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  1. Hi Ruri, That's okay! But also I need you to pay for the shipping cost. Let me check how much it would cost to ship the magazines to the UK, and I'll PM you.
  2. Hi Ruri, I have 10 left, basically all the ones you see in the photo. And yes, I ship to UK!
  3. Hey guys, I'm moving to a different country, and I can't take most of my VK collection, even though I spent many years & money acquiring them. So I'd rather give away a bunch of these stuff for cheap to people who care about VK than throw them away. I live in New York right now (leaving September 1). If you're in the area and want to come pick up some stuff, just let me know. If you live somewhere else, tell me which stuff you want, how much you want to pay for them, how you want them shipped, and please pay for the shipping. PM me if you're interested. I'm really giving these away for any price you're willing to pay. I have cocklobin merch (A LOT of them), Sugar, Time Section, dummy-xD, amber gris, Moran, Merry, Plastic Tree (book), and a bunch of magazines. Also some manga if you want them. Sorry, I can't list them in details since I'm kind of in a hurry to move.
  4. I've just finished a new track. I wrote this pretty recently, after listening to everyone's suggestions. I'll really appreciate it if you give a listen and a bit of feedback. Thank you!! https://soundcloud.com/b455-7474/ztl7b740koii
  5. Actually I got straight A's for the entire college music theory course (counterpoint, 4 voice harmony, Baroque and everything). Except when I write, I ignore nearly everything I've learned.. Reason for it is, when I think of theory when I write, my stuff ends up sounding really stiff Also I really dig 7th chords and dissoances for a really self-indulgent reason. Also modal music (non-tonal stuff, but not atonal). I realize that it tends to go a little too far (^^; ) Haven't found a middle ground to make it not sound so jarring. Thank you for listening! I'm working on more stuff, so taking all your feedbacks ^^
  6. ficsci

    Iori (cocklobin) is hanging out with his niece. So adorable (/_<) I wish I had a cool metalhead/musician uncle too
  7. I've uploaded a new track on my SoundCloud, please check it out! And I'll really appreciate getting some more feedback https://soundcloud.com/b455-7474/plankton
  8. Cool story, bro X'D X'D X'D X'D X'D
  9. ficsci

    Carnival hardcore punk stuff I used to be into back in the day. A full album in 8 minutes and 22 seconds X'D
  10. ^ Holy shit, I gotta check it out XD Yah, there are a lot of flying shit on flames on what is "screamo" or even what is "emo" online. A lot of people (read: a lot of hipsters who feel like they have the authority to define things, and by a lot, I mean a really small minority) argue that screamo is actually a lot older than you think and should be assigned to only a few very old, very obscure bands that also fall under emo. But then you also might get confused on the difference between "screamo" and "emocore". But since most people now use the word to explain something else all together... I'd say fuck tags.
  11. ficsci

    I, too, haven't been able to get into Coheed. Well, honestly I haven't listened to much of their stuff other than the catchy songs from back in 2003-ish and the ones I saw them play live last year, lol. Maybe I just have short attention span for anything that's not really catchy or technically to go gaga over. Guess I don't actually listen to that many prog bands, but I've been listening to Protest the Hero, Intervals, The Faceless, and Periphery (and a bit of Between the Burried and Me, still need some time to get used to it. They sound like someone who just discovered everything about opera and going all spasticly enthusiastic about it lol). Other than that are maybe bands that don't really really fit into the genre, but definitely have prog-like qualities. Or just technical and bizarre. Like, the Dillinger Escape Plan (more like mathcore/metal, really). And you might not consider Mudvayne as progressive or metal, but they have some of the qualities. I gotta confess that I'm not always fond of the "slow movement" that usually people consider as characteristic of progressive rock/metal. I prefer to be overwhelmed. Also, not really gravitating towards the older prog metal bands with a more "classic" metal feel, or with a slow doom feel.
  12. ficsci

    I have arrived! (and so has my Volition CD) Actually, hate for not being one of the tr00 fans who all hate Scurrilous, but I love Scurrilous! (But I'm obviously also a self-indulgent VK fan) Having said that, Volition feels really different from Scurrilous, but I don't hate it. It's just that, I find it harder to get into right away. I still need to listen to it more, so I can't give you very detailed, backed-up comments on them. Maybe I'll add some more comments later. One thing I've noticed is that it's less "catchy", less pop-like. To me it's very reminiscent of a post-hardcore album. The hooks aren't as magnetic, and not always as uniquely characteristic to the particular song. Headbangin' parts don't have a straight-forwardly headbangin' feel. (You know, the one that just tells you "headbang... NOW!"). Not saying that I don't like it (after all, I'm a post-hardcore fan first, and metal second). In fact, something that isn't as straightforward don't get boring very easily. This album makes me want to actively listen for the cool parts, puts me into confusion for a moment and forces me to figure out by myself where the resolution is (or maybe it doesn't always give a resolution). And sometimes not instantly liking something could mean that I'll actually really really love it in the long run. Another thing is the sound production. I get the instant impression that it sounds "flatter" and "less 3D" than Scurrilous, which is totally understandable because now they had decided to leave the record label and do everything by themselves. (I gotta be honest that sound production itself can sometimes makes me totally jizz my pants, even if a song is just so-so.) So all I can say now is that Volition isn't as much of a "fun" album, or rather, not as much of "a collection of fun songs". This is kind of an overly mentioned thing, but it works more as an album that you need to listen to from start to end. Very intriguing.
  13. Sun: Sagittarius Moon: Virgo Venus: Sagittarius Mars: Gemini Ascendant: Pisces If you know what I mean
  14. ficsci

    VK people and eyebrows... Lol Is all I have to say
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