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  1. Also, Obscure. Except I hate the re-record and the fact that it replaced the original for lives.
  2. I've been on a strong funeral rock/doom metal kick.
  3. I actually kinda wish they would do a mini-album instead. I think more than a change of style or instrumentation, they need to just focus on solid song writing. Dogma was good but it was too long, a lot of the songs were either repetitive or sounded too similar, and the production gave every song the same character. I think they could've played more with the production to give some songs ( like "wasteland") a different feel and break up the tone of the album. But, they found a great new sound and I'm interested to see if there's anything more they can push with it. I think them working on just a few songs and coming up with some real killer riffs and melodies would be so much more interesting.
  4. Long time no see ya'll
  5. @SeelentauEarly Deg is the best! BTW, have you listened to those Gauze records yet? I'm so curious about sound.
  6. @SeelentauActually, yeah I think you're right. I saw another auction starting at 60,000 and no bites. Haha, you must be the biggest DEG fan I know. Never met anyone as dedicated to collecting as you.
  7. 300Euros is still a good price though (relatively). I think the last auction went up to 700, and no doubt this will be similar. If it was buy it now, I'd buy that in a heartbeat though. Thanks for posting!
  8. Yoyoyo, Hide's music is getting a vinyl release! All 3 albums on December 6th! They're 5,000Y a pop and appear to be 2xLP. I found listings on CDJapan but I'm sure you can find copies elsewhere. Hide your face Psyence Ja, zoo I'm definitely gettting a copy of Hide your face. I hope it's a gatefold.
  9. Blood Music is my favorite label right now. They must've rolled out like 20+ new pre-orders and I ordered most of them. I've seen some of your Sigh collection and yeah, absolutely stunning. Huh, I didn't know that. Care to name some worthehile releases? Dooooo iiiiiiit. I have a copy and it shreds. I want that Myaku promo. They seriously need to go back through their catalog and release everything on vinyl. I'm disappointed they dropped the whole analog deluxe versions in favor of new fancy CD tech. Especially since Arche is such a good album. Yeah, I think the Vkei scene is more focused on CDs. While I can appreciate a good limited edition CD with nice packaging, these days I'd take vinyl over everything. Outside of a different sound and feel, it just feels good to have a giant version of the artwork.
  10. Are there any record collectors here? While Japanese records are far and between, I've seen an increase in re-issues of Japanese music on vinyl and thought this would be a great place to share new releases available on this format. It's hard to keep up sometimes and this would be a great way to stay up to date. I'll start this up with some varied releases! Mouse on the Keys - Out of Body Jazz / Postrock / Ambient Cohol - 裏現 (Rigen) Black Metal / Hardcore Puella Magi Madoka Ultimate Best Anime / Pop Yasuaki Shimizu – Kakashi Jazz / Electronic Midori Takada – Through The Looking Glass Ambient / Experimental / Classical Toe - Hear You Math Rock / Experimental
  11. For me right now it's probably: Japanese Western Soundtrack And for the heck of it Video Games
  12. It's gotta be Macabre for me. It's dear to my heart for being the first ever Japanese CD I ever bought and I just loved everything about that era from their look to their stage antics. This and ain't afraid to die are my top. Not to mention, the PV for AATD looks like dreams I used to have as a kid so it has a eerie sentimentality to me.
  13. @Saishu Try closet child. Should be less than $50 with airmail shipping: https://www.closetchild-cd.jp/product/18121
  14. I just saw that Myaku 12"on discogs. I second that boxset idea. Vinyl > new crap CD technology. I have a black Tsumi to Batsu but it's sealed and I can't bring myself to open it. X)