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  1. Very mukku like.
  2. It's so nice of Queen Perry to let them cover her Magnum opus of a single.
  3. Album delayment
  4. I'm not judging. They are nothing alike. I'm just saying from the ex-deathgaze members that I prefer dexcore so far.
  5. Dexcore > Darrell tbh but it still sounds decent and I'll keep up with ai-sama.
  6. According to the picture, this singles gonna make my pussy wet.
  7. Calling it now - Polysics will cover FUZZ.
  8. To be honest, I quit caring about the bands endeavors six years ago after Jade. Yoshiki really knows how to milk the hype and it's honestly disgusting at this point - it is no longer fun, that is if it ever was and no longer a game. I'm completely done. He's over dramatic with his constant hospitalizations and studio sessions. I hate to say this about anyone but he truly is a horrible person. I don't wish him the worst but I wish he would just man the fuck up and give the fans what they want. The more he crafts his "new album" the worse it's going to be.
  9. Happy b-day Furik! <3

  10. happy birthday xoxo

  11. Uhm. Okay. For real - who?
  12. Nice. Always good to see Dragon Ash on here.
  13. lol obv noctubura
  14. I don't know majority of these posted artists. Except Sixpence and Nat and Charli.