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  1. Like @chemicalpictures, I'm not sure if Stranger Things 2 is better than the first season, but that's okay -- overall, it was pretty damn good and certainly a worthwhile idea for the creators to continue the series. I have to say, the actor for Will really stepped up this season -- he had so many great acting moments!
  2. Kaya covering Malice Mizer's "Bel Air (ヴェル・エール)"


    1. lichtlune


      Fuck he actually nails this!

    2. seikun



    3. Jigsaw9


      slayed the hausu downnnn

  3. So cool that we're getting a CD release this time! Awesome look
  4. I've stuck with Giffing Tool for a while: http://www.giffingtool.com They have a free version (with a small watermark, I believe) as well as a full "pay what you want" version. I think I paid $1 for the full version and there's no watermark. It's simple to use, but also not overly fancy with features (so that might be a negative, if you're looking to make extremely edited gifs). Hope that helps!
  5. Nice 

    My favorite Shadow

    Sega Sonic Fans 

  6. I don't know how long this has been a thing but I had no idea our pelican men were on Spotify(not just Japan! :P


    1. fitear1590


      I'm a huge Spotify skank these days, so this is perfect.

    2. Chi
  7. Slowdive x THE NOVEMBERS pic/interview! (Didn't have time to read it yet, but so cool that these two bands have officially crossed paths!)



    1. plastic_rainbow


      Ohhh nice! I should sit down and try to read through it.

  8. Sonic Mania!!! I've only briefly played it, but the combination of nostalgia (I was a major Sega Genesis/Megadrive and Saturn fanboy) and fresh new gameplay (while still in the classic 2D mode) is such a commendable balance. Can't wait to play more and with all 3 characters!

    1. YuyoDrift


      Dude I've been playing all afternoon haha its awesome!

  9. Does LiN have the least-flamboyant look this time around? I don't know how to take this.
  10. Not surprising, but I agree with your ranking completely
  11. Not sure if trend-setting hipster or the next K-pop fuckboy.

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Is that James Charles

    2. fitear1590


      @Peace Heavy mk II, hdu!!!1! Nah, it's a musician named Gus Dapperton, haha.

  12. fito watchu up to? i feel like i never see you around anymore. who is gonna yell about pelican fanclub and koochewsen w me?

    1. emmny


      miss my fity [2]

    2. fitear1590


      My bbs, I'm so sorry to worry you! I was in Germany all summer and somehow, my MH posting presence diminished. I'm back though! You know you can always yell about PF and Koochewsen with me! (Speaking of, I still need to check out the Ai no Koochewsen album! Gah)

  13. Have your upload speeds ever dropped to like .08 kbps? It took forever to upload just a few megabytes of e-mail attachments yesterday X_x

    1. doombox


      I feel your pain. I recently changed providers and now mine does that all the time. :| 

    2. fitear1590


      I was wondering why I couldn't even upload pics yesterday! Is there any way to fix or 'alleviate' this problem that you're aware of or is it just a waiting game?

    3. doombox


      With my provider it's just a waiting game. I try not to do too much upload/streaming during peak hours. But if yours is more often then that sometimes the can install a "booster" to help you get a stronger signal?

  14. Awesome idea, Cat! Like indigo, I'm gonna opt out of album selection sign-up for now, but I'm hoping to join the discussions!
  15. Postmodern Jukebox covers BABYMETAL's "Gimme Chocolate" in a jazzy/kinda klezmer style. Not one of their best, but still a super fun and unexpected mash-up.


    1. IGM_Oficial