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  1. Where where you when 薫 played 歪 by baroque and MERRY’s 梟along with said both bands? Holy shit!!!

    1. sheepprincessgara


      Probably in my room crying about Gara as always (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

    2. chemicalpictures


      that sounds amazing!

    3. emmny


      clearly not in japan....B*tch!

  2. They showed a very sweet “behind the scenes” digest of their most recent tour before announcing the album. It was cute.
  3. @saishuu vc precisa vir comigo pro Japão pra ver o MERRY. Do caralho demais.

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    2. r...


      É bem divertido usar e meio que acostumei aqui。


      Tente! Planejamento com antecedência = mais barato 

    3. saishuu


      pode deixar que vou tentar sim! vou ver como fico nos próximos meses e já começo a me organizar o mais cedo possível, ai te falo daqui algum tempo como fica a possibilidade


      mas serião, quero muito

    4. r...


      Quero voltar em novembro. Esse é o plano. Toda vez que venho aqui eu me divirto pra caramba  

  4. More to come yesterday was amazing, yet again. Setlist was really cool. Seriously, go see MERRY at least once in your life. [human farm], T.O.P, バイオハレ、ジャパモダ、窓 (yea‼️)、躊躇いシャッフル (!!!)。And we got 2 extra songs because the crowd didn’t stop singing. We got Happy life and F.J.P twice. Which was cool because ガラ had technical problems with his mic during the first Happy life. He also forgot the lyrics to MASS CONTROL ( at 奈良, he forgot エムオロギー). Adorable. And MERRY’s fan base is friendly as fuck! Holy shit, those girls are amazing. now, I’m off to Tokyo to catch them again with BAROQUE (yeahhh!!)
  5. MERRY é foda pra caralho. Meu deus do céu.
  6. I love these guys. What a fucking show today at 奈良NEVERLAND. ガラ and ネロ are just too fucking cool. 結生 is just the sweetest dude ever. And there’s more to come. See you tomorrow, guys.
  7. Someone asked recently how come DEZERT became famous, or why they seemed to get more famous n recent years. Well, now I’ve seen them 3x and it’s easy to understand why. They fucking SMOKE live. 千秋 is a bit wierd and if he isn’t having a good day, it seems to drag the whole band. But, when he is on, they are ON. Sacchan is a monster. And Miyako seems to have blended in more with the other guys. They sound more like a band and not 3 guys and a support guitarist that models their t-shirts. Also, I got their new distributed song , おやすみ. I will upload it as soon as I get home.
  8. In case anyone wants the lyrics for the new album:
  9. ALL DONE! That was my first time transcribing lyrics. It was fun.
  10. added the kanji to all songs and romaji to my favorite two songs from the album: Happy life and SIGHT GLASS. added romaji to エムオロギー and F.J.P . Black flag may be coming later today, but I can't vouch for that.
  11. japan trip in 2 days. a whole month in tokyo. i'm STOKED, son!

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    2. saishuu


      aaaahh que foda! vou atrás das setlists depois pra ver o que andam tocando de raro. queria assistir coisa tipo Rennai Kousaten

    3. r...


      essa eles tão tocando!


    4. saishuu


      CARALHO! agora eu quero mesmo um DVD

  12. I'll do that as soon as I finish typing and editing gaudy and 平日の女 -A面-. Thanks!
  13. MASS CONTROL 作詞: ガラ 作曲: ネロ 犬型真性MASOCHIST (Inugata shinsei MASOCHIST) 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 gaudy 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 平日の女 -A面- (Heijitsu no onna -A-men-) 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 Black flag symptom 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 健一 傘と雨 (Kasa to ame) 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 F.J.P 作詞: ガラ 作曲: ネロ Happy life -reprise- 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 健一 SIGHT GLASS 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 エムオロギー (M-ology) 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生
  14. @saishuuyou want me to upload their stuff and PM you the link later?
  15. オリエンタルBLサーカス 窓 montage shoutouts to メランコリー, too.