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  1. The only thing I know about myself - I shouldn't drink with strangers. But drunk kissing is so fun... oh.

  2. It's nice but strange, as far as I remember this revival was nothing but quick money for Mako's solo...
  3. 少女椿

    My existence is paradoxical, or there's no other definition, when literally everyone is saying something like "you're so stunning, you must be popular! Precious ♡", while my close -favorite human beings- are just "wow, you're still here. What do you want from me?", and this pattern keeps repeating. Idk, it's just heartbreaking.
  4. 少女椿

    Yay!! That's cool ♡
  5. 少女椿

    Same here! Welcome!
  6. 少女椿

    I'm ready to die
  7. Recently I'm so fascinated by witch house, and I want more! Any recommendations? 


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    2. Tokage


      Plasticzooms and Dalle of course ;^)

    3. 少女椿


      @Jigsaw9 thanks!! I was confused by the fact that this genre(?) is nothing about its sound if it has no limits, but everything about its atmosphere... 

    4. Jigsaw9


      Yeah that's a good way to put it I guess. :) Usually it's electronic/sample-based music with a slower tempo that evokes a dreary/occult atmosphere, but I've heard some stuff that could pass for trap music or goth-infused hip-hop.


      There was a short-lived project by an underground Hungarian producer who dabbled in the latter btw, saw him a couple of times at local witch house parties, pretty cool stuff:




      edit: Another Hungarian guy from the same scene, I don't dig his stuff that much but the "evil" atmosphere is pretty cool (he fronted a harsh EBM/aggrotech band before and it shows, heh)



  8. Le mood:


  9. It's so rare to see such awesome tastes! I mean... wow... it was interesting! Thank you!
  10. 少女椿

    Oh, they still exist...
  11. 少女椿

    This is so beautiful.
  12. This day, this year and this life sucks, but how can I ignore Machi's debut as a youtuber(笑)


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    2. 少女椿


      This is an absolute madness but after my comment Machi wrote me and now we're talking all day on insta 😳 

      What... Haha... why... 

    3. Arkady


      Emiru liked ALL comments except mine... (I think he didn't like that I have Chanton L'Amour maxi single uploaded there) 🥶🥶🥶

    4. 少女椿


      @Arkady oh, maybe... but this single is quite old, why not...

  13. 少女椿

    I was SO surprised to find he was in good condition a few days ago, how did it come to this... life is so terrifying sometimes.
  14. 少女椿

    It gets worse everyday 😔 may his soul rest in peace.
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