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  1. Mr.0

    I highly suggest a new pair of glasses asap.
  2. Mr.0

    The whole song is available to stream: Apple Music / iTunes
  3. Mr.0

    To think they went from THE BUDDHA to this... Tragedy.
  4. Well, they announced... nothing. Amazing! They just released the two looks for the singles. 7
  5. Yikes. He better release a full album with all this shit later, I'm not spending this much for so little content.
  6. Yes please. I love their music, but that auto-tune is really ruining it all.
  7. Mr.0

    The album will be released digitaly and physicaly in Europe, thanks to Okami Records! (GANSHIN sub-label)
  8. Saw them live in Paris last year, honestly I would 100% go. Awesome energy live, they're super fun! And that price is just amazing!
  9. Revive is available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify! https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1397819472?app=itunes&ls=1
  10. Isn't it a double A side single? Or two singles? I'M LOST
  11. This is the end of An Cafe. takuya, Yuuki, Teruki and Kanon are leaving the band after these lives.
  12. Mr.0

    The whole things is available on iTunes/Spotify!
  13. I knew from the start that I was going to love this project, but not as much as I did! VERY solid and diverse album! Can't wait for my copy to arrive!
  14. Love both the song and the PV, can't wait for tomorrow!