mix featured a ton of J-indie artists. And, his mix was appropriately titled "Under the Radar" and featured a collection of songs from this year that he's enjoyed. So, you could say it doubles as a sort of preliminary "best of 2019" list" as well. Here we go:
  3. ghost

    I'd definitely recommend checking out their earlier material. These are my personal favorites: 「ぼくの死骸と君のチョコレート」 チョコレートクリームチェーンソー Tokusei Nomiso Soup ~Nama Cream Shitate~ 脳みそくん。 さくらの詩 精神科医(拒食症)のスナッフフィルム集 「遺書。」 Untitled 「殺意」 infection 胃潰瘍とルソーの錯覚 さぁミルクを飲みましょう 「暫定的オカルト週刊誌①」 「秘密」 包丁の正しい使い方~思想編~ 包丁の正しい使い方~実行編~ 大塚ヘッドロック 「遭難」 ゴシック 「最高の食卓」 「君の子宮を触る」 「ここにラブソングを」 「排泄物」 「おいしい脾臓は笑わない」 「セイオン」
  4. ghost

    Tracked down a copy of Sigh's Gallows Gallery in swirl vinyl. Good stuff
  5. ghost

    I had 2 dreams last night. Dream 1 My sister wanted to pull a heist to rob some building. I was totally against it saying it's a dumb idea but my parents were there and they were really on board with it and very supportive. I was loosing my mind because we didn't even have a plan, but everyone was eager. So we suited up with masks and drove to this building. When we got there though, it was raining and there was security everywhere. I kept saying how this was a bad idea but no one listened to me and just split up to find ways inside. Dream 2 I went up to a lovely air bnb cabin at the top of a hill with a view of the ocean. I was ready to enjoy the weekend and have some nice R&R. When I walked in though there was man wielding a chainsaw waiting for me. As soon as I walked in he revved it up. He looked like a crazed version of leatherface with makeup (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 version) and had this wide-eyed manic yet distressed expression with clenched teeth. He kept twitching and making these yelping noises, almost like he was in pain. I was terrified but just kind of hurried past him trying to get to my room. When I got halfway up some stairs he started doing the dance that leatherface does at the end of movie but more viciously and psychotic. I just went into my room and shut the door.
  6. ghost

    How are you enjoying Bloodstained? I'm playing it on switch and, despite all the problems, I'm loving it so far.
  7. @colorful人生 and I have completed trading mixes
  8. ghost

    I was really nervous after reading all the bad switch reviews, but honestly this game is so fun.
  9. ffffff, i just saw this.....it's too late to join, isn't it?
  10. Anyone listened to the remastering yet? I'm only 1 track in and it sounds LOADS better. A lot less muddy and the high ends sound much more prominent. The original mastering I thought pushed the lower frequencies too loud, but I'm not feeling that here. Would be interesting to compare to the original and see if there are any nuances lost because of this. I'm glad this wasn't some quick and sloppy effort but a true remastering done with care. Check it out here: https://monoofjapan.bandcamp.com/album/hymn-to-the-immortal-wind-anniversary-edition
  11. Also over her thighs being "less thicc" lolol Favorite joke regarding FF cup size: https://mobile.twitter.com/LVGHSTmusic/status/1141740190656077825
  12. Last bump and then this sales post will close. Still a ton of rare items left. Feel free to negotiate price of you think it's unfair.
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