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  1. what a sweet, sweet setlist. まひるの月 is amazing live.
  2. booooo, the acoustic version of Happy life is amazing. And I really like the original version. We also know now that MASS CONTROL is the ska-punk song from Tokyo Spring. Cool. I wonder when Screams of the Dark will appear in one of their albums officially. Judging from スカル, it will take about 10 years.
  3. Ha, called it! Shame about lynch. getting XXX for YOU, though
  4. I think I remember reading something about disagreements with Danger Crue at the time. But, I guess kyo also wanted to do something different than CIPHER and Tetsu. But, when you think about that, kyo was also featured as a guest vocalist throughout all of CRAZE's albums... so, my best guess is they actually had some problems with their agency. But whatever problems they had with MAVERICK 30 years ago have been ironed out, since they still have ties with them.
  5. So the new Happy life is probably the punk version they played recently, right? I'm a bit disappointed that they decided to go with the "original" version for 平日の女, cause I really like the alternative version. Anyway, I'm seeing them at Yanagase (got my tickets!) and, if I'm lucky, I might also catch them at Nara and Kofu. *fingers crossed*
  6. and get increasingly frustrated as their creativity slowly fades.
  7. I'm not surprised, but this is pretty sad. グリーヴァ was amazing live. I was lucky to see them twice. One of the shows I went to was a double-bill with ゴシップ and グリーヴァ upstaged those guys pretty hard. The difference between both bands' performances was GINORMOUS.
  8. Fuck! One of the best drummers in the scene. ザアザア needs to find someone who can pummel the kit just like he does. Shame he is "retiring", but I hope he changes his mind in a couple of years.
  9. 4ge and Lay HYPE! I have plans to see Hitomi in October, I hope I can find these minis as well.
  10. livebu.com great way to track concerts around Japan. You can sort stuff by region, city or artist. And I think by venue as well. In Japanese only, btw.
  11. When you listen to ネロ's drumming and then things like CRAZE, D'ERLANGER or BODY you can totally tell: "Oh right, he really likes Tetsu's busy style." And ネロ has said many, many times how much he loves CRAZE and D'ERLANGER.
  12. I can see TUSK singing pretty much every D'ERLANGER song ever, so I'm good with whatever THE SLUT BANKS can come up with. But if they choose something like 1999 or INCARNATION OF EROTICISM, I'll be over the moon. Also, I would LOVE to see anyone doing XXX for YOU, one of D'ERLANGER greatest offerings.
  13. SORA is, or was, one of Tetsu's many drum students (maybe an ex-roadie as well). ネロ is also one of his former students.
  15. 黝いヒステリア is incredible. Song of the year for me. Buuut, the new mix is not as good as the "single". (DIR EN GREY does the exact same of thing to their singles and it pisses me off too)