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  1. 吉原ラメント/重音テト(亜沙)【いちてりfeat しゃみお】 “Kasane Teto「Yoshiwara Rament」” Band Cover by -ICHI TERI- feat. Shamio
  2. What's your favorite loanword (from English, French, etc.) that appears disproportionately often in Japanese music? Mine is "qualia"

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire

      Memento mori

    3. platy


      Raison d'tre

    4. AimiGen7


      Do phrases count? Because if so, then "For you"

  3. Which VK band (past or present) would be most fitting to cover the guitar parts?


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    2. yakihiko


      I know no music from Lareine, but I think Kamijo was their vocal?

    3. fitear1590


      @yakihikoYeah, with Kamijo! Here's an example of Lareine's guitar style:


    4. yakihiko


      yeah, cool guitar def. Are the kind that up covers at yt?

      there are some covers channels that are really interesting to follow.

  4. Steady Holiday needs more love! Check out this simple, but beautifully shot vod.


    1. CAT5


      Never heard of them, but she's got a nice voice and the melodies are pleasant~

    2. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire

      I remember someone on plug.dj played their song "open water" and i liked it a lot. This one sounds nice too!

    3. fitear1590


      @Anne ClaireYou should check out her Terror EP from 2017! 


  5. Looks like PELICAN FANCLUB is losing their guitarist and the band will continue as a trio??

    1. Chi


      yeah it was a sudden announcement but kurumada is leaving :cry:

  6. bruh, I just saw Kimbra live. She truly is amazing. She played a lot of new material (not just the singles "Everybody Knows," "Top of the World," and "Human") and there's plenty of variety. One really dance-y/anthemic track, some quieter ones like "Come As You Are," and even an old (but awesome) ballad on guitar that she's supposedly including on the album.
  7. Haven't been loving the Spotify singles (they haven't really been leaving much of an impression on me, so far), but I'll check out the full release. Thanks for posting!
  8. new digital single!

    someone needs to tell them not to screencap the entire player for the thumbnail... this is like the 3rd time they do this lol

    1. fitear1590


      It’s gotta be part of their aesthetic, lol!


      Also, did you see Yumiko’s “male” button??

    2. Chi


      ya i saw it lol

      btw he changed his name to takuto for whatever reason, i almost didn't recognize him=> https://twitter.com/takuto_ex_ymk

  9. Really?! That's a strange policy. I've never heard of that.
  10. Finally, my German knowledge has some use for my Japanese music interest??
  11. Hope they're not fucking with us...! Need dat Rubi project [11]
  12. Yes, I'm definitely liking the whole Uranometria single a lot--it has some solid B-sides. Yes! I love the originals of "げんそうシンドローム" and "ぼくとタルパ" but after hearing the album re-recordings, it's clear that the new versions are superior. (My only quibble with "ぼくとタルパ" is during the breakdown in the rerecording--somehow, it sounds a little more epic in the original single with the background arrangement). I wish we could get a rerecording of "ひとりトピア" as well. @ricchubunny, get in here and share your GRIMOIRE love, d00d!
  13. Honestly didn't know they were still around, but their self-titled album was so great and such a surprise. Are the members continuing?
  14. Best Overall Artist/Band: GRIMOIRE (because they had nice singles, looks, PVs, and a great album. Can't ask for much more!)