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  1. Good Night Darkside 

  2. Darkside awesome avatar 

  3. darkside

    Those 3 are what I'm expecting from Suzaku too.
  4. darkside

    Finally, 2 albums i'm excited about! After the disappoitments I had with Megaromania and NEGA, these 2 are the only bands i'm really enjoying in the scene right now (along with the incredible kiryu, of corse). Will buy both.
  5. darkside

    What a disappointment.
  6. darkside

    From and and from Suzaku. Bring out those two mini-albums, I'll buy them for sure.
  7. darkside

    Hope he eventually returns to the scene. Thank you very much!
  8. darkside

  9. darkside

    How great would that be! Not really liking the sample either.
  10. darkside

    Despite the really bad name , It's a pleasure to see these two together. I hope they stear far away from the last type of music both of them made. Wishing for something heavier, let's see how it works...
  11. Really good preview.
  12. darkside

    I think he's doing the right thing focusing on guitar, he's a great guitarrist, not so much as a singer. I hope he finds a amazing musicians and the new band sees him go back to a heavier sound.
  13. darkside

    Does anyone know whatever happened to Masa, bassist ex-gemmik and ex-lamina?
  14. darkside

    I liked the songs, but the instrumental sounded like Eruption from Van Halen the second it started.
  15. darkside

    It's a shame, they were good.
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