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  1. Definitively going to his European tour!
  2. What the hell is that "look". Excited for the music though, I liked Re:Born!
  3. Yes, they already confirmed that they'll release the show on DVD (they held a crowdfunding in Japan to help pay for the budokan, one of the rewards was having your name on the DVD credits!) And yeah, I'll share my thoughts and all, but I suggest you follow SuG Worldwide Community on FB, I'm going with the owner of the page, he's the biggest SuG fan I know, his report will definitively be better!
  4. I'm REALLY glad I will be at the Budokan, it will be my first time seeing them. Unlike the majority here, I only started liking them after they went major, and dropped a bit their oshare background, to something more appealing to me. I'm really sad the fans didn't feel the same, cause let's face it, the lack of sale is the problem. They have quality, in both music and visuals, they keep changing, and they have passion. He won't. He confirmed that both SuG and UWAKIMONO won't have a label deal anymore, so both are dead now. If he were to start a solo project, or a band, it would be something new.
  5. An Cafe just announced the release of a new halloween themed single, here are the details: 「イケない妄想×アブない珍獣」 2017.10.04 / 3 TYPES Limited edition CD+DVD / ¥2,000 CD 01. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣 02. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣 ~イケてるMIX~ 03. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣 (カラオケ) DVD 01.「イケない妄想×アブない珍獣」MUSIC VIDEO 02. Making of「イケない妄想×アブない珍獣」 Regular A / ¥1,000 01. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣 02. 天手古舞 Regular B / ¥1,000 01. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣 02. バルーンガール They also announced a new tour: LIVE CAFE TOUR'17「Antic Halloween Party~イケない妄想×アブない珍獣~」 10/06 - Nagoya SPADEBOX 10/09 - Osaka ROCKTOWN 10/14 - Shinjuku ReNY LIVE CAFE TOUR'17「Antic Halloween Party~イケない仮装大会~」 10/15 - Shinjuku ReNY
  6. Thanks god they changed their look, the previous one was TRAGIC. Can't wait to attend their oneman live next month!
  7. I'll be in Tokyo at that time, so I'm definitively trying to attend this ♥
  8. SuG are releasing their new EP in preparation for their upcoming live at Nippon Budokan. AGAKU / 2017.07.05 SE. mark M1. AGAKU M2. 赤春 M3. CUT Covers : They'll go on tour to support the EP. The dates are as follow: 7月5日(水) 東京 渋谷WWW X 7月7日(金) 静岡 浜松FORCE 7月8日(土) 兵庫 神戸VARIT. 7月14日(金) 石川 金沢vanvan V4 7月21日(金) 埼玉 HEAVEN'S ROCK さいたま新都心VJ-3 7月22日(土) 福島 郡山CLUB#9 7月28日(金) 福岡 福岡DRUM Be-1 7月29日(土) 広島 広島Cave-Be Overseas fans can now also purchase tickets to their Nippon Budokan show on september 2nd! You can purchase yours HERE ! ★
  9. Well, I'll be in Tokyo, so I'll probably attend. Sad news
  10. Wow less than 2000yen for 15 songs? FROM A V-KEI BAND? What kind of miracle is that?
  11. Haha, that's only the first part of the tour, they are going to announce more soon! Btw, they posted several short live videos, if you're wondering what they could sound live, here's a (LQ) preview
  12. Their schedule so far (REALive will add more dates) 2017.09.30 - Utrecht (NL) / Tivoli de Helling 2017.10.01 - Leipzig (DE) / Moritzbastei 2017.10.02 - Hamburg (DE) / Headcrash 2017.10.03 - Münster (DE) / Sputnikhalle
  13. He'll do a Nico Nico live tomorrow regarding that and other things. Probably just another "the date is coming soon" but hey, who knows.