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  1. I don’t think they were televised like on the special when they were mastering Sanjou no Uta. These demos were from a radio program that I think one of the members was a guest on and played some of the unfinished tracks. Ill see if I can find them later this weekend when I’m not at work.
  2. The YouTube video is legit. Several songs still in their demo forms leaked around the same time the band was touring the US and Hot Topic was selling the zombie pirate t-shirt and their Warcon albums in 2006. Conceived Sorrow and The Fatal Believer were two that I remember leaked. I have a backup thumbdrive somewhere that has all the demos. I also have a backup CD that has Vulgar demos too. I’ve moved so many times that I’ve probably lost them somewhere. HOWEVER Im pretty sure I posted about TMOAB demos and rumors on my LJ. Im going to log in and see what all I can find and I’ll post back.
  3. Not familiar with her or the band. Facebook is blowing up about her though. I guess they were pretty respected.
  4. IKR.
  5. What lovely set lists. ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Is she for real with Logan Paul though?
  7. Theres a bunch of songs I would’ve liked remastered for this collection. How did they forget like basically all of the songs on six Ugly (instead of shitbrella), Zomboid, Mazohyst, Mask, Hydra (original), kr Cube, Karasu (original), even fucking BERRY.
  8. Damn. Remastered Child Prey goes HARD.
  9. As far as I’m aware, the PVs are for the new versions of the songs.
  10. Im loving the re-recordings but I agree that 2:03 is horrible. Kyo needs to stop being the Mariah of jrock. He like actually ruined the song halfway in.
  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing the glitchy electronics slightly returning to their songs. Sustain the Untruth’s intro had me shooked; new Fukai had my balls drop even more.
  12. Wow, when bands say they want to tour abroad it’s usually a half-assed statement. However, they really seem passionate in that video to actually really want to go overseas to perform. Good for them. I hope they know they actually do have fans outside of Japan!
  13. omg how could I forgot RES and Midori in 2007. 😭 I miss the old years. Also, 2007 was when I joined TW!
  14. Thanks for making me feel old. girugamesh self-titled and the Gazzete’s Stacked Rubbish were my jams back then.