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  1. Ugh... 5 Seconds of Summer?! No, thank you. I wish them all the best and I hope they achieve whaever the hell they want to achieve abroad. But you gotta draw the line somewhere and having ALL TIME FUCKING LOW, WASHED UP AVRIL (NOT EVEN DUMB FUN LET GO-ERA, AVRIL) and 5 Seconds of Summer all together means I'm out. They won't miss me, for now atleast. but call me back when ONE OK ROCK bombs and decide to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BEAM OF LIGHT or ゼイタクビョウ. Wait... Shit, ゼイタクビョウ IS TEN YEARS OLD ALREADY. Ok, I'll wait for the 20th anniversary, then. And I really agree with this part: Integrity doesn't pay the bills but being completely broke totally beats than having FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER on your record.
  2. Engrish sometimes can be great, but ゴールデンボンバー, out of all bands, kind of summed up my feelings about it with this song. 英語ってかっこいいなかっこいいな ah!ah! 英語ってかっこいいな 英語で歌えばまるで最新の洋楽みたいだな Hello Ken Hello Kuni Hello Tom When I go win slow in flow Your for me mosquito She look for the my eye flow in one night close he a brother When I go win slow in flow Your for me mosquito She look for the my eye flow in one night close he a brother nine
  3. 入口? 出口? cali≠gariだ? Did they consider naming it 第1実験室? Cool to see that they wrote EVEN MORE SONGS, ignoring the latest singles. In the long run, this will hurt them, but I love a lot of their stuff, so keep 'em coming!
  4. Yeah both bands are ok, but their style is so very different and generally IN YOUR FACE all the time. Kagrra, had a different feel and an elegance to it. I wish more bands tried going for that. PLUS, the whole japanese sound thing makes it easier to appeal to a wider audience abroad, who WANTS to listen to something EASY BREEZY, JAPANESE-Y with a rock edge.
  5. Dudes, you were supposed to be rivals! But, this is AWESOME. If PIERROT returns, I need to see them. Edit: PIERROT復活! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2084004/full/?ref_cd=tw_pic
  6. Listen to this: How can people not miss this kind of subtle, sexy japanese-ness? What a great fucking band.
  7. Up until 45 minutes should be the standard. Anything longer than that can be quite tiresome if the mood isn't right.
  8. I'm def. going to one of these!
  9. featured list

    Do you guys consider album deep cuts as b-sides? I always separated between the two. B-sides are part of singles (or released first in a single) and album songs are album songs, and L'Arc~en~Ciel has plenty of amazing deep cuts throughout the albums. Even in their current sucky incarnation.
  10. featured list

    Awesome song. Always dug Brilliant Years too: Not a fan of P'UNK~EN~CIEL, tho. The yuki remixes are a mixed bag. Some are ok. Most of it aren't.
  11. Eh... it's heavier than I imagined it. But that doesn't mean it's good.
  12. I think 2006 was their peak (granted, it was a special year for them). 2 studio albums, 4 singles + a cover album and special privilege live album for those that bought a bunch of their stuff during that year. But, I think KuRt got them beat. KuRt was around for less than 2 years and released staggering ELEVEN SINGLES and one mini-album. PLUS, distributed CDs and omnibus. KuRt unique songs: ≳40 productivity rate: ≳ 20 songs/year And, gosh, remember 彩冷える when 涼平 wrote pretty much everything? I'm pretty sure that between 2005/06 they averaged a single every 40 days. I don't like 彩冷える so can't be sure just how much stuff they released, but I'm pretty sure it's in that same "over-20 songs-a-year-ballpark". Fuck SPEED DISK.
  13. Bold move on their part. But I'm happy, 'cause I dig them.
  14. FUCK! I wanna go! And I'm really happy to see the acoustic version of Happy life included. Def. one of my favorite moments of their concert. Extremely sweet melodies and it works great in a quieter version.