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  1. My fellow Grimoire stan, THIS! This is definitely one of their most standout tracks so far. And wut, I also missed the Timely Records news!
  2. "Nahato"?! Japanese phonetics just can't do the German ch-sound.
  3. versailles

    "10th anniversary" is a bit misleading, considering they were on hiatus for half of it... Curious to see where they'll play for the World Tour though!
  4. Awesome!
  5. Oop, I guess I was one of the 33 donors too, haha. Yeah... still waiting on that third album. The lack of communication has been very disappointing. In general though, I actually don't mind the crowdfunding format. I've gotten some cool bonus items (signed CDs, limited merch, etc.). The Lacroix one is the only one I supported that didn't work out. That's the impression I get too. Besides Lacroix (2015), I'm only familiar with möscow çlub (2013), as far as Japanese bands doing crowdfunding.
  6. 女王蜂 (Ziyoou-Vachi / Queen Bee) are releasing their new album Q on 2017.4.5. Limited edition: 3800 yen (CD+DVD) Regular edition: 2800 yen (CD) More details to come.
  7. The inception of "unsorted music" folders on my desktop has gotten out of hand...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. reminiscing2004


      This is the magic of having an "Unorganized Music" folder you can lazily throw things into

    3. Seimeisen


      I have multiple "unsorted music" folders on both of my hard drives, and each of them have sub-folders to try and keep stuff sorted by download date.

    4. CAT5


      Same, though not on the desktop.

  8. This af. I'm not denying the OP's observations about a certain bias some fans may have, but at the same time, I think a lot of people downplay the uniqueness of different languages themselves. When it comes down to it, it's extremely difficult to find bands singing in different languages that actually manage to "sound" like each other. Even if a German-language band existed that sounded, musically, exactly like THE NOVEMBERS or something, I highly doubt I'd ever enjoy listening to them as much as Japanese NOVEMBERS, just from a phonetic standpoint. And this is coming from someone who studies/teaches/otherwise loves German. But there's all kinds of biases. There's fans that never go beyond English-language or Anglo/European music. There's Japanese music fans that don't dare touch VK, because it would ruin their cred. There's VK fans who put the blinders on to any other scene or country's music.
  9. Polly are releasing two consecutive live-limited singles. Both releases are pronounced "sou," but with different kanji meanings. 愴 4.14.2017; 1000 yen 1.狂おしい 2.残骸 3.知らない 想 5.31.2017; 1000 yen 1.花束 2.刹那 3.Night Diving
  10. Yay, just saw this! Stoked af!
  11. Just saw Toni Erdmann (Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film). Going to the movies and watching "arthouse" films that can be construed as comedy by any stretch of the imagination is pretty aggravating. Over-exaggerated laughter and guffawing is not cute, cinephiles. A light chuckle will do just fine. It wasn't that funny.


  12. omnibus

    Those tweets... Anyway, sketchy as this appears to be, interested in which Zephyr tracks will be included!
  13. I love how it's "Chulip" on Spotify. Sounds so British
  14. Some previews of: くじらのゆめ (Kujira no Yume) [live-limited edition only] 瞼に残光、 (Mabuta ni Zankou,) [regular edition only] チュリップ (Tulip)