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  1. Glad I wasn't dreaming then haha I had no expectations whatsoever, but damn it was painful to watch. (But same as you, the other band were a lot of fun, so no big deal)
  2. Can someone please tell Japanese bands that NO, a 3 songs CD isn't an EP, but a single?
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for An Cafe flyers (since their beginning) and trading cards (Since they went major). So yeah, if you have anything, let me know!
  4. I saw 6 band that evening, the only worse was DaizyStripper, but for different reasons: DaizyStripper's singer couldn't sing for his life, but Vistlip just seemed so bored, it was painful to watch. No passion, no energy, and the singer looked like he wan't to be anywhere but on this stage. That, and the music was pretty generic to me, nothing special really. Maybe not bad, but nothing catchy or anything. (Maybe the others bands were better in comparison, I don't know)
  5. I don't really know either one, but I saw vistlip in Japan, and oh boy was it painful. So Unite. for me, by default.
  6. Man, they better come again, 'cause that was dope. Paris Setlist (tour final) SE 01. XISS IN THE DARK 02. Devil parade 03. SUPER STAR 04. LOST IRIS SE 05. NECRO 06. Inside Decay 07. Everlasting 08. もしも黒い翼が生えたなら -DEVIL VERSION- SE 09. THE DAWN DEEP DOPE 10. SELFISH RUSSIAN 11. PANDORA 12. PARADIGM XISS Encore 13. トランキライザ 14. BLACK OMEGA SE 15. BRAIN PINK.AD 16. Underworld.
  7. Munich setlist 01. THE DAWN DEEP DOPE 02. Devil parade 03. Asprin 04. Selfish Russian 05. NECRO 06. Inside Decay 07. Everlasting 08. もしも黒い翼が生えたなら -ANGEL ver.- 09. DEVIL DEMENSION 10. BRAINPINK.AD 11. RIP 12. Underworld En 13. KILLING MYSELF 14. PARADIGM XISS 15. SUPERSTAR 16. XISS IN THE DARK
  8. Bought a ticket for MORRIGAN in Paris for my bf! (Not even 60 regular sold...)
  9. How the f*ck a touring company is supposed to handle a power shutdown? VStar and Kinetic are doing an Amazing job, more than B7 ever did tbh.
  10. I don't see it happening anytime soon tbh
  11. Good news for MORRIGAN fans, several of their previous releases are available to purchase at small prices on iTunes! コープス・リバイバー (2015.05.17) 6PAン6D終ラ6-X (2015.08.24) ブラック-ルシアン (2015.10.14) NecroΩorceN (2016.04.07) THE DAWN DEEP DOPE (2017.02.04)
  12. People are invited to vote for the tour's setlist by RTing on twitter the song(s) you want: https://twitter.com/NYAPPY_honmono
  13. The band announced at their Halloween live in Tokyo some concerts for their 15th anniversary! 15th Anniversary Year Special LIVE CAFE TOUR「僕らの奇跡の合言葉は“ニャッピーo(≧∀≦)o”」~カフェっ仔は全員集まれ~ 2018.02.10 - TSUTAYA O-WEST 2018.02.17 - Esaka MUSE 2018.02.18 - Nagoya HeartLand 2018.02.24 - Okayama IMAGE 2018.03.03 - Fukuoka graf 2018.03.04 - Fukuoka graf 15th Anniversary Year LIVE CAFE TOUR Grand Final「僕らの奇跡の合言葉は“ニャッピーo(≧∀≦)o”」~Hibiya On ★ザ★ 御New世界(完)~ 2018.04.28 - Hibiya Outdoor Theater Nostalgic name and venue for long time fans. Hopefully they'll hold on to at least 5 more years. They also announced two birthday concerts: Miku Birthday Live「キミ(カフェっ仔)がいない世界は苺がないショートケーキと同じことだよ」 2018.01.06 - Shinjuku ReNY Takuya Birthday Live「TKY生誕祭'18~Rockしようぜ~」 2018.02.09 - TSUTAYA O-WEST