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  1. Mr.0

    Get your coins ready, this is definitively going to end up on Wizard Store!
  2. Mr.0

    But there is no streaming services back in 2000, how are la'veil supposed to release their single
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Mr.0

    Glad to see the singles are also distributed in vkei shops! Preordered Nightmage and 断章 on Jishuban Club to get those live CDr.
  5. David will perform on July 8th! An appareance at Japan Expo isn't too far-fetched if you ask me…
  6. LOVE their new logo! Hopefully their sound will be fresh as well
  7. Mr.0

    生と死と君, アメリア, My WORLD, 自己嫌惡 and COBALT are included, so we're getting 11 new songs! (Plus they will be the final versions, not the demos!)
  8. Mr.0

    "Third Act: July Fourth Act: August Fifth Act: October Final Curtain: November" According to his most recent flyer I got with the memorial CD.
  9. Btw, tickets are on sale: https://www.weezevent.com/david11042020 Who's coming?
  10. Yep, we already have a thread for CULA! 😉
  11. Mr.0

    The INCREASE BLUE bit sends me
  12. Mr.0

    3/15 live will be a twoman live with リブラヴェル (LIBRAVEL) https://twitter.com/OfficialCula/status/1217643516169351169
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