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  1. I'm half and half on Nil. It has some of their best work imo like "Taion", and "Baretta" and "Nausea and Shudder" as you guys have mentioned. But tracks like "生暖かい雨とざらついた情熱", "Shadow" and "Silly God Disco" are so forgetable and don't fit with the tone of those aforementioned tracks. And I think Kareuta should have totally replaced cassis! I feel like it maybe doesn't get talked about as much because Stacked Rubbish was released like only a year after and it generated more buzz because of tracks like the hilarious "Agony" and because of the various RnB/rap influences the album used. At least, I remember it being a polarizing album because of it's somewhat extreme style shift. I also think the "Filth in the beauty" PV helped them gain more attention internationally. I often saw this PV being compared to other Dir en grey's PVs for graphic content, lyrics, and etc.. Disorder takes place first place for me though. I still think it's their most original album and it marked the height of their punk rock sound which is my favorite Gazera. It took the foundation of their past work like hardcore punk rock, heavy riffs, experimental electronics, catchy pop hooks, and japonesque melodies and compacted it into one album. Yaaaaaaas
  2. They're the worst band in history
  3. The soundtrack to Katamari Damacy is being released on vinyl in April by Mondo. Pre-orders open this Wednesday at 12pm Central Time on their webshop: MONDO If you're looking to score a copy, I highly recommend being ready at noon to furiously refresh the page.
  4. Early ガゼット is golden. Glad to see there are still fans who enjoy that era of their music. ガゼット < the GazettE any day of the year.
  5. tbh waiting for a return to something more like machibouke no kouen de
  6. Just wait like a year and you can get it on the second hand market for like a third of the original price. Dogma super limited edition is already only like $40 and Division limited edition is practicality worthless at not even $10.
  7. Because the addition of Akinori is gonna change things up sooo much
  8. This is surprisngly solid. The riffs are bland beyond boredome but the song flows well enough and Ruki throws down some nice vocals. It's great to hear he's keeping his performance consistent.
  9. That's a tall statement! I'm ready to be impressed too though. I don't know if he's topped Behemoth, S/T, or Skull yet though. I feel like the genius of those releases is their simplicity; just straightforward energetic songs to dance or headbang to. I swear, anytime I see him live and he plays "Ascension" or "Behemoth" my body gets possessed and I go freaking crazy.
  10. Duude have fun! Drop us a live report.
  11. Double-Edged Sword I think it goes both ways. Most times I'll listen to something and if I like it I'll buy it. But sometimes, I might only download a few tracks I like from an artist and never buy anything of theirs. Shouldn't previews be enough? A lot of times bands will release a 30 second teaser or one-two songs for an upcoming release, but that's not enough to convince me to drop $20-40 on something I may or may not like. If I'm not a fan, chances are I wasn't gonna buy it anyways. Listening Platform Streaming is becoming a prominent way people listen to music nowadays. I don't think there are many people who still mainly find new music through just physical purchases. Heck, many people I've talked with have stopped going digital music hunting for downloads. Convenience is key here. Why go through all this trouble when I can just find what I'm looking for on youtube right on my phone? It's also not uncommon for some people to almost exclusively use a single platform like Google Play or Spotify. Labels can really help their bands gain more exposure through these streaming services simply because a lot of people this generation will never buy music in a physical format and use whatever method is faster and easier. What seems to work? I've seen plenty of "pay what you want" systems work quite successfully. One label I follow always puts their artist's music on as many digital platforms as they can for free (Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.). They open it up to their consumers to donate how much they see fit. This is in addition to physical CDS and vinyl records they sell as well. I find this method appealing because it allows anyone to contribute regardless of their financial situation. Got only a dollar to spare? That's better than nothing. Leechers were just gonna leech anyways, and the collectors can spend more on physical releases if that's their thing. This also encourages people to just go to the source and download instead. It feels a bit unfair to say the only way to support a band nowadays is by spending a minimum of $35 for a new album, especially when there do exist more ways for fans to show their support this day and age. And, you just know labels are in it just for money when they pull crap like "New Single [Type A-Z]". And on that note, live limited releases are not doing anyone favors and only encourages piracy. Sure, it's a special little something for attendees but there are so many scalpers who use this opportunity to make money off the band. 300% markup is not cool. Label Involvement I think how a label takes care of their artists is crucial in driving sales. So many bands have been stifled by a label's involvement with rushed timelines, requirements to change creative direction, and not having an understanding of their audience. I can't tell you how many times I've gone from loving a band to abandoning them because of a label change. It's usually at this point I typically just download a band's music just to see if I'll like what they've put out instead of buying their music.
  12. New GosT track slaaaaaays. It's like a mix of all his eras.
  13. There's a lot of music out there, but it seems like every release has at least a small following of supporters that vouch for how great it is. I've had my fair share of underwhelming discoveries that I'll abandon on the first listen, but sometimes a release will compel me to spend time with it and learn to appreciate something new. How open are you guys to finding new music? Are you the type to make a final decision based on an initial listen, or do you like to listen to something a few times before making a decision? Do you ever revisit music you initially disliked to see how your opinion on it as changed? I used to be very black and white about what I enjoyed listening to. If it wasn't from a certain band or genre, I would be very close minded to accepting it. For a while I exclusively listened to Jrock and mostly Dir en grey, Mucc and GazettE. Anything else wasn't appealing to me. In recent years, I've grown to love the challenge of understanding music I would typically not listen too. As a result, I feel like my tastes have expanded tremendously. The release that transformed me was "Cast the first stone" by Ion Dissonance. I had never heard of this band before but a lot of people were really hyped for a new album they were releasing. When it came out I listened to it but couldn't digest it. Their music lived up to their name featuring lots of grindy, mathrock chaos that was just abrasive and depressing. But, it felt like I just didn't get it so I kept listening to it. And, eventually it clicked wiith me; the chaotic bar changes, harsh vocals, and dissonant chords all came together into some kind of nirvana-like experience. It was like a gateway album that opened my ears to other genres like black metal, funeral rock, and other avante garde or experimental music that I used to shun. I may not visit this album very much these days, but I'm grateful to have pushed myself into learning from it because I'm so open to all kinds of music now.
  14. I've always loved the original hydra. It has such an acidic vibe.