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  1. electrastar

  2. electrastar

    To hell with this. I´ll post something older:
  3. electrastar

    Your stuff´s pretty good. I like how clean your work seems, it´s always a good thing. Lets do an art trade some day if you got any time? Time is something no one seems to have though.
  4. electrastar

    I once had the most trouble with colors. Y´know, fitting them and mixing them. Then I bought a smaller set of pencils. Did this one of Courtney Love today. As I said I felt like doing something realistic since it´s been a while. But yeah, not as good as expected. I´ll update the thread with a couple of more realistic drawings later. I have one of Ryu from MoNoLith for an example, but yes:
  5. electrastar

    Thanks mate! I´m trying to give my best and sometimes not quite the best, but one simply does not evolve fast. Such a bummer, aye. Yet weeaboo kei strikes fast as soon as you say your first "hello".
  6. electrastar

    Well yes, forgot to add this one: "WEEABOO KEI", Molly helped me a little to think of stuff weeaboos say.. So I thought I should give her some credit. XD
  7. electrastar

    I really like your style, it´s pretty awesome and recognizable. I also took a peek to your new thread and I must say traditional fits you better. I like the flow of the pen(cil), it´s great! I hope to see some new stuff from you soon!
  8. This is so dead, lol.

  9. electrastar

    "Skin Head Groupie" - BILLY AND THE SLUTS What is your favorite place to take long walks at?
  10. electrastar

    Yay~ Finally a thread for her. I must say I really like how she´s not insecure or embarrassed about her accent. It gives something extra to her music in my opinion.
  11. electrastar

    D'espairsRay -OZ- Lynch. UnsraW Deathgaze A LOSTAGE Kagrra, GALNERYUS Drive Like Jehu Rinoa
  12. electrastar

    They tend to grow up or something maybe? Besides, oshare bands has never been together for long. That´s a law.
  13. electrastar

    Really shocking. I actually thought they´ll be together for 10 years more or so. But I hope their final album will be amazing as f*ck.
  14. electrastar

    There-there.. :' 3 I´d like to dedicate this to Leafie. *giggles*