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  1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked
  2. Gosh, there's so many bands I've been wanting to listen for while, can someone do one for Dokusatsu Terrorist and Guruguru Eigakan too? edit.: and Rentrer en Soi...
  3. the studs and 9GOATS BLACK OUT would be cool too...
  4. deadman (デッドマン) Nagoya Kei band formed in Nagoya in 2000. Disbanded in 2006 for unknown reasons. They are known for popularizing the Nagoya Kei genre. Last.fm Members: Vo.: Mako Gu.: aie Ba.: Kazuya Dr.: Toki Former members: Ba.: Yukino Ba.: Takamasa Tags: nagoya kei, alternative rock, indie rock, gothic rock, punk, post-punk Tracks: 01. Shikibetsu No Nai Kuukyo 02. When The Saints Go Marching In 03. Through The Looking Glass 04. Additional Cause For Sorrow 05. Dorisu Kara No Tegami 06. Sons Of A Star Fucker 07. Blut 08. Blue Berry 09. Blue Badge 10. Kunou No Naka No Taegai Sonzai 11. Follow The Night Light 12. This Day. This Rain. Download Duration: 50:45 I hope you enjoy it...
  5. I hope someone does one for Kagerou and Merry soon.
  6. 10
  7. @sume7 And yes, I do use last.fm, I'll send you my profile...
  8. @sume7 I'm glad to hear you liked, I loved them so much that I'm giving another chance to the newest albums, if I find more stuff like this do you want me to show you? I love exchanging music...
  9. Me too. I hope you feel the way I'm feeling, they are being one of my favourites now and I regret not getting to know them earlier, I've being looking for this kind of sound for a long time...
  10. cali≠gari (カリ≠ガリ) 1993-2003 (before hiatus) Eroguro Kei band formed in Gunma in 1993, considered to be the predecessors of Eroguro Kei. Originally the name was written as cali+gari. Their label is Victor Entertainment. They went on a hiatus in 2003 and came back in 2009 with a more pop and electronic style. This playlist is about their music style before the hiatus. Currently the only members are Shuuji (vo.), Ao (gu.) and Kenjirou (ba.). The first vocalist, who left the band in 2000, was also named Shuuji. Ao is the only member left from the original formation. Last.fm Members: Vo.: Shuuji Gu.: Ao Ba.: Kenjirou Former members: Vo.: Kureiju (left in 1993) Vo.: Shin (left in 1995) Vo.: Shuuji (left in 2000) Ba.: Keji (left in 1996) Ba.: Kazuya (left in 1995) D.: Katsumi (left in 1999) Dr.: Makoto (left in 2014) Tags: eroguro kei, experimental, jazzy, noise rock, post-punk Tracks: 01. Yuganda Kagami 02. Pilot Fish 03. Jelly 04. Sairen 05. Genshoku Elegant 06. Polaroid Yuugi 07. Boku Wa Shikyuu 08. Hiraki Nao Rhythm 09. Hakusei 10. Wazurai 11. Yabureta Denpou 12. Guillotine ~Test Pattern.#1~ Download Duration: 57:53 I didn't repeat any of the songs that was in the other playlist, I wanted to get one specific side of them, since I'm pretty divided about their releases, I love the beginning work but don't enjoy the pop and electronic style at all... Anyway, I hope you enjoy it...
  11. @sume7All the ones I made already have the correct tags.
  12. Kagrra, (神楽) Formed in 1998 in Tokyo with the name CROW under the label Key Party, after changing their name to Kagrra, in 2000 they also changed the label to PS Company. Currently disbanded, the singer Isshi started a solo project called Shiki Project but unfortunately he passed away in 2011, the reason wasn't revealed. They created the term Neo-Japanesque to define their sound. Last.fm Members: Vo.: Isshi Gu.: Akiya Gu.: Sin Ba.: Nao Dr.: Izumi Tags: rock, angura kei, neo-japanesque, traditional japanese Tracks: 01. Ayashi No Hikari 02. Kotodama 03. Sakebi 04. Utakata 05. Genpei Tosentan 06. Urei 07. Shiki 08. Gion 09. Oumaga Toki 10. Nue No Naku Koro... 11. Sai 12. Rinne Mokushiroku 13. Satsuki 14. Sakura Zukiyo 15. Uzu Download Duration: 60 Min. Enjoy it...
  13. Plastic Tree (プラスティック トゥリー) Visual Kei band formed in Chiba in 1993, currently under the label Victor Entertainment,Inc. Strongly inflenced by The Cure and Radiohead. Last.fm Members: Vo.: Ryutaro Gu.: Akira Ba.: Tadashi Dr.: Kenken Tags: alternative rock, new-wave (beginning), grunge (beginning) Tracks: 01. Psycho Garden 02. Ghost 03. Hate It, Dip It 04. Suisai 05. Harienju 06. Taikutsu Machine 07. Mirai Iro 08. Melancholic 09. Tetris 10. Soshite Parade Wo Tsuzuku 11. Kuchizuke 12. Sunset Bloddy Sunset 13. Gentou Kikai Download Duration: 01:04 Sorry about the long duration and I'm not quite sure about the tags... I hope you enjoy it...
  14. @sume7 Yuuwaku - 誘惑 Kick - Kick(大地を蹴る男) Mienai Mono wo Miyou to Suru Gokai Subete Gokai da - 見えない物を見ようとする誤解 全て誤解だ Gessekai - 月世界 Cyborg - 細胞具ドリー:ソラミミ:Phantom Shinikusai - 謝肉祭 -カーニバルー Django - Django!!! -魅惑のジャンゴ-
  15. MUCC (ムック) Eroguro Kei band formed in Ibaraki in 1997, currently under the label Sony Music Associated Records. Last.fm Members: Vo.: Tatsurou Gu.: Miya Ba.: Yukke Dr.: Satochi Tags: eroguro kei, rock, eletronic (later) Tracks: 01. Ware, Arubeki Basho 02. Ame No Orchestra 03. Rojiura Boku To Kimi He 04. Libra 05. Ageha 06. Kami No Hoshi 07. EMP 08. Tonight 09. G.G. 10. 1979 11. Daraku 12. Hanabi Download Duration: 57:29 I tried to diversify a little bit, I hope you enjoy it...