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    Furik reacted to blacktooth in Dir en grey   
    They’re getting old too. I can’t wait for them to evolve into their final form as old man band. 
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    Furik reacted to Tokage in DISH has changed their name to "dishes are scheming"   
    wait hold up, is this a reference to this?
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    Furik reacted to suji in DEXCORE new album, "DRAGOUT." release   
    since nobody cares to translate
    Dr.Naoki will depart on February 29 due to differences in direction. Dexcore will continue activities.
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    Furik reacted to xriko in 勇企(yuuki)(ex-UnsraW) new band "DOAK" has formed   
    he can't, too busy to drink wine and do livecam
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    Furik reacted to nekkichi in AIIS (ex-ALSDEAD) has disbanded   
    most quiet flop awarded!
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    Furik reacted to nomemorial in DEXCORE new album, "DRAGOUT." release   
    Of all the VK metalcore bands, these dudes sound the most like western metalcore. Counting the days til they get signed to Rise Records or something 👀
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    Furik reacted to Wakarimashita in DEXCORE new album, "DRAGOUT." release   
    I hope The Dead Sea gets a rerecording too...
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    Furik reacted to nekkichi in DEXCORE new album, "DRAGOUT." release   
    I'm so glad that dimlim flopped to open new doors and opportunities for visual legends dexcore with this album!
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    Furik reacted to Axius in Old Japanese rock download sites   
    Sadly have actually searched them all. Most of the links are old mega or mediafire links that have been dead for years
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    Furik reacted to Peace Heavy mk II in How to make Visual Kei popular again?   
    are you ricky gervais 
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    Furik reacted to Bear in The big TV-series discussion thread   
    The Mandalorian - Well, this surely caught me by surprise. Disney have gotten quite a lot of shit for picking up Star Wars and "ruined the franchise", as if it wasn't already fucked up by the man himself George Lucas 20 years ago with his shitty prequel (as well as the "remastered" versions of the originals which is nowhere as good as the actual original movies). So yeah, don't blame Disney if you think this franchise has gone to shit. Blame George Lucas. I personally liked The Force Awakens a lot, Rogue One even more, and I found pleasure in both Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Last Jedi even tho both where flawed. But that's not entirely Disney's fault. They're at fault for choosing the wrong people to work on the franchise, but they have also done a lot right so far.
    And guess what, The Mandalorian might be their best work so far. It's at least on par with Rogue One. The Mandalorian sees creator Jon Favreau continue a lot of what George Lucas started in the 70's, namely steal/pay homage/whatever you want to call it from Japanese movies. This time they've taken from the cult classic, super violent exploitation chambara series Lone Wolf & Cub, which I am more than fine with as it's one of my favourite film franchises ever. It's got that same premise of a man with a child roaming around and being hired for different duties to earn a paying. They have, like in the original trilogy, not even tried to hide it, and I fucking love it. Like, it's so clear and obvious. Fantastic!
    While Solo: A Star Wars story had a major space western feeling, this taken it even further. This almost cuts out the space feeling and rely more on a Sergio Leone-esque western feeling, than a space opera, even with a soundtrack very, very, very similar to those of Ennio Morricone.
    I thought this was amazing. Can't fucking wait for a new season! Go Disney, GO!!!
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    Furik reacted to sutululu in lynch. New Album "ULTIMA" & 15th Anniversary Project [XV]   
    hope so my nigga
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    Furik reacted to chemicalpictures in BAROQUE new album "SIN DIVISION"   
    pretty cool interview with kei, even using the translator.
    Apparently their three albums since becoming a duo are a trilogy, with planetary secret representing the birth of life, puer et puella expresses living this life and love and sin division is the fall in sin
    Also he will sing on some songs and it will be a pretty experimental one
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    Furik reacted to chemicalpictures in BAROQUE new album "SIN DIVISION"   
    BAROQUE's new abum SIN DIVISION will be released on 2020.01.28.


