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  1. fitear1590

    Whoa, unexpected! Excited to see how the songs turn out. Pretty cool that he's working with a bunch of different artists.
  2. fitear1590

    Könntet ihr mir eure liebsten deutschsprachigen YouTube-Kanäle und Twitter- und Instagramkonten empfehlen? Thema ist mir egal (Comedy/Sketch, Essen, Reisen, Vlogs, Beauty, alles ist in Ordnung!). Hauptsache, dass ihr die Kanäle und Konten einfach gut findet, damit ich halt einen besseren Eindruck von deutschen Social Media bekomme. [@Shir0 vielleicht kannst du mir helfen, wegen deiner Influencer-Forschung? :D]
  3. Random af, but when did "influencer" become an established term?

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    2. fitear1590


      @colorfuljinsei @platy Thanks, about 2 years ago is what I was thinking.
      @AimiGen7 lol, sadly this is the world we live in. I use German as litmus test and since "Influencer" (yes, straight from trendy English) has entered German, then I think it must be somewhat established.

    3. Shir0


      it iis for quite some time now  actually. My seminar paper was about Influencer ( did it in German and yes I used the English word cuz like u thought it somewhat became an established term) and during my research I found articles that were over 2 years old already but imo its still relatively new most of the

      "useful" articles I used were not even a year old 

    4. fitear1590


      @Shir0 thanks for the input! That’s cool that you researched it.

  4. Check out our Summer 2018 Recommended Tracks! If your favorite artist/song didn't make the list, we need to hear from you in the comments :D 


  5. fitear1590

    Nice list, team! I'm sorry I couldn't contribute officially this time, but these would have been my picks: "Brightly, Brightly" by DIMMDIVISION. - shoegazey goodness from my fave inactive boiz (check it out on YouTube) "獣ゆく細道 (kemono yuku hosomichi)" by Shiina Ringo and Miyamoto Hiroji - the queen is back with a return to her lush jazz sound that would be at home in a spy movie soundtrack or a Jacques Demy musical; would have been perfect on her Heisei Fuuzoku album from 2007 (check it out on Spotify) "DISCO (rerecording)" by 女王蜂 (Ziyoou Vachi a.k.a. QUEEN BEE) - a rerecording of their chaotic classic; a bit too clean, but for those who aren't loving their current direction, this is at least an attempt to bridge their two sounds (check it out on Spotify)
  6. Halp, what is the secret to the audio embed ("insert HTML5 audio") feature?

  7. It's so cute and humbling that the three former roadies who are now stars in their own right in the scene came back for this show! And the songs were really well chosen for them, as others have said. Eww, I feel so old now!!!
  8. fitear1590

    Lol, right? Has Scarlet Valse ever put out a release where they DON'T rerecord at least one old song?
  9. fitear1590

    Thanks for archiving and translating this, cvltic.
  10. Hap Birth, Chi!

    1. Chi


      thank you fitzu! 😙

  11. Indie rock band PELICAN FANCLUB is making their major debut with Ki/oon Records (home of ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, L'Arc~en~Ciel, NEGOTO, LILI LIMIT, Chatmonchy, KANA-BOON, etc.). On November 7th, they'll release new mini album Boys just want to be culture. They will also embark on a new tour. More details to come.
  12. Did the VK band DaizyStripper really name themselves after a 70s potato peeler or am I missing something? 


  13. You know Koochewsen are releasing a full album in october right?

    I was surprised they are re-releasing Isso UFO!

    too bad the album has all their recently digitally released songs lol


    1. fitear1590


      Yeah, I heard this new song, but thanks for the heads up that the tracklist is out.

      Super confused that this is their 1st full album though! I guess that's different from プログレ being their 1st album and last year's being their 1st "love" album, lol!

  14. Just saw Crazy Rich Asians and I loved the opening song. Gave me Shiina Ringo vibes.


  15. Any Kali Uchis fans here on MH? Please enjoy this ethereal goddess.