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  1. Subculture then: emo, goth, punk

    Subculture now: borderline, autism, depression 

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    2. 少女椿


      @platy btw remember times when being emo was equal to being gay. Ah, childhood...

    3. suji


      nonbinary, trans, gay, nazi cis scum


      that's it that's literally all the modern subcultures

    4. secret_no_03


      👏 Lord, isn't that the truth.

  2. 少女椿

    And (maybe) la lune...
  3. 少女椿

    Wait what if Yoshiki is planning suicide and le -new- album will be released exactly that day 🤔
  4. 少女椿

    Next life, maybe
  5. 少女椿

    Achievement unlocked: bandoman for a weekend...
  6. 少女椿

    As a person who takes a shower 3 times a day just because I love bathing, I can't decide the best timing for it, but it feels so nice to go to bed a little sleepy after hot shower at night...
  7. I want to try tarot fortune telling, and I need guide or something... any recommends?..

    1. secret_no_03


      Your more expensive decks come with guides. I personally like Nekro's designs for the Gothic feel, but there's plenty of others.

    2. Jigsaw9


      marisu mizeru



    3. 少女椿


      @secret_no_03 suddenly found this! It comes with book, and cards are so aesthetically pleasing... https://www.amazon.co.jp/デラックス版-秘法タロットカード-沖-門土/dp/4408393711

  8. 少女椿

    When I will finally get EX-ANS 「HABIT OF SEX」、I'll die in peace.
  9. 少女椿

    That's why I'm scared to find myself surrounded by singing GOATBED fangirls, most of his lyrics are like this, and I feel myself really embarrassed and don't really know whether I want this experience or not 😶
  10. 少女椿

    But... next century ≠ soon...
  11. 少女椿

    Mitarashi sauce reminds me a very very sweet teriyaki and eating sweets with mitarashi makes my brain hurt because of dissonance (but it's so tasty, I can't...)
  12. 少女椿

    I was searching for GOATBED lyrics but suddenly found Shuji's interview (as la' royque de zavy "member")...
  13. I'm in the stage of stress when all I'm doing is sleeping, eating junk food, scrolling mercari and spending money on merch and clothes 😒

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