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  1. kukew

    This was really disturbing to watch.
  2. kukew

    idk if they already performed live today but I have friend which is obsessed with AIOLIN and they’re gonna play live today https://twitter.com/Aiolin_Official *update Friend already told me the vocalist is gonna twit the link, they gonna start playing by 19:00/20:00 Japan’s time, it might be vía YouTube or Line LIve
  3. I miss アヲイ so f**king much it‘s hurting me. I know it’s been a hell of time already but, knowing that time won’t go back, it makes me feel so desperate, nostalgia and grieve are hitting me like hell right now. They were too good, they will live forever in their terrific songs. I will be so glad and honored when I’m gone while listening to them and their sorrowful lullabies. I wonder how each of them is doing in real life, specially Otogi. I’m all like this since I remembered they were one of my almost inexistent crying shoulders there for me, touching me with each of their songs and their lyrics meaning, while no one else was there for me. I don’t know how should I feel about remembering the really f**ked up past I used to have nowadays, but I’m so glad I was able to know them. It’s kind of irremediably sad, the fact that the things they did as アヲイare deeply engraved in my brain, truly romanticizing bad mental health, as I believe it’s my nature form, as if I was raised like that in my entire life. 

  4. My babies :'c they took them away from me
  5. kukew

    I'm taking these recommendations of yours myself because lately I've been looking for some nice in-ear headphones(?), but I'm limited to get mine at my local electronic store (Best Buy and the like) I couldn't find that model of Sennheiser but found the Momentum ones. Would you recommend me something nice from stores like those ones? I don't mind spending for prices around the momentum ones. ;-; ... I don't wanna end buying Beats
  6. I think they love that cute band so much w, the band looks so warmly open to new audiences(?)
  7. OMG Kyotaro, renew my life obscurely again kudasai
  8. kukew

    Yaa, that song 『いただきます。』 sounds like aikuruimasu's 球形無限連鎖~ミズタマ~ with AvelCain's karma on vocals. i'm wondering what are those other bands that tried to be aicle. tho lol?
  9. They have uploaded some live footage on their youtube channel. I'm posting the ones that I liked (which are 2 from 3) ;-;♡ i really want to listen the whole 'morning' track
  10. kukew

    I do like them a lot, and since he is the only one on the guitar I hope this doesn't affect them I just want them to keep headbanging-heavy and dark(?). ;-;
  11. kukew

    Their music is pretty contagious and I just love his vocals, so dramatic, kind of reminds me of アヲイ's OTG…
  12. Love this kind of vk livestreams, and it's right on my birthday how lovely, gotta watch Sick
  13. kukew

    Really? I'm going to die, where are all my psychopaths going right? </3
  14. When ur roomie creates a fake Grindr account and uses it to make you believe for a week u have found the ideal husbando and then he reveals truth and all roomies rofl at you bc they all knew and even gave you some "advices" for the moment you would finally "meet" the guy.

    1. leafwork


      ...you need new roommates. that is 100% abusive

    2. togz


      That's so mean

    3. reminiscing2004
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