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  1. Added tons of photos and some new items: Dir en grey: Missa (First Press, East West Japan version) - $12 KR [Cube] (First Press, +sticker) - $7 Glass Skin (LE) - $7 The Unraveling (Deluxe Edition) - $30 DVD Gauze-62045- (First Press w/ special box *no obi) - $50 Osaka Jo Hall (First Press w/ special box) - $60 Average Psycho 2 [Blu ray] - $20
  2. I'm going back to my old address for the next 2 weeks and I'm putting my collection back up for sale. Feel free to ask for any photos and ask any questions. International shipping outside the US will vary but expect around $15 for 1 CD and $25 for 2-3.
  3. ghost

    He's truly the poster child of dad-kei
  4. ghost

    Came in from Qrates finally! One of my favorite soundtracks from the last decade (the anime is REALLY good too). Made In Abyss soundtrack
  5. ghost

    Their best work! The Pillows Little Busters Runner's High Happy Bivouac
  6. Amazing visuals but I was in the camp that felt lukewarm about it. Was hoping for a little more story and character-wise. Carpenter Brut can do no wrong though. His music is always good.
  7. ghost

    my roomate: When's the last time you took a shower? You look filthy. me, an intellectual: I'm an evening washer. I usually end up showering right before I hit the sheets but try to wash up a few hours before going to bed so my hair has time to dry and not form into weird shapes.
  8. ghost

    @Bear - Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm really digging that flatbush zombies track, I'm excited to go through everything you listed.
  9. ghost

    Photobucket is being stupid and harassing users to buy their premium account or else lose their account or something so I went and downloaded any photos I cared about. I came across some fun little memories like this janky jrock pumpkin I carved of some the GazettE cover art: More blurry photos:
  10. Vibe Check: panicky DnB rhythms and too much caffeine


    1. reminiscing2004


      contributing to panicky dnb thread


    2. ghost


      @reminiscing2004- nice! Thanks for the rec, this goes hard.

  11. ghost

    Fung Shui & Chill
  12. ghost

    I loooove Lulileela! I really wish she'd release something longer though. An EP at least would be a nice.
  13. ghost

    @CAT5 - Se Seo Neon are a staple in the indie-rock scene! This is my favorite track from them so far: They also released a new EP back in February and it's pretty good:
  14. ghost

    Just wanted to echo what others have said. Great cover! It's good to see that you're still singing!
  15. ghost

    Awhh, thanks guys! 🥰
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