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  1. 10 was 10 years ago. I'm still trying to process that.
  2. they don't really tour that much, so it's not like they are being overworked by their label. a single every 3 months is ok, it's important to keep a steady flow of releases in this scene to keep the fans engaged. i just think they have what it takes to come up with a nice album. OR, a concise killer mini. i'll take that.
  3. it's really impressive how cool and clear-cut their art direction is. just give us an album already, you cowards! and tour during the fall, pls.
  4. Have fun, record hunting in Japan is awesome. Just a reminder that th PureSound store in Tokyo has changed quite a bit. They are now also renting/selling movies and idol stuff. It used to be bigger but still has a lot of stuff by the major bands. Selection for indies groups dwindled a lot. The Osaka store is my fav one. It's huge and it pretty much had everything. Can't go wrong with Closet Child and the Shinjuku branch of Book-Off has a pretty nice visual selection. Avoid Disk Union like the plague! Overpriced af.
  5. ugh, this is amazing! his first solo album is one of my favorites records from '09.
  6. the new MUCC album is fun! there's at least 3 really, really good songs in there. sign me up for the tour this year, pls

    1. madygrain


      Can't wait for it to arrive. I bundled a ton of recently released CD's in one shipment so I have to wait until next month.


      How's that piano sounding? I was really excited to see Yoshida Tooru working with them.

  7. r...

    Oh, I like where this is going. I have a ton, but here a couple of really safe picks that I need to name: the GOAT X has a ton of really, really memorable solos, but this is my favorite. X - Silent Jealousy One of my all time favorites. Kouichi is a GOD. Don't ever forget it. Laputa - Breath PIMP SUGIZO THE GAWD SUGIZO - SUPER LOVE and lastly (oooooh, I should have included LASTLY...) 華月 gives us a solo to remember in lost graduation
  8. r...

    oh boy, they look gorgeous. きょうのすけ is just too cool, man.
  9. TøRU, 和泉, 華凛 AND my boy 豪? Sign me up! edit: not really feeling this song. It's like 和泉 and TøRU's styles got jumbled together and nothing really good came out of it. But I'll keep my eye on them, for sure. And it hurts seeing TøRU listed as ex-SEX-ANDROID
  10. r...

    They look good. I've been trying to get back into them just because 葉月 and co. are pretty chill guys. I might try to see them again next year.
  11. This was a very insightful post, thanks @Duwang! And yeah, of course Timely Records is paying for the radio promos, that's exactly what a good label should do in order to push their artists. Still, I think it helps walking in FamiMa and listening to ラブレター every 2 hours. More exposure means more potential fans. And scummy ticket tactics aside (which apparently has more to do with obsessive fans than with the band itself), selling out venues, no matter how small they are, is a great thing for an indies band. It helps them gather momentum. And btw, did the old fans warm up to 亞ん yet? When I saw them last year he seemed to have a couple of fans.
  12. They are really on a tear right now. A couple of their recent singles got picked up by Family Mart radio, so it was being played around konbinis all over Japan and that really helped them. I think every show from the last tour, plus 雨の日, sold out. Keep it going, guys! Just give me a 2nd album next year, ok?
  13. Finally some info about the mini and the tours; Aaand, apparently they are also planning a "surprise" for fanclub members oh New Years' Eve or around that time, maybe an impromptu concert. I'm not sold on sheeple, but the other new song they played last month was really, really cool. I'm looking forward to that one.
  14. r...

    me fala por aqui/tw/ig se rolar de você vir! eles provavelmente vão tocar coisas um pouco mais antigas. MAS, eles são muito bons ao vivo, mesmo que as músicas mais novas não sejam as que eu mais gosto. E eu gosto do DOGMA e do NINTH. Confio que vai ser divertido porque os caras são muito profissionais no palco.
  15. r...

    bora? vou no show da AURORA no dia anterior e já emenda o GAZETTÃO DA MASSA.
  16. finally back home after a month in Japan. the whole trip was sick, saw some pretty cool concerts and brought home a nice couple of CDs. (later!)

  17. MERRY’s fanbase remains the sweetest, most amazing group of people ever. Shoutouts to everyone yesterday at LIQUID ROOM.

    1. suji


      Except those bitch ass scalpers selling their single on mercari for 3333 to fucking 6000 yen 😡

    2. suji


      but anyway I'm glad you got to go & had a great time!! I'm jealous xD

    3. r...


      Get here next year for the new tour! I know I wanna try

  18. japan trip tomorrow. not as excited as i probably should be, but it still should be great fun. lots of concerts to go.

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Have a good time!

    2. saiko


      Which bands are you planning to go seeing?

    3. saishuu


      ahh ééé! boa viagem, Gui! aproveita!

  19. still not sold on the new Aurora album. listening to it again this morning, tho.

  20. r...

    I was hoping for a new album, not a single
  21. Japan trip in November is officially a GO. A whole month and another chance to see tons of cool stuff. @saishuu, remind me to send you the potential concert list just to see if you like my choices.

    1. saishuu


      I sure will. Too bad I will not be able to come along, but have a great trip, buddy!

    2. r...


      Já tenho alguns "certos" (ou seja, que eu quero ver, mas não sei se vou conseguir):


      07/11 - MERRY (já com ingresso comprado)

      08/11 - 八十八ヶ所巡礼

      09/11 - quero ir na Disney, mas, se der tempo, vou ver ザアザア e ゴシップ

      10/11 - BUCK-TICK

      12/11 - ギャロ

      14/11 - the GazettE

      18/11 - DEZERT

      22/11 - ir no show com a orquestra filarmônica tocando músicas do Zelda

      23/11 - メトロノーム

      27/11 - MERRY (já comprado)


      Por enquanto é isso. Vou atualizando com calma. Quero ver uns 15 shows se puder, quanto mais melhor.

  22. I love everything about this. Bless this beautiful band and all the people involved with this.
  23. correctamundo! I've always loved that メト had no idea they would be around past 2005, much less 2018, thus rendering the whole "time travellers" gimmick useless.
  24. really digging this look. and it looks like i might see them in sendai or tokyo, yes!
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