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  1. Save visual kei
  2. Really? No one did this yet?
  3. Well, it at least sounds better than their past few releases. I'll give them that.
  4. They always have interesting covers! 👍
  5. This mean he's done with his AI solo career? Aka DEATHGAZE 2?
  6. What an interesting track listing!! HYPE.
  7. deadman > DeadMAN
  8. My medical insurance was cut off 3/31 and my "speciality" doctor called me today to let me know he couldn't bill my insurance. So so I called my insurance and they said they cut me off because they couldn't "locate me". I checked my profile and low and behold my address on file is where I fucking live. What do they even mean they couldn't locate me?! So I filed an appeal and hopefully all goes well because I only have 6 days worth of my "specialty" medicine and, as of right now, have no way of getting my medicine.
  9. I haven't uploaded the new song yet. I will do so when I get off work. Please give me a couple hours. 👍
  10. Not expecting the sound at all but, to be honest, considering where girugamesh was going I guess it's the most logical choice. Good for him.
  11. Hello MH. I have big news regarding my personal life and I wanted to share it all with you - the community. I made a video regarding this announcement as I feel it's better to put it into my own words instead of faceless text. Please watch as I share this new life with you all. Love, Furik
  12. Ah, they are finally on Warner. Kinda skeptical since their last album was very mediocre but I'll still support the shit out of them. 👍
  13. Speaking of. I want my TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [ six UGLY ] tour please.
  14. So glad iggy is in a new band. ❤️❤️❤️