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    Aie (deadman, the studs, keel, Ggg, tgads) Közi (ZIZ, MALICE MIZER, DALLE) Ryo (Hollowgram, keel, DALLE), Kamijo (Versailles, LAREINE), HYDE (L'arc), Ryutarou (Plastic Tree) and moooooooore
  1. - track 12 "Shizuka no Umi", from the single Silent Noise
  2. that announces a hiatus with CREATURE and not with DEAD END worries me. at least, we have Morrie: /
  3. kamijo and versailles are Indies since 2017, when they only release Dvd's and cd's with Chateau Agency.
  4. Great news!!!!
  5. I don't understand all the changes of lineup. I fan of Aie, but in this band....
  6. Kamijo's wteet: In the recording of "PANTHEON -PART2" the new Matenrou Opera album that goes on sale on November 15 in celebration of the 10th. anniversary, I participated in the choirs of "覇道 の 火 よ" (Hadou no hi yo)! The day I returned from South America I went straight from Narita to the studio, there was a triple voice!
  7. Too sad...
  8. Adoratio has been what I've been waiting for sukekiyo during his career. All his tracks are great for me. The only bad thing I see in it is the second disc. I hate collaborations. I want change that concept. More remix like IMMORTALIS.
  9. I think the same
  10. The covers are horrible...