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  1. Oh man, I really hope you get a chance to listen to them live someday. That show was fantastic, the music, the performance, the lights, videos in the background, everything. They even did a cover of "She's a Maniac" and everyone went wild. Really hope they tour near you sometime!
  2. Alright, I'm going to call it! Participants are now paired up.
  3. Not too late! Glad you guys decided to join!
  4. Defiinitely not too late! You're in!
  5. Saw Magic Sword and Carpenter Brut last night. Amazing synth show!
  6. @qotkaTomorrow's the last day to sign up so you are fine. Which, btw other MH people, you should!
  7. Monochrome Heaven's Post Apocalyptic Trade-Off Welcome to the month of Monochrome March! The year is 30xx and you have been tasked with building a Post-Apocalyptic themed mix. Let the wastelands and ruins ring loud with desolation and desperation! Partners: @Ro plz - @emmny @togz - @Platy @indigo - @Hakoniwa @reminiscing2004 - @CAT5 @qotka -@plastic_rainbow @ghost - @Komorebi @Original Saku - @rekzer @Zeus - @yuugure Mixes must be sent to your partner by 3/25. *Please PM your mix to your partner. Don't post them in this thread. The deadline for final reviews is 3/31!
  8. Yes, Everlasting is so good! I'll definitely be listening to "The Voice" in the upcoming days. i is definitely up my alley musically! I'm curious to see if I feel this way (lyrically) only about this track or their other songs too. Also, I can't the melody to Chiisana Hoshi out of my head. I think I like that song more than I initially thought. Beni what have you done! My own tolerance for cute is overwhelming me! I love the theme! I kind of wish I knew the theme before hand so that I could really feel it while listening to it, but with the nature of this trade-off I guess nah. I enjoyed the mystery though. Yes! Seriously, 04 isn't Halcali goes on the list of artists to check out. RE: your review ----------------------------------------- Here's the track list: 1. LAMA - Cupid 2. eskimeaux - drunk 3. Kiki Hitomi - Pink no Kimono 4. Bonnie Pink - Pendulum 5. Andy Stott - Faith In Strangers 6. Braids - Victoria 7. In Love With A Ghost - flowers (feat. nori) 8. - OHLERO 9. kidkanevil - Inakunaru (feat. Phasma) 10. Do As Infinity - Under The Moon
  9. Sorry for the late review! My days were off and I thought I had more time. Beni's mix was very positive and upbeat. It was a sweet collection of feel-good tracks. I don't think I recognized any artists (except 1 maybe), which I thought was good as it made the mix a completely new experience for me.
  10. Huh, I don't remember that melody being there. Guess it's been a while since I've heard the song. *EDIT: No wait, I mean at 10:53. That extra bit isn't in the original versions.
  11. It being radio quality it's hard to make any solid conclusions, but I think the re-recordings will end up being enjoyable at the very least. I like the cleaner production, although I mostly prefer the instrumental & vocal executions from the original versions. Also, I think whoever mixed this had a bit too much fun with the reverb *cough, cough Cassis-drum-fill-after-acoustic-section*. It would have been nice to hear them change up the songs a little, but maybe not actually. That extra melody Ruki added near the end of Guren did not fit in well.
  12. Ahhhhrgh I was going to not participate this time but the theme is so interesting! +1 ghost to the trade-off.
  13. Thanks orange~! Ironically, it's just a neighborhood pond next to the mailbox
  14. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. Trying out a new aesthetic through a self-portrait. I'm playing around with line quality in Illustrator. I like the overall look of it, but I'm not so fond of the eyes. They're a bit too puppy-dog like. Any feedback is appreciated! In fact, I could use a good critique.