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  1. @togz Oh my gosh...I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU THE CORRECT TRACKLIST. I swear that wasn't on purpose to torture you haha. For listening on my phone it's easier to just put the artist under one name so that's why it was like that. So sorry about that! Here's the actual tracklist: 1. Rentrer en Soi - en soi 2. Dir en grey - Garden (You had it!) 3. the GazettE - Shiawase na hibi 4. La Mule - Prism 5. Satsuki - La Lune 6. Alice Nine - Atmosphere 7. Rentrer en Soi - Hamon Tsutau Mema (correeeect) 8. Kagrra - Satsuki 9. Screw - Hakusetsu to mau 10. 12012 - alone 11. 9goats black out - Nuit Blanche de L'aurore Now, with that out of the way...I'm so glad you liked the mix! And I'm more glad that you also felt that sense of peace or reflection through the songs and imagery. This was an interesting mix for me because, same with you, it's a nostalgia bomb. And, it's the first mix in a while that I've made using soley Japanese (and specifically vkei) artists. I 100% agree with the points you made on the weaker parts of the mix. I honestly was looking for a more fitting track to use than the ReS song, but I just couldn't find anything in my library. I also can't stand his earlier vocal work 😂 Super stoked to have been partners this time around! Now I gotta go listen to more fantastic drugstore.
  2. ghost

    Cat5, happy birthday!

  3. Damn this jams: 


  4. Promising things will be different. No thanks bye
  5. Yo anyone heard of Machine Girl? This some funky shit:


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    2. ghost


      @reminiscing2004 That's dope. I'd wanna see that live. If the live vibe is anything like the music, then I'm sure it was crazy.

    3. reminiscing2004



      This must have been one tour after I saw them, but its a lot like I remember. :) There was a few times where the drummer would be playing up until the climax/drop of a song, and then he would jump into the audience and mosh with everyone. The singer/main guy was wearing a dress and some sort of make up costume for half the set, and his girlfriend was filming on an old video tape recorder. Really  fun

    4. ghost


      Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun!  I love how into it everyone is.

  6. @togz That's surprising because it's so different from idol songs. But serendipitous finds are always the best! Can't wait! And yeah. I've heard the song before but have never paid attention to the lyrics. Ah right, seeing as this IS the picture is worth 1000 songs I should have talked about it. I think it's a great photo that captures the essence of the mix. I see it like this: The rainy bench is where you're at. You're going through your life and you just can't seem to catch a break. You try to look forward but you just see more struggle. But then you notice the sun, a small ray of happiness or relief and that there's a path to it. It's hard to see, but it's there. And it's that hope that keeps you going. You don't know how you're gonna get there or what the path is like. You don't even really know what the destination will bring you. But you know that, whatever it is, it's a million times better than here. The rainy bench takes up most of the image. In the context of this theme, I think that speaks to how strongly negative experiences or thoughts can influence one's emotions. There can be good things that happen to you or around you, but when something bad happens that can become the only thing we see. The blurred out path represents uncertainty and it's within there where you might experience your highs and lows. And that sun high in the sky is the constant reminder that there's something worth fighting for everday. Your life isn't just coming to nothing. There's something to look forward to. It's an attainable goal or milestone. Maybe I'm digging too deep, but this what your image and mix said to me : )
  7. @Zeus I'm ready to post my review lol. Guess I'll be the first to post! My partner for this trade-off was @togz. Her mix was called: Spring Beginnings She wanted this mix to reflect her personal transition from winter to spring. It's about letting go and moving on, and going through lows and highs. The mix features a sampling of pop, indie rock, ambient, dream pop, alternative rock, and kpop. There were some surprises in there I wasn't expecting and, I have to say, I enjoyed the mix a lot. So, here's how it went:
  8. ghost

    Love me some Cloudkicker. I've only ever listened to The Discovery and EPs since they were released on vinyl by Blood Music. It's crazy that it's all just one guy. 1. Lynch. - ecdysis 2. Astronoid - Breathe 3. Slipknot - Aov 4. Dir en grey - The Final (remake) 5. Kauan - Sumun Syleily (remake) 6. Kalmah - The Groan Of Wind 7. Psycroptic - Cleansing a misguided path 8. Morgan Willis - Summer Night 9. Ryo Fukui - I want to talk about you 10. Purity Ring - Repetition Astronoid just released a new album at the start of the year and I can't stop playing it. Breathe is a pretty good track that showcases most of what the album has to offer: Soaring yet calming vocals over hard hitting drums and fluid guitar work. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Dir en grey's The Final remake is my least favorite track on this shuffle. Don't like the new vocals, instrumental work, or the sound. It loses that industrial gritty sound the original had and doesn't even fit well into the musical direction they had at the time. The Final? More like The Flop.
  9. ghost

    Dir en grey I THINK during their Ghoul tour in Seattle. Not recorded, but it's something.
  10. ghost

    Silent Hill 2 soundtrack pre-orders are going up this Wednesday on Mondo's website.
  11. Waiting for the partners to be announced like
  12. That feeling when you listen to a really good album but forget about it and then rediscover it like it's brand new

  13. ghost

    @Seimeisen Those look nice! I love the idea of a dual cover for Division. There was recently a vinyl release for Castlevania Rondo of Blood's soundtrack and the label who pressed it used that idea. The obi (not pictured) is also double sided: That Dim concept sounds freaking sleeek. I'd buy that in a heartbeat. And those other concepts sound really great too 🔥
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