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  1. It’s been about time. YES.
  2. I don’t really have a reason why I still use it. I’ve had my acct since 2003 and have steadily continued to use it only because the music platforms I use still enable it to scrobble like Spotify. So I just go with it. If Spotify didn’t have scrobbling I could care less. I don’t have last fm downloaded on my Mac to use on iTunes. Last fm died a long time ago. They tried to revamp it and bring it back from the dead but just fucked it over in the process. So yeah, the only reason I still use it is because Spotify.
  3. #RIPosharekei
  4. So it’s a self cover album with other artists participating? 01. Aka 02. Ranchu 03. Fuzz 04. Utagoe 05. Bouzenjishitsu 06. Tsubasa wo kudasai 07. Hakanakutomo 08. 1979 09. Media no juusei 10. Ame no orchestra 11. Monochro no keshiki 12. Namonaki yume 13. Mr.Liar 14. MAD YACK 15. Ryuusei
  5. Yes for Children six ugly version. ❤️❤️❤️
  6. He’s talented AF I give him that but I really can’t get into him after 2010.
  8. Jesus. Out of all celebrity musicians who have passed, I’m honestly taking this one the hardest. I remember jamming to Hybrid Theory on repeat in HS and having my mom preorder Meteora for me. They were most definitely what got me into rock aside from Dir En Grey. I even remember jamming with my “first boyfriend” in HS to Reanimation driving around in his car. This is is so completely out of left field. I didn’t realize his drug and alcohol problems were that bad. And I didn’t really know he was mentally ill. I guess losing his best friend, Chris Cornell, not even two months ago really set him over the edge. Not even mentioning that Chester even passed away on Chris’ birthday. This is is so fucked. For real. It doesn’t seem real and I can’t even imagine what his children are thinking let alone his band mates - especially Mike.
  9. FFXIV, Overwatch and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
  10. baroque formed in May of ‘01 and released Gakidou (their first major label single) in July of ‘03. That’s pretty impressive.
  11. I wasn’t too impressed with their last album but everything they’ve released before has been extraordinary. Color me intrigued!
  12. I’m loving their look. Will give them a listen.