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  1. I think his singing is okay. Surprised due to all the growling squealing BS he does now.
  2. Jesus. 44 songs. 3 CDs. Momma is curious for the tracklisting. Momma wants some remastered Gauze, Macabre and Kisoucracks please. Like now.
  4. Jesus fucking christ. That would be a mess not even live worthy.
  5. Banned words...?
  6. Boiz deserve a break. Much needed. Maybe they’ll take the time to consider their future musicial directions. Or start side projects.
  7. I have a feeling Deg will either call it quits in the next few years or just quit releasing music and neither break up or go on a hiatus,,, just like stop being active. They’ll all be too too busy with their side projects.
  8. Omg the thread of the century ARIANA, BRITNEY, MADONNA, RIHANNA, BEYONCÉ, POPPY, BHAD BARBIE, SELENA, HYUNA, list goes on and on and on.
  9. I’m that one guy that hates it because it’s not Common Dreads pt.2. Imho their worst. Even more so than their last album. Can’t even remember the name.
  10. Woah. Album cover is nothing like I was expecting. Color me even more intrigued.
  11. At least it’s not Koda Kumi. ❤️❤️❤️
  12. So, this means Batsu is up for sale? If so, does this mean I can buy it and make it redirect to MH? 😈
  13. I don’t think Yoshiki would ever admit when music isn’t working for him.