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  1. I know I'm years late, but I noticed Sailor Moon Crystal was on Hulu, so I started watching it recently. I kind of love it?! I only casually watched the 90s series. It's of course a classic, but I could never bring myself to watch every single episode, because of the tedious "monster of the week" structure and the absolute milking of transformation/attack animation sequences. This remake, which I hear follows the manga much more closely, has much better pacing, a more serious tone, and a lot more variety when it comes to attacks. Some cheap CGI and nothing beats the original music, but overall, a really worthy remake, imo!

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    2. plastic_rainbow


      i was not aware that it followed closely to the manga. however the animation is too awful for me to pick it up.....

    3. fitear1590


      @MamoHulu has the first two seasons of the 90s series dubbed (the new Viz dub, which is quite good); I assume they will keep adding the dubbed seasons, as they become available?

      (And all 3 seasons of Crystal are in both dubbed/subs)

    4. Mamo


      Thanks for the info.

  2. fitear1590

    Pretty great setlist spanning their whole career, not just the last album!
  3. I was never even a huge ViViD/SHIN fan, but this song is giving me major KIDDIE vibes. Some good ol' pop rock.


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    2. Raburr7


      he is one of my favorite jrock vocalists (if not my favorite, Yusa is up there too :D ) and this release was awesome :D still hopin they come back as ViViD . ViViD is the reason i discovered jrock and visual kei in particular and yeah their debut stuff was bangin (dear/take off/precious/69-II).

    3. Mamo


      Try Vistlip

    4. yakihiko


      Yusa is now LSN (Legendary Six Nine) vocalist, he was 4/5 of their releases, check their music if you haven't and let me know what you think about, "haze" and "memento" are my favorite.

  4. Any MHers also MoviePass users? I've only had it for about a month, but I am loving it!

  5. Just out of curiosity, have you ever followed one of your favorite musicians/actors/etc on social media, and lost your fandom for them as a result of how they act/what they post?

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    2. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      No, because I don't use social media to avoid pretty much what everyone said above. I don't care about politics or drama, I can't do anything about it and so I don't want to hear about it 24/7 and get harassed because I don't have an interest.

      That would probably be the main reason I'd lose interest in someone aside obviously from some horrible act like animal abuse / child abuse.

      I only made a twitter account this year to keep up with obscure bands releases, but I log in once a week to scan over lol.

    3. The Moon

      The Moon

      most vk twitters are milquetoast so no not really 

    4. Komorebi


      I mainly follow VK band guys and japanese gyas. I avoid western artists because they won't shut up with the politics and idiotic opinions about everything that happens.


      I don't care about some actor's opinion on the Trump Administration or global warming.

  6. Bruh, love your Skullomania avatar. SF EX3 had the best artwork.

    1. evenor


      and the SFEX series had (imo) the best music!!!!!

  7. fitear1590

    Me and my sleepy pup.
  8. I agree with so much of what platy said! Great advice. This past year, I've started setting my timer and working for 25 minute increments (I think this is based on something called the "Pomodoro Technique", if you wanted to look into it). During that time, I turn my phone to airplane mode so there's no distractions. Depending on where you are in the assignment, you could even think about switching off your PC internet for this period of time too. For example, when I'm brainstorming or in the early stages of writing, I just like to get my thoughts out on the screen. Instead of minimizing my document constantly and googling stuff (which could inevitably lead to little tangents into YouTube, MH, etc.), I'll just make a highlighted notes to myself of things to look up later and keep on working. The "googling stuff you need for your assignment" can later be its own 25 minutes. I feel like my productivity has gone up significantly since adopting this method! Finally, as someone who is also a university instructor, please consider reaching out to your professor for advice or just to let them know that you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. Of course, not all will be accommodating, but some (like me!) will be very receptive and actually welcome such e-mails from students, because it at least shows initiative and that you care for your work. The lack of communication from students is something that I still can't get used to. Do I take it personally? Is it just because the student is lazy and/or doesn't care? Is the student just taking the class pass/fail? Or is something more serious/personal going on that's affecting their work? Basically, it's a lot easier for instructors to offer help to the few students who reach out first.
  9. fitear1590

    Previews for the full album
  10. fitear1590

    Yasss, Chanty, please awaken me from the slight VK-coma I've had for the past half year or so.
  11. fitear1590

    Thanks for sharing your list, Platy! My music listening was so meager in 2017 I couldn't even muster up a list... However, two releases in common with my hypothetical list would have absolutely been Japanese Breakfast and GRIMOIRE! Japanese Breakfast's videos are always so good -- I can't wait to see the new music video for "Boyish," my favorite song off that album. "Diving Woman" is actually the only track on the album I'm not too fond of, but I'm definitely glad to see another MH-fan of her! Have you seen any videos/heard her 2016 album, Psychopomp? Also, highly recommended. And GRIMOIRE is probably my favorite active VK band. They are constantly delivering great tunes and kickass PVs. Truth.
  12. 吉原ラメント/重音テト(亜沙)【いちてりfeat しゃみお】 “Kasane Teto「Yoshiwara Rament」” Band Cover by -ICHI TERI- feat. Shamio
  13. What's your favorite loanword (from English, French, etc.) that appears disproportionately often in Japanese music? Mine is "qualia"

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    2. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire

      Memento mori

    3. platy


      Raison d'tre

    4. AimiGen7


      Do phrases count? Because if so, then "For you"

  14. fitear1590

  15. Which VK band (past or present) would be most fitting to cover the guitar parts?


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    2. yakihiko


      I know no music from Lareine, but I think Kamijo was their vocal?

    3. fitear1590


      @yakihikoYeah, with Kamijo! Here's an example of Lareine's guitar style:


    4. yakihiko


      yeah, cool guitar def. Are the kind that up covers at yt?

      there are some covers channels that are really interesting to follow.