    looks like a darker, conceptual album and I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED
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    Furik reacted to Tokage in deadman to hold a oneman live in September 2019   
    imagine checking one of those setlists and seeing [new song] written on there..........................
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    Furik reacted to Yukami in 8P-SB 3rd album "richardland" release   
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    Furik reacted to Tokage in cali≠gari×deadman collaboration Release: 「死刑台のエレベーター」   
    where were you when visual kei was saved? i was at home drinking brian fluid
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    Furik reacted to Zeus in Worst To First: Dir en grey   
    Love them or hate them, almost everyone's got an opinion about Dir en grey. The scene stops to listen whenever Dir en grey announce a new single or album. As a long time fan of the band, I think it's the perfect time to express how I feel about all of their albums. My feelings will differ from album to album. Some albums have had the benefit of twenty years and others only a few months, so that's always going to be a factor in how I rank things. I will cover this from my least favorite album to my most favorite album, but by no means take this as a definitive list for Dir en grey. Everyone will have their own rankings and their own suggestions for where to start. I happen to think that this also a great order to introduce someone to this band.
    This is a perfect topic for those that don't listen to Dir en grey or don't know where to start, current fans looking for spicy opinions and a pot to stir, or even old fans looking for a reintroduction into their new era. Not only have I included a PV for each album as a sampler, but I also put together suggested playlists for each album. The playlists are the order that I would have arranged the band if I were them. The songs are the songs that I believe are the best from each period. Some will require more effort than others to construct. To make it simpler, I have included my favorite three tracks and one music video from each album.

    I will not consider the mini albums MISSA and six Ugly in this analysis, but some of those tracks will appear in the playlists I create.
    Album No: 8
    Released: August 2, 2011
    Length: 67:31
    鬼葬 (kisou)
    Album No: 3
    Released: January 30, 2002
    Length: 69:57

    Album No: 6
    Released: February 7, 2007
    Length: 50:05
    Album No: 9
    Released: December 10, 2014
    Length: 68:01
    🎖️The Insulated World🎖️
    Album No: 10
    Released: September 26, 2018
    Length: 50:27

    🏅Withering to death.🏅
    Album No: 5
    Released: March 9, 2005
    Length: 51:14

    Album No: 2
    Released: September 20, 2000
    Length: 72:57

    Album No: 1
    Released: July 28, 1999
    Length: 64:47
    Album No: 7
    Released: November 11, 2008
    Length: 58:54

    Album No: 4
    Released: September 10, 2003
    Length: 57:02

    That's everything folks! Thanks for reading all the way to the end! Did you like it? Did you agree? Do you have your own rankings? Leave them below! I'm interested to know what everyone's opinions are, especially since Dir en grey is one of my favorite bands ever. So many people are passionate about this band like no other. If enough people liked this, I may follow up soon with one for the GazettE.

    Until next time
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    Furik reacted to suji in new band "ゲルニカ (Guernica)" --> "GELNICA" has formed   
    they changed their name and lost two members...
    that name is awful
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    Furik reacted to Kyo_Toriko in Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas new album "HYPERTOUGHNESS" release   
    Glad to see their come back with a full-length album!
    I really love this new song!
    A new HYPE for me in the end of this year! Yes!!
    And the last part Tetsuya holding Kei's bass... I almost cry...
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    Furik reacted to Peace Heavy mk II in Hizaki new solo mini-album, "Back to Nature" release   
    This are the six stages of trying bath salts for the first time
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    Furik reacted to nekkichi in Hizaki new solo mini-album, "Back to Nature" release   
    same energy tbh
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    Furik reacted to JamesR in Visual kei popping up in unexpected places   
    This one from Pokemon episode 45 

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    Furik reacted to Paraph in Phobia one night revival as "un-phobia" with ex-蜉蝣 (Kagerou) members   
    i am fucking here for puppet mammy
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