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  1. As "art kei" as they can look sometimes and despite the fact that vocalist Akuta teamed up with Soan project, Chanty really doesn't sound like Moran at all, other than not sounding like your typical VK. They're much closer to an indie rock sound. If you're interested though, I personally recommend よくのかたまり and m.o.b. (singles), as well as the mini-album that @saishuumentioned!
  2. I'm really curious about the PELICAN FANCLUB Home Electronics limited edition t-shirt... I wonder if they'll reveal the design. I might need to buy the XL, so I can look fly af like endou and his giant shirts!

    1. seurong


      i hope they let go of the minimalistic shit they were doing 


      give me big ass logos plz 

  3. Don't you mean synagogue-kei? The more I look at it, the more I think his pose is supposed to be kind of in the shape of the Star of David. (It does read crabcore/poopy, though!)
  4. Yes! Love that new pic. Really curious to see the tracklist and an eventual PV
  5. Those who follow MH's Recommended Tracks series know that any time GRIMOIRE has a new release, they're bound to end up on the list. I'm pretty picky when it comes to contemporary VK, but this band has become one of my favorites currently active in the scene. From their their bedtime/zodiac outfits to their surprisingly well-produced gothic PVs, this band takes full advantage of their visual element. Musically, I like to describe them as 'dark graveyard carnival kei.' Considering that all the musicians all stem from the guilty-pleasure pop band PIECE, I was a little more than surprised when my host boys started churning out chugalicious riffs. Somehow, the style works for them and it's the best (and most technical) they've ever sounded. While their output can be a bit 'samey,' I can't knock them for sticking to a niche concept that is so meticulous (everything from thematic cover art to the scribbly 'handwritten' text on every PV). From what I've read, some people aren't fans of their first release, Hitoritopia, which featured noticeably more amateur production, but lawd, I loved how atmospheric it was. I'm hoping they'll bring back that vibe in full-swing, now that they have the production to properly back it up. They seem to have just recently signed with Timely Records (DADAROMA, XAA-XAA, etc.), so I see big things in GRIMOIRE's future! Anyway, it's about time we had a thread for them here! Who else is a fan? Favorite song/PV/release/member? All discussion is welcome!
  6. グリモア-GRIMOIRE- websaito YouChube Members Vo: RyNK (I) Gt: Kie (Wolf) Gt: Amu (Owl) Ba: Lune (Sheep) Dr. Mel (Rabbit) ~Looks~ ~Discography~ ひとりトピア (Hitoritopia) 2015.09.02 1. ひとりトピア 2. げんそうシンドローム ぼくとタルパ (Boku to Tulpa) 2015.12.16 1. ぼくとタルパ 2. ゼロとくろ ワールド エンド トゥリー (World End Tree) 2016.05.04 1. ネバーエンド 2.からくりパルム 3. ブラッディマイパレード 4. 「シン」せかい 5. アルギュロスのはね マイムマイム (Mime Mime) 2016.11.23 1.マイムマイム 2.エデンのそこ フラブジャスナハト (Frabjous Nacht) 2017.3.1 Type A: 1.フラブジャスナハト 2.せいたんデビル 3.プラスチックシアター Type B: 1.フラブジャスナハト 2.せいたんデビル 3.クロノメイト ~Videos~ ~Let us eat the fruits of fate~
  7. They have had consistently striking looks/photos!
  8. My fellow Grimoire stan, THIS! This is definitely one of their most standout tracks so far. And wut, I also missed the Timely Records news!
  9. "Nahato"?! Japanese phonetics just can't do the German ch-sound.
  10. versailles

    "10th anniversary" is a bit misleading, considering they were on hiatus for half of it... Curious to see where they'll play for the World Tour though!
  11. Awesome!
  12. Oop, I guess I was one of the 33 donors too, haha. Yeah... still waiting on that third album. The lack of communication has been very disappointing. In general though, I actually don't mind the crowdfunding format. I've gotten some cool bonus items (signed CDs, limited merch, etc.). The Lacroix one is the only one I supported that didn't work out. That's the impression I get too. Besides Lacroix (2015), I'm only familiar with möscow çlub (2013), as far as Japanese bands doing crowdfunding.
  13. 女王蜂 (Ziyoou-Vachi / Queen Bee) are releasing their new album Q on 2017.4.5. Limited edition: 3800 yen (CD+DVD) Regular edition: 2800 yen (CD) More details to come.
  14. The inception of "unsorted music" folders on my desktop has gotten out of hand...

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    2. reminiscing2004


      This is the magic of having an "Unorganized Music" folder you can lazily throw things into

    3. Seimeisen


      I have multiple "unsorted music" folders on both of my hard drives, and each of them have sub-folders to try and keep stuff sorted by download date.

    4. CAT5


      Same, though not on the desktop.