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  1. Random af, but when did "influencer" become an established term?

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    2. fitear1590


      @colorfuljinsei @platy Thanks, about 2 years ago is what I was thinking.
      @AimiGen7 lol, sadly this is the world we live in. I use German as litmus test and since "Influencer" (yes, straight from trendy English) has entered German, then I think it must be somewhat established.

    3. Shir0


      it iis for quite some time now  actually. My seminar paper was about Influencer ( did it in German and yes I used the English word cuz like u thought it somewhat became an established term) and during my research I found articles that were over 2 years old already but imo its still relatively new most of the

      "useful" articles I used were not even a year old 

    4. fitear1590


      @Shir0 thanks for the input! That’s cool that you researched it.

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