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  1. GAUZE-era Dir en grey is the epithome of the 90s. They basically copied EVERY SINGLE 90s trend, mixed everything up and put it in a beautiful, beautiful package. It's kinda inspiring, actually. The transition phase (also known as the ICE AGE, in Japan) however, was very influenced by Dir en grey's later work, such as 鬼葬 and six Ugly. MACABRE is the "transition" to the transition, so to speak. It still has elements from the late 90s, but tried breaking new ground for them with various degrees of success. Sonically and visually. I'd like to expand on that later .
  2. Huh, this is being distributed by FIREWALL DIV. and the label is a new iteration of good ol' Lizard (home of 蜉蝣), now called LIZARD NEO.
  3. You'd think seeing Neymar playing PUBG with friends on Twitch should be the wierdest thing I saw today. Nope.

  4. that's pretty cool. good on them for not turning their backs on a friend.
  5. it's the same dude. I do feel it's a bit wierd that they are on 寺子屋, which is a sub-label of ART POP, but, SEX-ADROID's contract with APE ended a while ago. And leader is still working with ART POP ENTERTAINMENT too...
  7. MAH BOIS! Hope to see a new album next year too. I guess we can expect one during the summer? The new look isn't really good, tho...
  8. It's REALLY good, isn't it? He is such a huge fanboy. God, I love that version and the original one is awesome too. I think except for X/hide and 黒夢/清春 all the MERRY boys have covered and/or played along with pretty much all their heroes. 結生 likes Pantera and they thought it would be fun. I think that's pretty much it. And they'll probably play 家路 a couple of more times during the rest of the year. I know 結生 and ガラ already played that one as 新宿ブルース
  9. Have you guys listened to MERRY's version of 家路 yet? And if you did, did you like it? Personally, I really liked it. It's one of the highlights of the MUCC tribute album for me. That got me thinking that with all the stuff MERRY released in 2017, we finally have enough material for an entire MERRY album of covers from other artists. (chronologically) 2002 - Strength Beyond Strength 2007 - PRECIOUS... 2009 - 伊勢佐木町ブルース 2009 - 学生街の喫茶店 2010 - 皆殺しのメロディ 2010 - 新宿ナナ 2010 - オデッセイ・1985・SEX 2011 - Schweinの椅子 2012 - 悪の華 2017 - SO... 2017 - 家路 That's quite a lot! I think only MUCC got them beat for "official" studio version covers. At least as far as V系 bands go. There's also the debatable inclusion of シャ乱Q's 上・京・物・語, but that one doesn't count, right? Anyway, which one is your favorite cover version? Which ones do you dislike? Personally, I think it's reallyyyy hard to beat 伊勢佐木町ブルース, but I love 新宿ナナ and オデッセイ・1985・SEX. The ones I'm not really hot about are Strength Beyond Strength and Schweinの椅子, and I think that's about it. MERRY usually does really well performing other people's songs. I kinda wish they did even more covers, MERRY almost always leave their personal mark and that's pretty cool. The next single could use a brand new b-side and another old-school cover.
  10. in order: 1- buying official merchandise 2- going to the concerts as much as possible] 3- buying CDs 4- listening stuff legally on streaming plataforms OR something similar 5- spreading the word. if you can't help your favorite artists using the first 4 options, then try recommending them to as much friends as possible. the more people know and get into them, the more people might be able to help support their craft. and that includes sharing .mp3s/videos, etc..
  11. シド 15th anniversary didn't even properly start and i'm already kicking myself for missing the may/june tour; all those thematic concerts sound so cool. they'll probably play a bunch of rarities like...



    damn it.

  12. Everytime this song pops up in my head I curse KISAKI for not writing more stuff like this: 



    this is a 90s V系 classic lost in time in the 21st century.

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      Had totally forgotten about this song. Lin had some really cool songs. 

    2. saishuu


      I never bothered listening to Lin (save for a few songs during the Sui era), but this is one is indeed great. Knew I'd like it from the first seconds of the guitar riff. That main guitarist (the one KISAKI got from Pashya) was so underrated.

  13. I don't think so. I don't think I've ever seen a live report from 2000/01 that lists any songs from merveilles. And, they toured very little after 1999 and after Kami passed away. Only one small tour to support the release of Gardenia before the hiatus and they basically played the Klaha stuff (and the post 薔薇の聖堂singles and b-sides) + 記憶と空 which is from the tetsu era and ma chérie which is from Gackt's era but both songs are those rare ones that ALL three dudes sang during their stint with MALICE MIZER. plus, you have to remember that their material was highly theatrical as well, and all their tours had a "theme" or an overarching concept behind it. They never toured like MUCC or DIR EN GREY. You know, bands who don't even need a backdrop and are down to play basically anywhere, anytime.
  14. new single produced by Ken, who apparently really likes some of the A9 dudes. Hence, why he always invite them to the PARTY ZOO tours. I think he mentioned 沙我 in a recent interview (in his PARTY ZOO tour book, I think...)
  15. DyIng messagE - 愛終~アイシュウ~ http://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product_detail.php?pid=101030820&aid=dying-message&bck=%2Fuser_data%2Fsp_artist_product.php%3Faid%3Ddying-message%26psd%3D99%26mt%3D1%26perPage%3D20%26sk%3D1%26zk%3D1%26pd1%3D1