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  1. jduv86

    Title song I don't like. 2nd track I feel is a better representation of the band. 3rd song is decent. Overall, sounds decent. I just wish the 2nd track was the song that was the title.
  2. jduv86

    Reminds me of old Gazette songs like Hanakotoba, okuribi, ito, etc Not bad.
  3. jduv86

    Nothing particularly creative, but definitely sounds good.
  4. jduv86

    Vistlip is pretty much the only VK band who has never disappointed me. I love them so much
  5. jduv86

    Lots of potential. Really digging it!
  6. jduv86

    It's ok. I don't expect new bands to start off good anymore. I looked forward to the single that will follow instead.
  7. I'll follow Tenten to the edge of the Earth. He's my favorite. I just like going along for the ride. If anything, he has a great discography of banger songs. Honestly, I don't even care about the other members. I'm there for Tenten.
  8. jduv86

    I hate that chorus part. It sounds so contrasting that I can't fully get into this song. I thought it was a different song at first. Other than that, they have potential and I enjoyed everything outside of that.
  9. jduv86

    Chorus sounded like Dadaroma to me XD I actullay enjoyed this. I don't really like this band much though. They are one of those bands that you keep rooting for, but they let you down in the end. So you just keep showing up no matter what just to see what they are doing.
  10. I had surgery on my knee so I had to give away my ticket...looking at this setlist though to me...I'm ok with missing out. I would have had fun definitely, but there are only like 6 songs from that setlist that I'm would really be stoked at seeing.
  11. jduv86

    Ballad is good. That other song needs to be thrown off a building.
  12. These albums were so great!!! The newer compositions are amazing.
  13. jduv86

    They are still around?!?!?!?!?! OMG!!! I love them!
  14. jduv86

    The chorus singing rhythm kind of reminds me of Janne Da Arc "Love is Here" which I like. The main riff and pre chorus remind me of Mejibray's "Sadisgate" which I also like. However, the whole song put together I don't like.
  15. "Anata no tame no kono inochi" is the song that got me into them and Visual Kei back in 2004 so if they played that at NY this time, I'm going to push so close to the stage, I'll be kissing Ruki's boot. Also, I would like some surprising B-sides to come out this time Chijou Uncertain Sense VERMIN Kugutsue Also, Kare Uta
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