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  1. virtute

    Mario Kart 7, Star Fox 64 3D, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (To replace the copy that my brother destroyed on accident.) Also, a bag of pistachios.
  2. virtute

    I remember listening to "Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather" a lot during my senior year. The Shake (Awful Feeling) is still a great song to this day. A shame they broke up, but they're having some reunion shows in California in February 2012.
  3. virtute

    Thank you! Let's see... For metal, I like Galneryus, Concerto Moon, and Onmyouza. As for post rock I really like Mono, Envy, sleepy.ab, and most recently (thanks to last.fm) Sgt. My taste is still a little rough yet, but I'm working on it. ^^; Thank you, nice to meet you too! Oh, and thank you for the links! I will definitely check them out as soon as possible!
  4. virtute

    I'm virtute and I'm new here. I meant to introduce myself sooner, but the holidays have a funny way of stealing time. I'm 21 and currently a resident of the US, although I much prefer to spend my time in Canada. Musically, well... truthfully, I don't even. I like a lot of metal and I've been getting into post rock quite a bit lately. I was a big fan of visual kei for several years but save for a small number of bands; nothing is really catching my attention. I guess this is my way of saying that I hope to find some new recommendations while I'm here! Outside of music, I enjoy watching hockey, discussing zombies, and cats. I'm also a bit of a Legend of Zelda fanatic. It's nice to meet you all!
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