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  1. foshokku

    Long songs are great! They give the band so much room for experimentation, and usually take their time building up the mood and feel of the song instead of just hurtling it at you. The longest I ever heard (and I think it's one of the longest ever) is one by a norwegian metal band, Green Carnation. The song's called "Light of Day, Day of Darkness", and it sums up to 60:06 mins. It's a one-song album, and their magnum opus so far! Usually most post-rock songs rank far above the 7 min mark, so I won't even list them here (I'd say anything by Mono is an instant win), but I gotta say 9GOATS BLACK OUT' Heaven and DEAD END's 冥合 really shine for me! (Oh, can't leave Opeth's The Drapery Falls out)
  2. foshokku

    Takes me back to the days when Gazette became the GazettE. 'nyw, great news! Would like it more if they released a mini, but that's asking too much.
  3. foshokku

    They're playing together? That's nice! That "In the Dark" clip is really cool. I like the whole doll concept! Too bad the music isn't really cutting for me. I like the instrumentals, but the singer is just too calm for that kind of song. Maybe it just needs some time to grow on you, hmm.
  4. foshokku

    I actually agree with this even though I like it. and woah where have you been? I totally did a double take when I read the name. xD It's not that the song is bad. Take Diru singles, for example. Mostly they sound awesome as stand alone songs, but when put in an album, they feel kinda off. This one would work like that, but in a positive way, I think. Aww, I'm glad you still remember me. XD I never really went away. So much stuff happened in so many different ways I can't even start explaining. I sometimes came back for goodies, but never left a comment or what. Then, earlier this week, I though "Why not?" and here I am!
  5. foshokku

    Kyo's singing gets better every time. He just shines here! Even tho I'm a fan of metal, I think the album needs to grow on you a little bit before enjoying it fully.
  6. foshokku

    @Pretzels He used to do that back in time. He screams well, actually! To be honest, I think Heart of Gold would sound better in an album. It's just not that good stand-alone, but I think it'd mesh pretty fine with other songs. Also, funny how every light-hearted song must feature a skateboard. It came to the point that you know exactly what kind of song to expect when a clip has a skate. XD
  7. foshokku

    Happy birthday, doey!
  8. foshokku

    Jully - Aizou no Kaiga ~
  9. foshokku

    Look look, Gackt haters failing at trolling. >: D BUMP OF CHICKEN - ???? ~
  10. foshokku

    XD I'd gladly join you two in the Gacktage, but I have something else finishing my ears. R-15 - Dirty's culture ~
  11. foshokku

    You all deserve to die for blaspheming against Kagerou. >:[ R-15 - In the concrete ~
  12. foshokku

    Ruvie - Primitive Moon Light ~
  13. foshokku

    Ruvie - Primitive Moon Light ~ TEH.
  14. foshokku

    Really cool, huh. XD 12012 - Mr.LIAR ~ I love SECRET FESTIVAL too. <3 But I wanted to focus on just a few otherwise it'd be too biased. : S Anyway, DREAM ARCH is GORGEOUS too. I have a crush for such kind of song. XD lynch., Duel Jewel and D'espairs Ray already did that, and all of them sounded really beautiful.
  15. foshokku

    EMPIRE OF THE LAGOON is like How about truth...: undeniable master-piece. ? So far, I think my favs are THE MOON, LAST TIME and... Mr.LIAR! I'm REALLY loving this song, it souds so unusual. XD Even for other J-Rock bands.. it reminds me of J's grunge works. 12012 - LAST TIME ~ But I'm surprised at how well SHINE matched the album as a whole. As a single it was kinda week, but it flows perfectly with the other songs. <3 And my least fav is really 24HOURS. Not 'cause is a jazzy song, I don't have problems with that, but.. it just didn't work for me. Like Survival. But I can't help but love everything they make. ?
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