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  1. The band announced at their Halloween live in Tokyo some concerts for their 15th anniversary! 15th Anniversary Year Special LIVE CAFE TOUR「僕らの奇跡の合言葉は“ニャッピーo(≧∀≦)o”」~カフェっ仔は全員集まれ~ 2018.02.10 - TSUTAYA O-WEST 2018.02.17 - Esaka MUSE 2018.02.18 - Nagoya HeartLand 2018.02.24 - Okayama IMAGE 2018.03.03 - Fukuoka graf 2018.03.04 - Fukuoka graf 15th Anniversary Year LIVE CAFE TOUR Grand Final「僕らの奇跡の合言葉は“ニャッピーo(≧∀≦)o”」~Hibiya On ★ザ★ 御New世界(完)~ 2018.04.28 - Hibiya Outdoor Theater Nostalgic name and venue for long time fans. Hopefully they'll hold on to at least 5 more years. They also announced two birthday concerts: Miku Birthday Live「キミ(カフェっ仔)がいない世界は苺がないショートケーキと同じことだよ」 2018.01.06 - Shinjuku ReNY Takuya Birthday Live「TKY生誕祭'18~Rockしようぜ~」 2018.02.09 - TSUTAYA O-WEST
  2. No they didn't, he was just in the audience! I personally didn't see him, but many fan spotted him! (I was second row, the guests are usually in the back)
  3. Limited edition Regular edition
  4. Their is only one membre, and no, he was in the audience, not on stage!
  5. The whole room crying and singing... THE FIRST ENCORE WAS AWFUL UGH THEY WERE ALL CRYING So happy I spotted myself in the video haha can't wait to buy it either!
  6. They fixed the date in the promo spot.
  7. Y'all must have plenty of free time to bother listen and comment every single thing they do, just so you can complain on a forum.
  8. This sounds AMAZING, as usual. Saw them live in Tokyo, they were f-cking amazing, I'm 100% buying this.
  9. The live was INSANE! Definitively going to buy this at some point!
  10. I am happy that I got the chance to see them, but so sad it came to this 😭
  11. For anyone wanting this for cheap, it's available on iTunes!
  12. SuG announced that their last live will be available to preorder on september 13th, for a winter release. They'll release a regular DVD, blu-ray and a "complete blu-ray box" through their webshop. Here's the setlist: SE.MARK 1.AGAKU 2.HELLYEH 3.不完全Beautyfool Days 4.Toy Soldier 5.小悪魔Sparkling 6.BABY 7.無限style 8.桜雨 9.無条件幸福論 10.Howling Magic band solo 11.sweeToxic 12.契約彼女、生贄彼氏 13.FRIDAY!! 14.gr8 story 15.☆ギミギミ☆ 16.SICK’S 17.mad$hip 18.-10th anniversary medley- (Alterna/ 俺式Continue / R.P.G / Vi-Vi-Vi / 武士道-bushido-FREAKY / Fast Food Hunters / Crazy Bunny Coaster) 19. 39GalaxyZ EN1.dot.0 EN2.teenAge dream EN3.CRY OUT EN4.Smells Like Virgin Spirit EN5.LOVE SCREAM PARTY EN6.ときどきすてきなこのせかい They also announced that Chiyu will hold an event at 白金SELENE b2 on december 27th, named "Chiyu聖誕祭2017~Successful up Grade~". No details yet, but it's probably a new band/project!
  13. Definitively CDs! Visual kei CD are pretty expensive as they are, shipping fees made it worse! Tours are a great way to get them! Towels are good too, especially if they have songs to use them!
  14. Definitively going to his European tour!