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  1. still not sold on the new Aurora album. listening to it again this morning, tho.

  2. r...

    I was hoping for a new album, not a single
  3. Japan trip in November is officially a GO. A whole month and another chance to see tons of cool stuff. @saishuu, remind me to send you the potential concert list just to see if you like my choices.

    1. saishuu


      I sure will. Too bad I will not be able to come along, but have a great trip, buddy!

    2. r...


      Já tenho alguns "certos" (ou seja, que eu quero ver, mas não sei se vou conseguir):


      07/11 - MERRY (já com ingresso comprado)

      08/11 - 八十八ヶ所巡礼

      09/11 - quero ir na Disney, mas, se der tempo, vou ver ザアザア e ゴシップ

      10/11 - BUCK-TICK

      12/11 - ギャロ

      14/11 - the GazettE

      18/11 - DEZERT

      22/11 - ir no show com a orquestra filarmônica tocando músicas do Zelda

      23/11 - メトロノーム

      27/11 - MERRY (já comprado)


      Por enquanto é isso. Vou atualizando com calma. Quero ver uns 15 shows se puder, quanto mais melhor.

  4. I love everything about this. Bless this beautiful band and all the people involved with this.
  5. correctamundo! I've always loved that メト had no idea they would be around past 2005, much less 2018, thus rendering the whole "time travellers" gimmick useless.
  6. really digging this look. and it looks like i might see them in sendai or tokyo, yes!
  7. r...

    they look so adorable wearing the ponchos and the sombreros! They all looked so happy to be there from the twitter pics I've seen. Especially 太朗!
  8. r...

    I remember reading somewhere that hyde and ken had sided with DC/MAVERICK and wanted to keep doing stuff as L'Arc~en~Ciel, but I can't remember an exact source. I do think they are closer to the management office than tetsu and yuki, especially if you look at their other activities. I guess they don't mind doing one or two singles every two years and playing a concert every now and then. You could also interpret that as "I'll do it, as long as it doesn't interfere with my solo career/VAMPS/producer duties."
  9. r...

    I think that is part of it, yes. But ken always seems to have a blast on stage no matter where or who he is playing with. Dude is mad cool. If they go on, great. I love L'Arc~en~Ciel a lot. If they don't, that's ok too. They had a great career so far. I also think the band ran its course, a lot of their songs since the first hiatus sound like solo careers leftovers, with a few exceptions. But that's me. I feel the same way about LUNA SEA ever since SHINE.
  10. r...

    So they finally squashed that beef about the money split with DC/MAVERICK? Cool, though I feel the impending end is coming very soon. hyde and ken still want to go on, god knows why, but tetsuya always seems SO bored with the band. yuki probably doesn't mind if the band disbands either.
  11. I will totally buy that shit if it's available! I almost saw them (or was it THE BEETHOVEN?) last year, but something came up last minute and I couldn't go.
  12. oh shit, X and HYDE doing the new 進撃の巨人 OP. you heard it here first, guys, it is going to SUCK;


    https://natalie.mu/music/news/29 0474

    1. Masato


      Yeah, X is being used as his support act. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. platy


      Exactly my thoughts