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  1. I wonder if these guys ever sleep... as Kiryu they are always touring / recording / releasing new material and then as My dragon they are filming pvs etc
  2. * Added some Girugamesh items and lowered the price of a few cheki
  3. Re-upped today, added a bunch of new stuff such as Lycaon photosets etc
  4. * Added Wagakki Bando poster, lowered prices of existing items ^^
  5. * Cheki added and prices lowered on existing items Feel free to make me offers I need this stuff gone!
  6. 03.09.2015 - New stuff up and prices lowered on existing items!
  7. I do have one Kaya cheki of him in his Queen outfit, but I would like a good price for me to sell it ^^;;
  8. Here is a photo https://40.media.tumblr.com/f0c23737a7b3241af0aff6d6a4e72e32/tumblr_ni9zsfYxda1sqzr5go1_1280.jpg Thank you!
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