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  1. F*ck yeah! KAI TAI SHIN SHO was awesome, hopefully this one will be too!
  2. Mr.0

    Can't wait for their show at Japan Expo!!
  3. I'm planning to, but for some reason it won't let me rip the 2nd disc. If anyone has a good software for PC to rip DVD, I'd gladly take it!
  4. It was announced at his tour final at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM that sleepyhead will release his next EP (4 tracks), endroll, on september 25th. Just like every sleepyhead release, it'll come in two editions; a regular edition available everywhere, and a web-shop limited. The limited edition will come with a bonus DVD (featuring enroll MV + a 40 minutes documentary about his live at LIQUIDROOM) + a clock designed by Takeru and a "moon chip" who can be exchanged with a handshake with Takeru after concerts.) This edition can be pre-ordered through his new webshop until may 31st, 23:59 (JST). Shipping worldwide is also available! https://streetgothic.com/ New look: Cover: He also announced his next tour sleepyhead LIVE TOUR 2019 endroll 2019/10/14 - 横浜 (Yokohama) Baysis 2019/10/19 - DOMe柏 (Kashiwa) 2019/10/22 - 下北沢 (Shimokitazawa) BasementBar 2019/10/26 - 前橋ダイバー (Maebashi diver) 2019/11/2 - 名古屋 ライブホール (Nagoya Live Hall) M.I.D 2019/11/3 - 梅田 (Umeda) Zeela sleepyhead LIVE TOUR 2019 FINAL 2019/11/21 - 赤坂(Akasaka)BLITZ
  5. Both are also available on apple music!
  6. 10 new songs remain a full album. I'M SO EXCITED. The quantity of new songs, the look, I just can't wait!
  7. His live at Tekko is cancelled, his visa was denied. "Announcement of cancellation of sleepyhead’s Appearance at Tekko As we were unable to obtain a United States visa at this time, sleepyhead and million $ orchestra will regrettably have to cancel the appearance at Pittsburgh’s Tekko on April 11-14. To those who were looking forward to the event, as well as the staff with whom we would be working, we sincerely apologize for causing this trouble. We hope you can understand, and look forward to the next opportunity to work with you."
  8. Mr.0

    Agreed, it was really hard to find! (and the one time I managed to find it, there were an instore event going on, everyone looked at me like I was an alien lmao)
  9. Mr.0

    can this stop already
  10. Mr.0

    How is that a confession? I'm fairly sure every single person who's familiar with both will say the same, me included haha
  11. Mr.0

    That didn't stop them to post most of their discography before. Especially now that streaming services can split pages for artists with the same name. I don't think that's the issue here!
  12. Mr.0

    How on Earth this still isn't available on streaming when they have an European Tour coming. Jesus.
  13. Mr.0

    The CD is another release, you can buy the regular edition on general stores! http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/RDDV-1B?s_ssid=e3491c5ca3c04c1fc5
  14. Mr.0

    Man's gotta work to get enough coins to buy a calendar and find the perfect date to release X's album.
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