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  1. Lol, remember I used to listen to a few of their songs a decade ago. Would've completely forgotten them if it wasn't for this. I wonder how other vk bandmen who escaped the vk scene turn out to be now.
  2. So I was tumbling around with social networking apps and found this app called BAND which gathers people with similar interests in groups. Just created a group for Japanese indies music. Hoping to know more people who like J-indies and more active discussions. Please join if you're interested! Link: https://band.us/@jindies
  3. freesia

    i actually liked the first track but the second track sounds way too uplifting
  4. freesia

    My boyfriend took these random pics of me in a random restaurant(full of hot guys) in Shibuya before going to fox capture plan's live.
  5. freesia

    It's just you.
  6. Yes, the first one was so good! Can't wait to hear the second one!
  7. Happy birthday QT! Have a good one. :tw_kiss_wink:

    1. freesia


      Thanks a lot! Sorry for getting back late!

  8. freesia

    I'm so hyped up for this!
  9. wtf happened to sigur ros? their new album is all drone

  10. freesia

    lol sorry i was being blind
  11. freesia

    Is there a setlist of the new live DVD?
  12. freesia

    Just noticed there seems to be no topic for sharing each other's Instagram here except for bandmen's, so I thought I should start one. Here's mine: freesia Feel free to follow me if you want. Share your Instagram if you don't mind, people~
  13. freesia

    Yeah, I almost forgot about this
  14. So is Kyotaro all done with his host job and back to making music? He better be.
  15. freesia

    I just hope their sound won't change much