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  1. Relax, dude. This is a perfect (and probably the only) opportunity for us to dream about songs which are very hard to come by on this tribute thing, but are songs we all love And songs MUCC plays occasionally to this day. MUCC usually does great with their massive catalog, because they'll rotate between over 40/50 songs during a tour. Who knows! I don't want to be reasonable, I want to dream about nothing but stuff up until 葬ラ謳. Unlikely as it is. Is it going to happen? NO! But since it's not out yet, let me have a little fun. About PHYSICAL NEUROSE and staples, well, it's a fan favorite, like 地下室のメロディー, but so was オルゴォル. Fans (japanese or us western peasants) still love those tracks, but both bands don't seem to play them as much recently.By 2007, PHYSICAL NEUROSE wasn't exactly like, say, LOVE ME or Baby,I want you., but it's the type of song they'll whip out during THE DAY IN QUESTION tours, or FISH TANK dates. Maybe the occasional encore, once every three years. I would love to hear 九日 and 翼を下さい over ENDER ENDER live, but in 2017 it's highly unlikely. Anyway, you know what would be really, really cool? sukekiyo doing 夢の街. With the kazoos. I'm hoping for that now.
  2. I agree that is hard to find something like that, but... THE YELLOW MONKEY tribute album had a couple of deep cuts like 4000粒の恋の唄 (but, then again, it was sung by the same artist TYM was trying to homage, closing the circle) and 空の青と本当の気持ち. くるり had Old-fashioned and 宿はなし, both non-obvious choices. All the THE BLUE HEARTS tribute albums had some left-field choices, same with the first BUCK-TICK tribute where we had PHYSICAL NEUROSE and 六月の沖縄, which aren't what I would call "staples". And that's what I remembered from the top of my head.
  3. Oh yeah! Amazing songs, both of them.
  4. That is a mighty fine list right there. Great read too! Very interesting.
  5. @Carmelzors I.WANT.TO.BELIEVE! I tried to be somewhat reasonable with my predictions, hence so many singles, but I really wanted cali≠gari to come full circle and cover a very early MUCC song, or a more obscure b-side, 密室-era and all. It would be a nice tribute to their friends/juniors. And 最終列車 would be the perfect シド cover song, I hope you all know that. Don't ruin my dream, guys! Let Plastic Tree pick something else. 達瑯 or ミヤ said on the MUCC TO THE FUTURE stream that not all artists have selected their songs yet, but Plastic Tree had picked their song already. Maybe they'll announce it soon.
  6. Cool. The bands announced aren't really surprising: Plastic Tree, ROTTENGRAFFTY, cali≠gari, MERRY, THE BACK HORN, ROACH. They basically asked their friends for a hand. Kinda like the BUCK-TICK tribute album. But I'm actually surprised to see sukekiyo there! (and also hoping sukekiyo will return the favor by letting 達瑯 sing in their next single/album) Didn't think they would do that, so that's cool. I'll be even more surprised if Ken isn't a part of it, either by playing as a guest guitarist or producing this thing. Someone mentioned that Ken helped MUCC during 球体, and that's true, but he's been helping MUCC since 葬ラ謳. Also, I'll be damned if Kei from ラヴィアンローズ isn't a part of this too. His bromance with ミヤ is too stronk. Now, what songs would you like to see the bands covering and what type of song would better suit each of them? I pray to have something close to this: MERRY - 遺書 or ママ. cali≠gari - 友達が死んだ日 シド - 最終列車 THE BACK HORN - 雨のオーケストラ Plastic Tree - 流星 ROTTENGRAFFTY - 蘭鋳 GRANRODEO - 謡声 lynch. - アゲハ ROACH - TONIGHT THE ORAL CIGARETTES - I dunno, one of the more recent shitty singles, I guess? CLASSIC or MOTHER, or smth. DEZERT - 我、在ルベキ場所 gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy - アカ BAND-MAID - Again, I don't know. Something more recent, I guess. World's End seems right up their alley. FLOW - フリージア POLYSICS - Shit, I would love to see them do a zany, over-the-top, cover of 大嫌い. sukekiyo - 朽木の塔
  7. Dude was one of the greatest rock/metal voices ever. RIP.
  8. Oh man, Daniel Ash! Yay! And I can't wait to see the duet with YUKIYA! This looks so promising. Please, please don't suck.
  9. Shinji is awesome, water is wet, news at 11. I'd love to see them again. Hopefully this year.
  10. Eh...I always thought that RUKA was just an incredibly quiet guy, but that he really enjoyed being around YOMI and laughing about his crazy antics. I remember watching some of 爆烈! ナイトメア episodes back in 2010 (?) and whenever he was on the show, YOMI was clearly trying to make him laugh as much as possible.
  11. woooooo~ I'll see them twice this year then! Probably at Nara and Oita. Sweet. Setlist today: MERRY「Tokyo Spring 日比谷デモクラティック ~羊達の主張~」 2017年5月5日(金・祝) 日比谷野外大音楽堂 01. 演説〜シュールレアリズム〜 02. [human farm] 03. 「東京」 04. 自意識過剰型木偶人間 05. ロストジェネレーション -replay- 06. Screams of the Dark 07. ハライソ 08. T.O.P. 09. 絶望 10. 真っ赤な青い春 -Acoustic- 11. 平日の女 -Acoustic- S.E. iNtO the mARkeT 12. NOnsenSe MARkeT 13. 【collector】 14. 暗闇にピンク 15. Zombie Paradise〜地獄の舞踏曲〜 (歌MC〜メンバー紹介) 16. 傘と雨 17. オリエンタルBLサーカス 18. Carnival 19. ジャパニーズモダニスト 20. 千代田線デモクラシー -ENCORE- 21. 梟 22. Happy life (new arrange!) -ENCORE2- 23. 新曲 *new song* (Ska-ish according to a fan on Twitter) 24. バイオレットハレンチ 25. 千代田線デモクラシー -revenge- テツ finally played without his neck brace during the encore. Finally! Hopefully during the next tour he'll be able to play some concerts without it. And maybe by 2018 he won't need to wear it ever again. Here's hoping. Aaand the official website mentions a late summer release for the new album. So around September, then? That's my guess.
  12. They'll probably announce their new album tomorrow. It's not a bold prediction, but.... yeah. Anyway, you heard it here first, folks: my prediction is that the new album will come out in August, with 13 songs + a bonus CD with live material and a DVD version with 10/12 songs from Tokyo Spring. Plus, they'll announce a nation-wide tour until September. Tour Final happens in November to celebrate their anniversary.
  13. 激声 is gud song.


  14. T.M.Revolution! T.M.REVOLUTION T.M.REVOLUTION T.M.REVOLUTION Bom, tá aí, depois dessa eu vou nesse Anime Friends.