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  1. Oh wow. I have no words. It sounds like old MIDI music on anime websites from back in the late 90s. I'm here for it.
  2. I'm hoping a speedy recovery for them too. Covid sucks. My partner got it last week and now I have it as of Wednesday. People tend to joke about it a lot. I never thought I'd get it since I'm like always home. But. Oh well. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Furik

    This is great news! Despite the general consensus, I really did enjoy their later material before they stopped activities. We need another Black Swan and Door to the Sky!
  4. Furik

  5. Furik

    I... hate to say it but I agree that the single is boring. If I wanted something that was identical to this song in terms of length and experimentation, I’d go and listen to anything else they’ve put out in the past 10 years or so. This single was honestly probably just a Sukekiyo outtake and decided to release it as Dir en grey just for the sake of keeping the band name still relevant.
  6. I didn’t even know they were gone. They had that one EP... it was pretty good. Glad to hear they are going to be active again!
  7. Sounds better than anything on their last flop of an album.
  8. Furik

    I’ve never experienced a band before that’s constantly put out good releases back to back before. Dexcore really are something else and are on a different level. This is fantastic!
  9. Furik

    oh. 😣
  10. I know their MONSTERS album was up but I noticed a couple days ago that albums likes Coll:Set, MIRROR, and their later albums along with their EPs are now on Spotify and Apple Music from what I’ve seen. Just letting you all know. 👍
  11. Eeeeyyyy. What’s up, Cleveland? 👍
  12. Oh. 😂 whoops. My memory is bad.
  13. Wow. Didn’t even know their bassist left. He was a BEAST. Probably going to be hard to replace him. But I wish the new guy all the luck.
  14. Dozing Green and... and... Grief?! That came out of left field. Why the hell Grief of all songs?
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