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  1. Ok. That was... Unexpected? Waiting to hear the full thing, ZERO and Vampire's Moon weren't bad, but yeah, sounds like quite different.
  2. sleepyhead (Ex SuG's Takeru solo project) will release his first album on June 20th. Two editions are planned, the limited comes with a 13 songs CD, two blu-ray (one of his first live and backstage scenes, and the other one with 3 music videos 闇雲 (Yamukumo), 酩酊 (Meitei) ,HOPELESS and their making off) and a pillowcase. You can purchase it there for 14580 yen (website is in Japanese, but they accept orders from overseas): http://shop.million-d-orchestra.com/?tid=13&mode=f3 The regular editon will cost 3000y (CD only). He also announced his first oneman tour, see flyer above.
  3. His first (well, 0th in his own words) will be live limited (2018/3/17, 0TH ANNIVERSARY LIVESHOW 「透明新月」at TSUTAYA O-EAST): 闇雲 (1000¥) 01.闇雲 02.結局 03.闇雲 (Instrumental) 04.結局 (Instrumental) But feel free to ask him to release it on iTunes by commenting!
  4. That's not the setlist on the DVD, but the first one of their 15th anniversary tour! The SUMMER DIVE NEO setlist (I'm guessing they'll cut 2/3 songs, as they did on Laugh Song) is as follow: Amazing Blue Sennen DIVE Mousou Momou Sorosoro JUMBO NatsuKoi★NatsuGAME Jibun Setsumeisho Et Cetera Seishun TRAIN RoMAN ~Let's make precious love~ NYAPPY in the world 4 ~Hannyaka Kyo no Theme~ JIBUN MY ♥ LEAPS FOR ”C” Encore: Natsuiro(Yuzu Chu cover) YOU Laugh Song Encore 2: Ikenai Mousou x Abunai Monster I'm sure the DVD won't include the etc and the cover!
  5. Here's the setlist of their first 15th anniversary live. Boy, they're not playing. 01. BondS ~絆~ 02. スノーシーン 03. Cherry咲く勇気!! MC 04. 踊るメルヘン時計 05. キャンデーホリック 06. 高井戸 07. 我侭行進曲 08. LOCK ON ☆ザ☆ 御NEW世界 09. エスカピズム 〜アンチエイジングver〜 MC 10. YOU Etc (Instrumental medley of NYAPPY in the world, NYAPPY in the world 2, 夏恋★夏GAME and NYAPPY in the world 4) 11. #*-@☆ピポパポテレパシー☆@-*# 12. メープルガンマン 13. テケスタ光線 〜アンチエイジングver〜 14. ダックのマジカルアドベンチャー 15. モウソウモモウソロソロ 16. 逃避回路~2016ver.~ 17. 覚醒ヒロイズム 〜THE HERO WITHOUT A "NAME"〜 18. スマイル一番イイ♀~2015ver.~ Encore 19. 願い事は1つさ 20. 一発逆転恋愛ゲーム 21. ラフ・ソング Encore 22. 似非占い 23. MY ♡ LEAPS FOR "C"
  6. Can't wait for this! Especially the live DVD, the setlist was awesome: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/an-cafe/2017/shinagawa-intercity-hall-tokyo-japan-7be56670.html
  7. I'd be really surprised if they don't come oversea at some point!
  8. Awesome! Seen him last year, will see him this time toi!
  9. The message is that that dead body is his former self. These are the pants he wore in teenAge dreams.
  10. Can't wait to see what he's going to do! UWAKIMONO was dope, let's this will be too!
  11. They did, but not since their major debut!
  12. #JusticeForBugLug
  13. V Star Promotion are often speaking about them and sharing videos, if you like them, let them know, looks like they want to perform abroad!