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  1. I agree. This song is not that good. I feel like after they left PSC, they don't know exactly where to go musically. They started off promising with their 1st two mini albums, but then it seems they haven't been able to recapture that magic. They've had good songs but none of them really stuck with me after a few plays. This won't stick with me after 1, but I still have hope. On another note, I missed the reason why they decided to go back to alice nine instead of being a9.
  2. jduv86

    Just discovered CHOKE and love them. I would like to see the tabs if you're still doing them! No I don't have a 8 strings
  3. jduv86

    My list has changed some since the last time I did this. I'm including disbands because I haven't been keeping up too much with most recent V-Kei. 1. XtripX 2. UNITE 3. Vistlip 4. the Gazette 5. DIMLIM (before going non visual) 6. RAZOR 7. Dir en Grey 8. KURT 9. DADAROMA 10. Rentrer en Soi
  4. Hmmm...I haven't heard of most of these bands and a lot of them have been around for a few years XD Going to check out CHOKE., DE/CLIO, GLIM GARDO, shuuen no rasetsu isn't so bad for generic...the song had some fun parts to it...didn't realize KRA was still around. I miss the 2000s...
  5. jduv86

    Nobody from the V-Kei scene, but Dj Takahashi from M-Flo tweeted me and thanked me for doing a reaction video to their song "No Question". He also liked the video on youtube.
  6. jduv86

    I would probably follow Tenten around with every short lived project band he does lol. He's my favorite person in VK history. I love his vocals so much! It's jsut something raw about them that makes me love it.
  7. jduv86

  8. By the sound of it "mymymy" is going to be my sh*t. I wish it was the lead song.
  9. TBH, I haven't fully enjoyed a Miyavi album since This is the Japanese Kabuki Rock back in 2008, but last album was decent. I hope he can get that spark back.
  10. jduv86

    Title song I don't like. 2nd track I feel is a better representation of the band. 3rd song is decent. Overall, sounds decent. I just wish the 2nd track was the song that was the title.
  11. jduv86

    Reminds me of old Gazette songs like Hanakotoba, okuribi, ito, etc Not bad.
  12. jduv86

    Nothing particularly creative, but definitely sounds good.
  13. jduv86

    Vistlip is pretty much the only VK band who has never disappointed me. I love them so much
  14. jduv86

    Lots of potential. Really digging it!
  15. jduv86

    It's ok. I don't expect new bands to start off good anymore. I looked forward to the single that will follow instead.
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