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  1. I'm on it.
  2. Last song sounds great. Also that comic sans
  3. Yoshiki has been the god of broken promises. They shoulda just let the band die in 97.
  4. Don't.
  5. He always goes to the same fucking places in the US. God damnit. Even though I don't care for his major label shit, id still like to see him live.
  6. Merry maybe?
  7. New Cassis is a beast. I love it.
  8. I can't even remember listening to any of their newer stuff. How does it hold up in comparison to the works of like 8 and Good Bye -stuff before they went on their hiatus?
  9. Quick. Someone start a GoFundMe for Rentrer please.
  10. Will need audio rips of the Vulgar and Kisou dvds asap
  11. Covers are absolute killer but the track listing is LAME. only thing saving this are re recordings.
  12. I highly doubt this is all they are gonna announce though. Maybe I'm being too optimistic about this but why the fuck would they make a website, a Facebook page, etc just for two tour dates?
  13. Do we have any additional information on RAZOR? Like, the full line-up, etc?
  14. i bet they trollin us and gonna announce their last gigs.