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    Dir en Grey / アヲイ / ネガ / 愛狂います。/ 妃阿甦 / ヱレキテル式
    ZORO / NovA / RoNo☆Cro / 9GOATS BLACK OUT / Plastic Tree
    D.I.D / AvelCain / BIOPSHIA / UnsraW / Dio / the Raid. / deadman.
    カワイイ, wicked, heavy & niceV系 and any good music. ファンタジー, Art, Fashion & Trap(ness)?.

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  1. I miss アヲイ so f**king much it‘s hurting me. I know it’s been a hell of time already but, knowing that time won’t go back, it makes me feel so desperate, nostalgia and grieve are hitting me like hell right now. They were too good, they will live forever in their terrific songs. I will be so glad and honored when I’m gone while listening to them and their sorrowful lullabies. I wonder how each of them is doing in real life, specially Otogi. I’m all like this since I remembered they were one of my almost inexistent crying shoulders there for me, touching me with each of their songs and their lyrics meaning, while no one else was there for me. I don’t know how should I feel about remembering the really f**ked up past I used to have nowadays, but I’m so glad I was able to know them. It’s kind of irremediably sad, the fact that the things they did as アヲイare deeply engraved in my brain, truly romanticizing bad mental health, as I believe it’s my nature form, as if I was raised like that in my entire life. 

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