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  1. Furik

    This thread is going to be amazing. I can’t wait.
  2. This is the best news in a LONG time. I’m excited.
  3. Bring back MBHI or Chemical Pictures at least...
  4. I wonder how they handled the vocals for the event. I know it listed other bands vocalists for their songs but I wonder who sang what?
  5. This came out of nowhere. He was a great bassist. Damn, haven’t really listened to them much after their “Phase 2” era but he was phenomenal. This is such a shame.
  6. It feels like it’s been forever since I heard Juri’s Voice. What a solid lineup. I hope they become successful regardless of their name.
  7. After looking at the track list, the last three tracks on the final CD make me curious. Are they re-masters?
  8. Woah. This came completely out of left field. So im assuming this is their whole discography plus hopefully some rare stuff! Color me excited. At over $300, I’m sure it’ll find it’s way here someday...
  9. So... no Kuchiki no tou pt 2 then... /jk Still interested though.
  10. This is awesome. I am so excited how this is gonna turn out!
  11. Furik

    They keep outdoing themselves. I love how they aren’t getting stale. At all. My god. We we need a true full album!
  12. Furik

    LOVING IT. They are the ultimate band. They really are untouchable with a vocalist like him. He can sing and get dirty with his growls.
  13. Furik

    What the hell is this thread about..?
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