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  1. freesia

    This shoegaze/indie rock band is so obscure and underrated!
  2. freesia

    Unfortunately, Gackt has arrived HK and finds what is happening overwhelming.
  3. I think there are still people who don't know about what's going on in Hong Kong. What's going on is not just happening in Hong Kong, but all over the world. Hong Kong is facing China's suppress on stripping off of our freedom and democracy, from little by little to finally revealing its fangs. This is happening to all the places where China's money is involved. The most noticable are China's control on the limitation of creation like Hollywood movies, games, literature, etc.. If we don't fight for it now, we don't want to imagine how it's like to have China fully controlling our city. China's leader, Xi Jinping, is already throwing out bibles from China's churches and replacing them with the book he wrote himself. Please take a look at this newspage to see what's happening in Hong Kong: https://edition.cnn.com/specials/asia/hong-kong-protests-intl-hnk Please stand with Hong Kong. Even only your words matter and we are more than grateful for them.
  4. freesia

    Hmm.. Maybe that does freshen the band a bit. If there is one, I hope it'll be someone like Doris.
  5. freesia

    If most of us here like Japanese culture, I wonder what country's porn they prefer? For those who prefer both Asian and American porn, what differences do you see? I'm curious.
  6. freesia

    I get most of my beauty, make-up, and fashion tips from youtube and IG. 95% of the ones I follow are Japanese. Lately, I've gotten into the style of natural brown/beige clothes and make-up. I don't have a definite brand for make-up but most of them are drugstore brands like Canmake, Excel, Kate, Visee, Media, L'oreal, Revlon, Banila Co, Heroine, etc.. Most of the clothes I wear are from GU and Uniqlo, but I would die to shop at Japan's Heather, earth, OLIVE des OLIVE, etc.. As for my hair, I usually just curl my bangs with a straightener and curl the rest of my hair with a curler. I'm still in search of a good hair style keeper that can hold my bangs and curls. Anyone got any recommendations?
  7. freesia

    I find it weird if they have a female guitarist in the band
  8. New song sounds pretty generic with over-used format
  9. freesia

    Anoice's new album "Ghost in the Clocks" is so good!
  10. freesia

    Anyone know what Naoto(ex-DEATHGAZE) is up to now? He was one of my favorite members back then...
  11. freesia

    Lol! If I bring a beer can home I bet my mom would throw it away if she sees it
  12. No matter if they're autographs, picks, drum sticks, water bottles, or who knows what on earth that bandman throws, you know all that excitement to get to own that reward, so show them off here! Here are autographs from coldrain and Nocturnal Bloodlust, cheki taken with NCBL, and Masa's pick!
  13. freesia

    Coldrain came to my city before all of the mess the city got into. Show got postponed but I'm still glad they kept their promise to come!
  14. freesia

    I remember Sadie's Mao did make a guest appearance in a BL movie. Also, Hyde's Last Quarter was good too.
  15. I can feel you here. Been a fan since greedy dead souls just released but only until I BELIEVE IN ME that I can find their songs rememberable. I feel so unfamiliar with this DVD setlist.
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