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  1. Ahhhh, that takes me back... Great times.
  2. Oh boy... I hate when bands use a vocal track during their lives to give the sound a bit more 'oomph' and give the vocalist a bit more breathing time. It's lazy and the mix usually fucks up the performance, since the band has to follow the cues from the CD. There's no reason why they can't find a way to arrange their songs to, either ditch the backing vocals altogether (use the audience as a tool, you morons!!) or get the other members to help yuya with the vocals.
  3. Cool! All the luck to them! Hopefully, there will be enough events and people interested to keep the local scenes alive.
  4. SEX-ANDROID People say they keep writing the same song over and over. They are right. But when your song is THAT CATCHY, you can get away with it. Well, these guys certainly can. Extremely fun rock 'n' roll band. You dig punk, rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, and that little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor that never takes itself too seriously? Then this is just what the doctor ordered. 医者ROCK NEVER DIE!! THE CRAZY DOCTOR SEX-ANDROID ROLLING SPECIAL Tracklist 01 - 九十九里浜ロマネスク 02 - だって、、、バカだから 03 - 狂い咲きバーニングラブ 04 - メンタル日和 05 - 大人でポン 06 - 一番街は雨の街 07 - 高速バス 08 - スキマ産業狙イ撃チ 09 - 暴動男(と書いてライオットマン) 10 - 夏が嫌いなシャンソン人形 11 - バースデー Lenght = 44:28 Gah, I love these guys. セクアン is awesome and I sure hope they'll come back soon. TφRU and YU-DAI said they will most definitely return. I'm counting on you, leader! A great way to start with these guys are お茶ノ間キラー, the 完売トラック1.2.3 -Mのアナログ狂い咲き- compilation and, most recently, the awesome mini 殺し屋ミルクちゃん. Enjoy!
  5. the greatest website ever. I hope it never dies.
  6. PENICILLIN are charging ¥6,500 to play in 500 people livehouses, I think. D'ERLANGER was charging the same amount and playing the same houses. That's the EXACT SAME AMOUNT I payed to see BUCK-TICK last year in a 2,500 people hall. RADWIMPS are charging around U$75 and playing big halls and arenas, ONE OK ROCK is a bit cheaper, so it's a mix between popularity/name recognition and the kind of venues they usually play. And I guess it also depends on the bands and the fanbase demographic. Older bands usually have older fans and that means more money. I mean, I understand that V系 bands usually charge more than "normal" rock bands (gotta pay for them outfits, right?), but it can get pretty gruesome. BLUE ENCOUNT who is doing pretty, pretty well, charge about ¥4,500. Suchmos are even cheaper: ¥3,500. So, yeah, check how much your favorite band is asking for a ticket. If they are charging a lot, that usually means they are doing ok enough, even if the shows aren't selling out.
  7. Eh... I dunno, MERRY seems to be touring in the exact same places they've always played: livehouses (the medium ones, up to 1000 people), the occasional hall and playing smaller houses for their fanclub. Seems ok to me. They did lose a bit of their fanbase during the Beautiful Freaks-era, but things seem to have calmed down. The fact that they aren't on a major label anymore hurt them as well (and that would happen to anyone, see A9 for more). An indies label, no matter how well run and connected, can't compete with the level of exposure that a major can offer you. But, the fact that they appeared on TV shows somewhat recently (the same ones that DIR EN GREY/sukekiyo appeared, so that might mean that a producer on the show might dig those guys or Free-Will in general), show me that "hey, FIREWALL DIV. has SOME cash to spend on 'em." PENICILLIN seems to be doing OK for a band with 25 years on the road. Those fuckers are charging ¥6,500 a piece. As always with Japanese bands, you gotta check how much a ticket cost. Never fails. RADWIMPS, who just might be THE hottest Japanese rock band right now, are charging ¥7,900 for a ticket. I guess the older hardcore fans seem to fork enough money for HAKUEI and co. to be able to produce albums + singles and touring every year.
  8. X JAPAN. Still my favorite band.
  9. Ah, but the hills theme would be there: That (and this) was just an excuse to post Plastic Tree, tho.
  10. Should've included - a view of the Despair - with Plastic Tree playing a 3rd day.
  11. I think *I THINK* that it's the other way around, based on the names of the concerts.
  12. From what I've seen and talked with fans, DIAVOLO brought them a new set of fans and they're getting a little bit more famous. EMPHASIS on little. They are trying to play bigger venues and sponsoring events. But, their fanbase is still pretty small. Stable, yes, but small. Let's see if they can sell most of their tickets to their tour finale next month. ReNY is a bigger venue than they usually play, so it feels like a gamble. But, who knows... The fear of disbanding always exists, but I don't think they will disband just yet.
  13. Laputa Dark, hard, melodic. A little bit of electronica later, but the same rules applied. V系 at its finest. aki, Kouichi, Junji and Tomoi were the shit. ALKALOID CRUNCH (JOY! JOY!) tracklist 01 - ALKALOID 02 - 硝子の肖像 03 - 揺れながら・・・ 04 - LOWSPIRITED 05 - Breath 06 - 太陽と蒼い月~2 Lovers~ 07 - Masquerade 08 - Vertigo 09 - Silent on-looker 10 - 白昼夢~reality under the sun~ 11 - 奈落の底 Lenght = 48:27 This is another one of those bands that is just impossible to create only one mixtape. But maybe others will come up with different mixes... The fact that there's no Jesus, an eternity, falling~, Final, 舌, eve, MONOCHROME, Blindman's Buff, Shape, etc. here makes me sad. But, if you dig this, go after 眩めく廃人, 蜉〜かげろう〜蝣, 絵〜エマダラ〜斑, 麝〜ジャコウ〜香 and 翔〜カケラ〜裸 (great starting point!) immediately.
  14. Love it! It's like 1998 all over again! HA! Does that mean we'll have some GAUZE-era goodness coming our way? Honestly, I doubt it, but one man can dream... I like how the "hills" theme that the fans were calling it was kept. They should've invited Plastic Tree too, just for the hell of it. I just wish I was there to witness it. This thing will sell out fast. Hopefully, both bands will interact with each other. Let the fans have a bit of fun with it.