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  1. The new Ash is legit as fuck! Great version. 人間を被る is ass.
  2. Damn, they played Shiver stuff! That's so cool. 結生 is usually embarrased whenever they bring that up, but I guess it's because it was something that happened such a long time ago.
  3. Does the ◇ in FANATIC◇CRISIS qualify? I sure think so! What about Lυτёη∀, mi'ze:lia, ∀ile≠de〔Σu〕, Loz'a≠Veria, L∞P, Lure+Selene, Λucifer, 【zɔ́:diæ̀k】 , Mëbíus, DAS:VASSER, 【denno:oblaat】 , MARRY+AN+BLOOD, La'miss†fairy? I love the story about nuvɔ:gu, they used to be called just Vogue back in the early 90s and played a very standard type of V系 and, for some reason, around 1995 just decided to go "fuck it, we just love Pete Burns way too much, let's be Dead or Alive!"
  4. Legit one of my favorite ヴィドール songs ever and a shame that they never re-recorded it later.
  5. the new promo pics look so cool. although seeing seek wearing something "normal" threw me off. it's been a while for him.
  6. Just booked my tickets to Japan! November HYPE!

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    2. BrenGun


      thats crazy high!


      Europe, Netherlands.

      I pay about 700~800euro for a ticket. 


      still need to tell my parents that I really wanna go back... 

      But my dad is kinda against it... so I don't dare to tell them.... (>_<)

      I truly wanna meet a guy again... (when i meet him I am 30 and he 46, beside age his looks/life is far from what my parents love, so I can't tell anything about him yet)and I do miss my friends a lot. and i wanna try to do business more.

      I hope they will understand. (>_<)






    3. r...


      i hope they will!

    4. BrenGun




      and hopefully your November trip will be amazing! 

  7. Cam was awesome. He was a major source of information back then. He went back to Canada a long time a go, right? He still posts a couple of pics every now and then about his time in Japan.
  8. I asked 結生 about why they didn't play it as much as other songs from that album and he basically said that it's too long to fit a "normal" concert and they can play 3 or 4 more songs without 激声. Which is true and you can check that by looking at the recent tour setlists. They do seem to love the song, though. ネロ was a bit surprised when I mentioned that it was my favorite MERRY song. 結生 also said that it takes a lot of time to memorize the whole song, too. With limited rehearsal times, it's probably better saving it to a special occasion, I don't know.
  9. early Laputa was the shit: mid-era Laputa was the shit: (JOY! JOY!) late Laputa was the shit: Favorite albums: 翔〜カケラ〜裸 their most accessible and incredibly solid all the way through. The only stinker is Refrain Limit / Drug Habit. 絵〜エマダラ〜斑 the one-two-three punch of ALKALOID, LOWSPIRITED and MONOCHROME is better than whole discogs of lesser bands. 眩めく廃人 the ultimate version of 奈落の底 is here. plus, an eternity and Vertigo. God, they were good.
  10. I love them. Have almost all their albums, except the post-EMI stuff (still working on that), but this is seriously one of my absolute favorite Laputa songs: this song rules.
  11. god bless you and your YouTube channel, dude. you have great taste!
  12. YAY, today's the last concert of MERRY's tour. so happy for mah bois and for selling out the tour final too

    1. suji


      i hope they announce a new single *___* my queens ♥

    2. r...


      shame that they didn't, but i think they will announce something during the concerts in may!

  13. oh wow, i forgot how bad memento mori is. one of the lowest moments of B-T.  it's not fun, it's a chore.

  14. GAUZE-era Dir en grey is the epithome of the 90s. They basically copied EVERY SINGLE 90s trend, mixed everything up and put it in a beautiful, beautiful package. It's kinda inspiring, actually. The transition phase (also known as the ICE AGE, in Japan) however, was very influenced by Dir en grey's later work, such as 鬼葬 and six Ugly. MACABRE is the "transition" to the transition, so to speak. It still has elements from the late 90s, but tried breaking new ground for them with various degrees of success. Sonically and visually. I'd like to expand on that later .
  15. Huh, this is being distributed by FIREWALL DIV. and the label is a new iteration of good ol' Lizard (home of 蜉蝣), now called LIZARD NEO.