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    I have been with TW/MH for almost as long as I have known Ito, and his introduction to me of J-rock(sadly he also liked a lot of j-pop back then and it stuck with me). For most of the life span of the forums that MH has become, I was pretty much a forum troll. Unlike Ramrod or Chronowarp I was basically just there to ensure Ito had a job to do, and ensure that the spam sections of these forums were up to a level of expectation that is of forum culture. There was that time I did a fake leak of Dir En Grey's Uroboros wit the help of that one Dai guy. That was a pretty memorable topic that lasted a few hours. But I digress, as this is all about you the users and should stay as thus. Keep on uploadin and downloadin stuff ladies and gents. These forums wouldn't be here without your contributions to the PBS Toasted Waffles section. Also, people still post here? That's a silly concept.
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    Cant Even preview posts, what is this 1995?
  3. Faku

    Welcome to Toasted Waffles the Blogspot, because with this theme you might as well have just paid for one of those.
  4. Faku

    I have always wondered, why people put their names on signatures for forums. It's like I can see your name right there. We should have put "ITO" on it; only so others would actually know how wonderful of a face you can make. R.I.P. Ito.
  5. Faku

    Times have changed, words are still the same.
  6. Faku

    You're so active on your forums there sir. You should do something about that.

    1. Ito


      I do what I can :)

  7. Faku

    I'll just tie Ito down to his bed, either works.
  8. Faku

    my email got changed to some gibberish soo... changing passwords when you forgot them is quite difficult. I suppose it helps when you're sleeping with one of the admins; now if only he would get me my colors back. Ito is so homo for me.
  9. Faku

    My glorious name... It is no longer pink. I don't even know who the hell I am anymore.
  10. Faku

    I support this.
  11. Faku

    It can all be explained here NSFW, MUST BE 12 OR OLDER TO VIEW....
  12. Faku

    Fuck you. "my friend" I POST SHIT ON YOUR FORUMS YOU ASSHOLE! For that you now have to pay the blockbuster late fee on video games. So I'll be taking that wheel from you thank you very much.
  13. Faku

    In a fallacy not so far away, a time not very long ago. There was a battle between Odin the Alfather and a ferocious dragon. The dragon had clashed with Odin many a day and night cycle. The dragon had circled one final time before it’s stamina was all but run out. Using its last breath of fire, it hit Odin and his steed dead on. Sleipnir took the brunt of the flame melting away at a pair of its legs. Now a not so peculiar horse that has the master of a God is nothing but an ordinary horse with a past. Odin let forth one tear for his comrade and cast his vengeful eye on the fallen dragon. The dragon feared not for its life, but was regretful for the fact that it was unable to finish the job. Odin moved to the dragon and cast his sword into the heart. However, the dragon had not become silent; it slowly started to shrink into another being. Light had spewed from the dragon’s wound and masked the trees, plants, and animals in the forest where it lay. The being that had once been a dragon had turned into a woman with fire red hair that had a suiting temperament. But this story isn’t about our lovely dragon, it is of her child from Odin’s son Balder. This child has no other known name than Champ. Champ had grown in a world that lives and breathes music. Her father being a Bard had once taught her of a land far away where the male musicians dressed as if they were female. Now Champ being a good girl had educated herself to learn that music had to be shared with the rest of the world for everyone’s enjoyment. Foreign music is of no exception; and should be shared with many a person the day it is first heard, or sometimes before it is to be known in existence. Champ had a love for other styles of music other than that of the Far East’s. The music that would become to be known as her music may even be much much closer to home. Even though a Viking may not be Norse and Champ not fully a Viking, she shared the wonderful metal around the small world that she dons her mother’s Fire Red. Champ now a God in herself to match that of Odin shared the Far East, and most of all her Metal with lesser of beings. She tells tales of people long past, their names never forgotten on a black stone wall. She destroys any Loki that may cross her path, but Ragnarok will not stop her from spreading the music she knows and loves. To Champ, the woman we love and trust. DON’T BURN MY HOUSE DOWN DAMNIT! And I’m sorry I half assed this…
  14. Faku

    This siggy is so old... Still got Cat5 rocking too
  15. Faku

    Today I have something to share with you all about Ito. He has been alive for 22 years and no one knows the true story behind his upbringing. It was only a legend at first, but researchers have been working around the clock to put the puzzle together. His life of mystery is no more. The story starts out on May 26th, 1989. He shot out of his mother's womb with the speed of a prepubescent boy's premature ejaculation. His father held the boy in his arms and wrapped him in a blanket of green with familiar faces all around. Even now the boy's hair was thin and balding; his true weakness was already apparent. Fast forward several years he is walking with the grace of a turtle, and his character is starting to build. He has an obsession with these cards with creatures, this is where the obsession with Japan starts. Pokemon possibly his first contact with the foreign art form called Anime. Although, it may be possible solely on the judge of character that he took a lot of what he has learned today from the hit show Sailor Moon. As this boy became a young man he evolved from Pokemon to a countless amount of Anime that he purchased with money from performing chores around the house. His favorite place to obtain said Anime was from the nearest Best Buy or some places on the world wide web. Around this time is when the first Collision happened. He found Jpop; his sole love in the world. The Collision was a Forum, and this is where he would come to know a man that is popular among the world of the internet. Spike760, a man that would become a key character in Ito's advancement in anything Japanese. They started out tame, some BoA, Utada, maybe even a little Namie. However, Ito's grasp for more was churning he wanted something he could relate to the shitty American music has father brainwashed him with for so many years. And thus Hide, Gackt, and Hyde appeared in the bowls of his ears. And soon he would taint those around him, and those he knew across the Internets. Forum Collision collided with a wall several times, and soon it was time for even more. Ito and Spike wanted to take the internet by surprise with a forum that would taint even more into the world of Japanese Rock. They laid the trap with promise of dicks and hot asian men by the name of Dai. They would name this tainted trap by the name of Tainted World. An Ironic name because there are no worlds among the internet. And then Tainted world died.... but the soul still burns. Now we have Monochrome JESUS CHRIST THIS NAME IS LONG Heaven. Where he is a graphic designer that does something every 5 months. His love for Jrock is still strong, but his ambition has decayed after the war. He cries himself to sleep while listening to Korean Pop. This once great man is now only a shell of what he used to be. So why not take a moment of your time to make fun of him even more. YOU MAD GAY BRO <3
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  19. dramadramadramadrama ito is gay no give good buttsekz bye. going to join the real TW now or something /emo
  20. Faku

    It's Dai, he may be a badass but he is one lazy mother fucker.
  21. Faku

    Ito is just a lazy ass. Kick him from the team I'll take his place, go to anime conventions and get people to join the forums in search of Viking Metal.
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