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  1. I will totally buy that shit if it's available! I almost saw them (or was it THE BEETHOVEN?) last year, but something came up last minute and I couldn't go.
  2. oh shit, X and HYDE doing the new 進撃の巨人 OP. you heard it here first, guys, it is going to SUCK;


    https://natalie.mu/music/news/29 0474

    1. Masato


      Yeah, X is being used as his support act. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. platy


      Exactly my thoughts

  3. "Before the release of the album, two singles will be released simultaneously." And I guess you're right, the name of the new song was YOU, I could be wrong, though!
  4. They announced two new singles for July and there's a new album coming later this year; I'm excited, though some of the new songs they played recently are very hit-or-miss. I didn't like the new ballad they played last year, but GIRL is awesome.
  5. yeah... in this case, it was the tour final and they were recording it, so they probably had a contractual obligation to do it. if this happened during the middle of the tour, maybe they could've postponed it, but when it comes to something this big, vocalists can't bail out with "just" a cold. it has to be something so damaging that they can't go onstage. and besides, they are pros. they are used to these little problems happening on the road. マオ sounded off in a couple of songs, not all of them.
  6. MERRY tickets for Nov. 7th are now officially ゲット'd! I hope I got a good number, too. Can't wait!

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    2. r...


      eu vi no seu instagram! the national é lindo demais. foi no circo voador, né?]


      nem sei se o tacica toca umas coisas antigas, mas eu gosto tanto do parallel park que queria ir uma vez. eu vou fazer um roteiro melhor mês que vem, provavelmente. vou passar por umas cidades diferentes dessa vez. vou pra hiroshima esse ano e talvez outros lugares.

    3. saishuu


      foi no circo sim! achei o local lá incrível também. queria que viesse mais gente que eu gostasse pra assistir algum show lá de novo qualquer dia (Sufjan..........)


      e nossa, faz um tempão que não ouço tacica e o parallel park. da última vez eu tava gostando muito do jacaranda também. e hiroshima ainda tem alguma cena VK? lembro que há um tempão tinha uma pequena mas legal até (dummy children, etc)

    4. r...


      o sufjan nunca veio pra cá, eu acho. seria muito foda! eu não sei da cena de hiroshima, imagino que tenha sim, mas nenhuma banda de muito destaque. quero ver se consigo assistir alguma coisa lá. vou mais pra ver o museu da bomba atômica e o portão do mar em miyajima, mas é sempre maneiro terminar o dia e sair pra ver alguma banda! eu te aviso quando terminar o roteiro!

  7. I'm in the DVD, baby! Seeing 循環 live was GLORIOUS. Cool. They will probably fix the vocals in post-production. マオ had a nasty cold and was off-key on a couple of songs.
  8. r...

    that was ACTUALLY pretty good. color me surprised! i'm really looking forward to what DIMLIM can offer if they keep this up.
  9. EGO-WRAPPIN' is just too fucking good. 👌

  10. ミヤ looks great, IMO. But he almost always looks great. YUKKE and 逹瑯 do not.
  11. r...

    they look GOOD.
  12. The new Ash is legit as fuck! Great version. 人間を被る is ass.
  13. r...

    Damn, they played Shiver stuff! That's so cool. 結生 is usually embarrased whenever they bring that up, but I guess it's because it was something that happened such a long time ago.
  14. Does the ◇ in FANATIC◇CRISIS qualify? I sure think so! What about Lυτёη∀, mi'ze:lia, ∀ile≠de〔Σu〕, Loz'a≠Veria, L∞P, Lure+Selene, Λucifer, 【zɔ́:diæ̀k】 , Mëbíus, DAS:VASSER, 【denno:oblaat】 , MARRY+AN+BLOOD, La'miss†fairy? I love the story about nuvɔ:gu, they used to be called just Vogue back in the early 90s and played a very standard type of V系 and, for some reason, around 1995 just decided to go "fuck it, we just love Pete Burns way too much, let's be Dead or Alive!"