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  1. Mr.0

    Lady Gaga is about to sue
  2. Campaign just ended at 125%!
  3. I'd say 10 people is a correct estimation
  4. And it's done! He's at 101% and we have more than a day left! Now we just need to wait for a date of the concert to drop!
  5. Mr.0

    Yes. Just like their live CD last year. Sadly it was never about reforming the band, just PSC trying to get some coins where they can.
  6. First official look is coming ~
  7. Yes, and it was sold! 31% of 1m is 310 000, so like I said, most of what he already has was paid with that plan.
  8. Campaign is now open! https://www.muevo.jp/campaigns/2080 31% done (most of them being paid by the 250 000yen plan)!
  9. Well f-ck y'all, as a French fan I'm super happy about it! Even though IF he reaches is goal, we'd be probably around 15 to actually show up.
  10. Mr.0

    All the songs from the new album were in a drive he forgot in Kyoani.
  11. That has nothing to do with Castelvania tho. The artist who will design the covers just happen to be known for her work on the saga, but that's it! But he won't "ruin" the OST haha
  12. OOOOOH makes much more sense hahaha thanks!
  13. October…2020 https://chateau-agency.com/kamijo/release/6178
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